Blood Moon

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Ecclesiastes* 3:1-9 says there is

  1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:king-solomon-wikicommons-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com
  2. A time to be born, and a time to die;
    a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
  3. A time to kill, and a time to heal;
    a time to break down, and a time to build up;
  4. A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
  5. A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
    a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
  6. A time to seek,and a time to lose;
    a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
  7. A time to rend, and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
  8. A time to love, and a time to hate;
    a time for war, and a time for peace.*
  9. What profit does a man have in his labors?**

Passover is memorialized this week by Jews and it's Holy Week – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday – for about 2.5 billion Christians world wide.

To all our friends and industry colleagues, we wish them the blessings of the holy days.


During next week's Congress and Expo (C&E), Frank Rolfe will return to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)/National Communities Council (NCC) stage. At the end of every session, there is typically time for questions and answers.

If you love what they do – or if you hate their vocabulary and some of what they've said published in the New York Times or Bloomberg – what better place to bring your kudos, comments, concerns and questions than there at the big annual industry forum?

FYI, for those who think C&E is pricey, think again!

MHI/NCC's Congress and Expo is about half the price that Frank and Dave charge for one of their "boot camps!" So it's a bargain, so long as you use what you learn to grow your business.

We must not be alone in such views, as something like 950 +/- industry pros are expected at Caesar's Palace next week for C&E. That's a big jump over last year!

We believe in education, professional development and the networking at such events are investments in business growth. Most professions do meetings like these for good reasons! Reading, watching and listening are the primary means we have to learn and grow.

Furthermore, you don't have to agree with someone to learn from them!

dave-reynolds-l-frank-rolfe-r-mobile-home-university-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-comSome of the best lessons in my manufactured housing – sales, management, MH Retail center owner; and now publisher, marketing and sales consultant etc. – career came from:

  • listening to what someone said,
  • then thinking the topic through and if warranted…
  • doing virtually the opposite! ;-)

Frank and I are an example of professional disagreement on terminology or image issues and yet we get along just fine.

Not that Frank or Dave Reynolds needs my endorsement for improving the communities they buy, but they are an example of how free enterprise can solve problems that are more difficult – and often, more costly! – for government to do.

To solve the affordable housing and other issues facing our land, we need more entrepreneurs, not less.


American Dream Builders host
Nate Berkus and judges Monica Pedersen and Eddie George
photo credit: Palm Harbor Homes, division of Cavco Industries.


A double Coups! Hats off to those at Cavco who pulled off a double coup, that hit the public eye in an energizing way on Sunday evening's NBC American Dream Builders 'reality' TV show. We know there's scripting that goes into these so-called reality shows, but the better ones are entertaining, insightful and this one was almost all positive.

A pair of the quotable quotes about the Cavco modular homes featured on Sunday's show,

"…so inviting" and

"You really think you are in a penthouse in Manhattan." Wow! High praise from the judges!

The reason this is a double coup is because the winner on Sunday's Cavco modular episode will be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. That's good news for our industry.


first-a-dream-jim-clayton-amazon-book-cover-posted-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-comWe are looking forward to May, when we will feature what could be one of the most historic and memorable exclusive interviews we've shared with you yet!

A Cup of Coffee with...Jim Clayton, is going to be more like a four course meal!

Our interview with Clayton Bank Chairman and Clayton Homes founder – Jim Clayton – will feature both written and video content.

Even Jim's numerous industry friend's will likely learn some things about their legendary colleague when they read and see this big interview.

If you believe, as we do, that successful professionals are invaluable sources of information and inspiration, you'll want to surf in, and share this widely with your colleagues and peers.

Our thanks to Jim for his generously sharing his time and insights, for you and others' benefit.


While we all anticipate the Jim Clayton headliner interview for May, our A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murphree is rocking the house this month! We updated that with the 'full length' (ten minute) video interview, if you've not seen that longer video version, please do! The new video compliments the shorter one. Both speak well of their operation, Chet and the capabilities of our Industry.

are all leading articles!

Any of the articles listed on the Living and Future Legends of Manufactured Housing are good, business building reading for pros like you and your associates.

Also near the top is:

Marketing Lessons for Manufactured Housing? Forbes Reports Online Ad Revenue vs. Broadcast TV

Do you see why so many of your colleagues and peers logon here daily to surf the Daily Business News, read MHARR or MHI news and all the blogs and featured articles?


Speaking of MHARR. In their first major release since the MHARR leadership changed course on their president's messaging, their story about their meeting with HUD linked here was a good sign. Kudos to all involved!

On the down side of that release is the overplay of the relationship with Ishbel Dicken's/NMHOA, which can hardly be said to represent all manufactured home owners. If you aren't in the MHC part of the business, just ask any 10 owners at MHI's Congress and Expo about this next week; maybe 8 or 9 out of ten would say the same.

Perhaps Dicken's will modify some of her over-the-top, anti-industry business stance some day?

On the plus side, it is good to see MHARR's important efforts on behalf of

  • enhanced pre-emption,
  • representation of the industry's associations on the MHCC, their
  • positive stand on the fire sprinkler issue and
  • work on GSE reform.

Sources in MHARR also speak of the positive meeting with Carole Galante and the new HUD Code Manufactured Housing program administrator, Pam Danner. We all want to see the best come from these new relationships.

These sound and look like progress! Again, congrats to all involved. May it ever be so.


Associations in New York and Ohio merit applause for the unique efforts that each is engaged in to advance the political and image issues in their respective states. We plan to bring you reports in May, and encourage you to attend their upcoming events.

Could events like the ones above PLUS other efforts lead us up from 60,000 a year annual shipments to an average of 337,500 new manufactured homes annually?

Over the next 16 years, if you follow the math in this article below, yes, we see could manufactured housing average 337,500 new homes per year. So suggests various insights from experts and facts from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Investor's Discover the Walmart of Affordable Housing

Furthermore! Could we also tap into the potential political power found in the roughly 20 million Americans who live in our industry's homes?

Yes, we can. Interested and willing to move that ahead? Call, email or let's chat next week in Vegas during Congress and Expo. This is a profitable, win-win, no brainer.

Discussions with a serious MH supporter who is preparing to back the and related professional initiatives in a robust way could be part of what help our industry achieve those levels.

Learn more or support and Join the effort.


Ecclesiastes says there is a time for every purpose under heaven. So then there is a time for business, growth and (FYI, the typical visit – think reader – does 8 or 9 pages per visit, quite good by internet standards).

There is also a need for the time, talent and treasure to continue the advance of the industry's leading image-building and educational general public focused site, too.


Since knowledge is potential power, please make sure your staff is all on our email list and reading no less than 15 minutes a day. You or your team mates can sign up free at in just seconds.

You'll get a twice weekly emailed updates that look like what you see at this link.

Our emailed news updates are the easiest way to keep up with all that is changing on, and thus all that is happening in our great industry. You can scan the headlines and hot links, and pick what matters most to you!



Week of the Blood Moon.

We may be the biggest site of our kind in MH, but compared to some less focused mega sites out there, not so much. The Drudge Report gets something like a billion page views monthly. Among their finds was the photo shown above and the links with this excerpt from a story on WND about the Blood Moon:

"The first of four, consecutive, total lunar eclipses, which cause a roughly hour-long reddening of the moon known as a “Blood Moon,” will become visible beginning at 12:53 a.m. ET on Tuesday, April 15.

Tuesday’s blood moon is part of a “tetrad,” a set of complete and consecutive lunar eclipses that will continue in roughly six-month intervals until October 2015.

Some consider it nothing more than an alignment of the heavens, but others are watching much more closely, because of the alignment with biblical prophecy."

Unlike some, your Masthead blogger isn't saying this is the apocalypse. But it is a striking and stunningly beautiful image.

Something that gets people thinking beyond the here and now could be a good. For a better world, let's remember both temporal and eternal profit. Happy Holy Days ##

The * and ** footnotes above, download here.

(Image credits, in sequence, from to bottom: WikiCommons, Mobile Home U, Palm Harbor, WikiCommons, Amazon/First a Dream cover, MHProNews x2 and Drudge Report.)


  Please do encourage your team to learn more to earn more by reading the Featured Articles and Reports found throughout the links found on and on Manufactured Home Living News.

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Showcasing Good News and Correcting Bad News in Manufactured Housing

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Let's rat-tat-tat rapidly through a series of 8 brief memos (about 120 words average) designed for industry pros like you.

1) If you are reading this on Sunday, try not to miss some of the positive media we can gain from the Cavco/Palm Harbor entry showcased on TV this evening. NBC's "American Dream Builders" is a 'reality' show design competition hosted by Nate Berkus on Sundays at 8 ET and 7 CT.   It should be interesting!


2) Also, please check out our new Industry in Focus Report, Investors Discover The Walmart of Affordable Housing. It's bound to be a popular read.


3) The 10 minute version of the exclusive video interview with Deer Valley Homebuilder's Chet Murphree is now live!  This has tremendous applications for not just his operation, but for the factory-built home industry at large as well.

A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murhpree - has both the long version of the interview above and the original shorter version, along with some great written insights too.

4) As you watch those videos, think about the lessons gleaned from Forbes and the IAB showcased on today's Cutting Edge blog:

Marketing Lessons for Manufactured Housing?

Forbes Reports Online Ad Revenue vs. Broadcast TV

5) Please file this under the heading, “Utterly Predictable!” and the Cub Scout Motto

There is beauty and utility in having the facts - the truth – on your side and then laying it out in an appropriately referenced article.

One is that if a misstatement, misdirection or error-in-fact is said or repeated, all you have to do is show a thinking person the link to the prior article.  Thinking people get it, and for those who don't think…well…

…it's hard to help the closed minded.

The Cub Scout Motto for years has been Be Prepared. As a one time scout, we have been preparing.

A) The Naysayers Club today took an utterly predictable swipe at MHProNews, which we prepared for over a week ago.

B) They also took a few, pardon my saying so, cheap shots at MHI, the NCC and Nathan Smith, among others. We prepared for that mid week and a number of times before. How often they violate their own stated “principlesis simply amazing!

C) They may not know it, but their self-described 'agitating' struggles are all but over. A close read of their own claims and statements shows their routine contradictions. It is only a question of time before more of their sponsors lose the stomach for their antics. 

D) Precisely because they shoot blanks that make noise but which have no power over the informed, is it any surprise if they follow the pattern we've outlined, “Duck, Dodge, Distract, Detract and Defame”?  If they had the facts – or cojones – on their side, wouldn't they just do a public debate, as we offered before?


E) When someone uses smoke and mirrors, it's no surprise they have not even hinted at taking up a real debate on industry issues they continue to agitate about, while they offer – what? – real solutions of their own…?

F) Oh, pardon me, there is their, 'please send me a check or give me your charge card,' so they can tell you how evil their self described 'enemies' are, right?  As one of the comments that came in about that this week – this from one-time admirer of his – said,

The fact that he created an enemies list is alarming.” 

Reading of this article explains why we have much to celebrate, but also why it was important to do a series of careful analysis of the Naysayers Club at work.

Because we've been preparing, the good news is we can now spend much less time on their nonsense, and more merely referencing all of the alleged goings-on – as with the links above – whenever it seems prudent to do so.

G) FYI, one of the many interesting takeaways from their latest – using the man's own numbers – is that we have about 75 times their audience. And, Oh!  Was he seriously calling himself Superman?

BUT, how often does one continue to ‘step on Superman’s cape’ before being upended…”

LOL!  You'll love their idea of an olive branch to MHI, which was an invite for MHI to join his group. Seriously, we have the letter. You just can't make this stuff up! 

No wonder they get more green, full-of-themselves and shrill? 

Our sincere hope is and has been that he and his nay-saying buddies will come to their senses, and join the mainstream of good will and industry advancement, as was suggested in this Mandela article.

There is plenty of money to be earned doing things the right way. In the mean time, lets move onto more MH topics and issues!

6) “Trailer Park” Stocks?

success-concept-free-digital-photos-net-posted-mhpronews-com-SmallCap Network has published a report,

Beyond Trailer Trash: Three Trailer Park Stocks You May Want to Move To (ELS, SUI & UMH)

The story begins by saying…

"Trailer park stocks Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc (ELS), Sun Communities Inc (SUI) and UMH Properties, Inc (UMH) are hardly trailer trash for…"

Oye, vez!  Are you seeing why its necessary for our Industry to turn lemons into lemonade with image building and more balanced reports, like:

Sensationalistic ‘Cold Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U’ New York Times article by Gary Rivlin draws Manufactured Home Industry Ire, Desire and Fire

Folks, the negative mainstream media ink has its silver lining!  But it is also a dark cloud, as Walden University PhD candidate Lisa Tyler outlines in her OpEd linked here.

7) MarketWatch tells us that our friends at SearchCore – parent to MH business building – reported a 50% increase in success-concept-free-digital-photos-net-posted-mhpronews-com-revenue over their 3rd quarter for 2013. IMHO and based on what I see, that trend could well continue, stay tuned.

8) To subscribe free in just seconds to the Manufactured Housing Industry's leading twice weekly emailed news update, please go to


Let's call it a day, and thank you as always for being a regular here.  Please do encourage your team to learn more to earn more by reading the Featured Articles and Reports found throughout the links found on and on Manufactured Home Living News.

See you in Las Vegas next week? ##

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Eli Wiesel vs. The Manufactured Housing Enemies List

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Let's sandwich considerable good news at the start and end of today's Pensées (thoughts) between a pretty challenging – or some would say – an ugly reality.

The good news?

New manufactured home shipments continued to rise, in spite of all the legal head winds and the worst U.S. winter in decades.

New Capital is rushing into our industry, with more to follow. All that we need to advance back to 6 figure plus annual new HUD Code home shipments is arguably within our grasp.

Midterm elections are drawing closer. Clear thinking and the correct, prompt action must prevail for us to achieve the new heights we in manufactured housing are capable of attaining.

The rising tide would raise all boats, large and small, but…

Painful birth

Anyone who has witnessed a human birth knows its a messy process. To ignore the pain, contractions and hopes mixed with fear that precede a birthbaby_born_wikicommons-posted-masthead-blow-mhpronews-com are to miss the very elements that makes the drama one that so often ends with the beauty and joy of new life.

The newborn cries,

smiling parents sigh,

raising that soul on high.

Without valleys, there are no mountaintop views. You don't get electricity without positive and negative polarity.

Media – including trade media – that speaks of only the sunny side of a story would miss the drama, and rapidly become flaccid and boring!

Onto the problematic…The Enemies List?

No kidding, folks. The following groups and individuals have been publicly lumped together online by a pair of manufactured housing personalities under their posted title "Know Your Enemy."

  • CFED
  • I'm Home
  • and by inference, MHARR
  • MHI
  • Your Masthead scribe and MHProNews

They have an interesting group collected under the heading “know your enemy,” don't they?

The posting party began with a long quote by Doug Ryan at CFED. Then they and others are denounced. The posting man's tag team partner (both are shown in the graphic later below) adds to the enemies by inference and comes to their punch line.

…don't you wish, as I do, there'd be a National Public Forum…where matters like these could be presented and discussed…industry…veterans who're willing to take opposing views on these issues…”

Let's freeze frame those kernels of thought for a moment, because enemies list aside, I happen to think there is objectively potential merit to it.

  1. We don't have to buy into a one size fits all mindset.
  1. We as industry professionals ought to be able to respectfully discuss opposing views. There ought be to be an ability to engage in meaty, civil discussions. We are all free to choose.
  2. There should be discussion vehicles, meetings or platforms to hold 'heady' coversations or even dabates.
  3. Well, in fact, we have such platforms. is a proven one – and the largest – for some years now. In theory, some LinkedIn groups are potentially another.

The practical problem on LinkedIn is that the very people who are using it to advertise their meetings, products and services – “don't you wish, as I do, there'd be a National Public Forum…” – are the ones who allegedly:

  • use tactics that limit or avoid discussion
  • block or remove those who take a different perspective than theirs
  • thus violating the principles they shared.
  • Further, they engage in demeaning and name calling of those who opposed them (the latest example, those they've lumped under their heading 'Know Your Enemy' list.)

Now let's “follow the money.”

  • What they want is to promote a meeting,
  • for which meeting they want to collect money from others and offer their attendees at said meeting the chance to spend still more money with them and
  • only have those they've approved or “invited” to attend.


So after their public posturing and name calling – surelyenemy” is a strong label – they want to try to promote a reasonable discussion?

Pardon me?

We have documents that suggest and demonstrate that these very individuals and their surrogates block discussion on LinkedIn, which is why its value in MH discussions – other than those the pair and their allies want to see – has diminished.

FYI, we have a free-to-the-industry's-members fix in the works for that problem on LinkedIn these folks created, that we can roll out in fairly short order. Once launched, that new platform will change the discussions in our industry for good. Stay tuned!

Summing up, is this the latest example of the best bad idea that they had that day?

The Best Bad Idea”


“There are no good options…This is the best bad idea that we have.” – from the movie, Argo.

When I heard this snipet once more, it had me rolling anew. It sure seemed to fit what's happening in certain quarters of our our industry. But not all of 'the best bad ideas' turn out the way it did in Argo.

Their hypothetical “Know Your Enemy” conversation…


Please look Closely for Yourself at some of those they lumped under their headline of Know Your Enemy.

Let's start with the obvious, by saying that none of us agree on everything. Heck, we're all prone to even disagree with ourselves, if we are presented with new facts or inputs.

But the people that are on this list all are proven to care about manufactured housing! So if we happen to see some things different, does that mean we throw the baby out with the bath water?

Let's survey just some of what those non-profits have shared.

A) One of the hottest reads this month is from the non-profit, Stacey Epperson CEO at Next Step, called Dirty Laundry. NextStep and the other non-profits are known to collaborate from time to time.

B) We've gladly showcased articles on the powerful study on the sound performance of manufactured home loans done by CFED and I'm Home, linked here.

C) Let's not forget that Andrea Levere and Stacey Epperson teamed up to publish Hurricane Sandy and the Merits of Manufactured Housing, in the influential east coast Huffington Post.

Question! When was the last time that the twin naysayers shown above got as much positive, free ink about manufactured housing into the mainstream media as Epperson/Levere did? Years? Ever? By contrast, the linked column above by Levere and Epperson is not a one time event. So why would savvy industry pros shun these non-profits, who clearly believe in manufactured housing and bring us periodic good publicity?

My reply, we work with them in as many ways as we can. We respectfully discuss what we don't agree upon. That's how civilized people behave, isn't it?

D) Only a tiny sliver of our industry's communities are owned by residents, but that has drawn public praise in the media, such as this report about ROC USA on NPR.

E) While some have tried to blame the national associations for the 'failure' to stop Dodd-Frank (DF) or the SAFE Act, etc. in the first place, let's get real. When the Mortgage Bankers and much bigger lenders, financing and housing groups couldn't stop SAFE or DF, what makes a reasonable person think that the relatively small manufactured housing industry was going to stop it?

E) The industry at large has made MHProNews the runaway number one industry news, tips and views resource. When we cover controversial topics, the already highest in the biz readership goes up. The industry votes with its time and browsers daily by the thousands.

For anyone who thinks the twin “Know Your Enemy” pals are right in demonizing those who disagree with them, sorry, on the Masthead, we beg to differ!

Crucially, we allow people with differing views to express themselves.

No Apologies!

We make no apologies for carrying periodic articles (or in the past or present, ads) by any of these implied 'enemy' of the graphic-above-tag-team.

Nor do we apologize for carrying MHI and MHARR news unedited, as we have for years. We believe that the many can see the facts, then learn and discern from the facts.

Naturally, as publishers, we also do editorials here on the Masthead.

Yes, we favor public discussion and debate. What's riotous is that the pair shown above have never accepted a debate that we offered them.

Oh, pardon me, the debate we offered would have been 'free.' Maybe that was their problem? They couldn't make money on the discussion?

Or maybe they are not prepared to stand up in public and face the full facts they present in such a slanted way?

Fairness in Action

Last year, when we had articles on the topic of

Manufactured Housing and Captive Finance,

Can it be done Successfully in Today's Environment?

we gave Ken Rishel his say in his own words. That's fairness. That was one of the top 30 new articles on MHProNews last year accessed out of well over 10,000 referral paths.

When will that pair in the hypothetical graphic above do the same level of fairness? Who are they to host any truly fair industry discussion event?

elie-wiesel-credit-time-wikicomons-we-must-always-take-sides-neutrality-he ... -victim-silence-encrouages-tormentor-nevertormented-(c)2014-mhpronews

Eli Wiesel, photo courtesy of Time and WikiCommons

Pensées from Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”

― Elie Wiesel

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

― Elie Wiesel

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

― Elie Wiesel

“One person of integrity can make a difference."

― Elie Wiesel


U.S. Army war photo, courtesy of WikiCommons

Facing Flawed Faith?

We routinely talk about facts and reason, not just emotion. You may recall the maxim;

A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

Presenting the facts alone is no guarantee reason will follow. “Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!” is the unvoiced cry of those who follow a delusion.

Not all struggles are life and death, and not all enemies are Hitlers, Stalins or Maos. Some are the Bernie Madoff's of this world, who steal by fraud while smiling and promising riches.

It isn't PC today, but not all faiths are equal. Faith in people should always be tempered by the truth and reason.

Those who say all faiths are equal, nonsense! Deep within, we all know better. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden created their own secular faiths – or a god-in-their-own-image faith – thousands to millions followed and look at what happened.

On a lesser monetary level, many a con artist uses multiple people as they ply their dishonest trade.

Cartoonist Bill Leak imagined Osama Bin Laden's
encounter with Hitler, Stalin and Mao in the afterlife.
Source: The Australian

Those pilots who hijacked those planes that slammed into the Twin Towers had “faith.“

But that misguided band of terrorists' faith killed some 3000 thousand that day, and led to wars that killed hundreds of thousands. That false faith cost rivers of blood, copious tears and treasure in the trillions. Our lives are still touched by the fall-out, from TSA agents at airports, to the NSA spying and much more.

Who and what we place our faith in matters! The truth matters.

Some will deny truth, or claim it is all relative. Nonsense! If you are robbed or a loved one is raped, do you and society at large not seek justice?

Still those who go with a blind faith into what's false may not be convinced, even when truth stares them in the face.

We have cops, soldiers, first responders and others to protect decent society from those who break the law.

We also ought to be able to depend on media to help expose the Watergates and Ponzi schemers of our time.

Cons promising what they can't deliver won't depend on the facts, so they use smoke-and-mirrors, half truths, gimmicks or outright lies instead.

One Step at a Time, Progress

We've seen recent, positive steps in our industry as a result of spotlighting a long standing stumbling block.

By periodically spotlighting the tactics of the “Know Your Enemy” tag team, the industry at large can in time neutralize their impact and perhaps even end their antics too.


Bernie Madoff and SEC cartoon by Dave Granlund

Being informed is the necessary start to the eradication of our industry's long standing problems. That begins with you, by first rejecting falsehood personally.

winston-churchill-wikicommons-in-war-resolution-in-defeat-defiance-in-victo ... to-improve-is-tochage-to-be-perfect-change-often-(c)2014-mhpronews-com

Making Friends


Abraham Lincoln fought the ugliest war in American history, but look at all the good that came from it. Not unlike Nelson Mandela, Lincoln's goal was to bring former enemies and make them allies, a truly united states – friends – once more.

Some enemies must be stopped or defeated! Society arrests the criminal, right? But isn't the hope with those we imprison that they may at some point change and rejoin society in a more positive way?

Not all misdeeds are worthy of war, prison or litigation, etc., nor is that being implied in any of the allegations in this column. You can do your own home work, and come to a similar or perhaps a different conclusion.

That said, we lay out information and questions precisely to allow pros like you to reason through such issues.

This particular problem won't be settled today, its part of a journey toward what we hope can be a happy resolution.

Nothing would make us happier than to see intelligent people who have tried to sell their wares via their questionable tactics to turn the page. Everyone who has ever made a New Year's resolution knows that people can change, once a person makes the firm decision to change.

Start of the Good News Wrap Up! Kudos to Nancy Geer in New York!

Governor Cuomo has signed a proclamation for a factory built housing days in NY. Nancy Geer and her members are once more doing a House on the Hill day at their state capital. Hats off to all involved, these are among the things that truly bring advancement to our industry!

Kudos to Tim, Andrea and the Ohio Association!

As the days click down towards the 1st Eastern Ohio Home Show in May, a significant campaign has been assembled by Tim Williams, Andrea Reichman and the sponsors of the event. Again, hats off to all involved. They are working hard to make this trade and public show a great way to showcase modern manufactured homes to the home seekers and pros in their area!

Creating Opportunities – Building Success

The tag line for this year's Congress and Expo is terrific. I'm one of over a 1,000+ or so who have paid to attend this event. We are looking forward to it. This is where the industry is rallying pros seeking solid information that is geared towards Creating Opportunities and Building Success.

As a closing thought, notice that at the end of each session at Congress and Expo, you typically have opportunity for questions and discussion. This is but one more example that we are not without options for discussion.

Congress and Expo brings together some of the largest names in our industry, along with the independent “mom and pops” and all in between. For most coming, the investment – and it is an investment – if often repaid many times when the concepts presented are put to work in their businesses.

And where else will you meet in person so many of the captains of the corporations that you do business with?

For those who demean the cost, keep in mind the costs and effort involved in putting on such an event.

The Road Ahead

We have a long road ahead. We can rise above the 6 figure shipment level anew.  We could do more than was achieved years ago, but could do so sustainably, with satisfied customers.

But to get there, we must think and apply the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Eli Wiesel and others. Seek the truth! Then put it to work. Don't let untruths rule the day. Don't sit on the sidelines.

See you here this weekend? You might be in for quite a treat. Thanks for checking in. ##

For more Insights into the twin “Know Your Enemy” list makers.

(Original Image credits, WikiCommons, posters copyright (c) 2014 by Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

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From Prison to President, Lessons for Manufactured Housing Professionals

April 4th, 2014 No comments

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.

People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."
- Nelson Mandela

Our industry has suffered far too long from internal divisions and avoidable wounds. These wounds harm our industry more than it might others, precisely because of our relatively modest size. Similar fractures would have less of an impact on larger, better understood and more accepted products/services (autos, computers, cells, RVs, etc.), compared to manufactured homes.  

There is a path ahead, perhaps more than one, but certainly we can find a good road to advance.

"Love comes more naturally to the human heart," wrote the man imprisoned for decades after his conviction for using acts of violence and terror against what Mandela named a repressive regime.

people-must-learn-hate-and-they-can-learn-hate-then-they-can-be-taught-love- ... te-nelson-mandela-wikicommons-poster-(c)2014-lifestyle-factory-homes

I'm not taking sides in saying that Mandela was seen as being a communist; and that was back during the Cold War when such a statement sounded quite severe.

But unlike so many who come to power through violence and protest and then use that same violence against their former oppressors, Nelson Mandela brought peace and started the healing process for his nation. First conflict – because he felt it was un-avoidable! – and then that leader offered and delivered, peace.

The ancients would say, 'Where there is division, there is sin.'  Sin was seen as a potentially deadly – and if not corrected, eternally fatal – wrong. 

As most of us know instinctively, there are more things which unite manufactured housing pros than there are which divide us. We ought to behave more as the brotherhood or 'fraternity' that Tim Williams from 21st Mortgage suggested we are in his interview with us.

A Tip of the Hat to MHARR's Leadership

After a renewed series of attacks in the first quarter of 2014 by MHARR's CEO on MHI and others, MHARR's leadership – per our sources – pulled their association's top employee in, and said essentially to their president, 'enough is enough. You will not attack MHI in public any more, nor any one else.' Word has it that a commitment was made to work together with MHI where possible, and to keep areas of disagreement quiet where public agreement is not possible.

On both sides of the fence, that's how our industry will advance faster!

Manufactured housing is NOT a zero sum game. Once the industry grows again to 6 figure shipment levels, companies of all sizes (regardless of size or association affiliation) will benefit.

john-bostick-president-ceo-sunshine-homes-manufactured-housing-association-regulatory-reform-mharr-chairman-posted-masthead-mhpronews-comAs we've said before, MHI members sell and provide goods and services to MHARR producers and MHARR home builders sell homes to MHI members. If they can pull together for major events, such as the Louisville and Tunica Shows, surely all can work together on broader matters, for the benefit of all.

Is that easy? As Sunshine Homes President/CEO and MHARR Chairman, John Bostick likes to say, "Easy doesn't pay well.”


Why Maximum Collaboration Now Matters

Let's make a politically incorrect – but practically true – statement. Honda, Toyota and others are among those who could storm the U.S. with their  factory built homes. Frankly, our industry looks unprepared for it, perhaps none of the manufacturers are ready to face what those giant auto corporations-turned-home-builers may potentially do. We could cite more such factors, but it is not our intent to scare the dickens out of domestic home producers or anyone else.


American Manufactured and Modular home builders have plenty of reasons to pull together now, and grow the industry through a collaborative, loose "alliance" style effort.

When even a few begin to ally to improve product's image and professionalism, the results will be like dominoes tipping, because they are lined up in our favor.


Getting As Many to Work Together as Possible

We at MHProNews helped – along with others – to tackle the issue of the now-in-the-rear-view-mirror messaging from MHARR's CEO only because it festered for so long. It frankly hurt their members, as well as others in the industry.

With the commitment that those attacks are past, this is now the time to advance the cause of quality, affordable factory built homes for America. We've collectively procrastinated too long already. As the character, Apollo Creed said in Rocky III, "There is no tomorrow!"

Peace flows from many things, one of them, is strength.

Can Professional 'agitators' learn to get along, for the good of those they'd lead?

Some practice the art of 'death by a thousand paper cuts,' and they have a small but loyal circle of supporters. Will they freely change for the sake of our MHIndustry they profess to care about? Some feel it would take a miracle. Others say they will only cry 'uncle' when they are exposed and 'defeated.' Time will tell. But their legacy is in their own hands.  With or without the naysayers, others will lock arms and advance!

Let's draw to a close with some of the words we opened with;

"People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."
- Nelson Mandela

If a former terrorist prisoner can become a reconciling president, then surely it's possible for our industry to advance using the principle articulated by one of America's founders, who said,

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
- Benjamin Franklin.

Please share your thoughts and check back here, on the Masthead, mid-week. ##

(Original Image credits, WikiCommons, posters copyright (c) 2014 by Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

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Thomas, You’re No Milton (Friedman)

April 2nd, 2014 No comments

If you are doubting Thomas, perhaps you need to look for Sowell. I enjoyed Thomas Friedman's geo-economic-political OpEd in the New York Times this morning, Follow the Money.

The analysis is fascinating, but the conclusion is flawed. Thus the quip, Thomas (Friedman), You're No Milton (Friedman). Just one pearl as an example.

So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.”

- Milton Friedman

What we need are stronger doses of the RealEco(nomic)Politic of the Thomas (Sowell's), who connect the dots because they are not clouding said dots before hand by struggling to prove a political agenda, typically via pounding a round-peg argument into a square-hole reality.

Only the clarity of truth ultimately cuts through the smoke of battle, in global, national or manufactured housing's politics.

Clouded Thinking

Sure, avoid war when possible, but what if it isn't (we aren't taking about Crimea here…not all conflict is military) avoidable?british-troops-smoke-battle-el-alamein-1942-credit-wikicommons-posted-masthead-MHProNews-com

When the smoke of battle clouds the field of action, it's understandable that some – or even many – won't see clearly.

This is when clarity of thought must trump mere emotion or habitual reactions born of past patterns.

In the NYT analysis linked above, what's missing (among other puzzle pieces) is the fact that a more robust domestic Fracking Policy would (have):

  • boosted the U.S. economy more,
  • would (have) made Western Europe (NATO nations) less dependent on Russian energy,
  • would (have) made us less dependent on OPEC,
  • would (have) yielded nominally lower U.S. energy costs, and in turn
  • would (have) made U.S. factory goods costs lower viz-a-vis still communist China, because of their need for imported energy and shipping cost differentials.

Those would make the world a safer place, with more working Americans who would be richer instead of poorer, deficits smaller and then we'd all be selling more manufactured homes.

Because to have such policies would imply that the economy would be more robust, PLUS suggests that the kind of over-reach that created Dodd-Frank and the CFPB would be mitigated.

We can achieve such things, not alone, but it can be done when we pull together with enough others.


Chess, Geo-Economic-Politics and Manufactured Housing

When you play chess, you don't think of one piece, you must look at them all. You don't think one move ahead, or you've already lost if you're up against a superior player.


You must think several moves ahead, about your pieces, theirs and the ever fluid situation that develops on the chess (think: Geo-Economic-Political) board.

Our MH Industry could hold the keys to the 2014 mid-terms and beyond, with -

  • some 200,000 MHIndustry Pros,
  • plus some 20,000,000 residents living in our homes! -

…but the clock is ticking…

…and we will return to the above, hopefully within the next ten days.

For the moment, let's shift gears to immediate issue(s ;-).

April Showers! (us with great, new featured articles!)

Whatever segment of the industry you happen to be in:

  • Manufacturing (home or component building),
  • Manufactured Home (MH) Communities or MH Retailing,
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Supply, Services or Support,

I frankly don't see how you can run your business without good, solid information!

Which is why an average of 5,419 visits (think readers) a day came to, for the red-hot Industry News, Tips and Views You Can Use. 

Is that important to you?

For an industry our size? You bet.

For example, if you don't think there is a clear correlation between industry events such as the Louisville Show and readership here, please speak to Dennis Hill at Show Ways Unlimited.

Or analyze what is happening with MHI's fast approaching 2014 Congress and Expo, which is up 39% over last year, per our sources at MHI.

chet-murphree-deer-valley-homes-a-cup-of-coffee-with-chet-murphree-mhpronews-comWhat's amazing is that 70-something (pardon me Dennis, but this is a well earned complement coming) Dennis Hill exemplifies what the industry as a whole needs to accept. Technology is not coming, it's been here for Years!

Dennis knew something different had to be done to recover from the previously declining (and then canceled in 2010) Louisville Show. Dennis adapted, bringing the best of the past and the WebTech needed to drive our industry's future together at that show.

That WebTech – properly understood and applied to MH – holds the keys to driving more business by attracting more pros to events! The costs are modest, the ROI real and measurable.

WebTech also holds the key to unlocking the minds of prospective homebuyers, politicos and thought-leaders at places like the NYTimes and beyond.

Which brings us to:

  • the interview about the controversial NYTimes column we did with Frank Rolfe,
  • or the insightful, forward thinking found in A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murphree (see photo above),
  • Or any of the other expert insights, all found linked below in our April issue's Featured Articles.

Non-Profits could yield More Profits for MH

One of the keys to our industry's future passes through the portals of the non-profit world. Which is one of many reasons why (some) industry pros can't afford to blindly nuke what they don't understand or know! Please see the clear-thinking of rising non-profit star NextStep's Stacey Epperson, among the 16 important reads in our April 2014 Featured Articles.

We will soon post an Industry in Focus Report from Darren Krolewski on an MHC rent study done in MI; this is not a yawn, but a must-read for MH and MHC savvy pros!


Turning the Page…?

Part of me sometimes feels a bit of angst as we leave a month of terrific reads like March 2014's behind. But one of the many great things about digital publishing vs. print is that you can 'turn the page,' and still go back days, weeks, months or years to read previously published articles!

Don't forget, you can – and thousands do! – dive deeply into our archives of past articles and posts by using the search tools, exploring via the drop down menus and much more.

Some of our top 1% of all read articles every month are interviews or columns published months or even years ago.

The reason that readership is growing year over year here are many. One is that we tackle that topics others fear to examine. The smoke of (a brief) battle can't be avoided if we are to advance as an industry.

The need for clarity of thought vs. some arcane attachment to past ways is near-absolute if we are to proceed ahead.

Don't get me wrong, we strongly believe some principles – such as truth, justice, balance, fairness – are eternal. By contrast, some modes of behavior or thinking are done - history! -  and a few have just not realized that the battle is over, because the smoke of battle has not yet cleared the field.

Thomas (Friedman), You are No Milton (Friedman), very much applies to us pros and investors in manufactured housing.

Please take a deep dive into the Tunica Show recap linked below, as well as:Ignroance-costs-knowledge-pays

  • the upcoming Congress and Expo updates,
  • tech talk from Brad Nelms and Joe Karns,
  • Sales/Motivation/Management/Inspiration from James Cook, Tim Connor, Scott Stroud, Zig Ziglar and moi,
  • legal from William Dahlin, Nadeen Green and DJ Pendleton (courtesy of Harold Hunt, PhD!).

It's all linked below, thanks to our team of writers and sponsors.

When you learn more, you can earn more. When you are armed with facts and insights, you can play the chess game of (business, political, personal) life so much better.

Having made the de rigueur entre, let's tweak the Bard and make Much Ado about Something! Here follows our April 'Showers of Insights' Featured Articles!

Featured Articles and Reports for Vol. 5, No. 7, 2014

Alphabetically by Category


• The Newest Chapter in the “Only in California” News 

by C. William Dahlin, JD


There are many jurisdictions within California that have forms of rent control for mobile home parks. This phenomenon of price fixing has infected many locations within California where there are an abundance of mobile home parks or 'land lease manufactured home communities.

Read more…


• Where Are You From?

by Nadeen Green, JD



Four such innocent words comprising a simple question. And this is a question I have asked of others many times. Travel for work throughout the U.S. in my “Fair Housing Lady” role and the opportunity to enjoy international travel as well have resulted in a variety of accents and vocal patterns entering my ear canals.

Read more…




• The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Manufactured Housing

by Harold D. Hunt, PhD rules mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) took effect on January 14th and are expected to have a significant impact on residential mortgage markets.

Read more…




• Crucial Communications

by James Cook


I am going to go way out on a limb and say that you feel frustrated, angry, maybe even hurt when you feel like somebody did not really hear what you were saying.

Read more…


• Dirty Laundry

by Stacey Epperson

Stacey-Epperson-mhpronews-comWhat is it about dirty laundry we don’t want anyone to see? Mine finds its way to my 50 year old Maytag washer every day. This relic is older than me, and it has worked hard.

Read more…


• Controversial New York Times article on 'mobile homes' and 'trailer parks' lands Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds and Mobile Home University in the Spotlight

by L. A. 'Tony' Kovach

tony-kovach-mhpronews-comIn the aftermath of the controversial New York Times article - The Cold, Hard Lessons of Mobile Home U by Gary Rivlin – has many MH Industry professionals reacting.

Read more…


• Let's Be Positive!

by L. A. 'Tony' Kovach

tony-kovach-Let's all put actions to our words! When we say, “let's be positive,” the vast majority of what MHProNews has published from our beginning in October 2009 has been positive, solution oriented stories and videos.

Read more…


• A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murphree



1) Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at Deer Valley Homebuilders).

Chet Murphree, Vice President, General Manager, Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc..

Read more…




• Strategic Thinking Myths

by Tim Connor


I am frequently amazed at how many intelligent, talented and well meaning executives and business owners often have blinders on that prevents them from accurately seeing their organization for what it really is.

Read more…




• Three Takes on Tunica 2014!

by Maria Horton, Tammy Fonk and L. A. 'Tony' Kovach


After returning home to a swarm of earthquakes in Southern California, I must admit that the rain, thunder and lightning that visited the Mississippi south of Memphis during our 2014 Tunica Show were not quite so overwhelming!

Read more…


• Get Your Business To The Top Of Google… …Guaranteed (!?) 

by Joe Karns


I know what you're thinking.  This sounds too good to be true, right?  Must be a scam, right?  Actually, it's not.  What business wouldn't want to appear at or near the top of Google search results every time?

Read more…


• Your Business Image Matters, and Technology can Help! 

by Brad Nelms

brad-nelms-manufacturedhomes-com-posted-mhpronews-com-50x50Professionalism is an important element for success in any business, including all elements of manufactured housing (MH).  If you doubt that, imagine an hypothetical MH community (MHC) owner up north who never mows their lawns and doesn't require their residents to do it either.

Read more…





• Self-accountability – The Single most Important Trait Necessary for Enduring Success

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-50There are many traits that when embraced can contribute to enduring success. At last count when it comes to success, I found over; 2500 books, 3 million articles on the internet, 500,000 seminars of various kinds and 250,000 personal/career success coaches who proclaim they can guide your journey towards your dreams, desires and goals. That’s a lot of resources folks.

Read more…


ZigOn Handling Critics

by Zig Ziglar


I'm comfortable in saying that anyone who has ever done anything of significance has been, at one time or another, unfairly criticized by those who believe they deserve a reward for finding fault.

Read more…




• Gauging the Customer’s Intent

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-50Intent and intention seems to be a hot topic these days. Wayne Dyer has a book on the power of intention, Brian Klemmer has a book on intent and I am sure there are more out there that I haven’t read yet.

Read more…


• Be The One and Only in Your Market

by Scott Stroud

scott-stroud-mhpronews-comOne of the Top 5 Questions you as manufactured or modular home pros should be asking yourself now is: Why should your potential customers – buyers, renters, tenants, whatever – choose to do business with you rather than your competitor?

Read more…



(Image Credits: Chess Sets and battle scene, Wikicommons, all others, MHProNews)

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Living and Future Legends in Manufactured Housing

March 30th, 2014 No comments

The past week put us face-to-face with hundreds of the 2,195 professionals who had gathered to:

  • compare products and services,
  • learn more to earn more,
  • make deals,
  • network and
  • have a great time in Tunica!

But what we will focus on in the next few minutes are some of the living and future Legends of Manufactured Housing that we had the honor to spend time with.


First A Dream = Jim Clayton! = founder,
Clayton Homes and Chairman of Clayton Bank

For quite some time, Mr. James ("Jim") Clayton has been on our radar to have what you will soon see-for-yourself is a great interview.

In our industry travels to:

  • Chicago at the inaugural National Community Council's Fall Leadership Forum, at
  • Las Vegas, at the Manufactured Housing Institute's Congress and Expo and at
  • Other trade shows and industry events, Jim has been very gracious to share a few minutes with me, as we chatted about his experiences in our great industry.

We've both wanted to do an interview, and the Tunica Show gave us an opportunity to sit down for over an hour to talk with a living legend in our industry.

When you get about an hour of video and you want to do a great job with it, well, youlove-letter-daily-credit-happy-face-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com take your time to get it right!

Some of you have enjoyed the videos we've done in association with our colleagues at that featured Nathan Smith or Terry Decio, Wally Coomer and a number of other respected industry pros. The upcoming video with Jim Clayton will be a hard one to beat.

If all goes well, we will bring you in our May Featured Articles of MHProNews what we believe is going to be a historic conversation with the motivating, insightful, talented and clearly successful Jim Clayton!love-letter-daily-credit-happy-face-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com

As but one example of how gracious Jim is, he gave our future legend – Tamas Kovach (pronounced "Tah-Mash Co-Vatch" like a watch) – the opportunity to get this photo.


My personal thanks to:

  • Jim Clayton,
  • Kevin Kimzey, President at Clayton Bank, and Jim's trusted associate
  • Tori Watson

for the time and each one's part in making this what will be a highly anticipated viewing and reading combo!

Please don't be surprised if once this video and interview with Jim Clayton goes live if sales of his fine, inspiring book, First a Dream, once more go up.

Other Future Legends, Videos, News and Insights

Mr. Chet Murphree with Deer Valley Homes sat down with us at one of their stunning model homes on display at Tunica!  We will be bringing you a videodeervalley-homebuilders-logo-mhpronews-com-masthead-blog interview with Chet that will let you see why Deer Valley Homebuilders is on the move.

Don't be a bit surprised if Chet has a book of his own some day, because this is one of the thousands of classy guys and gals that make our industry the wonderful way that quality affordable living becomes reality for millions of Americans!

We plan to share A Cup of Coffee with…Chet Murphree of Deer Valley Homes when our new April issue goes live by the middle of this week.

Others who are in our near-term video interview mix include, but are not limited to:

  • Dennis Hill, who was mistaken for Warren Buffett during the Show (that's another a great story… ;-)
  • Dick Ernst, – a finance guru par excellence! Sharing his insights and wisdom, more must viewing for those following MH finance issues
  • Maria Horton, Regional Manager with West Coast powerhouse Newport Pacific Capital, a delightful lady who shared her experiences on our MHC panel if experts
  • Jamie Duggan, who has been one of the great interior design and staging pros that has helped our industry sell more homes! A very fine conversation, look for it soon!
  • Rick Robinson, MHI's General Counsel and popular author,
  • Along with a number of others, including guided video tours with Tunica Show Chairman, Keith Bennett of Kabco Homes and others!

Clarity and some important MH Industry Housekeeping

We've long carried MHI, MHARR and other association news here on MHProNews.  As with any other industry's good trade media or trade journals, Manufactured Housing has to have balanced news and commentary. Trade media must be much more than a pile of press releases cobbled together.

Passionate, dedicated people may from time to time get carried away. Our industry is no exception, so the people in our industry are no exception; that clearly applies to me too.

One of my friends in MHARR pointed out that the optics of some of my commentary on Danny Ghorbani may not look right, given that I'm a board member of the Supplier's Division of MHI.

Hmmm, okay, I get the point and ought to address it.

First, we have a long standing policy that ALL commentary here may or may not reflect the views of sponsors, our parent company (Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC) or myself as the managing member/editor/publisher. Please see this link above about that policy, which is part of our home page drop down menu. Further, in no way did any of the articles state that I was writing as a board member of MHI.

But perhaps I should have emphasized those point for the article in question. My apologies for any confusion that may have caused anyone.

Going back to the articles in question that focused on the writings of two industry professionals.  After we did some serious commentary, analysis and critiques, it seemed to me that we needed next was a lighter touch on those important issues.


Reader's Digest has had their famous Laughter is the Best Medicine section.


Political humor dates back to the earliest days of publishing, and even to cave men! Some of those cave wall-drawings could have been a bit of a spoof of the tribal chief or one of the chief's assistants.

So my aim was to use some wit and still make a point or two about how to – or not to – address certain topics being advanced in this or that person's public writing. What was decidedly not my goal was to diminish any person in that effort, much less any organization. To the extent that I was unclear or missed those marks, let me hereby extend my regrets.

Beyond a mea culpa, perhaps an appropriate way of clearing this up is to poke a little fun at myself, using a similar style of images and hyperbole. People sometimes call me a 'cheer leader,' so let's start with that spoof image.


Or how about poking fun at our own promos for new and upcoming exclusive interviews and news?


None of us approaches or carries the badge that reads 'perfection' on this side of the eternal veil. That clearly includes my lack of perfection, as any reader – or my wife! – can tell you. ;-)

So while we reserve the right to use any and all appropriate literary and visual tools to address issues of MH Industry importance, let me be clear that our mission is we are in the MH Industry advancement business.

Nor should it be forgotten that we routinely offered those two and others the opportunity to comment on the record. Did they do the same for those that they were targeting?

We strive to be fair and balanced, which may explain why our readership continues to grow and has made us the run-away Number 1 source for news, tips and views in our industry.

Which takes us back to the spoof on me above! ;-)

Most Got It, some Did Not…

Most of our readers got it, and the most commonly used word in the aftermath of our spoof article was “hilarious,” along with 'well done,' etc.. Naturally, some didn't like it, and of course there was a range in between.

It seems to me that since the parties in question regarding that spoof are used to dishing-it-out to others in public, they ought to be ready to face the public music too, right?  We crossed no established lines or standards, as the relatively mild presidential political cartoons above prove.

But for those whom I inadvertently caught off guard or were offended, again, that was not the goal or my intent. My hope was to lighten the mood, while addressing the issues. 

Tony, The Fire is Out”

Those points shared, sources at MHARR tell us that the “fire is out,”  that an internal commitment has been made by their salaried official and leadership NOT to attack MHI in the future (or threaten or attack us as a publisher…) directly or by inference.

Further, we are told there will be public agreement where possible between MHARR and MHI, and disagreements will not be made public or part of their official statements.

Time will tell, but if that holds up that's good news for everyone in our industry. Our point has been that their public attacks were not good for their members or for anyone else in our industry.

We all need to pull together on matters such as HR 1779 and S 1828, along with the emerging GSE reform bill. Let me wrap that up by saying that we've never attacked their organization, nor any other groups.  Hopefully all's well that ends well!  Unless there is a new similar issue, we are moving on.

Kudos To Share

On the other side of the fence, sources at MHI told us that there was 'plenty of credit to go around'  on the emerging Senate bill on GSE reform. That's a tacit tip of the hat to MHARR, states and other associations from other industries, all of whom deserve credit for making that GSE reform bill coming together in the Senate that could be good for other industries, ours and the home buying public.

NYTimes, Frank Rolfe and 'Mobile Home University' (MHU)

Our upcoming April issue will feature an interview with Frank Rolfe regarding the controversial New York Times article that has drawn so much national attention and industry commentary. Look for it in our Featured Articles module on our home page.

Our new issue will be live by mid-week. In the meantime, you can catch up on the Daily Business News, which is the first and still only Daily Business News source for all of factory built housing! My thanks to our sponsors, writers, team and all who make this pro-factory-built home resource possible. ##

(Image credits, First a Dream cover = Happy face = loveletterdaily. Newsboy = wikicommons. First political cartoon, Doner/Political Grafiti. Second political cartoon, M-Wuerker/News-in-Feed. Male cheer leader = wikicommons. Jim Clayton and Tamas Kovach =

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L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
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Let the Deal Making Begin!

March 25th, 2014 No comments

Perhaps you are a manufactured home (MH) retailer, and you want to compare the latest homes, loans, products and services available in your market.

Maybe you are an MHCommunity operator, and you are tired of chasing aging used homes and those repos that still need thousands in updates, and then have no warranty when you sell an ever-older used home.

Or you could be a builder/developer who thinks that the future is in factory building, since giants like Warren Buffett and Sam Zell invested billions into this manufactured and modular home sectors.

Whatever brings you, what happens at trade shows like the giant 2014 Tunica Manufactured Home Show is unlike any plant show you can go to, because here you see your builders' homes side by side with competitors homes! You see your favorite supplier and their competitor. You compare, and you make deals that make you money.

Here is where the politics slows to conversation and the focus goes to selling the homes, loans, products and services that make you money!

But what do other industry pros say?

Let's start by sharing the words of Ross Kinzler, from the Wisconsin Housing Alliance.

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Then, lets layer in the following quote from Andy Gallagher, WVHI.a-v-gallagher-executive-director(1)

"This year’s event was a dynamic performance with a pantheon of excellent speakers, covering topics critical to the industry; anexpanded floor show with the latest models on display; and a handsome group of service and supply representatives on hand with their banter, wit and stockpile of knowledge."

Then think about these thoughts from an MHC operations manager, Ted Gross:

continental-communities-logo"Tony, Just wanted to leave a quick note about the educational seminar you spoke at regarding “Modern Marketing.” I brought a few community managers along for your presentation…it was a real eye opener for them and me…I will certainly bring more of my community managers along if you will be speaking again at the 2015… Home Show." See the rest of Ted's comments, in full context, linked here.

Are you beginning to see a pattern developing here?

If not, let's try another quote on why going to a trade show or educational event is a great idea for your business! This from a fellow who admits he missed a few years of going to a show:

james-cook-mhc-manager-ma-posted-industry-voices-mhpronews_com-75x75pxl-"…I was wrong! It was not only interesting it was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening. At this time, our industry is undergoing tremendous tumult and change. Change does not have to mean impending disaster. Sometimes it takes rubbing elbows with our industry’s leaders – those on the front line – to better understand the opportunities that exist, the places where we need soldiers in the gaps (Washington DC,) and how to not just survive but thrive in the coming decades.

I probably received more education at Louisville in two days than I did in my first six months in my current position."

See more from Community Operations Manager James Cook at this link here.

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This third party photo and message is near and dear to us. Some of you at Tunica last year or Louisville this year saw this first hand; and yes, this IS an educational and inspiring example!

The photo and comments are courtesy of Gina Beasley, Tennessee Regional Manager and Ast. VP of Sales for UMH Properties.

Gina wrote in part: “Wow Tony, gotta to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your son, he is absolutely adorable! Check out the picture of him handing out your business card to Chet Kearney, Chris Lindsey's assistant. So sweet and the fruit don't fall far from the tree!!!” See more, linked here.


We will be in the Harrah Convention Center's Seminar Room, where business building and Lender sharing information will be happening! Learn what are the latest and greatest financing programs for your homes and communities! Or you can find us at 11H, right outside of the seminar room, if I'm not roaming the show and shooting red-hot videos like those linked here.


The next 72 hours will be about doing business. That's why you are in business, to do more, sell more, grow more.

That's why we go to the shows, that why some 2100 +/- industry pros from coast to coast and virtually all parts of the manufactured housing profession are scheduled to attend. Will YOU be here? We hope so! Please stop in and say hi, and let's catch up on Sunday night. ##

(Editor's Note: For those who want a preview of Tony's "Dominate Your Local Market" presentation for Tunica, please click here.)

(Image credits: MHProNews)

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