2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Flash Report

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The final numbers are NOT yet in, and won’t be until Monday at the earliest. But MHProNews  has learned that an estimated:

> 1600 plus total attendees,
> plus over 800 exhibitors
> yields some 2400 total, with an increase in every category of attendee from the official flash report.

Flash Feedback

ignorance-costs-knowledge-pays-cuttingedge-ofmarketing-sales-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-com-With the HUD and MOD builders we spoke to who exhibited at Louisville, all reported good results and solid traffic. All I spoke with told me they planned to increase their homes on display in the 2016 Louisville MH Show.  We also spoke with a non-exhibiting factory-crafted home builder who is now looking to go to Louisville.

MMHF State execs told MHProNews  they heard good things from attendees, exhibitors and manufactured home producers.

Attendance was clearly up in the business building seminars over 2014. Exhibitors and state execs said there was numerous attendees who told them they found value in the various sessions. MHProNews  was informed that attendees were particularly enthused over the marketing and sales seminars yours truly shared.

Post seminar video interviews with attendees will be produced in the coming days will include comments by attendees who will share why they came, the value they found and why.

One of the hot Louisville topics was the discussion of a new-to-MH lender entering our space with a unique program for retailers and communities.

Hopefully the lender in question will at least initially limit their program to ‘select’ retailers an MH communities. Anticipated roll out? Possibly at or around the time of the Tunica Show. We’ll keep you posted.

Until mid-week, please keep your eyes on the Daily Business News  for specific numbers on the 2015 Louisville Show.

If you haven’t already signed up for our industry-leading twice-weekly Industry news, tips and views pros can use eBlast, you can do that in seconds at MHProNews.com/subscribe.  If you like headline news with links to the whole story, you’ll enjoy and can benefit from our free services, made possible by our sponsors. ##

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

MHRetailer to MHPro – “We had our guts kicked out of us in 2008-2009 and haven’t recovered”

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Please, oh, please just leave me alone to my little corner of the world. I just want to be able to sell a few houses and try to keep my park full, that’s all.” So said one community owner at an MH industry meeting, as he emotionally spoke about the impact of regulations on his business. A successful MH retailer recently said, “Not only us, but most other retailers I know are gun shy now. We had our guts kicked out of us in 2008-2009 and haven’t recovered. Yes, we are doing better year-over-year the past few years, but we are still a shadow of where we were a decade ago.”

When you probe on comments by industry pros like those shared above, they often amount to lowered expectations.

Some yearn for a return to the good old days of the roaring 1990s. To those in the MH rank and file who never knew boom times, they may think it is okay to sell a house a month, or every-other-month. Those 2 or maybe 3 HUDs in a month may be a big deal to them! Those MH professionals who have only known the shadow of our industry’s greatest may look at you funny when you tell them that there are those who have – and still do – 50 or 60 or 70 manufactured home sales a year, or more.

Have you met MH sales pros who have and can do 100 new homes in a year?

I have.

As you look at the graphic below, remember ignorance is not a dirty word. It means there is something a person ‘doesn’t know’ about a topic. We are all ignorant about something, but the cure for ignorance is insight and information that inspires positive action.



MH Inspirational Dissatisfaction 2015

Inspirational dissatisfaction is a concept taught to me by a PPGA in the insurance field. Joe P told me that if you are not happy with something – such as your results – you use that dissatisfaction to inspire you to strive for better results and more profits.

When you know something has been done before, those who might be weak in faith may have an eye-opening ‘aha’ moment. When you know what your market potential is, you may decide to strive for more instead of ‘settling for’ the crumbs left on your plate. We have a potential feast around us, the articles linked below point to a potentially sumptuous buffet, not a soup kitchen line.

I can tell you dozens of reasons why anyone who needs a recharge should be going to the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. But let me focus on the following handful of reasons why this is a good time and place to gain or get the vision for just how great manufactured housing sales ought to be in 2015 and beyond.

What if you are pumped on the biz, but your associate (partner, team member, manager…) is not? You come, and bring them too.

If you aren’t already set to come to the big show, make or change your plans. Get on a jet or jump in your wheels and ride!

While most pros come from within a day’s drive of the show, I know industry members who attend from coast to coast. Some made the trek last year, or the year before that, and they see value, so they come back. That speaks volumes.

One good idea can make it worth while

I’ve had owners, managers and executives tell me that one good idea alone can make a trip like this worth while. Let me assure you, only the blind won’t see more than one good take away from this year’s show.

  • More attendees are already signed up to attend than any year since 2010.
  • More new home manufacturers in 2015 – perhaps the most in 8 to 10 years.
  • More exhibitors with their finance, insurance, products and services, all under one roof for easy comparison shopping.
  • Business Building Seminars and Speakers. – Please note the programing change in the first session, reported in the second bullet below.


Every year since 2010, the attendance at the Louisville Show increases
and the crowds at our business building seminars grow.

 Perhaps 2,500 industry professionals will be on hand this year. Will you be one of them? If so, please swing by our booth #115, come by the seminars on Wednesday and Thursday morning. If you come, odds are excellent you’ll be pleased. If you come with an open mind, odds are you’ll get that one gem of an idea and more to go with it. The videos shown are so you can see that it isn’t just me saying this.  Those who know, go and grow.

Come and gain or recapture the vision of our industry’s true potential. Listen to what a struggling MH retailer did to grow his business in just 90 days.

That retailer isn’t isn’t alone. MHCommunities and MHRetailers here and there are discovering or re-learning that ‘yes, we can’ do more. Need some vision and get-up-and-grow juice? Then please come to the 2015 Louisville Show, for your sake and that of your colleagues. Some are discovering that these can be and are, ‘the good old days.’

If you do what it takes to come, don’t be shy, kindly come by and say hi. ##

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-building-washington-dc-masthead-mhpronews-com-_light- (1)By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

Manufactured Home Pros and Community Owners-Management Unite for Better Performance!

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ron-thomas-sr-rv-mh-hall-of-fame-mmhf-chairman-mhpronews-MH Community (MHC) owner, Hall of Famer and MMHF Chairman Ron Thomas Sr. says there is a hunger in the ranks of MHPros for knowledge. We happen to agree. For those in the MHC world who are within a day’s drive or flight of Louisville, KY, if you want great insights from real-world veterans who know how to get the job in MHCs done!

Last year it was Standing Room Only (SRO) at most of our Business Building Seminars at the 2014 Louisville Show. This was one of those packed room sessions!  Ross_Kinzler_credit_Community_Connections_posted_on_MHProNews

So we asked award-winning Ross Kinzler to reprise his role as moderator for a panel that will feature the following MHC  pros, who span the gamut from “mom and pop” to a big publicly traded company and more!

Bob-Van-Shyuver-umhproperties-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-Bob Van Schuyver – UMH Properties. Bob’s experiences in MH include years of successful MH street retailing as well more recent years in management at UMH, which is one of the fastest growing companies in the MHC sector.maria-horton-newport-pacific-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-

Maria Horton - Newport Pacific Family of Companies. Newport Pacific owns and fee manages manufactured home communities, has a stand alone company, Cirus Development and does unique near-net-zero super-energy saving factory built homes and more..

mary-o'hara-roc-usa-posted-mashtead-blog-mhpronews-com-Mary O’Hara – ROC USA. ROC USA is a clear leader in the resident owned community space, and had a record year in 2014. A recent ROC conversion story, is linked here.

Tammy Fonk – now with CBRE, but who began her MH career at the family MH retail center tammy-fonk-cbre-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com-and well run MHCommunity.

Expect a brief opening statement from each member of this all-star panel, with questions from Ross or audience attendees and discussion by the pros you see here. The audience interaction last year was tremendous, so expect that again next week! See date/time, linked here.


Program Change

Ever want to ask questions or meet with some MH Industry Leaders? The first program on Wednesday has morphed into a series of leader comments to Louisville Show attendees. See the revised first session line up, linked here.

Finance Panels – Communities and Home Lending, including the new 2015 appraisal rule discussion link here!

Growing your Marketing and Sales Results

L A Tony Kovach - Dominate Your Local Market presentation at NYHousing Assoc 2011 Annual Meeting posted MHProNews.comYours truly will be doing presentations on this subject, with a special guest who is flying in from Texas to tell you his experiences. See Dwayne’s story, linked here. The presentations and profitable business building topics, are linked here.  Here’s what others say about what my presentations and handiwork.

Come meet Tamas – Mr Popular! – The Youngest Exhibitor!The youngest exhibitor at the Show was Tamas (pronounced tah-mash) Kovach, right front.  Soheyla Kovach, Jeff Templeton and Matthew Silver (L-R) all with MHProNews.com (MHMSM.com).

Pardon the parental pride, but our little son Tamas (pronounced like “Tah Mash,” Thomas in Magyar) will be back in 2015, along with his lovely mom Soheyla (hey, my better half – we make Louisville an annual family affair! :-) will be at Booth #115. I’ll be there, or at the Seminar Room or walking the exhibits and home show floor with our videographer.

If you want to see growth in 2015, want to compare factories, service providers, etc. then come to Louisville. We hope you’ll stop by next week, drop off your card so we can keep you posted on the news of a new lender entering MH and otherIndustry News, Tips and Views You Can Use.  © ##

(Photo credits: MHProNews)

l-a-tony-kovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

New Financing for MH in 2015; Plus DC, Tunica and Louisville Updates

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A lender who’s firm originated hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages in December is poised to enter manufactured home (MH) lending. That lender holds a high level management role. Our source has been talking to us for about 2 1/2 years, as part of their expanding their understand of the MH space. He tells us their entry could happen in time for the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

There are a number of reasons this should be welcome news in MH retail and community circles. The way this particular loan program is toon-clips-laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank=credit-posted-masthead-mhpronews-com-being described, the rates and terms would be competitive with its conventional housing counterpart. The loans could be made on manufactured homes in both fee simple and land-lease scenarios.

Stop by booth #115 at the Louisville Show and leave your business card to get follow up announcements expected on what looks like a unique, non-recourse MH lending option.

Manufactured Housing’sDC Talk

Sources close to Arlington-based MHI tell MHProNews that the Manufactured Housing Institute is giving off-the-record assurances to MHARR. The issue is MHI’s planned hiring of a full time membership recruiter, and the alleged assurance is to not use that yet-to-be-hired recruiter to ‘go after’ MHARR’s members. If that plays out that way, it’s a bullet dodged for all, and thus good news for an industry tired of periodic tugs-of-war between the two national trade associations.

But dozens – if not hundreds – of high level eyes will watch to make sure such a detente proves to be true. Of course, we will track that for you too.

More DC talk. As we foreshadowed the night before the official MHI word was released, Lesli Gooch was hired to replaced Jason Boehlert. We welcome Ms. Gooch to MHI, and hope for the best in the important work that needs to be done on Capital Hill and with regulators.

Tunica Surprise

We’ve known for week’s about the upheavals that have taken place with respect to the late March, 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. While we lightly hinted, this was a deliberate “failure to report.” It was important for the Tunica Show to come up with a strong plan B, when a specific Harrah’s manager allegedly threw a major monkey wrench into the mix.

That said, we now want to tip the hat to Jen Hall, who also knew (and who is not our source on this), for her bold and smart effort to try and repair the Harrah manager’s curve ball. The Mississippi executive’s effort deserves a separate article someday, but until then, Jen – as some say…”good-on-ya!”

For the official word on “what’s up” with the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, please click here.

Louisville is Large and in Charge!

Louisville has been the big #1 in attendance for U.S. Manufactured Housing Events two years running! Even with a clear-but-cold long range forecast for 2015, preregistrations for Louisville are running nicely ahead of the 2014 pace.


Change up on Wednesday Morning Presentation schedule!

Please see the Daily Business News Monday morning for updates on the first Wednesday morning Speaker’s line up. Bill Matchneer, MHI’s CEO Dick Jennison and the MMHF Chairman – speaking about MH finance and more – will all be on the revised plan for the first, fast paced hour. Don’t miss it.

Everything at the Kentucky Exhibition Center is all indoors, in climate controlled comfort. Here is a snapshot!

  • New Homes! – more manufacturers than any year since 2010! See this page linked here.

  • Lenders, on homes, MHCs and inventory. The full compliment of dependable MH lenders will be at Louisville, of course. See the finance panels at this link here.

  • Suppliers! Compare quality providers side by side, see exhibitors line up, linked here.

  • Quality and free ‘SRO’Business Building Seminars! SRO stands for Standing Room Only, as was the case in most of last year’s sessions. So Show Management has grown the space by 30% so you can take a seat if you were standing last year.

There are lots of reasons the attendance and excitement has been strong and growing year after year. Come see why first hand. We will be at booth #115. Drop off your business card, and we’ll keep you posted on lending and other industry news, free of charge. Wasn’t it the TV character “Kojack” who said, “Who loves ya, baby!We love MH!

My wife, our growing-in-MH-trade-show-fame 8 year old son, a guest and myself will all be there to say hello.

tamas_kovach-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news- (1)

Want to grow? Then Go to the Louisville Show. See you bright and early Wednesday at the KEC Seminar Room at 8:30 AM! ##

(Image credits – see individual image file name.)

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

MH Hot time in ColdTown! Plus Tornadoes, Legal Actions, and more…

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If the long range forecasts are right, there will be a hot time in chilly Louisville, KY in just under two weeks! The Crowne Plaza is booked solid, but there are other hotels nearby. Combined with record and still rising post-2010 pre-registrations, the signs are good for the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

For the last two years, this has been the overall best attended event in the MH world. If last year and registrations are any clue, cold won’t stop attendees! So barring a blizzard, 2015 could continue that growth pattern.


Long Range Forecast:
clear, cold out, red hot MH biz within…

MH and Tornadoes…

The Industry Voices guest column by Vic Frost, linked here, ought to be mandatory reading for MH pro coast to coast. Please see it, share it with your team, and then pass it on to your local media.

Advancing Manufactured Housing and Growing Sales

I spent about an hour Tuesday afternoon interviewing an attorney on some legal concepts that could prove very useful in image, PR and thus MH sales growth.

Class action law suits are not new. A case in Delaware that Sandra Lane reported on involving MHCs looks like it could prove a winner for owners. That suit and our evolving concept are not connected, save for the notion that sometimes in the face of unjust regulations, laws or other actions, business people should pull together to advance what’s right and true.

What if Tornado Reporting on MH was more fair and balanced?

We’re still seeing a steady rise in shipments. But what would happen if the weather guys or media in general had to modify how they report on manufactured housing when it comes to tornadoes or hurricanes? If the focus shifted from ‘leave your mobile home now’ to some thing more accurate and positive?

There are far, far riskier things in life than the unrealistic fear of living in an MH, thinking about early death from a tornado. That car, truck, van or SUV in your driveway is many times more dangerous than the risk of someone dying in a manufactured home in a tornado. Statistically, your bath tub is 70x more deadly than the odds of dying in a MH in a tornado.

So why do we hear so much about MH deaths, rather than bathtub fatalities?

One Answer…

It was the 1980s when I sat in an MH Industry meeting where the local Oklahoma City weather man admitted that they were lobbying for better tie down laws.

Freeze frame on that…don’t we want our homes properly installed? Isn’t that part of what the MHIA of 2000 gave us, more uniform installation standards?

Wouldn’t you much rather hear the weather person saying, manufactured homes that are properly installed can withstand tornadoes as well as conventional housing.

A work in progress…

It might not have all the legal details completed in time for Louisville, but we already have a number of concepts known to work in hand for attendees who come to our marketing and sales business building seminars.

You can see solid

  • 2 MHC focused seminars,

  • Finance seminars and

  • some high profile MH personalities talking on Wed and Thursday mornings.

That leaves you the rest of the day for shopping and comparing new homes, products and services.


New MH Home sales are up. Factories are often running a few weeks out on production. Want to sell more homes? Come see the latest models, suppliers and service items in Louisville.


Stop by the free business building Seminars or our booth #115, near the main entrance. We hope to see a more than two thousand of you in L’ville in under two weeks. ##

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-building-washington-dc-masthead-mhpronews-com-_light- (1)(Image credits – see individual image file name.)

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com
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Manufactured Housing News, Tips and Views – Jumping January 2015

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As we begin a new year, the word heard in manufactured housing circles is “cautious optimism.” Sure, there are some who think MH is dying, while others think we are going through a trying rebirth. There are those who think that depending upon what the industry does or fails to do we could go either way. Because there are businesses invested in MH to the tune of millions to billions of dollars, we think the future has very good potential. But we are realists who know that MH is not without risks.

Which is why it pays to have the insights and inputs from experts and other pros. What if you or a colleague are down in the dumps about the MH biz? Then just look at what Sam Zell – ELS Chairman – says; that since they understood MH and MHCs, they have never lost confidence.

Or consider Warren Buffett, who’s Berkshire-Hathaway has been buying MH builders, suppliers and lenders for over a decade. They keep investing in this sector. They are among “Two Word” sound reasons for that cautious optimism.

ignorance-costs-knowledge-pays-cuttingedge-ofmarketing-sales-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-com-The Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use ©

Knowledge is potential power. Let’s survey anew the knowledge found free for you.

Legal. Every year we bring you dozens of articles by attorneys. These are routinely by lawyers who know MH and/or are experts in their field. They provide insights on topics that can, may or are impacting you and your business.

You’ll see new examples of keen legal insights in the January 2015 Featured Articles that follow.

Management. Every year, we bring you dozens of articles and blog posts on Management related topics. Many of these are from seasoned MH or modular home savvy experts. We often have guest columns by those in the biz too. So these are not just generic ideas, but the thoughts of veterans who have “skin in the game.”

Marketing. Sales. Image/PR. We see a slew of articles on these topics this month, be sure you check them out. Example: did you know there is not one, but four, nascent PR/Image campaign efforts? Yep. See that and more, linked below

General industry topics or events. Dennis Hill and others tell us this month why the Louisville MH Show should be a key part of your January 21-23rd plans. Got a conflict? Change your plan to be at the show. Why? Those who go, tend to grow. There is so much under one roof, comparing products and services side-by-side; easy to explain the value to those who haven’t made the trek in recent years. There are reasons why the show generates excitement and the largest attended event of the year in MH!

Ron D’Ambra and Steve Lefler give us their takes on totally different topics, but both deserve wide attention. Sandra Lane brings you a report on Ocwen and Clayton. Don’t miss it.

Exclusive Interviews

Our respected and high value A Cup of Coffee with… Exclusive Interviews have been done with movers, shakers and news makers for inside-mh-learn-from-pros-who-know-mhrpronews-years. This month we bring you Gary McDaniel, he is going to be a red hot – and for some, controversial – read! Read Gary’s comments twice. Then, make sure your management and investment team does too.

Bottom line, we bring you the most news, tips and views pros can use. That’s why pros like you come by the thousands every day here! We have enjoyed a number of months in 2014 where the number of “page views” exceeds what 60,000 thirty-two page magazines would equal!

Leaders are Readers. Combined with our read-hot Daily Business News, the blogs, other news, Industry in Focus reports, you won’t find more relevant content anywhere in the MH world.

With no further adieu, here is our powerful line up for January 2015. Enjoy and benefit!

Featured Articles and Reports for Vol. 6, No. 4, 2015

Alphabetically by Category


• WTF? OMG! This Case Made Me ROFLOL and Almost LMAO

 by David Baker, JD


When you see the acronym “WTF,” do you think of chewing gum? Probably not.

Read more…


• Could Your World Be Rocked?

by Nadeen Green, JD


When you want to sell your manufactured homes, do you hope that a potential purchaser will be able to secure a mortgage to be able to buy from you? 

Read more…




• What Is All The Fuss About Subpart I? Here is The Story

by Ron D’Ambra

ron-d-ambra-professional-warranty-service-corp-posted-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-50x50_1As all serious manufactured housing pros know, back in 1976, the Federal Government issued a standard set of rules and regulations governing the manufacturing, sales and service for manufactured homes. 

Read more…


• Background to MHI’s last Manufactured Housing Image Campaign 

by John Evans


This idea of a manufactured housing (MH) image campaign is not new, nor was it new in 2006.  

Read more…


• The Road to Success in 2015

by Dennis Hill 


Let’s begin with a modern infographic style bullet points, sharing the first 5 reasons you should be in Louisville the minute the show opens on January 21.

Read more…


• Introducing Sandra Lane, with Manufactured Housing’s Daily Business News

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach


Sandra Lane is a fourth-generation Texan who has spent most of her life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Read more…


• A Few Good Men (and Women)…It’s About Time

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach


A survey of outlooks by MH Pros brings a wide variety of viewpoints.

Read more…


• Manufactured Housing Errata

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach


To be a credible voice in and for Manufactured Housing, one must be willing to make corrections. Those corrections include correcting our own errors.

Read more…


• What’s ahead for Manufactured Housing Image in 2015?

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach


This will be a short and sweet survey of the more visible efforts underway to launch some level of PR or Image campaigns for the Manufactured Housing Industry.

Read more…

• Ocwen and the Golden Rule Lessons that Paid off for Clayton Homes

by Sandra Lane

sandra-lane55x55In the early 2000s, when the manufactured housing industry went into a tailspin, Clayton Homes continued to be profitable. 

Read more…


• A Template to Initiate Image Change for the Future of Affordable Quality Living 

by Steven Lefler

steve-lefler-vp-modular-lifestyles-newport-pacific-manufactured-homes-mhpronews-com-50x50_1The term often heard in business is “The Customer is King.”.

Read more…


• A Cup of Coffee with…Gary P. McDaniel

coffee-501) Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at Yes! Communities/ BaseCamp Capital).

A). Gary McDaniel, CEO Yes Communities, Inc, Senior Managing Partner Base/Camp Capital .

Read more..


• Selling More Homes – Why I’m Making the Winter Trip to the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

by Dwayne Somerville

Dwayne-Somerville-Fairfield_Homes-Land55x55In our part of Texas, the winters are mild. By comparison, Louisville KY last January sounds like it was an ice cube! 

Read more…


• Sickness

 by Bob Vahsholtz,

bob-vahsholtz-author-dueling-curves-battle-for-housing-posted-industry-voices-guest-blog-mhpronews-com-manufatured-housing-professional-news-50x50-People get sick. Sometimes they recover; sometimes not. Eventually, they die.

Read more…



• Do you need to recharge your battery for 2015?

 by Tim Connor, CSP


Few people can go a hundred miles an hour  – day after day after day – without a break of some kind.

Read more…


• Are you an Invalidator or Encourager

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-50As a manager, one of your primary roles is to be an encourager.  Today, more than ever, employees need to feel worthwhile, validated and valued.

Read more…




• ZigOn Overcoming The Odds

by Zig Ziglar


His name is Gabriel Hjertstedt (YERT-stet) and he participated in the 1998 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Read more…


L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

Out with the Old, In with the New

December 31st, 2014 No comments

Sometimes what is in the past should stay there. But the flip side of that is that the past is a great resource to learn from.

2014 marks year 5 of the manufactured housing recovery. John Evan at CMHI will tell us in the new 2015 January issue an insightful rear-view-mirror story. What happened to the MHI image campaign.


MH Success

Gary McDaniel is a respected success story in MH and MHC circles. You will learn more about this Yes! Communities and RV MH Hall of Fame legend in the January 2015 issue when you read, “A Cup of Coffee with…Gary McDaniel.” 

Sandra Lane is our new Daily Business News writer. She is a veteran who will bring years of experience to shed more light on the news that impacts MH.  Her insightful Clayton story will be in the new January issue, besides her business daily reports. Check out her experience when sandra-lane-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-75x75-the new issue goes live.

If you aren’t already hooked on Sandra’s informative business daily articles, take the 30 day challenge. Read every business day for 30 days. You’ll see the value that others already crave. Readership is rising with her robust reports that save you reading and research time. Plus you usually won’t find anywhere else in MH trade publishing.

Legal News

The Fair Housing Lady, attorney Nadeen Green, will bring you word on a pending case that could be settled in January that many will hope goes down in flames. If it doesn’t, the impact on MH – and housing in general – will be hard to overstate. Check it out when the New Year 2015 January issue goes live, in about 48 hours.

News about Louisville, management, marketing, sales and more will all be in store for you in the same January new issue.

The Year that Was

MHProNews is finishing yet another record year. We’ve seen more investors, more MHPros, public officials, non-profits and educators on our site reading the news tips and views pros like you use. Month over month, year over year, you find growth here. Thanks for being a part of that fact.

We’ll be at Booth #115 at Louisville in just under 3 weeks. The free-to-attendees L’ville Show Business Building Seminars will have some nice surprises. Pre-registrations are still trending up! Check out the seminar line up here.


If you will be in Louisville, we invite you to come and see why – Wow! – could be in your future. By sharing knowledge, wisdom and resources with each other, let’s make 2015 a great new year. ##


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com aka MHMSM.com aka MHProNews.com

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