Red Hot Hill on Expanding Manufactured Home Lending

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Let’s take 5 to thank the manufactured housing association leaders who have already sounded off in public on The Hill’s Congressional blog’s “read hotmanufactured home lending expose of the harmful reality of CFPB regs and the holes in CFED’s policy positions.

The list of public comments from others in MH also are coming in too.   As of about 4 PM ET, on Friday here are the execs…

> Ross Kinzler

> Joe Kelley

> Sheila Dey

> Jess Maxcy

> Mark Bruner

> Tyler Craddock

…these above are not in any particular order, and each has a great message to share that was a strong complement to the core commentary.


Candle credit: WikiCommons. Poster credit:

We also see a terrific and growing list of other industry pros:

From the

> MH Communities sector

> Retailers

> a former federal official – who is pro-MH!

And more!

See for yourself, read the column and then scroll down the page and click to see the comments to date.


Let’s unlock the door to more manufactured home lending. MH lenders pose no risk to the financial system. They are a proven, positive option for those seeking to be home owners. Image credit: WikiCommons

Ross shared a thoughtful message with us and with his members in Wisconsin.  We know another fine association exec who has also called on that association’s members to join in on public commenting.

Please take three easy steps.

1) Share a statement or story that makes the case for passing S 682 into law. Just a few minutes, you can logon to their comment system using a social media account in seconds, or directly with The Hill’s comment system.  Your message could be short, long or in between…these are being read.

2) Once you’ve posted, send it to your congressional representative and both Senators. Thank them for supporting this, sharing the link above, encouraging them to read the comments.  It’s powerful! It’s powerful because the facts are on our side.

3) Then please ask another to do the same. Each one, reach one. Pass it on.

There are a few weeks before this comes up for a vote.  This is visible in DC, and beyond.  What I love about the comments is that they build on the fact that this is good for current MH owners, new MH home buyers and for business.

We in MH are the true MH owners and consumers advocates. We are the good business advocates. It’s Your Voice, please make it heard and make it count.  Thank you. ##



By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Manufactured Housing Pros, Want More Lending? Ready to Change CFPB Regs? DON’T Miss This…

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I’m picturing a manufactured home community owner who was standing at the entry door in the back of an association meeting.  He looked stunned, bewildered and lost.  When asked, he tried to express to me his frustration, and sense of helplessness, over federal finance regulations that hit his business. He’d served MH owners and buyers for decades.  Now, it was all changing so rapidly, his head was spinning.

Next image was another MHC owner, in different state and another association’s meeting.  That man explained how his family business jumped-the-hoops to get an MLO on staff.  However, that MLO left him after a few months.  Their volume of loans was too low, he said, to keep someone.   This MHC owner was trying to comply with rules that did not help buyer or seller, as they made no money on financing of a home. “Angry” is how I would describe him.


Retailers and others have approached me at trade shows like Louisville and Tunica, often to vent.  Sometimes, they wanted to explain that they were trying, but afraid that all these changes would drive them from the business they’d worked in for x number of years.

Odds are good you know stories like these. Maybe you have one of your own?


Image credit – KY Olsen, Flickr Creative Commons.

The other stories going untold

Then there are the MH home owners who can’t sell his under $20,000 home for what it was worth, because once the CFPB regulations hit, lenders that made those loans pulled out from that segment of the MH market.  It was no longer possible to make those loans without more risk than their was chance for profit.  Yes, we’ve spoken or heard from consumers impacted too.

cash-bag-wikicommons--posted-mhpronews- (1)

Closed cash bag…Photo credit, WikiCommons.

If you love  all the ways that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is implementing regulations relating to on manufactured home financing, brought on by 5 year old Dodd-Frank legislation, save sometime and stop here.

On the other hand, if you feel that the regulations should change, that MH homeowners and businesses need to speak up NOW…then please do two things, right now today. Both are easy, 10 minutes and you’re done.


Photo credit -SHPO. Please click on the photo above to take you to the Congressional Blog, its awaiting YOUR comment.

  • Please read this article linked on The Hill’s Congressional Blog,  Congress and their staffs, Policy Advocates, the CFPB, the media and others read this blog.

  • Briefly tell your own story in their comments section. Congressional staff, House and Senate Members, regulators and even the WH reads The Hill

Here are 4 MH Industry examples…




...please join them.  Perhaps 5, 10 minutes and you’re done.


Don’t curse the darkness, light the candle. Yours. Don’t wait for someone else to do it, you be the one. Let’s let DC know that this issue matters to manufactured home owners and businesses. HR 650 passed the House by a wide margin.  The Senate vote looms.  Send a messge. ##



By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

New CFPB Mandated HPML Appraisal Rule for Manufactured Housing effective July 18, 2015

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Our focus for today won’t be the wisdom or merits – pro or con – for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) imposed Appraisal Rule for manufactured housing that are going to be required on all High Priced Mortgage Loans (HPML). Rather, we will do a review of the information available for those thousands of manufactured housing professionals who have not attended an association meeting or webinar on this subject.


Thousands of manufactured housing professionals have not yet heard a live presentation on the rules that will go into effect on July 18, 2015.  Please make sure your colleagues have this article with links and read these time sensitive reports.   Image credit Flickr Creative Commons, Luxomart.


Let’s note before diving into what follows that we expect a report from DataComp on their approach to this in the next few days. Once that is in hand, we’ll rapidly bring that to your attention.


Graphic credit – Appraisal New Jersey.

I’d like to quote from John Walter’s thoughtful column describing a philosophy worth considering when new regulations – such as this one – are approached.

“Market forces often push in a direction to keep “business as usual,” despite potential consequences with regulators. Other regulatory concerns, whether real or perceived, may prompt a move too far the other way. Some may even consider exiting from the business altogether. None of those responses speaks to sustainability as a lender or other manufactured housing stakeholders.

Fortunately, these are not the only options from which to choose. 

We can chose to accept and embrace regulation and change to enhance the experience of our business partners and consumers, or as we refer to them in the credit union world, members…we have accepted changes and leveraged…”

Please see his full column linked below, which actually embraces a business approach to regulations that goes beyond the Appraisal Rule.

NADAguides – along with DataComp – have been engaged from the early going in developing tools and resources that can work for manufactured housing retailers, brokers and MH Communities. Here is NADAguides in depth report, which includes a download at the end so you can see their graphics in their full glory.



Image credit – idiva.


21st Mortgage Corp provided the following linked article, which has been among the read-hot reports in our Featured Articles found on the MHProNews home page.

Triad Financial Service‘s Don Sharp penned the following column which explains their approach to the QM issue, and how that ties into the Appraisal Rule.

Technically, Cody Pierce’s column is not tied to the new HPML rule. Rather, it highlights a subject that often arises for those doing land/home deals using FHA, VA or USDA lending. Please see Cody’s insightful article, linked below.


Manufactured Housing Pros can take lemons and make them into lemonade. By leveraging the appraisals, it can be used as a tool to validate the purchase value of the home the shopper wants. Image credit – Birmingham Appraisal Blog.

Last and absolutely not least, a comprehensive look at QM, the HPML Appraisal Rule and CU Factory Built Lending‘s approach to the issues is linked below.

We’ll bring you additional information as it becomes available. No one brings you more up-to-date information on the stories that matter to MH Pros than MHProNews. We Provide, You Decide. ©. ##


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

The New Breed? The Next Gen of Manufactured Home Pros?

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I finished what was supposed to be an hour call after 100 minutes. The gent on the other end of the call wanted to continue on the conversation.  We agreed to talk again next week. He’s a successful real estate broker, so he knows his market.  The more we spoke, the more enthusiastic he sounded about all he was learning about manufactured homes and how they could benefit many of his clients.

This broker’s seen our industry’s appealing homes. He’s watched our videos.  He’s read the articles we supplied.  He’s smart, so he’s  “getting it” rapidly.  While I expect a learning curve, some of those bumps we all face along the way, a year from now it would not surprise me if this gent has numerous closed MH sales under his belt.

I’d forecast happy customers for that broker, clients who send him even more buyers.

About a dozen years has gone by since my first major effort was made on behalf of an independent MH client to get two RE brokerage offices to sell homes for them. It worked then, and there have been other success stories since. I’ve met real estate brokers like Linda Hazelhoff, who’s personally sold hundreds of MH in her career, in addition to her scores of other conventional housing sales.


Could RE brokers and agents be part of the new breed, the NextGen of MH sales success stories?

Why not? More on this exciting path to growth in MH sales, later.


Image credit: NAHB News.

2) We ought to mention the looming Appraisal Rule implementation and point you to a new NADA press release on the topic.  This is interesting! Don’t miss it.

The HMPL Appraisal Rule and related finance articles are read-hot this month. Please share them with your team; we expect one or two more articles on this subject in the days ahead.

3) We’ve had very thoughtful feedback, suggestions as well as cheers for this article and video on MHLivingNews. Kindly take a look – your comments on this are valued.

4) Joe Kelly, Iowa‘s soon-to-be inducted Executive into the RV MH Hall of Fame shares an OpEd every MHC owner and industry-focused attorney ought to read and share.  Barry Cole sounds off on the name and image topic, at this link here.

5) Congressman Stephen Fincher published this OpEd in The Hill, you can read this champion for MH owners and businesses sound off on the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, along with commentary, at this link here.

6) I thought when we published an article with a video including actor Brad Pitt taking about his  modular homes project, it would be popular.  It has been.  So imagine my surprise when the interview with Sunshine Homes’ John and Pam Bostick has been twice as popular as Brad Pitt’s!  See them both on their respective links.


Knowledge is Potential Power. Get it, and share it with your team through your daily dose of MHProNews and

7) As always, let’s tip the hat to faithful Matthew Silver. I’ll bet Matthew’s done more Daily Business News articles focused on MH and related housing articles than any other active person writing about MH on the planet today.  No wonder he has a faithful following of thousands!

Half way through July, you can see the full line up of Featured Articles, linked here. Plenty more ahead as we dive into the Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use. ©  ##


L. A. “Tony’ Kovach shown here in an educational session in Louisville, KY.


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

How High Can Modern Manufactured Home Sales Go? News, Report, Statistical Analysis

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In any profession, successful people do what the unsuccessful can’t, didn’t or won’t do.  The successful see opportunities which those with more limited vision or who lack a given expertise might miss.

To inform and inspire, let’s look at a snapshot provided by the infographic that follows, and share some analysis.


Source – National Association of Realtors ®. Graphic reformated, but all of the original data remains the same.

The National Association of Realtors ® (NAR) graphic above could be broken down like this:

1) The median price for Existing Home Sales (EHS) is about three times that of what the U.S. Census Bureau says is the median price of a new manufactured home was in February 2015, $68,300.  Even factoring in land cost, a manufactured home will come in at about half the cost.  This dovetails with federal statistics and what former HUD Code manufactured housing program director, Bill Matchneer, said in this video interview linked here (Note: this is an updated version of this video).

2) The median price of a Condo (EHS figure, above) is roughly 4x the cost of a single section manufactured home.  Note there are 600,000 condos being sold a year, based upon the timeframe of the NAR infographic. This points to a powerful market segment that savvy marketers of MH can and should tap into.  Think about what this award winning, successful MH Retailer said on that subject, in the video linked here.


Graphic credit – MHProNews and Reed Construction, based on U.S. Census Bureau statistics and reports. Learn more by clicking a graphic above.  You can see MHARR’s latest  new HUD Code manufactured home monthly shipment totals – trending up for over 5 years now, at this link here.

3) When you add in the million new single/multi-family housing starts reflected in the graphic above, plus the other facts found on more infographics linked here, you can see that manufactured housing has the potential for doing many times the sales levels we are currently experiencing.

MHI President and CEO Dick Jennison stated publically last January that the industry ought to be setting a goal of half a million shipments a year.  We concur.  That’s clearly attainable. It is equally clear that we have a long way to go.  How can we get there? Is this a pipe dream?

There are retailers and communities which are experiencing the best results they’ve had in years, by following what ought to be common sense, proven steps.  Please see that report linked here.

Our State of the Manufactured Housing Industry – news and reports – Summer 2015 (which can be accessed via the link here), are still be accessed in large numbers by industry pros, investors and those researching MH.  Clearly, the facts linked above are drawing keen interest by tens of thousands.

All of these facts collectively should be a wake up call.  MH can do better, which means that locations like those of a retailer or community near you can be much stronger too.

Trending MH News

The looming Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) mandated Appraisal Rule news is drawing tens of thousands of hits on the various articles on MHProNews.  The rule is geared toward lenders, but because retailers and manufactured home communities will be dealing with customers getting these appraisals, it’s very important that front line pros understand these rules! Higher Price Mortgage Loans (HPML) are the ones impacted.  Check out the articles by experts on our home page in the Featured Articles center module.

As a heads up, we expect 2 more expert articles on this topic in the next few days.  Please watch for those, because the rule’s impact is only 8 days away!  Its time to book up.  Knowledge and preperation will quell the fears, as the expert articles coming soon should demonstrate.

Don’t let all of these federal rules get you down.  It’s a pain, its not fun, and many argue it’s an unnecessary federal over-reach.  Whatever, its here…we must deal with it.

For those willing to do what the success-minded do, there are opportunities all around us.  Do what’s needed, target that broader market and the opportunities will flow.

There’s a lot going on.  So please catch up again here in the middle of next week. ##


L. A. “Tony’ Kovach shown here in an educational session in Louisville, KY.


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

CFPB Imposed Appraisal Rule for Manufactured Housing Looms, July 18, 2015!

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Ten days from today, the CFPB imposed appraisal rule for manufactured housing goes into effect. There are those who suggest that this is a consumer protection. That reminds me a bit of the Ronald Reagan punch line, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”


Original CFPB logo parody credit – Plus1Properties. Cartoon credit – MHProNews.

First, for those who aren’t among the thousands who have already accessed one of the three reports we have on manufactured homes and appraisals, let’s share those links below.

21st Mortgage

Triad Financial

This third link is about appraisals, but not per-se about the new appraisal rule. Nevertheless, it is an important topic for all doing MH land/home deals!

Cascade Financial

Lemonade_photo courtesy of_jaimeanne

“When Life hands you Lemons, make Lemonade” photo courtesy of jaimeanne

Making the Bitter, Sweeter

There are those who are working to make, as they put it, lemonade out of lemons on this appraisal rule. That is as it should be. Our team and myself truly do hope it works out for all involved.

That said, let’s briefly explain why this rule was logically unnecessary.

The Market At Work

No lender wants to finance a home for more than it’s reasonably worth. For decades, there has been ways of getting a third party appraisal or estimated value on a manufactured home that was selling either chattel or as part of a land/home package. The new rule is focused on home-only transactions, those not in the CFPB’s QM (see the top two links above).

So because a smart lender wants to make a good loan, there was already consumer protection in place.

Because MH lenders are lending their own dollars – vs. government-backed loan dollars – by MH lenders protecting their interests, they are also protecting those of the consumer buying the home. That’s the natural beauty of the free enterprise system at work. A lender won’t knowingly finance a home for more than its worth, thus the consumer isn’t paying more than a home is worth.

Because government is far from free – every regulation has a cost and impact – the CFPB’s new rule is simply adding a new layer of expenses on businesses. Sooner or later, those government-imposed added costs have to be paid by John Q. Public, or those businesses won’t stay in business.


Each logo above is the property of their respective organization.

On read-hot, we documented cases of companies that were making MH loans that no longer are doing so because of CFPB’s imposed regulatory burdens and risks. CFED’s Katherine Lucas McKay can cry on their blog all they want to on this topic. But the reality, as we documented in this report, is that there is an apparent conflict-of-interest involving CFED and the CFPB.

Please note that nowhere in her column on the CFED blog has McKay refuted any point made about their alleged conflict-of-interest or our other various reports on the negative impact of CFPB regulations on MH owners or potential customers. Ms. McKay simply recycled the same talking points that Doug Ryan used before her. By the way, Mr. Ryan, what happened to that video debate on the impact of CFPB regulations on manufactured homes you were going to do with me?


Part of the comments posted by CFED and MH Pros to date.  To see all, click the link here or the image above. Note, we credit CFED for leaving the comments posted up, and have been doing screen captures on them periodically.

One last point for now about Ms. McKay’s column.  Stop and think about her title:

I’m Home Fights Back Against Regulations that hurt Owners of Manufactured Homes

We can only hope for that today!

What they published in their headline was a faux pas from their own viewpoint. They aren’t pushing back on regulations. Rather, what they want to do is fend off the proposed reforms to amend CFPB regulations. So not even their headline is logically correct. Should you decide to read Ms. McKay’s column (see link below the comments graphic or click on the comments graphic), do make sure you read the MH Comments posted there.

It’s manufactured housing professionals, businesses and associations that are protecting MH home owners by fighting back against regulations that harm consumers and businesses alike. There is a bi-partisan push for HR 650 – which passed overwhelmingly – and the companion Senate bill, S 682, which has a Democratic sponsor. What CFED and others are doing is fighting to keep the regulations that are proven to harm MH buyers and residents alike.

More National Media Coming Soon…?

We have sources telling us that a national news outlet will be covering this MH finance issue on TV in a few weeks. More on that and other pending MH news in the media, soon.

Thanks to those who see a government solution to almost every imagined problem, consumers now have a new rule that impacts manufactured home retailers and communities just days away. What will the impact of the appraisal rule be? Time will tell, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see why there needs to be a re-balance in how business is done in DC. If you missed the two prior Masthead  posts, kindly check them out.

In closing, we empathize with those who want to do right by consumers and the public. I don’t doubt there are many who act with good intentions.  We are pleased that CFED and others see the intrinsic value and growing need for manufactured homes.  On those levels, we have and continue to applaud them.  We’ve given CFED positive digital-ink before, and would gladly do so again, should they change course by correcting their clear errors on this financing topic.


Our thanks to Ross Kinzler and the WHA for providing this chart. This shows the steep decline since CFPB regulations hit.  The facts above dovetails with information published in the report linked here that shows this is impacting lenders natinoally, not just in WI.

But the time is now to see how those good intentions have actually played out in the real world. We must look at how those CFPB regulations have actually impacted the marketplace! CFED et al can just look at the chart above, courtesy of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance, to see how in their state, the number of lenders making loans on MH dropped like a rock once the CFPB regulations went into effect.

Less lending? How does that help MH consumers and businesses? CFPB/Richard Cordray, are you listening? Seattle Times/Center for Public Integrity, are you seeing the facts linked above that you somehow managed to overlook in your reports?

Our sources tell us that a new anti-HR 650/S 682 push looms. Expect it to be visible anew in the media. The Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act is just one battle in a longer struggle against over-regulation. Its a battle that the opposition is fighting hard to win. What are you and your associates doing to make sure that we protect more MH consumers by getting that bill passed in the Senate and signed into law? ##


L. A. “Tony’ Kovach shown here in an educational session in Louisville, KY.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

America’s Political and Business Climate – Losers and Winners – plus the Impact on MH, July 2015

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To consider the current business and political climate, let’s reflect during this 4th of July weekend on the path which brought us here. The fight for American Independence was long and bitterly fought. The conflict with the British  began in 1775 and did not end until 1783. American colonists were divided on the issue of breaking-from-the-Brits into various camps. In other words, there was division – remote political similarities between America then and now.  With regards the current U.S. business environment, there are also historic precedents for what we see now.

An early America colony dallied with socialism before the word was popularized by Karl Marx.  Snoopes, Forbes and a host of online resources assert the experiment for a communal socialist utopia in 1620 Plymouth colony failed. So the modern American failures of socialism in Detroit or some California cities ought to be no surprise. As Margret Thatcher once quipped, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

So it’s fascinating to see self-described socialist Bernie Sanders surging in polls against Democratic presidential nomination front-runner Hillary Clinton. Sanders is pushing the entire Democratic field left. He is packing meetings and rallies with up to 10,000 attendees, while Clinton’s campaign continues to duck the hard questions about their family foundation’s affairs, emails, or any actual policy accomplishments.  You know there is trouble in the Democratic front-runner’s camp when former president Jimmy Carter politely says in public that it’s hard to point to any real foreign policy advances during the Obama years.

That foreign policy part of former President Carter’s recent talk almost sounded like an applause line from Carly Fiorina’s stump speech.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump’s harsh lingo about Mexican illegals brought a backlash by NBC, Univision, Macy’s and others. Hispanic leaders are calling for all Republicans to repudiate the Don. Meanwhile, Trump is gaining more media attention than anyone else in the field.  He too is surging in the polls.

It is way to soon to endorse anyone. So it’s pure observation to say that the Sanders and Trump surges speak volumes about America today. The Donald is akin to a voice of political incorrectness. He may be more outspoken than NJ Governor Chris Christie. Trump says he can beat China and others. It’s worth noting that the recent crash in China’s stock markets demonstrates they aren’t invincible.  On the left, Sanders is getting credit for being “authentic.”  Isn’t that what seems to be the draw for each of these political opposites? That they’re giving the people “straight talk” from their hearts and minds, that reflect each’s unique perspectives?



So a fragmented America is once more torn between left and right on economic policies. Our no-spin viewpoint is simple. Free markets are proven to work. It is no surprise that the most robust economies in the U.S. tend to be in the most business friendly, limited-government states. Layer on ever-growing government control, taxes and regulations, and you kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.  The Plymouth colony abandoned the communal model. The objective observations of Greece, PR, Detroit, IL and other examples at home and abroad suggest that PM Thatcher was spot on.  Communist Russia collapsed economically and politically in the late 80s and early 90s.  Like China, they turned to some of the principles of Western capitalists to save their then impoverished nations.  North Korea is perhaps the most communist nation on the planet, and its an economic basket case.  How much more proof do we need than the above?

So why have so many in America abandoned the free enterprise solutions that made our nation great?  Four words might sum it up: propaganda and revisionist history.


On the moral level, an easy case can be made that you ought not take by force what another worked for or invested in to earn. A defense of private property almost made it into the Jefferson-drafted Declaration, but the wording was changed to read “the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“The Business of America is Business…”

Without having to endorse that slogan, the concepts of low taxes, low regulation, small government and a balance of power to keep government decentralized and localized were baked into the early U.S. ethos.  Morality based on faith played key roles too.


On this 4th of July weekend, it is well for us to consider our economic and political roots. MHPros are understandably fretting over the upcoming appraisal rule and it’s possible impact on MH sales. Each business and professional must do short term what’s necessary. But we ought to think beyond the immediate issue, and look to its root cause.

However well meaning, The Big Brother Government mentality is harmful to the very people it’s ostensibly meant to “protect.”  By harming millions of American consumers – those owners of our fine homes – it will naturally harm the professionals working in the industry.

We can prove that CFPB regulations hurt consumers and business alike. Harming business in turn harms our current MH owners and more would-be MH home buyers.  When a consumer advocacy group has apparently been bought off with federal tax dollars in a conflict of interest, how can their advocacy be trusted?  Note they’ve ducked the issue, if their position was defensible, why have they not defended it?


Modern manufactured homes offer a unique opportunity to create quality, appealing home ownership for ever more individuals and households of modest means.

We MHPros must be the true consumer advocates!  We must be the ones to share the self-evident truths – and work to fully restore – the principles which made America great.

The Founders, Leaders and Heroes of America did not wait for public opinion polls. The best of our nation’s leaders looked for first principles and applied them.


From out of the darkness of the darkest night, on that remote place where no man-made light is found, there the stars shine brightest. The truths that set humanity free are eternal. We must work on the pressing topics of the day, without failing to pursue the longer term goals that will protect us and our youth in the years and generations to come.

Limited government – a republic that protects the rights of the people – must not perish from our land, nor from the earth.  May God ever bless, guide and inspire the U.S.A.. ##

(Image credits: WikiCommons.  Poster Credit: MHProNews)

See the prior, relate Masthead at this link below.


Tony Kovach presenting to a group of manufactured housing professionals.  We thank  the MMHF Chairman for his kind comments; please click the image above or this link here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

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