Apples-to-Apples re: MHI and MHARR Budgets, Mission, and Analysis

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First, a programming note on the rapidly approaching Standing Room Only Business Building Seminar Series on March 28, the afternoon before the industry’s largest trade show – the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.  Dennis Hill’s latest brochure, updates on Tunica are linked here.

Next, For the Record…


The industry’s growth potential is tremendous, but to tap that, clearly business as usual won’t accomplish that goal.  Rephrasing, when you do the same things, the same way, you’ll keep getting the same kind of result. Image from report: Executive Summary – 4oo Words – MH Industry Obstacles and Billions in Opportunities.

Odds are, you are here because you want growth, more honest business, more ethical profits, believe these are attainable, and are willing to consider a viewpoint other than someone’s ‘party line’ to achieve those goals.

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An MHI member asked us to publish MHARR’s budget, as an Apples to Apples comparison to MHI’s previously published budget. See that suggestion/request below – and the comparisons, as requested.

  • Comparing MHI and MHARR, “Apples to Apples”



It is all about perception. If you are going to single one organization, out you will be perceived with typical media bias. I strongly suggest that you present the same info on MHARR as you have done on MHI. Another point in consideration is the current economy of each organization could be different from a few years ago. I believe comparing apples to apples will product more of an impact. Who remembers what you printed about MHARR a few years ago. I don’t, do you remember the specifics? Probably not.”

Typos are in the original, and by “product,” it clearly means ‘produce’ “more of an impact.”

The MHI member’s message above, and another prior to this one quoted above, was a request that makes good sense.  So, we’re happy to be fair and balanced on this, or any other matter.  We want to be responsive to all perspectives, as much as is practically possible (given time or other constraints).

Let me stress anew, that MHI is routinely given an opportunity to express themselves.

As background, let’s note that I explained to the quoted writer/MHI member above in the first message exchange that we had already published the MHARR budget on a prior occasion.

Keep in mind that MHI claims to (from MHI website, Supplier’s Division page):

MHI is the only national organization representing all segments of manufactured housing industry.”

Compare that to what MHARR states as their focus (from their recent emailed news release).

MHARR is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association representing the views and interests of independent producers of federally-regulated manufactured housing.”

Here’s where some of our industry colleagues who publish opinion columns miss the factual boat on MHARR.  MHARR does not, and never has to date, claimed to be all things to all segments of the industry.  By contrast, MHI does make that claim.

So, when MHARR is tackling an issue that goes beyond the immediate interests of a member producer of HUD Code homes, they are going over-and-above their mission.

That said, here are both the info published about Richard A. “Dick” Jennison and the SVP for Government Affairs (lobbyist) at MHI and one about Danny Ghorbani and M. Mark Weiss at MHARR from the same year, each one following the other.


This and what follows are records from MHI and MHARR form 990, obtained from GuideStar.  Gross Reciepts – MHI 3, 258, 271 in 2014.



Compare MHI and MHARR Expenses



Screen capture from selected range, from MHI’s form 990, MHARR’s matching information follows later below.



As was noted in the 400-word executive summary, linked here, MHI gets about 6-7 times the budget that MHARR does.  Our reporting was accurate.


Compare Executive Pay from MHI, above, to MHARR, below. Each is from that operation’s own 990 budget filing with the IRS.

Ask yourself and answer the following.  Among the national associations, MHI alone claims to represent all aspects of manufactured housing.

Did they meet their publicly promised goal of passing Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing in the 2015-2016 Congressional session?   Note that as recently as this past weekend, our operation has supported that effort, but let’s be candid – they’ve clearly failed to hit that objective.

MHI claims to ‘have clout,’ at doing precisely what in Washington, D.C.?  Has MHI been able to get Pam Danner to budge at HUD over the on-site completion rule? Did MHI get DOE to modify their proposals?  Why has an award-winning MHI retailer come out in support of MHARR’s positions, rather than MHI’s?


At the 2016 Tunica Show, president of award-winning Dick Moore Housing, Bob Crawford (l) called for a new post-production association, because he said that MHI wasn’t getting the job done. At that same panel discussion, Frank Rolfe said that his source in Congress told him that MHI was not going to be able to pass Preserving Access into law, Rolfe proved right – even though Dick Jennison had promised a live audience a year earlier that MHI would get the bill they’ve now worked on for 5 years done.  MHI award winner, Marty Lavin (not in photo above), recently sounded off publicly against MHI’s latest study, see that column, linked here.  

Believe me, I get it that members of a club – one that does offer useful networking – don’t want to see their club questioned.

kurt-kelly-american-insurance-agency-aia 50x50

Kurt Kelley.

But which is more important to the industry, or even to MHI members?  To have ‘a feel good moment,’ or to actually accomplish something in Washington, D.C. that could yield billions more in profits for the industry?  To me, this is a no-brainer.  Or as a popular speaker, writer, and active association pro has said:

There’s nothing mean or villainous about stating the truth.
In fact, most appreciate it when you do

– Kurt Kelley, JD, manufactured housing industry veteran, financial services provider.


In the Video above with Frank Rolfe, Bob Crawford says that the state associations do an excellent job, but that MHI is not nearly as good at accomplishing their goals. Crawford says the industry needs it, a clear vote of no-confidence on MHI working effectively “for the health and well being of our industry,” it is, he said, “sorely needed by this industry.” Notice: we have Dick Jennison on a not yet produced video, promising a live audience of MH pros that Preserving Access would pass. Why was so much time spent on discussing ‘version 4’ of “Preserving Access” at MHI’s last meeting, when DTS and other hot-button issues are potentially far more valuable to the industry as a whole?

All things considered (pardon the NPR pun), who is doing what for the industry – and at what cost/benefit – at the national association level, MHI or MHARR?

We Provide, You Decide.”  ©

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Standing Room Only seminars are scheduled for the 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

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