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Association Disagreements. Apathy. KYP. Randy Rowe’s 5-Point Plan for Manufactured Housing Recovery

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Next week, we will launch our new March issue.  It will feature a number of various perspectives on manufactured housing associations.  You either are or are not a member of an association.  Either way, you have a perspective, and you may find the commentary and discussion eye opening.  Two other MH CONSORTIUM publishers sparked this discussion.  While our one March issue on this subject won’t bring closure, it will bring more to light from the varying perspectives.

Sometimes when ideas clash, the sparks can shed light.

As we move from sparks and vigorous discussion, we may also see apathy.  An industry leader spoke to me this past week about apathy in manufactured housing circles.  Dictionary.com says this about apathy:

ap·a·thy  (noun)

  1. absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
  2. lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.

There are many possible reasons for apathy.  One may be a feeling of powerlessness.  A person may feel they don’t have a voice or a say.  It may be fear or the paralysis of over analysis.  Lacking the federal funding for a study of all who are ‘apathetic,’ let’s just say that apathy has roots.  It is worth noting that some may seem apathetic, but are not engaged for other reasons that may not be obvious.

Apathy is a choice, just as action is a choice.

Let’s return for a few moments to the clash of ideas.

Part of the vision for the free press in America was this notion. By presenting ideas and then candidly discussing them in the public square, possible solutions could be found.  It was the notion that the clash of ideas, respectfully discussed, could bring clarity to a subject. In the study of the Good to Great companies, we saw that vigorous discussion and debate often lead to clarity and success.

This ideal of the free press has never been fully realized.  But the potential for making the free press a way to spark and engage public discussion is now more real than ever!

With the Internet and the ability to post reasonable comments – or write directly to the editor for your own guest column – makes it possible.  This Manufactured Housing news and views media platform – MHMSM.com – can be one of the ways that you or others you know can sound off.

This is also a way for your voice and others to be heard.

Through vigorous discussion – in that clash of ideas done with mutual respect – solutions can come to light.  So I applaud those who take the time to sound off intelligently and respectfully.   We also must understand that those who sit quietly on the sidelines do so for a reason.

A very bright and successful professional shared with me the idea of KYP.  KYP is short for Know Your Prospect.  If you research your prospect, if you truly understand and know them, then you can craft an invitation and an offer that will appeal to them.  More to the point, if you know your prospect, you can better deliver what they need, want and can afford.

Research is thus important in the Know Your Prospect process.

We have a great product in manufactured homes.  Land lease communities can offer great value that needs to be better presented.  Many believe factory built homes ought to be front page news and in broadcasts or on cable from coast to coast.  Factory building is far more accepted, another caller told me last week, in Europe or Japan than in the U.S. Our recent article on factory built homes in Canada should make us realize that we have work to do here in the U.S. that will enhance our acceptance in the housing market place.

We can and should be able to do much better than we have been.

Last year at the International Networking Roundtable in Phoenix, Randy Rowe presented his five point plan for manufactured housing industry recovery.  We will be looking at that plan, because it deserves more attention.  We need to share ideas and engage each other so that the best ideas can come to the surface. We can through KYP advance our cause in the marketplace.

A great place for Industry pros to test ideas and products is at Public Days in two upcoming shows. The 2011 Great Southwest Home Show in Tulsa, OK and HOMExpo 2011 in York, PA will feature Industry Trade Days followed by Public Days.  This is smart!

Imagine being a retailer who has a home they bought from the factory that is on display during Public Days.  You have a crowd.  They are there by choice!  They see these nicely-displayed model homes.  You have the energy of large numbers shopping.  Prospects can not only give you valuable feedback, but one or more may buy or apply for what you have on the spot!

This is not a theory, but a reality.  See our photo gallery from last year’s Great Southwest Home Show.  Retailers there sold homes on the spot, some for cash.  Other retailers reported selling homes days, weeks and months later to people who shopped their homes during Public Days! You can also click on the HOMExpo 2011 page to see crowds walking around the homes in York, where no doubt the same thing happened.

Our Industry sells quality, energy efficient, appealing and affordable homes.  Showing those homes to the public with all the excitement of Public Days is a big reason to attend and support the Trade Days portion of events like these.

What ties all these subjects together in this blog post today?

Associations are making these Industry Trade Days followed by Public Days events happen.

So Associations can make KYP – knowing your prospect – easier and more effective.

Associations can help make plans like Randy Rowe’s 5 Point plan for Industry recovery possible.

Associations are a key vehicle to protect and promote our Industry.

The new Feature Articles in our March Association issue goes live next week.  Please download or read your favorite February Feature Articles or Podcasts today, and see you back here soon.  #  #

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
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