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MHARR after Danny Ghorbani and more Manufactured Housing Issues

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After an in depth report published yesterday, there won't be a lot of commentary today about Danny Ghorbani, his recent relationship with George Allen and related. We will first pose a question, then state an obvious fact and then follow up with a few more simple questions before moving on to other manufactured housing topics.

The first question: What will MHARR and the Industry look like once Danny retires or otherwise leaves MHARR?

Fact: after some 30 years at the helm of MHARR, clearly at some point in time, Danny leaving MHARR will happen.

We all ultimately leave our current posts. Prior to our detailed Daily Business News report, there were already rumors of Danny considering retirement. But other rumors allege Ghorbani believes there is 'too much work left to do.' So it is hard to say.


The MHARR board, or Danny himself, they have that say.

Often, People see What They Want to See

Sometimes, people want to see or believe in magic, for those who hope for magic is it surprising if that is what they see?

Remember the movie line…"I am OZ, the Great and Powerful…"

None of us are Oz. Some want to believe in a “wizard,” but the “magic” is often smoke and mirrors.

Which is why on ANY topic, it helps to pull the curtain back from time to time, which is what little Toto did in this scene from the 1939 classic MGM movie, the Wizard of Oz.


Questions, Questions…

Trade journalism is more than just “cheer leading.” It is more than expert columnists, news or event updates, as important as those may be.

In any form of true journalism, it helps to ask objective questions, and see where they logically lead us.

Yesterday, after the Daily Business News item linked blow, reports, calls and messages came in from MHARR members, Feds who assert that they know Danny, from other industry pros; and more documents with comments came in too.

After all the words, the position papers, the articles, Fed Ex'ed and certified letters, emails and reprints, what exactly has been the bottom line accomplished since say the MHIA of 2000?

We have invited Danny or Mark at MHARR repeatedly to answer that question. We've asked, when you cheer DTS (which is worth cheering, if it were implemented) why do you fail to mention that the same law – HERA 2008 – also gave us the SAFE Act?

We have also asked, when the time comes that Danny does step down, who will he want to replace him? Vic DeRose? M. Mark Weiss?

Will Danny consult with MHARR or others? Or will Danny take a well earned rest on his RV MH Hall of Fame legacy?

More Questions…

These are questions that MHARR members must also consider, sooner or later. While others, as in this Industry Voices guest OpEd suggests, are also keenly interested.

Will change only come through trauma? Will change prove costly, or will it happen in a way that is widely profitable for MHARR and the Industry at large?


Will change happen through positive, peaceful transition, or in some other way?

Time will tell.

One thing is sure. Words are often NOT cheap. Words are often COSTLY!


Caution! Not for skimming….Serious Reading

The following is not light reading, nor the type of coverage that can be skimmed. It has to be read carefully, thoughtfully. While it is not easy to set emotions – or even passions – aside, this is how this is best done for clear thinking to prevail.


We respect the rights of all involved.

Moving on now to other topics.

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