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Out of the ashes, Phoenix Rising

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“A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful…tail…near the end of (its life) it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix…arises, reborn anew to live again.”

Quote from Wikipedia online encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_%28mythology%29

Phoenix Rising, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of death to new life, photo couresty of

Phoenix Rising, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of death to new life, photo courtesy of

Let me say what you know. We aren’t the only ones out there with turn-around ideas! In the last few weeks, a number of positive efforts are underway, new initiatives have been revealed, soon will be publicized or will be launched. This is important for an industry that has been hungry for good news. While this doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods, it does mean that many keen minds and dedicated parties are at work to effect the great turn-round for Manufactured Housing.

Here is a partial run-down, in alphabetical order:

George Allen – will unveil details on his concepts for an industry turn around. George needs no introduction, and you know that something he and his associates present should have a lot of careful thought behind it. Stay tuned!
Eddie Hicks – see the exclusive interview we recently posted on his initiative, which is bound to get people talking and thinking. Click here for what many are already calling a great read on an innovative concept.
Ken Rishel and company also needs no introduction. Ken continues to promote the gospel of captive finance, a message that is spreading far and wide. We will share an exclusive interview with Ken Rishel in about two weeks, so stay tuned to learn more.
Stephen Wheeler – soon will announce details on our pages about a program already underway that has big players in the MHCommunities world already involved, with more sure to follow. Wheeler is one of those keen minds with the drive that leads to successful results for all involved. We will either do an interview with Stephen or will present an article by him, with our target being the next issue which goes live in mid-March. Watch and listen closely to this gent’s successful program; stay tuned for details!

We’ve noted in our pages before the saying, quoted by President John Kennedy years ago, that the Chinese character for crisis also spells opportunity. You will see that in the thinking of Rishel, Wheeler, Hicks and while the details of Allen’s plan are not yet unveiled as I write this, it is bound to be there too.

Now besides these well known players, there is ongoing work in Washington and in your state capital as well by association leaders dedicated to making the turn-around of our great industry a reality. Please lend them your time and you diligent support. We are all in this together. Without our associations, where would be in the efforts at various capitals? Associations need us and we need them!

Now besides insights from these pros previously referenced, others were in the mix of recent conversations at www.MHMSM.com head quarters.

Another respected industry veteran made the comment to me recently that ‘We don’t have a product problem, we have a communications problem.’ He went on to say that winning over more of the home buying/home owning public will naturally lead to lining up the financing and resolving the regulatory challenges that our industry has struggled with.

Another key statement share with me in recent days was this: if more sales people were more focused on closing the business that is already coming to their locations, our industry could easily double sales this year even without a ‘new image or marketing strategy!’ This is one reason why our pages routinely feature articles on sales skills and on the marketing that brings those customers in.

Do the basics right every day, and those basics will take care of you and your firm.

There are Industry locations and enterprises that are making money in this economy. My philosophy always was, if someone else can do it, I can learn from those leaders and get a similar result too. I’m sure that is the attitude most presidents, executives and sales managers would want their front line sales agents to have! Which, by the way, is a great reason to have YOUR TROOPS reading solution oriented veterans like ours every day.

Another thought shared by a key leader in a conversation with me this past Wednesday:

• We as an industry have three and only three critical things to focus on:
1) Implementing the Congressionally mandated Duty to Serve,
2) Bringing Congressionally mandated FHA Title 1 Financing online and
3) the full implementation of the MHIA of 2000.
• Rapidly do the above, this veteran said, and we’ll grow by 50,000 shipments in one year!
• Since total shipments for 2009 are 49,789, down 39.2 percent from 2008, read ‘doubling the Industry’s business’ by     doing those 3 things!
• It should be noted that the same gent felt that more support needs to go to MHARR to make that a reality.

Your thoughts on these 3 points and related?

We at www.MHMSM.com have initiatives of our own on tap, like the Virtual Louisville Housing Show © aka Virtual Housing Show 2010 © , please see our IT Manager and StarShip Commander Bob Stovall’s post on that subject. Hundreds have expressed interest, so statistically that means there are thousands of Industry Pros out there who are interested but just haven’t formally raised their hand, yet!

We will be talking with MMHF leaders regarding the ideal name for this event, and what makes the best sense for advancing a cause that many feel can ‘double business’ in 2010; and move our industry ahead for years to come. Stay tuned!

Part of the turn around of the industry will come from voices new to the national stage but naturally ‘turn-around’ efforts and plans will also include the work of seasoned veterans like the ones noted above. It should go without saying that it takes understanding to effect change. Paraphrasing one pro last week, ‘we have to stop looking for the silver bullet.’ It is in large part about getting financing and doing the basic correctly. Our writer Mike DuPure said months ago here on www.MHMSM.com that the great Industry turn-around will be effected this way:

“It is about back to the basics and back to the Future.”

To help get both the basics and to encourage the rise from the ashes of a brightly burning, brilliant future, we routinely provide great content in our online trade journal to help you make the most of the business that is already at hand.


Joe Adams – exclusive new series coming up in March. Adams says this will be his first of the kind ever for our industry! I’ve seen the initial installment, an eye opener, stay tuned!
Chad Carr – a guru in the world of prospect and lead management. We are pleased to have a gent of this caliber sharing his fine writing with you here.
Tim Connor – we love featuring this renowned author, trainer, coach and speaker; we routinely get great feedback on his articles and blogs!
Suzanne Felber – the LifeStylist, with great insights on trends and in design, décor, building around the client’s LifeStyle and more! I’m a personal fan of “Z” and if you read her, you will be too!
Doug Gorman – periodic contributor and one of the most volunteer minded leaders at the state and national level. Doug is super-involved, so we are glad to get his time when he can spare it. Please let him know that you appreciate and respect his efforts, and may many more women and men in our Industry follow his example of self giving for the good of all.
Tony Kovach – your editor, writer and blogger.
Greg McClanahan – exemplifies the meaning of the word, gentleman. Greg’s unique, accredited and memorable Around the Campfire soft skills development and training approach are found here exclusively, and with our thanks.
Bob Stovall – Bob’s skills are amazing, the IT and web wizard behind our rapid growth and success! If you want to know how to do more online, you’d better tune into Bob’s articles and blogs routinely.
John Underwood – exclusive new series, launched with the Industry Voices Guest Blog. John is already stirring up positive reviews among industry pros who are pleased to see him writing here on www.MHMSM.com!
Don Westphal – exclusive, new content that should get community owners and developers thinking! Watch for an exclusive A Cup of Coffee withDON WESTPHAL interview in March.

We’ve brought you a number of professionals, like Dan Rinzema, Don Westphal and Suzanne S. Felber who will be presenting ideas at MHI’s April Congress and Expo that in some cases you’ve already seen previewed right here on our pages.

We are bringing you America’s Motivator Zig Ziglar.

We’ve brought you articles by attorney and author Nadeen Green.

You can go to the archives and read Association Leaders such as Thayer Long or Danny Ghorbani, Ross Kinzler, Amy Bliss and Jaime Hammons.

We’ve brought industry rank and file, owners, presidents, marketers and more; dozens of names old and new! We done this so that you and our thousands of other INdustry readers can dig more deeply into issues and consider the many possible ways to move ahead into the future were opportunity awaits.

In addition to the names previously mentioned, you’ve met here at www.MHMSM.com:

Faith Barr, Linda Beem, Jerry Bennett, Rachael Biermann, Beth Monicatti Blank, Douglas D. Chasick, Mike DuPure, Sherrie Franklin, Susan Frost, Ken Geljack, Scott Jones, Greg Katanick, Richard J. ‘Dick’ Klarchek, Steven Lefler, Michelle Nichols, Chris Olvera, Dennis Peters, Michael Sater, Tim Saville, Kent Stichter, Tim Siahatgar, Joe Summers. James J. Talerico, Jr., Heather Vela, Tom Zagorski and more!

Authors writing here for you with names literally From A to Z! If I’ve missed someone, my apologies, but we’ve had dozens of authors as you can see from so many different disciplines in our industry.

We invite other industry professionals, to join our growing ranks of fine writers. If you have ideas you want to share in writing or via a video with thousands of industry pros every week, please see the about us page on our main website. The stage is broad here and we love to share it with you. Because…

…this is the time and this is YOUR place to be heard!

This is a key place for Industry Voices to be seen and read.

From an exclusive interview which will be published in our next issue – which will appear in Mid-March – I’d like to preview a compelling quote from a respect leader:

“Each of us should start the day asking ourselves: “Is what I have done in the past working for me today??????????????? If the answer is “no”, then commit to change or step aside and pass the torch to a new generation.”

I think that is a compelling thought. Let’s ask ourselves that question every day, is what I have done in the past working for me today? If the answer is “no,” then commit to change. Change yourself, bring onboard or team up with skilled agents of change that can move you to where your business should be! Because…

Crisis spells opportunity for those who see it and act upon it.

Fire can kill, but in nature what fire often does is burn away what is already dead. Like the legendary Phoenix – that rises to new life from the ashes – there are movements and signs of a turn-around and a brighter future. That is a type of new birth, a resurrection, a Phoenix Rising.

The Phoenix rising, a mythical bird, photo courtesty of
The Phoenix rising, a mythical bird, photo courtesty of

From out of the fire and ashes, there are rising ideas and efforts that can transform our industry for years to come. We want YOU to be a part of it!

At the same time, let’s not kid ourselves. There is work to be done, quite a lot of it. If you drilled down what each of the professionals who writes for us, they might say something like this:

We need to follow best practices. We need to take care of our customers. We need to focus on the basics. We need to bring the best of the past and unite that with the best of the new to build a brighter future!

People are making money in our Industry – today, in this economy, with our current challenges – so still more can profit today in our business too.

Be Informed.

Study the issues. Study the plans, without prejudging them. We need to analyze and move with what works and what shows promise. With hundreds of thousands in our industry, there will never be 100% consensus on anything. So don’t wait for total unity! Rather, after some study: pick your favorite strategies, efforts and associations, and support them with your time, talent and treasure.

From out of the ashes of past and current challenges, there are efforts like those noted above that can lead us to new glory days ahead. We plan to be a part of them, and to give voice to them

Stay engaged, stay tuned, reading daily industry news updates, numerous weekly blog posts including our hot new INDUSTRY VOICES Guest Blog, our great featured writers and more. You can be a part of the conversation in many ways, see our about us pages for details or just post your comments on articles, email or call them in.

We want YOU to be a part of the Phoenix rising like a new dawn for our industry! Working together for that great goal, we can make it happen!

Phoenix Rising, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of death to new life, photo couresty of
Phoenix Rising, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of death to new life, photo courtesy of
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