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The vast majority who read this blog are professionals. While many are within our industry, a surprising number of those outside looking in come here too.  They may begin elsewhere on or But they will often end up here on the publisher’s Masthead blog, looking for answers.

Those who are serious, email, message or call.

Beyond our own industry’s professionals, among those who reach out include, but are not limited to:

  • investors,
  • media,
  • researchers,
  • those seeking an industry expert (think legal matters, expert witness cases),
  • federal or state officials, including investigators,
  • non-profits,
  • international,

others serious about understanding our industry and its role in quality, affordable housing.

I’m not in the prediction business, but let me suggest some things that a number of our Daily Business News articles already point toward.


Many, but not all, of the images in this blog post are hot links to stories that have more details. image credits are as shown or on the original post’s page.

Don’t be surprised if Facebook enters the factory-built housing arena, and if it’s billionaire founder – Mark Zuckerberg – runs for presidency in 2020 or 2024.

If Zuckerberg doesn’t run, it will likely be because of European, American and/or other anti-trust actions – or major media exposés – prior to that time.

MHI’s Annual Meeting – Disruption by Advocacy Group Protests?

MHI member Frank Rolfe isn’t the only one who has called out MHI’s leadership for “hypocrisy.”


 ELS and Rolfe’s operation are among those who may be ‘targets within the target’ of rumored protests against MHI that are looming over MHI’s Orlando meeting. See below for more.

So has the generally left-wing manufactured home community resident advocacy groups. We see – let’s put this carefully – indications that their may be disruptive activity at MHI’s planned meeting in Orlando this year. If the indications of that rumor in fact takes shape, MHProNews may decide to cover that activity.



Collage credit, MHProNews. MHI logo and KATU still from video of manufactured home resident protestors images are shown under fair use guidelines, for illustration purposes.

In an internet – George Soros and (Soros minded Brethren) funded age, it doesn’t take long for those left wing groups to mobilize, and organize a protest. 

There may even be a Facebook tie-in to that, we’ll try to keep an eye on those developments for you.


No one else in manufactured housing even comes close to exposing more ‘fake news’ that harms our industry, or spotlights more real news that industry pros need to know.

The GSEs, Investors, and Other Investigators

There are happy, curious and unhappy people who call or electronically reach out to our publications. 

As many in our industry know – while we love sponsors, we are not as dependent on traditional advertising – as other media are. The reason is we provide web, marketing, video, training, coaching and other expert, professional services. Those always have been the bulk of our revenues.

Some of those callers are seeking services.

Some want to understand the financial opportunities.

Others are looking at this or that operation in MH, at times with a legal, or other ‘takedown’ motivation in mind. When I mention the possible disruption in Orlando…

…well, let’s just leave it at that for now.

MediaFederalInvestigationsManufacturedHousingInstituteMHIFakeNewsMHProNewsI’ve been accused of using stream of consciousness in my Masthead columns (and hereby plead Nolo Contendere to that charge).


Again, crystal balls are broken, but don’t be surprised at the following allegation.

There are parties from 2008-2009 and other eras in our industry’s history that are exploring what might become one or more of the largest class action lawsuits in the industry’s history. As a hint – based upon what is heard – they may be focused on major operations in the industry, in the community, finance, production and retail sides of the industry.

Yours truly has not at this time entered into any agreements with such parties. If that should happens and If I would be engaged as an expert witness, I would unlikely be able to write about it, so remember. You read it here, first.

Closing Thoughts

The Berkshire Hathaway companies have their plans. We see them, we are asked about them, we report on it too.


Clayton logo is their property, and is shown here with a collage by MHProNews, under fair use guidelines.

Others have their plans, and those others routinely hang out with their fellows at – shall we call them a members group? – as they carve up their favorite chunks of manufactured housing.

For those who have been around as long – or longer – than myself, they remind me that Champion and Fleetwood once dominated manufactured housing. They went on a buying spree in the late 1990s and into the early part of 2000s. When they and others collapsed not long thereafter, and in the wake of Warren Buffett’s entry into the manufactured home industry space, new powers have come to dominate.

Don’t Think Small

We’ve said for years, don’t be complacent. Don’t think small. This is going to become again the hottest sector of housing, unless someone with an agenda deliberately kills it.

There are forces lining up that are for – and against – manufactured housing. Those “against it” might more accurately be described as those who – like those left-leaning home owner groups, or potential litigants – don’t necessarily hate MH.  They just have a bone to pick. That bone could be big enough, to harm and disrupt our industry.

DontGetCookedInASquatZigZiglarManufacturedHousingIndustryCommentaryDont LetOthersSelfLimitYouByActionInactionThinkingMHProNews

Honest growth is necessary and achievable. Don’t think slice of the pie, as so many in the MHC sector do.  The ground breaking of new projects that are taking place might, just might, signal the next wave of MHC activity. There will still be consolidators out there.

There will still be those who allegedly put their fingers on the scales to facilitate consolidation.

While we won’t comment today on pending or accomplished separations from certain prior sponsors, there are those who can (do) fill that vacuum.

So the best report and insights ever are about to come.

And there are those who need to heed MHI award winner, Marty Lavin’s, advice.

Follow the money. Pay more attention to what people say than what they do.

For those who follow us, you know we love this industry, know it, stand up for it, and will stand up and spotlight the negative things that take place within and without.

Click on some of the images above – if you haven’t already read those stories – and you will know what I mean.

We love Faith, Flag, Family, Freedom and Free Enterprise. The rest is commentary and details. Until next time…adios.  ##

(Images credits are as shown, and when by third parties, are provided under fair use guidelines.)


Photo taken while Tony was questioning regulators in NY.  Kovach has been ‘fighting for the good operations,’ home prospects and current home owners of the industry for years.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

July Justice 2017 – MH Billionaires, Millionaires, and You

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Follow the Money.” – says MHI-award winner, Marty Lavin, JD.


Pay more attention to what people do than what they say.” – Marty Lavin suggests, after many successful years in the retail, community, finance, plus as an expert witness in the Manufactured Housing Industry.


NOTE: The new issue articles are linked below, after this commentary. Photo CAPTION. Marty Lavin’s 3 level, 70′ Italian cruiser.

We strive to watch the money, to see what moves money, and why. We also watch what people write and say. We save their statements. That means, we can later check back, and see what someone or some group did and are doing.


Marty Lavin, JD looking happy and trim in the dining area of his winter residence in Miami Beach, the 70′ custom Italian ship, the Spy Sea.

That’s how accountability happens.

Those statements – past and present – money flow, and facts are amazingly revealing in our industry, nation, world. They impact – for good or ill – tens of millions of lives.

This week, guest writer Julia Granowicz quoted Daniel Patrick Monaghan, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

A widely acclaimed article by Granowicz subtitled – A Millennial Considers Economic Liberty – is linked here.


Millennial Granowicz has also published one on another hot-button, controversial topic. The minimum wage and manufactured housing, is linked here.


Breaking Bread

We spotlighted ELS this past Friday. In that Daily Business News market report we mentioned a private dinner at the invitation of ELS’ Howard Walker (a nice dinner, we two).

We ought to mention that 21st Mortgage President and MHI Chairman, Tim Williams and Clayton’s Tom Hodges – in the company of 3 others from Berkshire Hathaway units – likewise invited me to a private dinner.  A good meal, nice time, with robust discussions.

None of those, IMHO, will deny those private meetings took place, because they are demonstrably true.

The significance of those may be revealed, at the proper time.


“Breaking Bread” is an expression that means, sharing a good meal. Photo credit, Pixabay.

Industry Billionaires Taking Opposite Positions, Publicly

Warren Buffett seems pretty left-wing in his politics, see this link here.

Sam Zell, seems pretty right wing, see that story, linked here.


Sam Zell, ELS Chairman. Photo credit,

Who will win, who will yield?  Will they work together?  Both have seats at the 4 man, MHI Executive Committee table.  Buffett has two, Zell, one.

Follow the money. 

Watch what people say, and then watch what they actually do.



We promised some who wrote in after the article was published above, this is the promise being kept. To see the original report, click here or the image above.

Principles Matter – Words, Allegations

In the wake of our MHI Fly-in report, we have two sources that tell us that “more than 30,” came to the MHI DC event. That word came after the article linked here, so we will cross link this post with that report.

The facts matter. We want to be accurate. If new facts emerge on a subject, we have for years brought them to our readers’ attention.

See an error, or what you think might be one?

Just show us the article, and the new information, or contrary claim/information.

In the case of the fly-in, one post-publishing source said, “about 40,” were there, and that party found the meeting useful.

FYI, the first Daily Business News report – and the updates, properly understood – may actually confirm each other. If less than 30 came, but the later sources are counting MHI staffers, that about 30 combined with staffers and workers is roughly equal to that ‘about forty’ total.

MHI has declined comment. Why?

Pay More Attention to What People Do Than What They Say…

One source suggested that a possible reason so many didn’t come is the extended legislative sessions in several states.  Worth considering.

But that only makes the point that a significant numbers who come are state execs, which is routinely true. For only about 3 dozen total to be at a national event that is supposed to advance MHI’s agenda…isn’t that embarrassing?

Isn’t it also a vote of little confidence by their own members?


Warren Buffett, left. President Barack Obama, right. Credit, Wikipedia.

We must point back to what another successful industry pro said. While Barack Obama was President “one call from Omaha” could have fixed Dodd-Frank for manufactured housing.

Keep in mind two things.

1) Prior reports on the Daily Business News from MHI insiders that consumer groups and MHI could have gotten the MLO ruled passed by agreement, if only 21st/VMF and those impacted would have given up their points and fees hike.

2) That Richard Cordray himself said in this video, that there never was much high cost lending in manufactured housing.

So why has it taken MHI so many years to try to get the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act done?


This collage above was created from statements made by Richard Cordray in a video that is posted on this page, and was made available to MHI at the time. MHI declined to use it. Why? Some suggest ego or arrogance. If so, isn’t that troubling that MHI would pass on a tool to advance their agenda for some petty reason? Others suggest they didn’t see the value. Pardon me? Since this was produced, MHI’s SVP Lesli Gooch, has made a point of using videos, but none are as potent as this one. Some say, it is precisely because MHProNews made it, and MHI wants to undermine our pro-industry work. If that’s true, what does that say about MHI? Allegations, allegations, and all of the possible options are troubling, aren’t they? Keep in mind, in Chicago before the election, MHI had not one, but two pro-Clinton guest speakers. Why? Wasn’t Clinton pro-Dodd-Frank? Isn’t Warren Buffett pro-Clinton too? Do you see the obvious disconnects between what is being said, and realities like those noted above? Pay more attention to what people do – and ask, does MHI really care if they modify Dodd-Frank, or not?  See article, linked here.

Why did MHI never use this video, our still quotes graphic and these powerful admissions by Cordray to move their own stated agenda??


This is simple logic.

-They couldn’t get it done.

-They may have had the ability to get Preserving Access done, but had the wrong strategy or execution.

-They didn’t mind if it got done, or not. Why? Could it be that either way, a few companies benefited?



Follow the money.

Pay more attention to what people do than what they say.

One call from Omaha to then President Barack Obama could have fixed what 5 years and some $15 million in efforts by MHI did not.

Sam Zell and Jenny Hodge, Nathan Smith – will share that he another time – have all directly or indirectly pointed out what is obviously true.

Heavy regulations harm smaller producers more than big ones.

Heavy regulations harm smaller banks – or any other kind of business – than big ones.

So when MHI ‘tries but fails’ – time and again – who still wins?

Hint. It’s not the little guys, it’s not the independents, is it?

Have a small number of larger companies figured out a clever way to slowly create ever-bigger monopolies – indirectly, by allowing (or encouraging) regulations – that only a few benefit from?

The answer to that impacts literally everyone.

Knowledge is potential power!

Against that backdrop, and with no further adieu, here are the featured articles and reports for July.

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Liar! MHI report calls Gov. John Kasich, Allies Liars
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RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn a saga that the Daily Business News has followed closely, the battle in Ohio to keep the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (OMHC) alive and independent has drawn a well-known name into the fray… but, are they the pot calling the kettle black? Read more …


Americans On the Move – How Often? What are the MH Opportunities?
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Retailers, Communities, Producers Warned – Another HUD Power Grab
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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comIn what the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) says is a violation of the Trump Administration’s Executive Orders issued January 20, 2017 to ease regulations, the HUD MH program published an interpretive bulletin (IB) in the Federal Register that will alter the standards for MH foundations in “freezing climates.” Read more …


HUD Secretary Ben Carson Exclusive Video – ‘Absolutely!’ ‘We Need Crusaders’
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Retailers, Communities, Producers Warned – Another HUD Power Grab
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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comIn what the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) says is a violation of the Trump Administration’s Executive Orders issued January 20, 2017 to ease regulations, the HUD MH program published an interpretive bulletin (IB) in the Federal Register that will alter the standards for MH foundations in “freezing climates.” Read more …


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Manufactured Home Owners Can Save Big
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OPEC Disarray May Yield Manufactured Housing Industry Hooray
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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comIn the 1970’s President Jimmy Carter urged the nation to turn down thermostats as a way of conserving resources, to become “energy independent” from foreign countries. Some wags suggested Americans lower our body temperature below 98.6 as a means to conserve energy. Read more …


Governor’s Controversial Manufactured Housing Battle Concludes

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Climate Change, Tornadoes, and ‘Mobile Homes’ – Dangerous Oversights – Mark Skidmore Admits Michigan State Univ Study’s Omissions; Revealing Analysis & Report
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PreFab and Modular Housing May Be Key For Students
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Read more …


Are Americans Hunting for the Single Sectional Manufactured Home Alternative?
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Texas Strut$ Their Stuff – What Association Success Looks Like
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The Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA) has wrapped up the heavy lifting from their legislative session. The TMHA’s DJ Pendleton tells MHProNews that they set out to achieve two major goals. Read more …


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Challenges Loom for Ohio MHC Residents
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4 and 0 – Special Elections and Manufactured Housing – Clayton, Connor, Hamilt
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SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-I don’t care whether you are a liberal, conservative, independent or something else – the bottom line with this year’s [2016 presidential] election was simply more of the same or something new, different or unique,” said Tim Connor, CSP.

Read more …

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., King David and Donald Trump

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I’ve worked with, and known thousands of Democrats, including people I’ve been close to for many years. The same could be said of Republicans, or Libertarians, etc. I’m neither, we’re independents.

We respect the right of people to affiliate and vote as their hopefully well-informed conscience dictates.

It may seem odd to place these four American and one Jewish leader in the same headline. They’re quite different, but there are a few similarities that we can learn from.


Everyone has good and bad qualities. One blast from the past is his “Silent Majority” phrase.


History tells us that President Richard M. Nixon’s crime wasn’t the Watergate break-in. His mistake in that sad affair was the post-incident coverup. There certainly was plenty to question in President Nixon’s foreign and domestic policies.

But the proximate cause for bringing Nixon down was a cover-up.


Image credit, Heritage.


Ronald Reagan was an actor-turned-politician. He was pro-abortion before he become pro-life. He became a conservative and evangelical Christian icon, yet he was divorced and remarried.

He’s revered for addressing economic and foreign policy woes, plus bringing down the Iron Curtain.

But his administration was also embroiled in the Iran-Contra scheme. Compared to the nation he inherited from POTUS Jimmy Carter, he arguably left America and the world much better off.  The economy and jobs grew.  The world enjoyed a period of less global tension.


Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a ‘man of the cloth,’ a professional preacher. He was investigated by the FBI for allegedly getting support from Moscow (yes, another Russian conspiracy story). King was accused – among other things – of being a philanderer, a womanizer.

Yet he reportedly loved his wife and family. King was no Democrat, he was a Republican. A social justice warrior, he used peaceful organizing when some of his peers wanted to use violence.


King David

Israel has many heroic figures, past and present. David is one revered by billions over the ages who’ve learned parts of his story, and were influenced by his words, life and deeds.

Like Dr. King, David was accused of philandering. Like Nixon, he attempted a cover-up. The Scriptures say he took another man’s wife, fathered a child by her, arranged to have Bathsheba’s husband killed in battle to hide the truth.

Yet, David is revered…not for human weaknesses and immoral acts, but rather for the good that he did.


Mike Pence, left, President Donald Trump, right. Original photo credit, PBS. Collage credit,

President of the United States (POTUS), Donald J. Trump

Before diving into our current Commander in Chief, let’s review.

Not one of the figures above was perfect. Each did some things that were tragic. While one can argue the finer points:

  • Nixon was known for opening up China to the U.S. (note – I thought for decades and still now believe that was a huge mistake, but millions think it was his finest accomplishment).
  • Reagan took the nation out of economic doldrums, and is one of the figures lauded for winning the Cold War against the then Soviet Union (Russia, plus – under Communism).
  • Dr. King helped millions of ‘people of color’ gain an increased measure of respect and enhanced equality. He benefited primarily blacks, but others also benefited. Indeed, arguably the nation as a whole was furthered by his work. Nevertheless, King had his human weaknesses, missteps and frailties.
  • David is a heroic figure who illicitly fathered another legend. Out of evil, God can do good. One ought not do evil, but God’s wisdom and wonder includes the ability to bring triumph out of personal tragedy.

Now, we turn to Donald Trump as president.

Be you a supporter, detractor or in between, he’s a human, with great skills and weaknesses too.  We’ve seen in the examples above that you don’t have to be perfect to accomplish


Credit, The Conservative Tree House.

Mr. Trump’s informed opponents – most of POTUS Trump’s detractors are ill advised followers – know what’s really going. Make no mistake, it has never been about Russia or anything other than fear that Trump will succeed in his stated agenda.

  • It’s fear of the president successfully creating millions of good, higher paying jobs.
  • It’s fear that he will drain the swamp and crony capitalism.
  • It’s fear that he will seek to stop Islamic radicals from harming our nation (not an easy one, this and other points are another subject for another time)
  • It’s fear that POTUS Trump will take on and break up some monopolies.

It’s fear he will modify NAFTA, reduce trade imbalances, make America great on the world stage again, modify taxes and regulation, fox ObamaCare and all of the things that caused tens of millions to vote for him, or to vote against his opponents.

  • We don’t have to like every tweet.
  • We don’t have to adopt his every word or deed.

But God-willing – and he’s kept safe from harm – the president may succeed, and do what he’s promised.


Credit, National Views.

If POTUS Trump does so, he’ll indeed be inspiring America to become a much greater, richer, and fairer nation than before he took office.

That’s what the Democratic power brokers and leaders fear.  It’s what some elitist Republicans fear too.

Everything else is smoke and mirrors being blown, because even his enemies are having to admit, there’s no evidence of wrongdoing.


Credit, College Humor.

Those lies, half-truths, and distortions are misguided efforts to unseat (or worse) a duly elected President.  Let people disagree on policy, but it’s unAmerican what much of his opposition is doing.

Image credit, CNN Money.

It’s POTUS informed attackers who are being vile.

Tens of millions on either side of the sad divide…they’re being used like pieces on a chess board.  Who  may win or lose dependes on the failure or success of the president, his team and if enough Americans keep up their support.


No one would accuse President Donald Trump of being a bland color. Image credit, Frugal Entrepreneur.

We pray daily as a family for the President, our nation, and the world’s honest success. ##

(Image credits are as shown.)


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach caricature.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Staff Shakeup! What’s Next – Good and Bad – at the Manufactured Housing Institute?

June 24th, 2017 No comments

Let’s begin with several examples of good news, before we get into the headline concerns.


   A huge, new manufactured home community has broken ground, and is underway.  That upscale MHC project, linked here, joins Scott Robert’s and his team’s big MHC project, linked here.

   A new, independent HUD Code home manufacturing center has broken ground.  That Daily Business News story is linked here.


   The industry continues at a double-digit growth rate. Some companies – which we are happy to say are clients/sponsors – are growing at an even more rapid rate than the industry at large is; we’ll point to 3 of many examples, from 3 different sectors – linked here, here, and here.

** These are all some of the many examples of good news to report. We report good news, along with challenge engagements – ** such as the Tornado Researchers at MSU making positive statements about manufactured homes ** – on a routine basis.



 Good news in the mainstream media ought to be widely shared, right? Ideally, these things ought to be done in tandem with an association, as was the case in the story linked above.

We’ll talk about problematic items later below.  Let’s first tee that topic up, as follows.


Success isn’t how many emails go to congressmen or senators. Success is getting the legislation you said you wanted, passed into law. Everything else is moot.

How is True Progress Measured?

All true progress requires a few basic things.

1) A willingness to admit that something can be better.

2) A willingness to change to make things better (buy in).

3) Ideally, a plan or operational theory (hypothesis).

4) A timeline (“Everyone needs deadlines.” – Walt Disney.)

5) Execution of the plan.

6) Objective, measurable benchmarks.

   Is the plan working? 

   If so, how well and at what costs?

   How is the ROI?

   Could the plan or execution be improved? 

   If ineffectual, can it become effective, or should it be scrapped?

In summary, professional progress requires – an open mind, a vision, objectivity, analysis, discernment, and adjustments as needed. Vince Lombardi said the goal of the winning team –  or person – is excellence.


To rephrase, one must see reality as it is. Then the good, the mediocre, and the bad – plus:

   the honesty,



   and determined commitments needed to obtain a worthwhile goal. Those are some key elements in achieving positive change.



Image by


Failure to commit, or

   a lack of honesty,

   or any of the other needed elements, weakens or cripples a plan.

Positive, Negative, and Power

It is worth reviewing that to be effective as trade publishing – as media – one must be willing to look at positive and negative issues. Cheerleading is great and needed in an organization – including media?! – but mindless cheerleading is eventually exposed as empty.

Being solely negative is as problematic at achieving progress as being only positive. Realism and objectivity are needed.

As an engineer confirmed/reminded us recently, there is no power in electricity without both positive and negative electrons flowing.  The same is true in life, or for effective trade journalism. Power comes from looking at the good and the negative. It’s true for any profession.

If someone can’t look at – and deal with – the positive as well as negative, that person is in denial.

Stating the Obvious for clarity – the good, bad and in between happen continuously in life.

ElectricityRequiresPositiveNegativePolarityWithoutBothNoPowerLeadersMediaMustDealRealityPositiveNegativeToCreateEnergyChangeMHProNewsMHI’s Recent Shakeup

MHI supporters as well as critics have sounded off on the senior staff shake ups. If you’ve not read that story, please click the photo below or the link here.

We’ve heard from supporters of Lois Starkey. Even those who were not necessarily fans noted that there is no one at MHI at this time that understands the technical aspects of the HUD Code as well as Starkey does. To rephrase, MHI is now objectively weaker as a trade organization in her absence.

Who are they going to find/train to replace what Starkey did? Do they have work-around? Sure, but this incident speaks volumes on a variety of levels.


A common statement heard is ‘why didn’t MHI make some kind of announcement?’

Perhaps the other is underscored by the Tom Heinemann side of this. While I spoke personally with all of the folks at MHI, perhaps the one I engaged with the least was Heinemann. Here’s what MHI put out about him when he was hired, less than 18 months ago.


Now, this professional that MHI was so pleased to welcome, he’s now gone.

Objectively, if you were the next candidate looking at job opportunities in Washington’s metro, as a career-minded person, why would you pick MHI? Doesn’t a 6 year snapshot of MHI reveal a revolving door in-and-out of that organization? 

Reportedly, some left MHI on their own, unhappy. Others – allegedly including Tom and Lois – were shown the door. The average time there looks pretty thin, doesn’t it? Or is this, as some say — “The New MHI Way” — ??

Looking at Thayer Long’s Example

Thayer Long went on from MHI, and now is at NPES. This was sent to me this morning, and we created the collage.



The text at the right are parts of a press release, sent to MHProNews. Thayer Long left MHI, is now at a new association. That new association is starting the kind of process that could make sense for MHI to do, please see the bullets in this article, down below. Thayer started fresh, why not others at MHI?


A well-known state association executive at an MHEC meeting – with dozens present in the room – turned to Long and succinctly said, “Thayer, with all due respect, you’re not getting the job done.”


State and Community Executives are once more getting the positive attention and credit that their work so richly deserves. While national associations meet with DC based regulators, policy advocates, Congressional staff or members, its the state and community associations and their members who are the “boots on the ground” that makes it all happen.

Within weeks, Long was gone. He reportedly left on his own.  If you look at the collage with Thayer’s photo above, you’ll see that the outcome for him looks like a happy one.

We don’t wish anyone at MHI ill, but don’t some of them need to find a fresh start, for their own sake (like Thayer’s), and that of the association and the MH Industry? 

Look at MHI’s own stated agenda items, then look at their lack of achievement in the last almost 6 years.

MHI may have a few keepers. But after years of failure, don’t many on staff with the title of VP or CEO need to go?

They’ve burned through some 15 millions of dollars in 5 years – plus PAC money! – and have not gotten the job done.


They’ve played games, and played favorites. But most important of all, they’ve not gotten the job done.

Cutting loose two VPs shortly before their own Washington, D.C. legislative fly in, what where they thinking??


   On DTS

   On Preserving Access

   On HUD

   On media engagement,

   and more, they’ve had a train of bad or problematic positions, missed opportunities, and clear failures to achieve their own stated mission.

MHI’s own goals are their objective benchmarks. Billions are at stake. Isn’t it past due to clean up most of the house in Arlington?

Can MHI Even Get Industry Facts Right? Please??

This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the Arlington, VA based umbrella association can’t get key facts right in their own reports on the industry to others. We’ll cover that issue soon.

As a prominent MHI member told me by phone recently, bankers want solid data (no, this wasn’t the DTS issue, but the same principle applies). MHI doesn’t get generate research often enough, and when they do, it’s often demonstrably wrong in enough places to cast doubt about their “research.”

They’re often demonstrably contradict their own previously published positions. No corrections. Just one set of facts that differ from others. No real explanations.

Hello? Think about know how that makes the industry’s umbrella association appear to third parties? Or how it makes members who support them look?

Frankly, we’d love to see a house cleaning before we have to publish those upcoming reports. We’d be willing to work with a new administration at MHI, so long as they want to ‘do right’ by the industry – including the thousands of independents.

Be it incompetence, or by design, or any other cause that can be imagined or alleged – their failures are harming thousands of independents, thus choking off ROBUST growth that would benefit nearly everyone.


That must change.

What’s Next at MHI?

This isn’t junior high school, and isn’t a popularity contest. We give and take critiques, and when they are well intentioned, they ought to be embraced.

For years, we tried to work within their system and behind the scenes.

That didn’t work, so we began to go public. Some at MHI allegedly were out to get us long before we did go public, and we could document that if/as needed.  This is about the industry, current and millions of potential customers, not me or any one person within MHLand.


A pro-MHI member asked/suggested this. Paraphrasing:

Tony, you need to give MHI leaders an off ramp. You need to put something on the table that will make sense to pro-MHI members, as well as others.’


Ok, here it is.

1)        Do a phased house-cleaning, and bring in a one year to 18 month interim president. Someone from the MH industry, someone that is independent. No disrespect to larger companies, but not someone beholden to any of them.

2)        Give that interim president 60 days to make a report and plan to leadership, the association/members and to the industry at large.

3)        That plan should be a strategic vision for the industry, and for the comprehensive reform of MHI into an effective body that can work with MHARR, communities, retailers, public officials, potential home buyers and the hundreds – (thousands?!) – of potential allies among the non-profits, consumer groups, media, and the millions of home seekers.

4)        The interim CEO should not be an MHI employee. While I’d be thrilled to consult and work with such a person, to be clear, I’m not interested in nor lobbying for such a role. Do I have possible good fits? Yes, but I think the industry ought to develop a list of qualifiers for the interim role. Then, ask for applicants. May the best woman or man, win.

5)        There should also be an interim VP.  That person might be someone with significant association experience. Some are retired or near retirement, that may make a good fit for such an advisory role.

6)        Look at what MHI has done in the last decade. What’s good? Keep it or refine it. What’s failed or not worked? Learn from it and check it off the list for future use. Example, their ‘engage’ system is a good idea. While some love it, frankly with the Feds, the bottom line results are totally missing. It’s a good idea that needs to be revamped, under new leadership.

7)        Doesn’t everyone in communications, plus no less than one president and 2 to 3 more VPs need to go? It should be noted that allegedly every single VP at MHI has privately criticized MHI’s president, some politely. Some harshly. Those criticisms were either made directly to us – or to third parties – and we eventually hear about it.  That speaks volumes as to the need to radically reform MHI and its culture.

8)        The “MHI, we’re bigger so we must be the best” mindset has to go. They behave in ways contrary to their own interests, that of their own members, their state ‘affiliates,’ and certainly to the majority of the industry at large.

9)        Create an inclusive, vibrant vision, plan and mission to mainstream manufactured housing acceptance. Protect, educate, and promote that vision and mission.


We will look at the GAPS Method in the near future, as one of the tools to analyze the road blocks to MH advancement.

The timing and departure of Starkey and Heinmann is sadly emblematic of MHI in recent years.

There is no reason to believe that MHI will improve, unless they first candidly admit their mistakes.

If MHI makes its admissions and amends to all those they’ve injured – and there are many – then I think a fresh start could be attempted. We’d be willing to engage in something that looked like the above.

Years before we took the positions we did, Dick Moore wanted to do a post-production association (MHIdea). MHARR has called for one for years. Among state execs, privately and publicly, there have been solutions floated.

George Allen – agree or disagree with him – has shown that hundreds could be organized.

MHARR senior advisor Danny Ghorbani has floated the idea of opening that group up to a broader membership. It would fall to their president and CEO, Mark Weiss, to make that happen.

Change Will Happen…

Something will give, count on it. People will only tolerate stuff so long.

We hope MHI decides to take the path of reform, or in time from among those noted or from a new source, watch as a rival rises that will leave them in the dust they alone created.

Let’s close by saying that MHI members are routinely good, nice people. We’ve all enjoyed a pleasant meeting or event. There are keeper elements at MHI. But there’s much to be reformed, or supplanted, right??

It’s up to every professional to take stock, and armed with the facts, to act.

We Provide, You Decide.” ©  ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

learntobegoodstorytellersdefineourselvesorotherswilldefineusoftendetrimentindustrypublicpolicymakers-latonykovach-postedmanufacturedhousingindustrymhpronewsBy L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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Award-Winning Industry Veteran |
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L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Are too many Manufactured Housing Professionals “Cooked in a Squat?”

June 17th, 2017 No comments

Zig Ziglar popularized the expression of ‘don’t get cooked in a squat.’ The illustrations below explains the point.

The expression means, don’t limit yourself – or let others limit you – as a result of restrictive thoughts, actions or inactions.

DontGetCookedInASquatZigZiglarManufacturedHousingIndustryCommentaryDont LetOthersSelfLimitYouByActionInactionThinkingMHProNews

There are arguably few industries that are better poised for potentially explosive growth than manufactured housing. America, indeed much of the world, needs affordable quality homes. Factory home-building provides that option.

Our industry once achieved new home shipment numbers some can’t even imagine today.

Given that almost two decades have elapsed since manufactured housing’s 1998 high of 372,000+ homes, many professionals from those heady days have:

  • gone into other work,
  • retired, or
  • have moved on to their eternal reward.

2016 facts above. Even though many may see the potential to hit 300,000 or 400,000 or even 500,000 annual shipments in a sustainable fashion, that will only occur when systemic changes are made by serious manufactured home players on the local and regional levels.

We have a new generation – including owners and management – many of whom have never personally experienced high volume before.  Many of those need coaching by those who have seen it, done it and are still doing it.

Hooked on MH’s Version of Cocaine?

There are some who think that only bad lending can get manufactured home sales volume back up.

Some think the industry is addicted to bad lending, and that only unsustainable loans can lead the industry to higher volume.

While it is true that loose credit was a driver for tens or hundreds of thousands of MH sales back in the roar of the 1990s – until the MH Industry’s financing collapse by the early 2000s – its false to believe that only “loose” lending can return the industry to previous greatness.


Bad, unsustainable loans is analogous to setting the industry’s house on fire. We can prosper with sustainable, good lending.

Just look at the shipment graphic above again.  The industry did over 200,000 new home shipments for years after the HUD Code was enacted, with lenders and others that all made a profit.  It was in the 1980s that yours truly entered manufactured home sales, and so this writer can tell you first hand that those like us did our part to help millions become home owners, most of them happy with their choice.

GoodSustainableManufacturedHomeLendingLeadsMutualVictoriesMastheadIndustryCommentaryManufacturedHomeProfessionalNewsMHProNewsIndustry professionals largely realize that life is about mutual victories.

  • The customer/resident must win,
  • the seller must benefit,
  • service providers must profit,
  • and when there are loans, then that lending must be sustainable, and profitable.

Fears of a repeat of the late 1990s and early 2000s are part of the excuse that the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) – rightly or wrongly – use to not move into chattel loans, or that’s causing them to do so tepidly.

The GSEs management that’s taken the time with our industry believe in our HUD Code home product! But they want to make sure that their loans perform.

When loans perform and make buying a home realistic, everyone in the mix can in theory, win.  This is where HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson’s point about home ownership leading to wealth building makes sense.

Association Whispers to MHProNews

As important as national associations can be, state associations are important too.  State associations are in their own way closer to the front line where congressmen and senators live in their districts/state.

State and community association members are the ones who vote for and/or support a legislator.

Yes, national associations can engage any congressional representative or senator too. But at the end of the day, someone back in that elected official’s district ought to be in the mix.

So, we find the insights from the states to be as interesting and relevant as those from a national association. Each one needs the other.


State and Community Executives deserve more attention. While national associations meet with D.C. based regulators, policy advocates, Congressional staff or members, it’s the state and community associations and their members who are the “boots on the ground” that are key to making it happen. MHEC Logo, their property, shown here under fair use guidelines.

What the state association execs often say off the radar isn’t what you’d hear at an MHI meeting being said out loud. While some at the state level are happy, a number have several unaddressed concerns.

Facts Matter

CautionSlippingManufacturedHousnigIndustryNewsDailyBuisnessNewsWe’ve identified that there are states that are still flat, rising very modestly or are shrinking in sales.

We’ve identified the fact that MH rental housing – destined for manufactured home REITs or other land-lease communities that want a faster fill than sales previously gave them – has a narrow window.  Depending on who you listen to, the heavy-orders from communities may last roughly 5 years (+/-). After that, they will tend to drop off (there will always be a level of replacement sales).

So, filling spaces in higher vacancy properties has driven part of the shipment rise.

There are a limited number of independent retailers, as a result of the wipe-out between 1998 and 2011.

Factories are telling us they could be doing more, opening more plants, etc., but the lack of enough solid independent retailers are part of their challenge.

Factories also tell us that they compete for labor too, much as the stick builders do.

Then there’s the biggest challenge of all, misunderstandings about our industry’s products and services.

Tied in with those misunderstandings are zoning, regulatory or other issues.  Enforcing the “enhanced preemption” of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 would be huge for almost every market where a HUD Code home could fit.

Getting our industry’s lending ‘closer’ to site built lending is desirable, but realistically, numerous locations have proven they can grow with precisely the lending we have today.



Part of the lending solution must include proper appraisals. We should note that one client firm in MH finance is telling us they’re growing at about double the rate of the industry at large.  They are doing that with good credit customers.

Other clients are growing at double – or more – the rate of the industry at large.  They’re doing so selling upscale homes.  Entry level housing is great and necessary, but HUDs could always “own” that market.  They are also often the hardest buyers to finance.


See the story and videos, click the image above or the link here.

So, one key to growth are those well-qualified, site-built buyers, who want to own for lower costs.  We in MHVille could own much of the housing market under $200,000.


NAR stats reveal that over 90% of their buyers get approved. NAHB, NAR and MH Industry statistics on new manufactured home sales compared to existing home resales and new home starts. Still from a slide from Tuesdays With Tony webinar.

We’ve worked with and talked to enough real estate agents who get it, site builders who get it, and industry pros who learn it and do it to know that these are not pipe dreams.  They are occurring today, in the real world.

Amazon, Google, Exporters, and Factory Built Homes

Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, are just some examples of giant firms that could swoop in and change HUD Code manufactured housing overnight. The same is true of giant hedge funds, some of which are already invested in MH.  Learn more, click here.

There are those looking at:

that wonder…

What would happen if those cash-rich, tech giants entered the factory-built housing field directly and/or via acquisitions?

Don’t forget, Berkshire-Hathaway came into MHVille one day, and 14 years later, they’re number one in several categories.

There are overseas, Canadian and domestic investors who have stepped into the MHC sphere, and we’ve watched MHC property values go up through supply and demand.

Then there are overseas producers of factory-built housing that are testing the American market. We hear from them directly. Don’t forget, there are HUD Code homes that have been built in Mexico!  Believe the following.

We can see low-cost mods being shipped to the states someday.  They may come from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, etc. Container housing is just the tip of the spear.

Finally, our brethren in the modular housing field are busy, busy in smart ways.  Look at what they’re doing, linked here – ICYMI.

So, there’s a huge need for affordable homes, that HUD Code manufactured housing can uniquely fill.  MOD builders want slices from that pie too.


There are also a variety of pressures, road-blocks and threats, including that of self-limiting thinking.

Those tech giants – like our president – think big.  Those deep-pocket investors, think big. Those overseas producers of factory built housing, they see the U.S. market and are salivating.


This is Your Wake-Up Call

Yes, the industry is recovering, thankfully so.


2016 finished over 81,100 new HUD Code homes shipped.  That’s a steady recovery. But some agree with the Masthead that MH ought to be doing half-a-million a year in annual shipments. Why are we struggling along with sub-100,000 shipments?

While we celebrate that recovery – which so many, including ourselves and others we’ve worked alongside and in conjunction with – ought not kid ourselves either.  Manufactured housing is still stuck in low gear. The threats – and opportunities – outlined above are only some of the ones that we hear and know about.

Third-party reports and professionals – from outside of our industry – often tell me or publish articles that reflect how surprised they are that our industry doesn’t do better.


So, when Frank Rolfe says that part of what holds our industry back, is often the industry itself, that’s a fact.

When MHARR tells us they think the industry could be doing hundreds of thousands of new home shipments a year, that’s a fact.

Numerous industry pros – MHI, MHARR, non-aligned – have said, over the years on our pages – similarly in their own words.

We in MHVille, we in HUD Code manufactured housing, ought to be roaring, not snoring.


Image credit, Pinterest.

It All Starts Up Stairs

The first battle is one of the mind.  It is understanding what our manufactured home industry’s true potential is, and not limit our own thinking. The Donald Trump quotes, or the Mickey Mantle quote, just fit.


We should not personally allow ourselves to be Cooked in a Squat.


No one would accuse President Donald Trump of being a bland color. Image credit, Frugal Entrepeneur.

Once we get to seeing that hundreds of thousands of new HUD Code home shipments a year are possible – sustainably, ethically – that translates into millions of dollars more in sales in a market(s) like yours.

Collectively it’s tens of billions a year that could be achieved in short order, and in a trillion-dollar housing market, it is no exaggeration to say that our MH Industry could – on paper – evolve from being a boutique business now to becoming a trillion dollar a year industry.

Autos do so, why not us in MH?

The opportunities here in the U.S. are just that big.

But they will never take place with backward, or self-limiting, thinking.

This brief outline broadly lays out the SWOT reality in objective terms.

Growth starts in your mind, at your location(s), in your part of the industry.

Everything else are details and commentary.

We’ll dig into those details more in the days ahead. ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shown under fair use guidelines.)


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach caricature.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Publisher | Consultant | Service Provider | Award-Winning Industry Veteran |
LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – dba |




L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Principles, Cheers, and Jeers June 2017

June 13th, 2017 No comments

Principles, Cheers and Jeers June 2017

The Manufactured Home Industry could be enjoying its best times ever.  That’s what the facts tell us. While our industry is experiencing growth, it’s only a fraction of what is possible.

NAHB, NAR, Zillow, Case-Shiller and a host of reports from inside and outside of quality, affordable factory-crafted homebuilding all point to the needs and opportunities.

The U.S requires several million new housing units in the next few years.

Site builders are near maxed out. Nor can they hit the lower price points without taxpayer subsides.

So only factory homebuilding can meet the escalating needs, here and abroad.

Other nations see it too.  A number of American media are beginning to as well, as we’ve reported and encouraged.

We report, provide insights, and commentary on all that and more to you; the ups and downs, story by story, day by day.

The Tornado Report, Updated

One of the sources of misinformation that harms our industry is the claim that ‘mobile homes’ are more vulnerable to tornadoes and windstorms than conventional housing. In a narrow sense, that’s true – about mobile homes!  But the researchers fail to make the distinction between HUD Code manufactured homes and mobile homes.  Learn more, share the powerful truths, linked in a special Industry in Focus Report, linked here.

Share the Facts, Candidly and Accurately

When Tim Williams told us that MHI had sent Rick Robinson to testify before a Ohio committee, we reported that fact. That’s what happened, that’s what should be said.

But when MHI thumped their own chest (yet again) in their emailed messages to their readers, as if the heavens were moved by them, and acting as if they and Ohio alone were doing the lifting, RC Williams rightly called them out (see that, linked below).


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer.

Ironically, MHI called out Gov, Kasich in their emailed message, for his alleged lies, distortions, and half-truths. RC Williams – an African American – said that was MHI hypocritically calling the kettle black. They failed to mention that MHARR, MHLivingNews, MHProNews and others had done the same thing, in some cases – sooner than they had acted. Hypocrisy, right?

From our vantagepoint, that’s but one of many examples of principled, reality-based industry coverage. Truth, facts, and principles matter, to us and thousands of others in MHVille.

Getting to 500,000 Plus

When the industry ought to be doing 500,000 or more units a year, and MHI has one or two full time communications people drawing big salaries, what exactly are MHI’s people doing to advance the image and cause of manufactured homes in the U.S.?

We can lay out the case again, but you can find the good, bad and ugly allegations and concerns in a 400-word executive summary about MHI linked here. Do they want to try to undermine the proven, years of pro-industry work MHLivingNews and MHProNews have done with and for the public and professionals?

If so, let them go for it. We’re ready. But also let’s note, that the industry is watching.


Our thousands of professional readers – mostly from within, but also outside of manufactured housing – are watching it all unfold too.

We asked MHI recently why they didn’t cite their sources in a press release they did last year? One that seemed to claim facts we’ve published – and that we cited our sources and experts and –  but they have not opted to reply or correct the matter. Too bad.


It is Frank Rolfe, not just those at MHProNews, that called them out for hypocrisy. It is MHI member Rolfe who said that the biggest obstacles to industry growth lie within the industry itself.  Can you do the math?

  • Rolfe is far from alone, as we’ve reported;
  • Doug Gorman (MHI award winner),
  • Marty Lavin (MHI award winner),
  • Titus Dare,
  • Bob Crawford (historic, award winning Dick Moore Housing),

…and so many others who have called out MHI by name or inference.

So it’s isn’t just MHARR – or your MHProNews sources – making allegations like those on this page and others.

Many in MHVille have noted MHI failures and weaponized news.” A growing number of their supporters may be silent, due to their own political positions, but they quietly know the score. What had MHI accomplished in 5 years with $15 plus million plus PAC money?


While they have their supporters, the two most common words we read and hear about our coverage are “thank you.

For those who think MHI can bully, threaten, undermine or whatever us — hey, it’s America. Let’s see what happens, as we strive to help inform and inspire the industry and others to embrace — not the failed self-serving crony capitalists — but the honest, hard working men and women who believe that manufactured homes and communities ought to be the mainstream for millions of Americans futures.

We thank those sponsors who have principles, and a backbone. We understand those that have told us they’ve benefited, but due to politics or pressure, will bail on us.

Thousands are watching.

Please take 10 and comment on the HUD regulatory issue.

Action Alert! Billions in Opportunities, Industry Professionals, Deadline for Comments to HUD Loom

With no further adieu, we bring you once more the industry’s top line up of featured articles, reports, and commentary. Merchants and Crusaders, unite! Tally Ho!

— Featured Articles and Reports —

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Implementing Inspirational Dissatisfaction

May 31st, 2017 No comments

It’s human nature. We all have something – personal, professional, social, spiritual, political – we wish would change for the better.

Wishing and hoping are not strategies. But dissatisfaction – when it is Inspirational –  can lead us to change.


When someone keeps doing the same things, the same way, expect the same results.

Today, think about something that creates inspirational dissatisfaction for you, or your team/operation.

Denying the existence of the brick wall in front of you isn’t a solution. Until one acknowledges the wall, understands it, and then considers the options to go over, under, around or through that wall – no progress is possible.


Manufactured housing is about 1/2 of 1% of current annual U.S. housing in dollar volume. The industry has hit totals 4 times higher in the 90s. In the early 70s, the industry was about 6x the current volume. Automotive sold 17 million units in 2016. RVs sold 430,691 in 2016. 5,250,000 existing homes were sold in 2015. Why did MH only do 81,100 homes in 2016? Zig Ziglar might have said, too many are ‘cooked in a squat.’ The opportunities are there. Be inspired to overcome the challenges, because arguably nothing offers more potential today than a proper implementation of the affordable housing solution provided by today’s manufactured homes.

Then remember. The power in electricity exists precisely because of positive and negative polarity. Without connecting to both the good and the problematic – there is no power. If we only look at good stuff, or we only look at bad stuff – no power.

Electricity’s positive and negative polarity are an inspiring metaphor for implementing change in your professional life.


“Develop inspirational dissatisfaction. Rearrange your attitudes and convert a failure of one day into success on another.” – W. Clement Stone.

Leaders grasp nettles.

We’ll end where we began.  We all have things we want to see, changed. Start today to turn some frustration, disappointment, hope or dream into inspirational dissatisfaction. ##

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