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Let’s share these cartoons for today.


Step right up, and click that next MHI email to send that next MHI requested message to Congress! Never mind that after more than 5 years, and millions of dollars spent, it hasn’t worked yet…



TK note, sad to say, I bought the MHI line for a while too. Sometimes waking up, and breaking up, is hard to do.


MHIEmeraldCityOzManufacturedHousingIndustryManufacturedHousingInstituteMHIhumorsatireparodyMHProNewsIs it time to wake up, and get real?



average-shipment-per-decade-manufactured-home-posted-on-mhpronews-com d

This graphic above is the bottom line of MHI leadership at a glance. Image credits: Ross Kinzler – Wisconsin Housing Alliance. IMHO, it need not be construed as Kinzler’s or the WHA’s.

Ready for a cool change?


Is it time to join and lead in YOUR local market, through the Manufactured Housing Revolution?!



For the more serious side of recent MH Industry news, you can check out the latest in our evolving Manufactured Housing Industry Headline News, Sunday Morning Review, at the link below.

Manufactured Housing Industry Headline News 11.19.2016 to 11.26.2017 – Sunday Morning Weekly Review

Be sure to check out the Monday Morning Sales Meeting, which will be published before dawn on the Daily Business News blog, which you can access from the home page of MHProNews.


See what others say via the video below, or on LinkedIn.

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No one else has stepped up to the plate lately on creating a post-production organization that promotes honest, ethical operation like yours, locally. It’s time for common sense solutions, and practical bottom line action.


We Provide, You Decide.” © (Cartoon, satire, parody, analysis, commentary and SOLUTIONS.)

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Beyond Thanksgiving, Reflections on Scandals, Fears, Reform, Prayer, Conversion

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There is so much that tens of millions of Americans, and our industry, have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.


There are also so many threats, scandals, and possible disruptions of our society, industry, and the world, that this Thanksgiving ought to be a time for knee-mail, vs. email.

Scandals, lies, deception, threats, murders, smears – all these and more are symptoms of a deeper problem.

From nuclear war, to fears over AI/robotics, terrorism, crime, chemical, biological weapons — to the simple concerns that most are no longer able to deal with day to day matters properly, due to the ‘rigged system.’ Each of these are symptoms of a greater problem.

That problem has a three-letter description.


It may sound old-fashioned to speak of sin in an age where some claim that biblical literacy is at a multi-decades-low, where atheism, and sadly the Satanic are on the rise.  Still, some 90 percent believe in a Creator here in America, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.


Which of the problems our nation, industry, or world faces can’t be boiled down to one or more of the “7 Deadly Sins”…?

Which of our professional, economic, political, or social ills couldn’t be improved by applying the lessons of the “7 Cardinal Virtues”…?

What’s wrong is that we don’t ask what’s right,” quipped the brilliant scholar, and believer, G.K. Chesterton.

This Thanksgiving, let’s each ponder and pray about what we can be grateful for, but also what we can do personally – to lead by example – to make our home and business – and thus the community, the MH Industry, nation, and the world a better place.


It always starts with one willing to be faithful, to step out, and be willing be the change.

We are not helpless, or hopeless, so long as we strive to do what that inner voice calls us to live up to…


Doesn’t change often start with the humility to bend the knee, and admit our need for the highest Power? To beg the Creator for mercy, courage, strength, and wisdom to do what’s right day-by-day?

Back to basics.  The promise, and potential 0vercoming the problems, it all boils down to fundamental truths being learned, loved, and lived.

From all of us, to all of you…my you be richly blessed by this Thanksgiving. ##


Team Kovach, (l-r) Soheyla (pronounced “So Hey La”), Tamas (pronounced “Tah Mash”) and Tony Kovach (pronounced “Co-Vatch” like a “Watch with a V”). The Kovach family, along with Matthew Silver, RC Williams – plus many volunteers and sponsors – who join together daily to bring you the MH “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use.” © Photo above, from 83 Degrees Media.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Andy Gallagher, “Ousting” Pam Danner, MHI, Clayton’s RVP, WVHI – “Transparency”

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First, the readers digest version, then the details. Last week, the WVHI sent out their newsletter with a column apparently written by their co-president, George Gunnell.  Gunnell is an RVP for Clayton Homes.  That article and others in the same newsletter indicated that MHI wanted Pam Danner ousted from her role at HUD.

That’s not an uncommon position among MHI, MHARR or other industry members, as the WVHI said and suggested themselves in the same newsletter.

So why has that WVHI newsletter erupted into an industry controversy?  Why are some saying, heads will roll because of that?

We’ll examine that and the related, step-by-step, below.


Apparently,” written by Gunnell because hours after we published our report that spotlighted and quoted the WVHI statements –

  • a call,
  • texts
  • and emails came in from WVHI’s award-winning,
  • and widely-liked executive director, Andy Gallagher.

George Gunnell, WVMHI, Citing FMHA’s Jim Ayotte, Says HUD’s Pam Danner Must Go

Most of those statements were made off the record, which we honor.



Andy Gallagher is an award winning, and respected state Assoc.  executive.

But part of what Gallagher sent – at his texted request makes clear – Andy asked me personally to publish.

Per that statement, as shown below.


As you see, Andy said,

IReportMHNewsTips@MHMSM-comMHProNews (1)I’m not saying you [Tony/MHProNews’] are the bad guy.”

I’m just saying clearly and I think you should reflect this in your writing:”

Happy to, Andy. All of that – and more – we’re hereby doing as requested.  Because we don’t want Gallagher or anyone else to feel unfair pressure.

Further, editorially this writer believes the question needs to be asked: why should award-winning Andy’s job be at risk?

Or for that matter, Clayton’s RVP, George Gunnell’s job?

Gallagher, Jennison, Others…

It should be noted that Gallagher, per sources, worked in journalism in years gone by.

If so, then Gallagher knows the rules of the road, knows English, understands ghost writing, etc.  By the way, ghost writing and pen names are both commonplace in publishing.


Famous people have used pen names and/or had ghost writers.  For example Mark Twain was actually Samuel Clemens.


An MHI source told MHProNews that Richard “Dick” Jennison reportedly paid $1500 to Bruce Savage to ghost write Jennison’s brief address to the RV MH Hall of Fame a few years back.

Ghost writing happens.

It happens, and should not necessarily be construed as something wrong.  It can be a perfectly fine pratice.

Asking to Pull our Report to the Industry…

A source connected with ties to MHI and the WVHI – perhaps due to some fear and/or pressure – wanted to see the Daily Business News story killed.

Please pull it.’

As a matter of policy, MHProNews will correct an error, or will clarify a story.

But we don’t pull a news story. Many in mainstream media have a similar policy. That ‘don’t pull a story’ policy exists for several reasons.  That’s a check on us, and on others too.  We strive to make a story accurate before publishing, we quote and cite sources as needed, and we strive to follow the standards that good journalistic practices aspire to meet.

Besides – even if we didn’t have the don’t pull a story policy – wouldn’t they have to ‘pull’ the stories in the WVHI newsletter?  How do you pull something – namely, the WVHI newsletter – that’s already been emailed out to dozens of professionals?


Notice: Andy Gallagher says Gunnell didn’t write this column, that Gallagher did. The red-boxed information points to both the Jim Ayotte article on page 3, but also the other story that points to ‘ousting’ Pam Danner.

MHProNews policy…while we do some things differently than AP Stylebook suggests (like showing quotes in dark brown text, we’re close on the ideals for a trade publisher).  We’ll also cop a plea to periodic typos. But by trying to get the facts and sources accurately reflected, we’ve built a reputation that makes us the most read – from operations large, medium to mom-and-pop – in the entire manufactured home industry.

Thousands come daily. Readers routinely sign up for our emailed news updates, at this link here.

In short, while not everyone likes every article, quote or comment, we’re #1 by a country mile in this industry’s trade media.

We invite other points of view.  When we disagree or disagree with MHI, we routinely invite them to comment, and/or quote from their own published statements.  We say allegation when that term applies, etc., etc.  That’s fair and balanced.

Here are the facts, here are the concerns, here are the allegations. Then, “We Provide, You Decide.” ©


Fair and balanced.

‘If You Won’t Kill It, Please Re-Write it’

Then, a source asked the Masthead’s writer (me, as MHProNews’ publisher) to re-write the story.

At that point, I personally reviewed all that we knew directly from:

  • other sources that addressed us directly,
  • what I knew first-hand experience at the MHI San Antonio meeting – what members told me directly,
  • what was known from MHI at that point in time from their own communiques to their members,
  • and then finally, from what the WVHI published.

Award-Winning MHI Retailer Regarding HUD Objectives, Pam Danner, Needed Changes

We also looked at MHARR’s consistent position again, summarized in the over 2 dozen reasons why Pam Danner needed to be removed from her current role.

Setting aside who authored Gunnell’s column, the bottom-line is this.

What WVHI published was consistent with the thrust of what we quoted on the Daily Business News and heard from other sources in our MHProNews report, linked above and also linked here.

So why doesn’t MHI just behave in a transparent way?  Instead of trying to get others to change something, why don’t they just speak for themselves?

Why are they making it so difficult for their own members to know what the Arlington, VA based trade association REALLY believes regarding Danner?

Ducking for Months

MHI has officially ducked for months on the question of their supporting Pam Danner’s removal as the administrator of the Office of Manufactured Housing at HUD.

Publicly in Deadwood, SD – in front of dozens of industry professionals – MHI General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Rick Robinson ducked questions on the Danner issue.  Ditto Preserving Access, and other issues relating to the association’s positions and performance.


Transparency, Please?


MHI – Transparency, please? Photo credit, MHProNews.

There’s more that could be said, but we’ll hold it for now, and simply ask.

MHI – can you be transparent on this Pam Danner issue?  Can you and those who pull the strings please not try to intimidate Andy Gallagher, or anyone else in the industry?


An MHI Executive Committee member told me some time back at a private dinner – just we two – that their publicly-traded firm believed in transparency.  ‘Bad news, we get it out there.  Good news, we get it out there.  Transparency,’ that corporate leader said to me face-to-face, was a key principle.


Where’s that same level of transparency at MHI?  Why are members and the industry being asked to guess whatever it is that MHI claims they want on Pam Danner?

Time will tell anyway. But in the meantime, consider the wisdom of behaving based upon principles – vs. posturing or evasion?

Heavy regulation, third party sources say, falls heavier on smaller companies than big ones.

ELS’ Sam Zell – Compliance Costs Destroys Smaller Businesses = Consolidation

Or consider what Marty Lavin said, does it apply here?


We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, analysis.)

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


Photo taken while Tony was questioning regulators in NY.  Kovach, and MHProNews, are fighting for the industry’s advancement, day by day.

Kovach is the award-winning co-founder and managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to,, and the affiliated business development, consulting, and industry-expert services.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
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7 Things – > 300 Words – Every Manufactured Housing Industry Professional, Investor Should Know

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  1. Every professional should have a sense of the industry’s history; how manufactured housing evolved from trailer houses, to mobile homes, to modern manufactured homes. It’s proven profitable! You can begin that survey of manufactured home history, linked here.


  1. Every manufactured home pro should understand how to explain and defend the truth about the industry. You can begin with three-top rated, key-videos on MHLivingNews on windstorms linked here, an expert’s overview on how the affordable housing crisis solution is found in manufactured homes linked here, and an elected public official explains modern manufactured homes, linked here.


  1. Every manufactured home pro should know key quotes and terminology, to support others better understand manufactured housing today. The top link will get you started, we’ll plan a quote collection soon. Terminology explanations, linked here.


  1. Every manufactured home pro should understand why free enterprise is superior to other economic systems, vs. other nations’ sad history of broken promises. Start here.
  1. Every manufactured home pro should know why MHLivingNews and MHProNews have always been, and will always be pro-industry, as well as pro-consumer. Anyone who tells you something different is jealous, selling something, or distracting from the obvious truth of our 8+ year history as the industry leader in pro-industry “News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use.” ©.


  1. Every manufactured home pro should know that readers are leaders. Today, viewers of the industry’s most followed and trusted news sources. To sign up for free emailed news updates, click here.

  1. To send news tips to MHProNews, click here, and to get professionals services or sponsor our profit-building, pro-sustainable growth work, click here. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach presenting to a packed house.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.    IReportMHNewsTips@MHMSM-comMHProNews (1)

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

“Wag the Dog,” “Obscene Profits,” Maturing, News & You

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Professionals, politicos, social, organizations, and people all at times try to shape or spin the news.

It’s been so for thousands of years.

Just as there are knowable truths in all aspects of life, so too there’s truth to be discovered in probing the – Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How – driving events, or that lurks behind a headline.




Wag the Dog

WagTheDogWikipediaMastheadBlogMHProNewsThe movie Wag the Dog was but one semi-comical example of how American politicians can attempt to divert attention by staging an event.

The movie Power is another such movie tale of how staging events can create a false illusion for people to rally around, or believe in.

Like the magician who hopes that the hand is quicker than the eye,those who want to stage or divert attention in news, or those who create:

  • clever-yet-false narratives,
  • repeated half-truths or lies,
  • spin, and

all sorts of ruses in an attempt to:

  • divide,
  • manipulate, and
  • control others.

Why do some people/groups use spin, or deception?  The two most common answers?

Money and power.

Sometimes, it’s just plain ignorance.

Some may also sincerely believe in something, but it turns out not to be true.


There are many reasons people don’t grasp the truth, the bullets above are just some of them.

Maturing Understanding of Trade Journalism

When an auto recall or other news hits the automotive industry, good trade media cover that, just as they would some good news about their industry.

When Wired – a tech media site – recently did a pretty serious critique of the corrosive elements of social media, we had the Daily Business News cover that recently for two main reasons.

  • One, social media impacts our industry every minute of every day; it’s a relevant topic for manufactured housing.
  • But two – and perhaps more subtle – it was a clear cut example of a tech writer was holding his own profession accountable.

TheFirstStepSolvingProblemRecognizeThat DoesExist.ZigZiglar-TonyKovachMastheadCommentaryMHProNewsGraphicStock

That’s arguably wise, because as Mr. Positive – Zig Ziglar would say – you can’t solve a problem until it’s first identified as a problem.


Many manufactured housing professionals recognize that misunderstandings about our products and services exist for reasons both external to the industy, but as internal causes as well. Similarly, challenges that face the industry find causes within and without.

Jumping to False Conclusions, “Obscene Profits,” and Misunderstanding Others

Starting with myself, we’ve all done it.  We’ve all jumped to a false conclusion before.  Let me share a personal example.

For some years, I largely tuned out Rush Limbaugh, based upon a misunderstanding on my part.

I misunderstood statements on his radio show that were meant by him as humor (sometimes, to make a point), but if taken seriously, it may have meant the opposite of what he intended.

That was my bad, not his.  As Dr. Stephen Covey said, first seek to understand, then to be understood.


What follows wasn’t what caused my misunderstanding Limbaugh, but it was the humor in his comment that hit me one day, which made me realize he was using similar humor in other parts of his program too.

Rush would announce he was about to take an “Obscene profits break.”  Limbaugh wasn’t against profits.  Rather, Rush was using humor and satire, while letting listeners know that it was time for the commercial messages that paid for his programming.

My point in part is that we’ve all been guilty of misunderstandings, or misjudging another person, group, activity, whatever.

Jesus, Abraham, Moses – Historic Examples

I asked an industry friend of mine recently to imagine the following.  What if he found himself back in time almost 2,000 years ago, at the time of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple.


If a first century Jew or Gentile came upon Jesus for the first time during this scene, what would they have thought? For that matter, what did some of Jesus’ long time followers think as He was doing this?

Had he stumbled upon that scene, without any context or explanations, what might he have thought of it?


Moses, Abraham, Jesus – these historic figures didn’t always behave in the ways that moderns want to picture them. A closer look reveals there are lessons to be learned, “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Eccl. 3:1)

If a shocking or surprising scene in the lives of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or other historic/religious leaders can be subject to misunderstanding, how about the rest of us?

So, keeping that open mind, and asking for or seeking clarification is always a wise course of action.  Most Americans recall the early teen game of how when a person Assume = Ass/U/Me

Part of the purpose of any good trade news or trade media is to advance understanding.

So to getting to

  • root issues,
  • honestly covering bad as well as good news, and
  • accountability
  • have been, and hopefully always will be important elements of what we do on MHProNews.


Fact checks,

  • Investigations,
  • Analysis,
  • Critiques and Reports
  • are designed to help the industry better understand it’s own SWOT =  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

We routinely invite industry feedback.  We invite the viewpoints of people who we expect may disagree, as well as people from across the political or economic spectrum.

That said, we seek and believe in the truth.

People are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.

And if we as professionals don’t define ourselves, others will define us, often to our disadvantage.

So, you and we must both be vigilant.  We must also be sensitive, analytical and open-minded.


See first understanding. Don’t skim. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Skimming a report, or jumping to conclusions often leads to the wrong conclusion.

Whether or not Kid Rock ever runs for office, one thing we covered in a report about him this week ought to ring true for most of the industry’s professionals.


It’s too difficult today for many if not most small businesses to keep up with the avalanche of regulations, rules, laws, tax code, healthcare, etc., etc.


The president has called the tax code and regulations self-inflicted wounds on American productivity, jobs, and profits.

We have and will continue to cover the issues that we believe are at the heart of what keeps manufactured housing from achieving its potential.  One of my favorite messages via email was this one:

TonyIf MHProNews is writing about it, I want to know about it.”

– MHProNews reader.

Agree.  Disagree. Share your take, feedback, or your news tips.

IReportMHNewsTips@MHMSM-comMHProNews (1)

Subject Line News Tip:

Watch for more reports this week that you may not find anywhere else in MHVille.  When you do find them elsewhere, you tell me where the coverage was the most fair and balanced toward the facts and truth about manufactured housing.


As always, thank you for being here, and we thank our sponsors and clients who make this pro-industry, pro-American platform possible. ## (Commentary, analysis, trade media, editorial, journalism.) By


L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Getting It Right

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A reader told us recently that when we goof, admit it and move on. 


There’s no doubt we as a publication, or myself personally, made errors over the years in serving manufactured housing. 

Some will argue that we’re 

  • too tough,
  • too slow,
  • too fast,
  • too…whatever. 

Right or wrong, we try day by day to get the facts right as we know them to be. Allegations are reported as just that, but evidence available is routinely shared to compliment concerns.

Since we do critiques, we are obviously open to being analyzed too.  We’ve invited public debates via video for later playback for all who wish to see.  Why no takers?


Adults get and give reviews. You or we want to start politely.  But if necessary, at times, reviews and fact checks must be more direct and firm.

The best cross check is you, our audience.

You’re here by the thousands on the Daily Business News, or other parts of our busy MH Industry trade media website. 

I’ve personally invited other professionals hundreds and hundreds of times to sound off on topics we believe are relevant. Those views are routinely shared, on and off the record, as the source prefers.

We invite those with opposing views. 

We respect the free speech rights of others.  We also believe that there are objective truths. 

Truth is knowable, for those who seek it.

Too often, 

  • opinions,
  • or knee jerk reactions,
  • emotions,
  • or someone’s “gut” reaction is mistaken for reality. 
  • Zig Ziglar is right. The solution to an issue begins by first understanding the problem. 


 TheFirstStepSolvingProblemRecognizeThat DoesExist.ZigZiglar-TonyKovachMastheadCommentaryMHProNewsGraphicStock

In doing the industry’s runaway most popular trade media – or in consulting, or business development – there are certain similarities.

We ask questions.

We get responses.

We publish, or share results, with the appropriate people.

Find a topic we’re dead wrong on, or need to correct something in factually? By all means, bring it to my attention, personally.

Got a hang up about style? Those are opinions. We can differ on opinions, right?  Frankly, our style has changed, of necessity. 

EveryoneIsEntitledTotheirOwnOpinionsButtheyAreNotEntitledTotheirOwnFactsDanielPatrickMoynihanMHLivingNewsLet me thank the thousands who come, the hundreds who’ve messaged. 

The industry’s needs have evolved.  9 years ago – in Oct 2009, when we began publishing – the need was to encourage the industry to believe in itself. To survive, and grow again.


Once that was accomplished, the need became to see what are the factors that hold the industry back? 

About 3 years ago, we began to politely raise important questions in public.  We started that process only after those concerns were first raised in private, and were not addressed in Arlington


We continued to support Preserving Access long after that post linked above.  But as more and more facts came out from Arlington and other sources – in the search for industry-advancing solutions – and given that quieter or behind the scenes efforts weren’t working, more robust fact checks and exposes were, IMHO, needed.


Praise continued to come in, from including from MHI leadership and other members, along with others in the industry. 

Facts matter.  The truth matters. Good communications and strategies, matter. 

Frank Rolfe Video

For an in depth look at the facts behind this Frank Rolfe video, below, click here.

Avoiding engagement with the industry and its trade media, that matters too.


Where I come from, we continue to be goal, truth, justice, and solution oriented.  

Our thanks to our sponsors, supporters, sources, readers and all who’ve made and continue to make this site possible. The best, God willing, is yet to come. ##  (Principles, analysis, commentary.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach,
Industry consultantservice provider, and managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – the parent company to the industry’s top trade media and




L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal aka aka

“The X Factor” – Manufactured Housing’s Surprising Solution$

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It should go without saying that the readers of MHProNews span the political, economic, religious, gender, ethnic, and other spectrums.

That means there are some that will love a statement they read on X (fill in the blank on what X is), while others oppose that same statement on X. Still others with a furrowed brow might wonder why X matters at all.


The X Factor. The truth can cut like a knife. That X-wing fighter? We think for a variety of reasons that manufactured housing’s best day are in the future, not the past.

Let’s plug in a few examples of X

  • MHARR or MHI.
  • Any of the people we quote on MHProNews or MHLivingNews.
  • Any of the political or economic sources we quote on MHProNews or MHLivingNews.

What does that X mean to you or me?

What does X mean for:

  • the mom and pop operation?
  • the corporate professional?
  • the investor,
  • the public official, researcher, advocacy group, or media,
  • the MH Industry association member, or
  • the professional who swore he/she would never go to another association meeting again?


Tales, Faces and Facts

Fact 1:
The facts are that in this raging affordable housing crisis, manufactured homes are an obvious solution. Yes, MODs, hybrids, prefabs, and stick building all have their respective roles in this world of Off or On site Construction.

Fact 2:

There are:

  • economic,
  • social,
  • political,
  • moral,
  • technological,
  • and even
  • geopolitical/trade issues

that – knowingly or not – all impact factory home builders, professionals, and the home buying public.

If Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle can say with sincere humility what he did, doesn’t the same apply to the media? Public officials? Our own industry’s professionals?

“The X Factor” – Manufactured Housing’s Surprising Solution$ The Truth Well Told, What is the X Factor. Manufactured Housing, Dick Ernst, MHI, MHARR, MHProNews, MHLivingNews,

Among the points George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984 was trying to make was this.

You can control people to a significant degree by controlling the information that flows to them.

Propaganda is used by many because it works.

How did we get from a Leave it to Beaver society to a rainbow society protesting almost everything in just 55 years?

One answer is media.  The other is educational.  Some of it is face-to-face, or person-to-person, manipulation.


Objective Analysis is critical for the success of our industry, and your profession, as it is for any other. MHProNews brings that analysis, which is why thousands logon daily, even if they may see a matter differently. “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Rules, Labels, and Rulemakers

Label someone a conservative, moderate, or a liberal, and how people respond to that person changes.

Paint someone as a troublemaker or an outsider, and again, how people react changes.

All of these and more ought to be troubling to those who seek the truth about a person, or a subject.

StopLabelingPeopleQuotesOvercomingLablesForJarsNotPeopleLabelingQuotingsManufacutredHousingIndustryMastheadCommentaryMHProNewsThat thousands today can emerge from a college or a university, look you in the eye and say, “What truth? There is only my truth,” or “You can’t legislate morality” – and similarly dubious  X statements, these are causes for concern.


Every piece of legislation or rule making is a value judgment. It is based upon a perception of truth. On a moral judgement.

If forces can control how other people react to:

  • manufactured homes,
  • skin tone,
  • accent,
  • religious affiliation (or a lack thereof),
  • political or
  • any other belief, then no wonder there is so much upheaval in America and around the world.


I’m only One Person

The fact that you or I are only one person is no excuse to do nothing.

We do what we can that is right and good, regardless of how others may or may not understand at that moment in time.

What Dick Ernst and others like him have said are quite right. We take on controversial issues or positions, not for the sake of stirring the pot. Rather, its because – as Ernst said, Tony believes that much in this industry.

Stirring the pot of its own sake would get old quickly.  We’re the same pro-industry people we’ve been from day one that we began MHProNews, and later MHLivingNews, now 9 years ago.

So, we take on an X issue precisely because we think it is relevant to the

  • Industry, or
  • the nation our industry is a part of,
  • or because in some way, a real problem offers an opportunity in disguise.

Image by

Divide and Rule

When an MHI board member shares their woes and frustrations this week with MHProNews;


a longtime reader thinks I’m picking on MHI;


Another reader thinks I can make up with MHI;

each of those are revealing insights.  But the fact that someone believes X doesn’t make it correct.

All of those are but examples of the X factor.  Someone is filling in a blank based upon, what?  There are other examples.


This industry ought to be easy! We sell affordable housing, and the nation needs it!

Why isn’t manufactured housing embraced?


I Love It!!! said a state executive, about the video above which is video interview that debunks many fallacies held by others about manufactured housing. “We Provide, You Decide.”  ©

Why are even some other factory builders for or against HUD Code manufactured housing?


We are all ignorant on many things. It is arrogant or delusional to think otherwise.

We need others in our lives.  You know things I don’t, and the reverse is true too.  That’s one of many reasons why we ask others for input on a regular basis.

If you believe in God, and chances are around 90 percent that you do, then it’s obvious that the Creator felt you and we were both necessary!

You think you’re right on X.

The person down the hall, sees X differently.

Who is right?


We need to get back to basics. Those basics begin with a thirst for truth.

There are absolute truths.

We should be people who seek the truth of an issue, any issue.

People open to the truth see or can learn the value of manufactured homes.

Investors and advocates can discover the value.

Lenders can learn about MH what most Americans did in the wake of the civil rights movement.

But if we watch as a growing part of our fellow citizens embrace

  • a lie like socialism,
  • and we ignore the threat that modern day Brownshirts or propagandists pose,
  • whatever wealth you have can vanish in the night.
  • Wealth can disappear because you are murdered, or the power structure shifts, and the insiders are now on the outside.



There should be an unquenchable thirst to know and live the truth.

Because by definition, everything that is not the truth is a kind of delusion.

The nature of a human is that we learn in stages.  So we can’t know the full truth about anything all at once.  We learn that truth in stages, be it the ABCs, or the 123s, manufactured housing, or whatever the subject happens to be.

So, we do need patience for each other, and that sincere desire to know the truth.


The necessary truths about our industry was buried in stages.

Now, like gold, the truths about manufactured housing will have to be uncovered and refined in stages.

Different people will learn that truth at different paces.

But as enough professionals – if even one committed professional at a time – in a given market, is willing to take the long view, do what’s right by every customer, and share that truth routinely, given good health, etc. there will be tremendous success over time for that professional.

The reverse is also true, and the industry has been paying the price for short term thinking and behavior for decades.  Don’t believe it?  Check out last week’s fact-based post.


The Truth Well Told.  The Truth told routinely.  Behavior that aligns with that truth as perfectly as possible.


These are the ways our industry advances.  That truth is told, and best practices must occur at the local market level.

And for any of those who settle for less than the truth?  Sad. ## (Overview, analysis, commentary.)

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By L. A. “Tony” Kovach,
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