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Part of our Future for Factory Built Housing

Just as businesses need to communicate with past, present and potential clients, so too industries need to do the same. Communications has always been, is now and will always be part of the success – or failure – for any endeavor, personal or professional. So it self-evident that a key part of the future for factory built housing is going to be based on Communications.

As just noted, communications are multi-layered. Communications must be internal as well as external. In the context of an industry, quality trade journals are an essential part of that communications process as an ‘in-reach.’ In the Internet revolution, online trade magazines or “Ezines” are a fixed and growing part of the landscape. When virtually all major – and many minor to mid-sized – newspapers have gone online (with or without print), the trend towards online industry ezines is bright indeed.

Which brings us to www.MHMSM.com; the factory-built housing industry, businesses and professionals like your enterprise’s team members and yourself.

Speaking of Communications…

We are going to launch Podcasting here at www.MHMarketingSalesManagment.com in a matter of days. The plan as it stands will be to have podcasts of all feature articles, most blog posts, and Industry news articles too! Imagine, being able to download Industry news or views you can use from your home PC onto your IPod, MP3 player, smart phone or burning it to a CD. Imagine listening to news or vital business tips from pros as you exercise, on the way to your office, store or wherever your travels or needs takes you. Where else can you find such a service among trade publications for manufactured and modular housing?

It will be another exclusive for www.MHMSM.com readers…who can through podcasting become our listeners!

Speaking of listening…

…wait until you hear our voice talent for this Podcast project.

Erin Patla, the Voice for www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com Podcasting

Erin Patla, the "Voice for www.MHMarketingSalesManagement.com Podcasting "

When my wife tells me that Erin Patla’s voice is easy and pleasing to listen to, it is safe for me to say the same. Listen once to an article, blog post or news item with Erin’s upcoming podcasts for www.MHMSM.com and don’t be surprised if you will want to keep coming back for more.  Great content and good delivery are sure to meet with Erin.

Erin Patla is joining the www.MHMSM.com team as the

Erin Patla is joining the www.MHMSM.com team as the "Voice for INdustry News & Views you can Use" Podcasting

Industry Business leaders and advertisers…think about sponsoring our pod-casts, because they are going to be popular. We’ll share a study soon that reported on the amazing results pod-casting has demonstrated in learning and in marketing/advertising, but think for now great top of mind positioning.

With our industry moving into rebound mode, the time for marketing, ads and positioning is now! With buyers starting to come back into the market, the time for personal and staff development is now!

A few more quick items…

George Allen suggested in a recent conversation with Ken Rishel and myself that we do a poll of our writers and state what percentage of them are members of a state or national association. I thought it was a great idea and a terrific point. While the polling isn’t complete, what I can report to you right now is that some 70% of our writers are confirmed factory-built housing Industry association members. Others, such as Zig Ziglar, have a national or even global stature and experience that cross industry lines.

Speaking of writers, Ken Rishel will join our team this month. George Allen has committed to doing an exclusive interview with us this summer, and we are exploring other ways of collaborating in the weeks and months ahead.

April set new records in numbers of readers, numbers of page views and time on the site, thank you!

Our new May issue will go live in a matter of days. So please read, download or re-read those articles you’ve missed. Encourage your friends and associates to take The Silver Bullet challenge. Enjoy what many of our readers tell us is some of the best content and news they’ve seen in our Industry. Or as one Industry pro recently said, “I love your Ezine!”

Thanks for making us the top read and fastest growing Industry trade magazine. We love the factory built housing industry, we love our great team of writers and we love to bringing you – our readers – All the Best!’ ##

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
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