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Show Time and the Manufactured Housing Industry

April 5th, 2011

March Madness is history and UConn fans revel in their team’s win over favored Butler. Now the NBA playoffs begin April 16.

A more brilliant history has been made in LouisvilleTunica… and is coming up in YorkTulsa… the venues of this year’s great manufactured home shows. Irving Berlin said it first about the Greatest Show on Earth, but there’s no reason why it can’t apply to these Industry Shows as well: the HOMExpo 2011, billed as the Only Factory Built Housing Show in the Northeast Region, and the 2011 Great Southwest Home Show, the Biggest Indoor Home Show:

There’s no business like [MH] show business
Like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing
Everything the traffic will allow…
Let’s go on with the show
Let’s go on with the show!
The show!
The show!

Scheduling these Industry shows in the first four months invigorates and motivates, inspires and propels the vendors and attendees – professionals and public alike – to fresh enthusiasm for the remaining eight months of the year. Fresh enthusiasm for the excellent product we call factory-built homes: HUD code manufactured, modular, panelized… Fresh appreciation for the Industry pros you can meet in person, for the seminars and workshops, the products and services that surround and support these homes and the variety of locations in which they can be sited. Fresh enthusiasm for buyer-affordability and vendor-profitability in what can be an Industry Turn-around Year!

Which shows did you attend and/or will you be attending? What features were most helpful for you and your business? What didn’t happen that you would like to see included in next year’s shows? MHMSM.com would like to hear from you on these subjects. Use our Discus system to leave a public comment at the bottom of this article, or email Tony@MHMSM.com or Catherine@MHMSM.com for a private one. We respect your privacy, and share names/contact information when you give permission to do so.

Speaking of winners and Industry pros who always make their shots, let’s get to our new line-up of Featured Articles and Reports! This month we introduce our Featured Articles according to Subject Category, listed alphabetically. We hope by doing so to optimize your time with us by allowing you to more quickly identify a topic that interests you. We also welcome four new contributors this month: Mark Hunter, Tracey C. Jones, Donna Rishel and Kirk Chittick. So here are “All the Best” Top-Talent professionals!

Featured Articles and Reports

for Vol. 2, No. 7, 2011

Alphabetically by Category


Edward ‘Eddie’ Hicks – Manufactured Home Communities
Who the H*ll Wants to Live in a Trailer Park?

Chrissy Jackson – Land Lease Community Management
Guidelines for Living: What Should this Guideline Achieve?

Joanne Stevens – Manufactured Home Community Value
Top 10 List: What Community and Park Owners Think Makes Their Property Worth More

Don Westphal – Manufactured Home Community Planning
Extreme Makeover, Community Edition – aka Ryder Park, Milford, CT – Introduction


Paul Bradley – Manufactured Housing Industry Financing
IBIS Report on “Dying Industry” Misses the Mark

Dave Shanklin – Manufactured Housing Industry Financing
Record-Low Loan Rates Attracting Buyers of Manufactured Homes in Leased Land Communities

Donna Rishel – Manufactured Housing Industry Finance Commentary
Are Outside Investors Doomed to Fail?

Kenneth Rishel – Manufactured Housing Industry Finance Commentary
Is Lease to Own a Safe Harbor from the SAFE Act?


George F. Allen – Manufactured Housing Industry Commentary
Will Euphemisms Save the Manufactured Housing Industry?

Michael Barnabas – Manufactured Housing Industry Solutions
A look at Randy Rowe’s 5 Point Plan for Manufactured Housing Industry Recovery

Tracey C. Jones – Resources for Manufactured Housing Business Success
23 Ways You Can Grow Your Manufactured Housing Community Business

L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – Manufactured Housing Industry Perspective
The Manufactured Housing Rut

George Porter – Manufactured Housing Retail and Media Education
Adapt, Migrate or Die – Part I: Adapt


Greg McClanahan – Soft Skills and Personal Development
Thanks, Joe!

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration
ZigOn…Listening to the Coach

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration
ZigOn… Employment Security


Nadeen Green – Legal, Fair Housing
Top Dog – or, Man’s Best Friend Is Fair Housing’s, Too!


Tim Connor – Management
8 Reasons Why Employee Development (Training) Is a Waste of Money!


Chad Carr – Internet Marketing and Sales
By the Numbers – Part 2

Bob Stovall – Manufactured Housing Use of Internet & Social Media
Is Cloud Computing Just Pie-in-the-sky?


Tim Connor – Sales
Overcoming Sales Slumps

Mark Hunter – Sales
Your Customer’s Price Investment Ratio (PIR)

Mike Moore & Kirk Chittick – Sales
12 Step Program to Recover from the Effects of Traditional Sales Training

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