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The Future of MH, Scott Roberts and the Tunica Manufactured Home Show!

March 22nd, 2015 No comments

There are many paths to success in Manufactured Housing. For example, we are seeing more communities doing what we suggested some time ago. Namely, that they should be community-based so they can sell into their own MH Land Lease Community or sell onto private property. There are actual new street retail locations opening, as we report new locations periodically in our industry’s best Daily Business News.

There are also a growing number of new MHCs opening, as well as MHC expansions, for the first time in years.

Those who are recycling the used MHs in the MHCs for the 4th, 5th or 10th time have one type of business model that can work. Then there are those – like Scott Roberts – who are investing in new operations that focus on new, appealing and more upscale product.

No wonder that A Cup of Coffee with...Scott Roberts has been a red hot read. Scott will be part of our panel discussion at the Tunica MH Show, The Future of Manufactured Housing. Please see this link for more details.

Speaking of Tunica, this year will be – as MHI Chairman Nathan Smith described it – a “layered event.” What that means is you bring a jacket in the morning, which you might shed in the afternoon. It looks like an umbrella might be a good idea, but it will be worth it to see the dozens of new models, the latest from MH lenders and exhibitors and of course the popular business building seminar series.  In other words, it will be worth the trip no matter what the weather man says or does.


The link to the 2015 Tunica Show Brochure and more is found here. We’ll be at booth #73, when we aren’t in the seminar room, among the models or in the exhibit hall! We’ll be there starting Monday morning, we hope to see you there too. Kindly stop by and say hi.  

If you aren’t pre-registered, you should bring a photo ID and your business card to get in. Affordable housing is the future, and we’ve got it with MH.  Learn more to earn more, come to Tunica as pros from coast to coast will be doing in the next few days. ##

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Accessing Praised MH Business Building Education

January 28th, 2015 No comments

The 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show is 2 months away, and most of the same highly praised business building seminars showcased at last week’s Louisville Show will be available in Tunica.

If you just couldn’t make this Louisville Show’s business building educational seminars, the 2015 Tunica Show will feature much of the same presentations, panel discussions and content that drew high praise from Louisville Show attendees. We will feature comments – written and video! – from seminar attendees in the days ahead.

For more details on the new location for the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show and their seminars, please click here.


15% growth in 2015?

One of the manufacturers we spoke with at Louisville told us that they would not be surprised if their business grew another 15% in 2015. We did a number of video interviews during the Louisville Show, including with that corporate leader. Stay tuned as we roll those out, starting in February.

That said, with the right touch, MH could grow further and faster. We spoke with a number of retailers and communities who are exploring the IGA of Manufactured Housing path to growth. Learn more about that at the Tunica Show in March.


National or Regional?

The MH industry is regional and local market based. That said, we saw MH Pros from coast-to-coast travel to Louisville last week.

For a “regional” trade show, Louisville had a truly national attendance and attention! MHI and MHARR were both well represented at the event. National companies often had their top people there. Hall of Fame MH Industry legends and new legends-in-the-making made the scene.

For the fifth straight year, the show has grown in attendance. Is it any coincidence that the industry has also grown during that same period?

Plugging into resources that provide the insights and proven strategies needed for growth will be on display at the approaching Tunica Show. We’ll be there, will you? ##

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New Financing for MH in 2015; Plus DC, Tunica and Louisville Updates

January 11th, 2015 No comments

A lender who’s firm originated hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages in December is poised to enter manufactured home (MH) lending. That lender holds a high level management role. Our source has been talking to us for about 2 1/2 years, as part of their expanding their understand of the MH space. He tells us their entry could happen in time for the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

There are a number of reasons this should be welcome news in MH retail and community circles. The way this particular loan program is toon-clips-laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank=credit-posted-masthead-mhpronews-com-being described, the rates and terms would be competitive with its conventional housing counterpart. The loans could be made on manufactured homes in both fee simple and land-lease scenarios.

Stop by booth #115 at the Louisville Show and leave your business card to get follow up announcements expected on what looks like a unique, non-recourse MH lending option.

Manufactured Housing’sDC Talk

Sources close to Arlington-based MHI tell MHProNews that the Manufactured Housing Institute is giving off-the-record assurances to MHARR. The issue is MHI’s planned hiring of a full time membership recruiter, and the alleged assurance is to not use that yet-to-be-hired recruiter to ‘go after’ MHARR’s members. If that plays out that way, it’s a bullet dodged for all, and thus good news for an industry tired of periodic tugs-of-war between the two national trade associations.

But dozens – if not hundreds – of high level eyes will watch to make sure such a detente proves to be true. Of course, we will track that for you too.

More DC talk. As we foreshadowed the night before the official MHI word was released, Lesli Gooch was hired to replaced Jason Boehlert. We welcome Ms. Gooch to MHI, and hope for the best in the important work that needs to be done on Capital Hill and with regulators.

Tunica Surprise

We’ve known for week’s about the upheavals that have taken place with respect to the late March, 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. While we lightly hinted, this was a deliberate “failure to report.” It was important for the Tunica Show to come up with a strong plan B, when a specific Harrah’s manager allegedly threw a major monkey wrench into the mix.

That said, we now want to tip the hat to Jen Hall, who also knew (and who is not our source on this), for her bold and smart effort to try and repair the Harrah manager’s curve ball. The Mississippi executive’s effort deserves a separate article someday, but until then, Jen – as some say…”good-on-ya!”

For the official word on “what’s up” with the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, please click here.

Louisville is Large and in Charge!

Louisville has been the big #1 in attendance for U.S. Manufactured Housing Events two years running! Even with a clear-but-cold long range forecast for 2015, preregistrations for Louisville are running nicely ahead of the 2014 pace.


Change up on Wednesday Morning Presentation schedule!

Please see the Daily Business News Monday morning for updates on the first Wednesday morning Speaker’s line up. Bill Matchneer, MHI’s CEO Dick Jennison and the MMHF Chairman – speaking about MH finance and more – will all be on the revised plan for the first, fast paced hour. Don’t miss it.

Everything at the Kentucky Exhibition Center is all indoors, in climate controlled comfort. Here is a snapshot!

  • New Homes! – more manufacturers than any year since 2010! See this page linked here.

  • Lenders, on homes, MHCs and inventory. The full compliment of dependable MH lenders will be at Louisville, of course. See the finance panels at this link here.

  • Suppliers! Compare quality providers side by side, see exhibitors line up, linked here.

  • Quality and free ‘SRO’Business Building Seminars! SRO stands for Standing Room Only, as was the case in most of last year’s sessions. So Show Management has grown the space by 30% so you can take a seat if you were standing last year.

There are lots of reasons the attendance and excitement has been strong and growing year after year. Come see why first hand. We will be at booth #115. Drop off your business card, and we’ll keep you posted on lending and other industry news, free of charge. Wasn’t it the TV character “Kojack” who said, “Who loves ya, baby!We love MH!

My wife, our growing-in-MH-trade-show-fame 8 year old son, a guest and myself will all be there to say hello.

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Want to grow? Then Go to the Louisville Show. See you bright and early Wednesday at the KEC Seminar Room at 8:30 AM! ##

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