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Manufactured Housing’s Professional Crucifixion

March 30th, 2018 No comments


Let’s be crystal clear at the outset.


Only One can claim to have been betrayed by a close comrade, arrested, found guilty at three separate rigged trials, beaten, brutally whipped/scourged, mocked, marched off on public streets, crucified, died, and was buried in a borrowed grave for our sins on a Friday that’s paradoxically called Good. 


Only One can claim to have undergone all of that, and then rise from the dead. And if experts who’ve long studied the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo are correct, that One left strong evidence that’s inspired billions of souls throughout the centuries ever since. 

Respectful of our weak yet free will that He died for, Jesus of Nazareth beckons us to look anew, and apply what happened almost 2000 years ago to our own time, and our own circumstances.

Let’s do so, and apply that Way to our often troubled profession.



Manufactured Housing’s Crucifixion

Take up your cross, and follow Me,” Jesus said. Surely at first blush, those words ranks as the worst sounding invitation of all time.

So why did so many in that era take those striking words literally?  When thousands were likewise sentenced to their own cruel deaths by Roman authorities, and by the politicos and hired thugs of their time?

The fact that hundreds of Hebrew Scriptural references seem to fit Jesus’ life so well, isn’t enough for many among the masses. That’s no slam, it’s simple reality. Perhaps understandably so, because like Peter, even Jesus’ followers routinely deny Him, and turn away…

…only to return more humbly again. 

After all, we are sinners.  It’s the one thing that Saul – who originally persecuted believers, and who became the Paul that preached what he had first disdained – said we have in common.

Through the lens of Good Friday, let’s look at Manufactured Housing’s own crucifixion.

Day by day, our industry is mocked in the media. Manufactured homes are a political football that’s kicked and passed around, fumbled, sold out for thirty pieces of silver, and often frustrated by forces seemingly larger than the 22 million now being served.

No wonder it’s ignored by so many, when it commonly goes under false names like “trailer house,” or dated terms like “mobile home,” even though no new mobile homes have been shipped in the U.S. since the first manufactured homes were built on June 15, 1976.

At Christmas, believers heard and read that Jesus was born in a stable, exiled outside of town. It was the social outcasts of that era – the shepherds – who heard the herald angels sing; not the rich, famous, or powerful.

While some brave souls with millions in net worth own manufactured homes, many more shun them, just because of the unfair rep.

And that’s just fine for scores of locals and so called leaders scattered across our land.  Is it better to have half a million homeless? Is it better to have tens of millions locked in poverty? Why not consider the obvious solution? The one hiding in plain sight?

Better – some wrongly believe – to waste billions a year on programs for rentals that can never solve the growing American housing crisis…

…or so the deeds of the short sighted, ignorant, lazy, greedy or corrupt would have millions think.  Never doubt that forces favoring and profiting from subsidized rental housing resists the obvious solution of manufactured homes.

Last week, HUD Secretary Ben Carson – world renowned for his achievements in medicine – was mocked by some in politics and the media too.

Like the president, vice president, cabinet, administration and the American people they serve, they too are all being sold out at every opportunity.  Sometimes that betrayal is by those who are supposedly in their own party, and among their supporters.

No wonder so many of us won’t take the label of Democrat or Republican. Like Judas Iscariot, the news often gives more attention to the behavior of the wicked, than to the behavior of the those trying to do good.  Spotlight some embarrassing incident, no matter how long ago, or regardless of how irrelevant to the important job at hand.

Secretary Carson, teed up by a question from Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), talked about how “Amazing” today’s manufactured homes are.

Carson called many of the regulations of manufactured homes “ridiculous.”  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see the truth that what you build indoors in a production center will cost you less than the same thing built outdoors on scattered locations. Save time, buy materials in bulk, cut wasted and stolen items down, save labor, and you’ll save money. 

That’s why Secretary Carson could honestly say that manufactured homes often look like and rival conventional housing, and cost less. Per the U.S. Census Bureau, they are about half the cost per square foot as site building.

There’s an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis, as Carson himself observed.

So why aren’t manufactured homes embraced?

One might as well ask, why don’t all embrace the cross of Christ? 


Manufactured Housing’s Judas

We will link up below the betrayal of manufactured homes by people, who like Judas, sold the industry out so that they could play the corrupt game in the temple that the money changers did in Jesus’ time.

But those corrupt industry folks, who are building “a moat” to enrich the few to the harm to the many, have been killing off competitors by an abuse of economic and political power.  Like Pilate or his brutal soldiers, they have various kinds of blood on their hands.

Some historians claim Pilate converted later in his life. Some say, some of Pilate’s soldiers and executioners did too. If it’s possible then, it is possible now too.

It took the most grueling and unjust death of all time to bring about the conversion of so many souls over the ages. It took Dieced – the killing of the God who become Man – to win victory over Satan. That’s what made this Friday, Good.

We can’t be surprised if we too have a unique cross to take up too.

On the other side of the darkness of Good Friday, comes the bright sunrise of Easter Sunday.

Manufactured housing has been crucified for years.  It was buried in certain ways by some, including those who falsely claim to be the industry’s allies. Pilate and the authorities spread lies to cover their tracks after they killed the Christ, too.

Might our misunderstood and maligned profession – given Secretary Carson’s and the Trump Administration’s leadership, and enough people of good will across the left-right political divide – support as needed our industry’s much needed rebirth?

Will the needs of the many outweigh in time the blindness and greed of the few? 

If enough do the politically incorrect in our time, then Senator Tillis’ and Dr. Carson’s insights will prove to be wise. In turn, millions more will be served, and can lead a better life.

But never forget, it was corrupt men who sold out Jesus. It was those guilty of sinful avarice, the ignorant, the lazy, the paid assassins, that killed the Savior. And the crowd watched. Some stunningly cheered, “Crucify him!” ## (Masthead op-ed, news, analysis, and commentary.)

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(Third party images, cites are provided under fair use guidelines.)


Tony took the photo at the right.

ThereAreOnly2WaysToLearnOwnOthersExperiencesLATonyKovachManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNews-575x235By L. A. “Tony” Kovach,
award-winning consulting, publisher, web, video, recruiting, sales training, business development service provider. | | Office 863-213-4090 |

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That’s Debatable – Affordable Housing, Manufactured Homes, Trillion$ Await

December 16th, 2017 No comments

It was 15 years ago, but back then, MHI was correct to quote Harvard’s Eric Belsky.

MultipleReasonsExpectManufacturedHousingDoBetterThanSiteBuiltHousingEricBelskyEecDirJointCenterHousingStudiesHarvardUnivDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhat happened to Belsky’s prediction, that kept manufactured housing from reaching its promised potential?

That’s debatable.



We outlined in a cross-referenced, fact-based analysis and commentary part of what allegedly happened to the then-and-now potential for federally regulated, HUD Code manufactured homes to meet America’s affordable housing needs in the “Smoking Gun” report linked below.

4 Sentence Executive Summary of “Smoking Gun

Warren Buffett’s customary reading and research led Berkshire-Hathaway to buy up Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt, 21st, Oakwood, and other manufactured home connected businesses.  Using MHI as a chosen vehicle, they took a series of steps that arguably benefited their operations, often at the expense of numerous others.

Want evidence and reasoning to support that claim?

—> See the 21st Mortgage Corporation document -part of the “Smoking Gun” report and analysis – linked above.

Warren Buffett’s Famous “Perverse” Quote, Applied to Manufactured Housing

In “Perverse,” 3 Buffett Quotes are applied to manufactured housing.  ExecSummary? ‘He doesn’t think the industry will change, so he’ll win?’


“Perverse”–Warren Buffett-Dodd-Frank, CFPB, Manufactured Housing, Loans, Independent Businesses Fact Check$

We looked recently at what Buffett and his successor fear.  ExecSummary? A breakup.

Who Will Replace Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway? Expert Insights, Video & Manufactured Home Industry Outlook

We’ve also spotlighted the growing signals from the Trump Administration that the 45th president is eyeing anti-trust – read anti-monopoly – actions.

Based on prior reports on what Buffett fears – a Berkshire Hathaway breakup – is there any reason to think that Buffet’s empire – including Clayton – isn’t in the president’s cross-hairs?

President Raises the M-Word, “Monopoly,” Plus Manufactured Housing Industry Market Update$

The time to discover and debate replacing the Manufactured Housing Institute, should be engaged in now.

A third-party report on that subject is teed up from the Daily Business News item, linked below.

Study Recommending New Manufactured Housing Association for Independent Retailers, Communities, Lenders, Others Released

You can find the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform’s (MHARR) detailed report on the need for a post-production association, linked below.

MH Debates, Discussions and…

At Tunica in 2017, we invited the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) to join the discussion – debate, if you will – the issue of media engagement, and their (in)effectiveness in that realm.  MHI’s PR person ducked out.

Frank Rolfe said yes.

That led to the following.

Frank Rolfe: Pressured into Silence? Manufactured Housing Industry, and Journalism

At Deadwood in 2017, Rick Robinson had the perfect opportunity to prove in front of dozens of industry professionals why what they’ve done is so brilliant, and why MHARR, this writer, MHProNews and other critics of theirs are all so wrong.


Robinson ducked in front of dozens.

I’m inviting – challenging MHI – to a public debate/discussion at Louisville, to be video recorded.  Video would allow the entire industry – and all other interested parties – to see and learn from the discussion/debate.


MHI’s own actions convinced me of several things.

Line those actions up – using Marty Lavin’s logic – with the money.  Doesn’t it lead you to the same places that Dems and Republicans alike have discovered about Berkshire Hathaway/Clayton Homes/VMF/21st hold over MHI, and the industry?


Marty Lavin Lashes the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) Latest Initiative

Debate is useful.

Scholars, and thinkers debate.

Business and investment professionals in their board rooms debate.

Politicians (sort of) debate.

Let’s be blunt. MHI to date has lacked the confidence to debate their true performance. They’ve had other opportunities. Do they really want the industry to starkly see what has been taking place in recent years? Would it embarrass them, and their string pullers? “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Why not a great debate on the trillions in opportunities that could flow to factory-home builders, much of it to HUD Code builders?

NAR’s Yun – No Quick Fixes Spell$ Manufactured Housing Opportunitie$

The Yun Report demonstrates what we’ve said for years. There are trillions in opportunities in MH, but only for those willing to step out of the chains of the past into the bright opportunities of tomorrow.

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

That will be a focus on the next, popular – Monday Morning Sales Meeting.


In some 600 words, you now have a link-laced snapshot of what third-parties and this writer believes is the truth is about the manufactured housing industry potential.  What successful pros are doing to grow at significantly faster rate than Clayton and Cavco.


You also now know what Mr. Buffett is counting on – inaction – that keeps most of the industry from enjoying the fruits of those opportunities.

Trends in MH Communities, Impacting Producers; Looming Crash?

Failure to act, will have consequences for still more independent producers, retailers and communities, as the link above demonstrates.

MHI?  Louisville Debate date/time, please?

How about the afternoon before the event begins? “We Provide, You Decide.” ## (Editorial commentary, analysis, opinion, news, fact-checks, manufactured housing.)


L. A. “Tony” Kovach presenting to a packed house.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach |
Office 863-213-4090 |

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. “
– Henry Ford


Mandamus! Magnificent May in MHVille, 2017

May 21st, 2017 No comments




Example 1, of many possible examples.


Mandamus –

Wikipedia › wiki › Mandamus

Mandamus (“We command”) is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court, to any government subordinate court, corporation, or public authority—to do (or forbear from doing) some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do (or refrain from doing)—and which is in the nature of public duty…”


Collage credit,

The attorneys will sort out the details. But think about HUD, enhanced preemption, local zoning, and a host of other possible applications to this under-utilized legal remedy.

We’ve been part of a quiet effort at setting the stage for what we will briefly pencil out.

Already underway, unveiling soon and through the end of this year – and likely well beyond – we see opportunities for manufactured housing to advance in many profitable ways.

Among them are proper strategic and tactical uses of legal remedies.  Some of what has been discussed with the legal minds already include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Multi-Billion Class Action.
  • Bad faith.
  • Tortious interference in a business relationship.
  • FOIA.
  • Mandamus.
  • False advertising.
  • Failure to perform.
  • Slander/defamation/liable. 
  • RICO.
  • Constitutional arguments.
  • More…

The attorneys will sort out the details. Some of the above could be done with contingency attorneys. Other will require a more traditional funding of the attorney/client relationship.

Some efforts can be enhanced in strategic legal alliances with other similarly-impacted and injured people, groups and organizations. 

Know it or not — you, many of our clients, readers, we, and others in manufactured housing are being harmed day-by-day.  It’s time to end that, isn’t it? To unshackle the potential of your business and our industry?

Disclosure. We’re not attorneys, and thus the legal remedies outlined here are as seen through the lens of a lay person. But my humble take on the early discussions with the “suits” – past and present – leads me to think that ground-breaking changes are possible.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill.


Collage credit,

Those profitable changes will come through a combination of:

·        Education. Internal (industry professionals) and external (to public officials, media and the public at large.

·        Lobbying/Engagement (advocacy, education)

·        Marketing

·        Pro-Industry Trade Media (,

·        Mainstream Media Engagement.

·        Trade media and services expansion.

·        Legal action.

We will be looking for parties who are already in – or are poised to enter – manufactured housing. Forward thinkers, ready to step out and participate at various levels in these efforts.

We will also be looking for allies – impacted parties ready to participate, tired of the status quo and willing to do more than complain about it.

Picking the right test cases and parties to be involved will be important.

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

To the Victors Go the Reward$. To the losers goes the dregs.

My thanks to all who visit and support, starting with my amazing family, our fine team, and all those visible and invisible who make this and our sister platform possible.

Thanks too for our readers – for the words of encouragement, tips and insights – and for letting me share the extended teaser above.

Now – as promised Friday – with no further adieu, please find the line-up for the Featured Articles for Magnificent May below. ##


15 Minutes a Day on MHProNews and – free news, reports, insights,  and inspirations for the Public and Professionals that provides resources for industry image, education, and thus fuels growth.

Terrible FHFA Duty to Serve Rule Leads to Useless Fannie And Freddie DTS Chattel Plans
by Mark Weiss


M. Mark Weiss.

Washington, D.C., May 9, 2017 – The entirely discretionary final “Duty to Serve Underserved Markets” (DTS) rule published by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on December 29, 2016 Read more …


“Your Nothing More Than a Bunch of D-mn Republicans!”
by Soheyla Kovach


This story is a quick insight into the Washington, D.C. Swamp. Read more …


MHVillage Announces New Industry Service
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsGrand Rapids, Michigan-based MHVillage, the nation’s number one website for buying, selling, and renting mobile and manufactured homes, tells MHProNews that it has introduced a new text notification feature, MHVfastLead™. Read more …


The Start of Zoning Wins for Manufactured Housing?
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Kilgore, Texas, an ordinance that has stopped the inclusion of new manufactured homes outside of specific communities is now under scrutiny. Read more …


Triad Financial New Program for MH Retailers
By RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsTriad Financial Services, Inc. tells MHProNews that it has formed the Triad Manufactured Home Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) for manufactured home dealers. Read more …


Affordable Housing, Manufactured Home Communities the Other Side of Rent Control
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn an update to the story that the Daily Business News originally covered here, residents at the Thetis Lake Campground community in View Royal, British Columbia, Canada, are facing an imminent threat.
Read more …


Are Mobile Home Fires Burning the Manufactured Housing Industry?
RC Williams,

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsThis follow up has an interesting and important twist for the industry. First, let’s lay out the facts.
Read more …


Communities! Your Source for Drain & Sewer Cleaning, from Drainlines to Mainlines – Electric Eel
by Mark Speranza

Communities, you know how often you face drainline, mainline and other related cleaning issues. Discover a common-sense, one-stop solution. Read more …


Could MHI Have Helped Kill CFPB? Another Opportunity Missed? MH Lending, Legal Report
RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsAs industry professionals are already aware, the CFPB has restricted high cost and other loans on manufactured homes.
Read more …


May, 2017 – Significant Manufactured Housing Production Increases Continue
by Mark Weiss, JD


M. Mark Weiss.

Washington, D.C., May 3, 2017 – The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) reports that according to official statistics compiled on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Read more …


What Are Your Conversion Ratios? MH Marketers or Sellers of Manufactured Homes
by L. A. “Tony” Kovach

tony- kovachThe Conversion ratios topic is one that only the focused few in our industry consider. Multi-Family Insider wisely says, ‘you can only manage what you measure.’ Read more …


Jenny Hodge, National Community Council, Public Time-Bomb Deployed on Manufactured Housing Institute, Prominent MHI Lender
By Soheyla Kovach


It’s axiomatic.  Read more …


ROC USA announce Partnership
RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsMHProNews has learned that National Cooperative Bank (NBC) of Hillsboro, Ohio and MetLife have teamed with ROC USA and their ROC USA Capital arm, a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution, to offer additional financing allowing manufactured home community residents to purchase the communities they live in. Read more …


“Fishing in the Right Pond,” Manufactured Home Loan Insights by Credit Human’s Barry Noffsinger.
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachA picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes so is a good power point presentation. Read more …



Kevin Clayton at Clayton Homes Video Interview, Insights
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsYesterday, in part one of this series on the “Woodstock for Capitalists,” the Daily Business News focused on several aspects of the business, wit, insights, and politics of Warren BuffettRead more …


Outsourcing and the U.S. Economy: Can Trump Muscle Save the Day?
By RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIndia based IT services firm Infosys announced yesterday that they plan to hire 10,000 U.S. workers over the next two years and open up four additional technology centers, beginning in Indiana. Read more …


Joe Stegmayer Sheds Cavco Stocks, CG Gains, Markets Meh
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNoteworthy headlines on CNNMoney – Massive ransomware attack hits 99 countries.  Read more …


Obstacles and Opportunities in Affordable Housing – October 2016

October 5th, 2016 No comments

The front lines of the struggles for affordable housing are a routine backdrop to the news, tips and commentary found on MHProNews.  Our industry’s professionals know the solution is hiding in plain sight.

What’s next? How does that message advance more broadly into the public sphere?

No one can fix or accept what is overlooked, ignored or is misunderstood.

So as professionals, we must begin with candid reality checks.


As we kick-off the start of our eighth year of industry-leading trade publishing — Volume 8, Issue 1 — our readers will discover below a cross-section of the issues that millions of people, plus

  • policy advocates,
  • public officials,
  • investors,
  • academics and
  • the media often focus on.

Ron Thomas, Sr.

Manufactured housing is a phenomenon!” RV/MH Hall of Fame inductee, Ron Thomas, Sr. has told MHProNews.

He is so right.

What we are privileged to bring you and others are the insights of seasoned veterans:

  • like Thomas and dozens of others — from rising stars to the
  • movers, shakers and legends in MH.

Those MHProNews interviews are among the featured articles, reports and posts that are linked below,

  • experts who have studied the industry, reported on,
  • the most third-party manufactured home owner video interviews — also found on,
  • facts and critical analysis on controversial issues,
  • living the promise of our tag line — “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use.” ©

There are reasons why thousands of industry pros from coast-to-coast logged on today, and do so every day.

There are reasons why the experts and leaders share their candid comments more with MHProNews than any other industry source.

We are unabashedly pro-business, pro-consumer, pro-association and believe in mutual victories as the model for industry advancement. We are also the source that spotlights and holds the industry’s pros accountable to the professional standards that most MH pros sincerely strive to live and aspire to daily.

We must learn how to be good story-tellers who define ourselves — or else others who are less informed will define us — often to the detriment of industry, the public and policy makers.


We are leading that charge. This is why we’ve been called “the voice of manufactured housing.”

But that voice, as you will see in the articles and interviews linked below, are the voices of pros like you.

We thank our sponsors, writers, team members and readers who’ve made this the industry’s one-of-a-kind trade media platform.

With your involvement, help and the inspiration of the One, we strive to drive the dialogue that will take manufactured housing to its best years ever.

With no further adieu, let’s dive into the featured articles, interviews past and present, reports and posts that begin year eight. ##


And It Hurts So Bad…” – Emotional Damages & Fair Housing Law
by Nadeen Green, JD
nadeen-green-mhpronews-comSeptember for me will always be “back to school” time, even if so many schools, colleges and universities begin classes as early as August 1st (which is the case in the county where I reside). Read more…

Two sides of Protest, Controversy at Cal-Am’s Heritage Village, Beaverton, Oregon
by Joe Dyton,


The Oregonian andKATU News were among the area media covering the controversy surrounding Cal-Am Properties Heritage Village manufactured home community in Beaverton, OR.Read more…

Another Cup of Coffee with … Paul Bradley
a-cup-mhmsm-com1) Who, What and Where: (Your name, your role/job title and the organization or firm and where you are based.)
Paul Bradley, President, ROC USA, LLC, Concord, NH. Read more…

Making Money On Sales, But Enough Not at Year End?
by Tifanee McCall
TifaneeMcCall-MHWC-ResidentialWarrantyCompany-55x55Congratulations! You sold yet another new home. Read more…

$6.7 Billion in Opportunities Bubbling Up?
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovachBooms in West Texas, North Dakota and the Marcellus regions due to oil and gas drilling may have tamped down for a time, but one (or more) of those may be bubbling back up. Read more…

Northpoint Commercial Finance and Manufactured Housing Industry Veteran Announces Retirement
by NorthPoint Commercial Finance

NorthpointCommercialFinancemanufactured housing-150x150Jim Regan, Director of Business Development for Northpoint Commercial Finance, recently announced his retirement after 30 years in the floor plan financing industry. Read more…

Inmates Learn Factory-Home Building Skills
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55Prairie Gold Homes is helping build affordable housing options while giving inmates a chance to develop job skills all at the same time, reports Bruce Baker of theMcCook Gazette. Read more…

Florida 5 Star Coastal MHC | 368 Sites | Clearwater, Florida

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Christopher Nortley
Investment Summary Read more…

Millennials Need Affordable Housing, but “Trailer Park Boys” stigma slows Manufactured Home Acceptance
by RC Williams
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FEMA’s Manufactured Home Installations slow for Louisiana flood victims
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55A month after the historic flooding in Louisiana, many residents are still having trouble finding housing, reports WAFB’sScottie Hunter. Read more…

The Truth About Mobile and Manufactured Homes, Tornadoes and Windstorms
by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-With live audiences, in front of dozens of manufactured home industry professionals, Tony likes to ask a question that goes like this. Read more…

Battle Over Community Owner’s Rights vs. Resident’s Rights highlighted in St. Anthony case
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsResidents of the Lowry Grove community in the Minneapolis, MN suburb of St. Anthony lost their bid to block the sale of the property, according to a ruling by a Hennepin County Judge. Read more…

NorthStar Realty Finance’s target price and investor moves
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55Commercial real estate company NorthStar Realty Finance Corp (NYSE: NRF) recently received an average rating of “Hold” from a handful of analysts that are covering the firm, reportsBaseball News Source’s James Conley. Read more…

Conceding Nothing!
by Tyler Craddock
tyler-craddock-executive-director-virginia-manufactured-and-modular-housing-association55x55One of the great American minds of the 19th century shared the following thought. Read more…

Pending Denver Meadows Sale/Closure roils media, creating ripples and reactions from residents and owner
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55An already tumultuous relationship between Denver Meadows Mobile Home and RV Park owner Shawn Lustigman and the community’s residents has only gotten worse in recent weeks.Read more…

Glorifying the Misfits!
by Steven Lefler
steve-lefler-vp-modular-lifestyles-newport-pacific-manufactured-homes-mhpronews-com-AHere’s to the Crazy Ones, The Misfits, The Rebels, The Troublemakers, The Round Pegs in the Square Holes; The ones who see things differently. Read more…

Northern NIMBY? Controversy, but New Manufactured Home Development Gets OK’d
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThe opposition has been steady, and at times, with intense emotions on the side of those who wanted to ‘just say no’ to the redevelopment of a city park into a new, affordable, manufactured home development. Read more…

Ronald Reagan Video – on Why Freedom Isn’t Free
by Doug Gorman
Doug_Gorman_MHCC_posted_on_MHProNewsThis classic and timeless video serves as a reminder of why freedom isn’t free. Read more…

Community Owners, Residents Clash over Measure V
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55A full-blown battle over rent control is on in Humboldt County, CA, reports theLost Coast Outpost’s Ryan Burns. Read more…

“Crime, Trouble and Trailer Parks?” Studies Suggest Perceptions Drive Public Policy for Manufactured Home Communities
by L. A. “Tony” Kovach
tony- kovach“I found no evidence that these communities are bastions of crime and disorder.” Read more…

Wells Fargo and the CFPB – Who are Feds Working for – Consumers? Business? Itself?
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronews“I accept fully responsibility for all unethical sales practices,” Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf said in a prepared statement on Capitol Hill yesterday, testifying before the Senate Banking Committee. Read more…

Keeping Up with Manufactured Housing Industry News, Reports and Views – The Easy Way
by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-There is value in our listening to readers’ feedback, and what follows is one of several examples of how listening to readers helps us improve the delivery of Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use. Read more…

New Rules for Tiny Houses crafted, Manufactured Housing Connections
by RC WIlliams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThe saga of the legality of placement of tiny houses continues to play out throughout the United States. Coconino County, in north-central Arizona, is one such place. Read more…

“Trailer Trash” (sic) Talk – Manufactured homeowners and professionals ask – What’s in a name?
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55When retiree Lois Requist decided to downsize from her two-story condo to a manufactured home community in the San Francisco metro area, she was met with some resistance by friends and neighbors—some unfortunately threw the awful “T” word – “tr—lr trash” – at her. Read more…

by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsHouston County, MN commissioners chose to opt out of a recently enacted state law at their meeting on September 20th. Read more…

Emerging Mainstream News Trend? Are Positive Manufactured Home Reports Increasing?
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55As the U.S. population rises, the steady growth of the mainstream housing market probably comes as a surprise to few.  Read more…

Patrick Industries, Drew Industries Announce Executive Moves
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsPatrick Industries (NASDAQ: PATK) and Drew Industries (NYSE: DW)  – both based in Elkhart, Indiana- made executive level moves today. Read more…

Cimarron Park Estates | 97 Sites | Nolanville, Texas
by Christopher Nortley
ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Investment Summary Read more…

Billion-Dollar Micro-Modular War – Housing Homeless, but Unions Balk Over Importing Units From Abroad
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThousands are homeless in the storied city by the bay, and cardboard boxes are a clearly undesirable option. Read more…

U.S. Senator touts Lexington Homes, awarded $6.76 million contract from FEMA for manufactured homes
by Joe Dyton
Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55In the effort to provide shelter for the many displaced after the devastating August flooding in Louisiana, Mississippi-based Lexington Homes is about to step into the limelight, theClarion-Ledgerreports. Read more…

Your Shortcut to Dozens of Manufactured Housing Professional Interviews
by L. A. ”Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovachOver the years, we’ve done more interviews with more manufactured housing professionals than any other trade media operation in the history of the manufactured housing industry. Read more…

Manufactured Home Community grabs positive media via New Clubhouse Construction
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsWork started this month on a new clubhouse and community center for Sterling Estates, a manufactured home community in Adrian Michigan, 72 miles southwest of Detroit. Read more…

George Washington University, Small Business Administration Blast Proposed DOE Energy Rule for Manufactured Homes, as Hurting Consumers and Businesses,
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovachTwo New Reports by Federal and Academic Analysts Echo MHARR Objections. Read more…

Skyline Corporation Hits 52-Week High. Is Near-Term Analysis Positive?
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThe stock of Skyline Corporation (NYSE: SKY) hit a 52-week high of $12.72 last week, according to a recent report from BarChart. Read more…

Property Rights vs. Resident Rights – FoxNews Video, Manufactured Home Industry Voices sound off
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovach“No one should be forced to carry on a business that they want to close,” said Pacific Legal Foundation Attorney Larry Salzman. Read more…

CFO Josh Boone accepts award for Patrick Industries
by RC WIlliams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsElkhart, IN basedPatrick Industries (NASDAQ: PATK), a provider, supplier and producer for manufactured housing, RVs and other industries, received the 2016 Indiana Public Company of the Year award at a banquet at theINVSESTIndiana Equity Conference in Indianapolis. Read more…

UMH Properties Upscale MHC Clubhouse, Centerpiece for Upcoming Sales Center Grand Opening
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovachUMH Properties Inc. (NYSE:UMH)announced the grand opening of the Woods Edge Sales Center, located near the back entrance of their manufactured home community in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Read more…

Boulder City Planning Commission Approves Rezoning Of Mobile Home Park
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsPlans to transform what theBoulder City Review called a “blighted mobile home park” (sic) into townhouses came before the city’s planning commission. Read more…

County Zoning Administrator Aaron Lacher Opting Out “Granny Pod” Law

…Like a Rock
by Vic Frost
victor-frost-60x50No, this isn’t a Chevy truck commercial. It is a short, powerful quotable quote. Read more…

MHI announces their new Executive Committee board members, Award Winners
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThe Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) informsMHProNews that they have elected a new board of directors at its annual luncheon on September 26th.Read more…

Montesquieu – About The Law…
by Tyler Craddock
tyler-craddock-executive-director-virginia-manufactured-and-modular-housing-association55x55“Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.” – Montesquieu Read more…

What Does the Future Hold for Hybrid Prefab Homes?
by RC WIlliams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsThe broader factory-built home industry of the present and future are definitely not the mobile home industry of pre-June 15, 1976. Read more…

The Paradox of Freedom
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach
tony- kovachA paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement that may reveal a truth. A paradox of freedom is that it is rarely, if ever, free. Read more…

Another International Company Buying into U.S. Manufactured Home Communities
by RC Williams
rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsFollowing the lead reported in theDaily Business News of several large investors – including a huge international move in the MHC sector – Shinko Asset Management Co. Ltd. increased its position in Sun Communities Inc. (NYSE:SUI) by 14,305.3% during the second quarter, according to Shinko’s most recent 13F filing with the SEC. Read more…

Seeing A Week or Years Ahead
by Steven Lefler
steve-lefler-vp-modular-lifestyles-newport-pacific-manufactured-homes-mhpronews-com-A“The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. Read more…

American August in MHVille 2016

August 4th, 2016 No comments

In business and all other aspects of life, honest words and good deeds matter. The Ten Commandments include prohibitions not to lie, steal or cheat. In Acts, the Apostle Peter dramatically shows believers that reality as they witness a man and his wife die, one by one – for the error of deliberately misleading and deceiving.

So what does hell hold for the unrepentant politician who does these things?


There are honest mistakes, a slip of the tongue, poor choices of words, political fly-paper traps – and then there’s deliberate falsehoods and deception. As part of our American August in MHVille line up, my bride Soheyla uses words, thought-provoking images, satire and videos that take apart Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. A European university educated woman shares why Hill and Bill should not go back to the White House.


If you know it, share it.

I’m biased, but I think it’s well done. You look, and tell me, please. “We Provide, You Decide.” ©. As always, other thoughtful viewpoints are welcome.

Her already read-hot thought piece is linked below, along with over 20 more new featured articles. You’ll see why heavy readership by your peers and MH Enthusiasts set a NEW RECORD in July – per Webalizer – and that pace has already spilled over into August. Thank you!

Those reads Include a new Cup of Coffee with… a seasoned yet rising star at a historic MH operation. See that interview below.

We unveil the fact that the Trump family organization is in the factory-built housing business. Can you imagine what that could mean for our industry?! To quote the father of the potential first family, “That could be HUGE!” Two articles on that are linked below that you won’t find anywhere else in the MHIndustryNewsLand.


Image credit – collage of Industry Association logos by MHProNews, each logo is the property of  each organization, and is used here under Fair Use guidelines.

We have info and articles from MHARR and MHI. Be sure to check ’em out.

We have an article by a new expert writer to MHProNews on an interesting wrinkle in Dodd-Frank.

Matthew Silver shares his skills as he unpacks a Seeking Alpha report on investing in MH Communities (MHCs). In another article, Matthew also spotlights an honor received by Chris Nicely, CEO of Next Step Network.

MHRE shares facts and figures on two new properties, one an MHC another for RVs. See links below.

DataComp shares a new MHCommunities report.  MH Community pros and investors may find it timely.

Scott Roberts of Roberts Resorts shares insights on zoning for news MHCs, in connection with a hot report found here. You’ll find Scott’s comments linked below.

We have a new-to-you inspirational article by Zig Ziglar (thanks to his editor generously sharing with us!).

We have a thought provoker by Tim Connor; we’re glad he’s doing better, but not yet out-of-the-woods.  Savor his column…

You’ll find legal and Fair Housing focused articles, business to business, business to consumer articles by Soheyla and myself, and some political commentary from moi on why free enterprise matters, and why socialism always fails.  Let’s understand and defend our free enterprise system and the American Republic.


We set a new record in July 2016!  Thanks to all our readers, contributors, writers, sponsors and team members that made it possible. 15 Minutes a Day on MHProNews and the same on – free resources for the Public and Professionals – these provides fuel and resources for industry image, education and thus growth.

All that and more are linked below.

My thanks to the growing number on LinkedIn who took the time to share kind words on the 7th anniversary since we began the plans and work that became MHProNews.

That said, we launched Volume 1, issue 1 in mid-October 2009.  So it took about 2 months to plan, organize, build and launch what became the website. The start of our 8th year in publishing will be in October, and we hope to have some fireworks for you and the entire MH factory built housing industry then.

With no further adieu, let’s dive into the featured articles and reports for August 2016 – at the single hottest place in all of MH News, Tips and View You Can Use ©.


2016 JLT Market Reports Now Available for Major Markets in Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey and Louisiana

by Darren Krolewski

darren-krolewski-vp-mhvillage-posted-manufactured-home-professional-news-mhpronews-com-55x55Datacomp, publisher of JLT Market Reports, is pleased to announce that our comprehensive manufactured home community rent and occupancy reports are now available for major markets in Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey and Louisiana:

Read more…

A Cup of Coffee with…Bob Bender, The Commodore Corporation

a-cup-mhmsm-com1) Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at Commodore Homes and where your company is based).

Read more…

2016 Manufactured Housing Legal Update – McGlinchey Stafford – Where Business & Law Intersect

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachThey’ve been listed as “SuperLawyers.”

Read more…

TSA Portfolio | 889 Sites | Michigan

by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-MHRE Inc. is pleased to present the TSA MHC Portfolio, consisting of 3 communities in the following locations: Creekside Estates – Wyoming MI, Camelot Manor – Mt. Morris MI, and Saginaw Community Villas – Saginaw MI.

Read more…

The Fix, Cons, Racism, Media, RINOs, Democrats, Clintons vs. Donald Trump

SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-by Soheyla Kovach

Liars lie and deceivers deceive. Con-artists and spin-artist political hacks have much in common.

Read more…

DOE Public Meeting On MH Energy Rule Further Exposes Multiple Fallacies

by Mark Weiss

M-MarkWeiss-MHARRPresident-ManufacturedHousingAssociationRegulatoryReform-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as announced in the June 17, 2016 Federal Register publication of its proposed rule for manufactured housing energy standards, held a public meeting regarding that rule at DOE headquarters in Washington, D.C. on July 13, 2016.

Read more…

Getting Zoning Approvals for New Manufactured Home Communities

by Scott Roberts

ScottRobertsRobertsResorts-postedMHProNews-50x50Tony, I am not sure if you or the industry are going to like what I have to say.


Read more…

When MHI Does It Right, We Showcase That Too – Fair Housing

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachThere are a few voices – notably those supporting very specific missteps by MHI staffers that harm the industry – that have advanced a theory that MHProNews has turned against the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

Read more…

EPA Set To Publish Final Composite Wood Formaldehyde Rule

by Mark Weiss

M-MarkWeiss-MHARRPresident-ManufacturedHousingAssociationRegulatoryReform-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-As expected (see, June 13, 2016 MHARR Memorandum on publication of the “Spring 2016 Federal Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda”), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in a News Release issued on July 28, 2016,

Read more…

What you must know about Dodd-Frank Construction Loan Documentation Collection & Retention

by Maria DeAngelis-Vesey

Maria_DeAngelis-VeseyCEOEagleOne_Financial-postedonMHProNews-com-55x65Dodd-Frank has 141 separate guidelines that refer to or pertain to the Manufactured Home (MH) and the Modular Housing (Factory-Built Homes) Industry.

Read more…

You don’t solve a problem without recognizing the truth

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachThe following is a thought provoking quote, “You don’t solve a problem without recognizing the truth.” – Sean Hannity.

Read more…

Building Integration Photo Voltaic (BIPV) in HUD Code Manufactured Housing

by Steven Lefler

steve-lefler-vp-modular-lifestyles-newport-pacific-manufactured-homes-mhpronews-com-50x50= (1)The media has many articles on the scarcity of affordable housing in California. Many apartments have minimum vacancy and exorbitant rents.

Read more…

Ultimately Big Government Socialism Always Fails

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachUntil we get down to the root issues, we’ll keep hitting the same brick walls. Let’s consider the following facts. Cuba’s socialist economy is stuck in the past, impoverished by their system.

Read more…

Wild Frontier RV Park | 106 Sites | Ocala, Florida

 by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Wild Frontier is a 4-star RV Community located in Ocala, Florida.

Read more…

Revolution Homes – 1.1 Million Global PreFabs?! – Trump’s Are In Factory Built Housing

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachA couple of years ago, faithful readers may recall that MHProNews ran an article about the possibility that the Trump organization was in or getting into the factory built housing industry.

Read more…

NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program Teaches Leadership

by Matthew J Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1Chris Nicely, CEO of Next Step Network, a nonprofit supporter of affordable housing based in Louisville, KY, is one of 50 national leaders to have been chosen to participate in NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence Program, conducted at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard university.

Read more…

No Washington Insiders in a Trump Administration, says Eric Trump

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachThe Hill and Newsmax are among those media operations who are reporting to MHProNews that presidential candidate Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump is saying: A Trump administration won’t have a cabinet stacked with “Washington insiders.

Read more…

Investing in Manufactured Home Communities – Negative Perceptions, but the Industry Grows, says SeekingAlpha

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comThe glitz and glamor that attach to an ownership interest in businesses such as hotels, a race track or a small chain of upscale restaurants suddenly tarnishes for some when the investment being considered is manufactured home communities (MHCs).

Read more…

The NFIB Healthcare Playbook

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachThe National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) is perhaps the largest and best known trade association for the independent business person.

Read more…

Being the Best is an Advantage and MH Synergy

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-Being the best at something matters.

Read more…


by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-mhmsm-comThere is a significant difference between being lonely and being alone.

Read more…

ZigOn Teaching By Example

by Zig Ziglar

zig-ziglarThis little poem crossed my desk recently and it exposed a great truth:

Read more…

Manufactured Housing History! Manufactured Homes Turns 40-End of Mobile Home Era

June 15th, 2016 No comments

June 15, 1976. Assembly lines across America echoed the sounds of nail guns and power saws building new homes to strict federal performance standards for safety, energy and durability.  The mobile homes of the 1950s to the mid 1970s came to an end through federal legislation passed in 1974.  They evolved, becoming something different and better – manufactured homes. This wasn’t just a change in name, this was a truly historic advancement in quality, appearance, potential size, features, appeal and safety, as the articles and videos at the links below prove.  

The history of manufactured housing will reflect that in the early 1970s 60 Minutes and others in media lamented that some, but not all mobile homes then being built needed to be upgraded.  That negative attention sparked forward thinkers in the industry to address the black eye of unflattering news coverage, and moved MH Pros to help collaboratively establish the MH product improvement plan that followed.  

Those MH Visionaries then did not duck and run!  The Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards which MH Industry pros helped craft was passed into law in 1974.  Administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the federally preemptive manufactured home standards are thus commonly called the HUD Code, and went into effect on June 15, 1976.


To rephrase, the MH Industry faced its collective challenges some 42+ years ago, tackled them head on and worked with federal officials to establish a preemptive set of standards that become today’s manufactured homes.


The trailer house of yesteryear could often fit into the kitchen or kitchen/dining areas of millions of manufactured homes found in the U.S. today.  Stills at top right were captured from the RV MH Hall of Fame. Photo collage credits, MHLivingNews, SunshineHomes and ManufacturedHomes. 40th Anniversary image credit, McAllan Rotary South.

Establishing a narrative that is accurate yet compelling is an important part of the continuing efforts all industry professionals should support.

The videos that yielded the stills above were made possible by goal-oriented operations like Sunshine Homes, New Durham EstatesUMH Properties and others who support the public and professional sides of MHProNews and MHLivingNews.  

The MH Industry’s various independent and corporate operations – along with the industry at large – get precisely the results that their public and professional educational and marketing efforts merit.  Perhaps we pros need to be shocked into reality, by realizing that today, new manufactured home sales are only 1% of all conventional housing stock being sold.  That tiny percentage is an ouch, but it also suggests a tremendous upside opportunity for modern manufactured homes.


NAHB, NAR and MH Industry statistics on new manufactured home sales compared to existing home resales and new home starts. Still from a slide from Tuesdays With Tony webinar.

We’ve taken an informal survey of some manufactured home builders in various parts of the country.  Some areas are reporting a rise, others are holding steady or have slipped in new home sales to retailers, communities or builder/developers.  

So its nice to hear that Sunshine Homes is quietly reporting a healthy increase in business, one that not all of their region’s colleagues can make that same claim.  Retail and community operations we’ve teamed up with are also reporting sales growth and more sales in the mid-to-higher price-points. We tip the hat and thank them and all who are supporting the MH Alliance – Partners in Progress efforts to promote the industry’s true recovery.


Image credit, calculated risk.



in 2015, MH Industry totals topped 70,000.  MH is six years into its recovery, but still no where near our industry’s great potential. Among the causes for lower MH sales today are regulatory factors, as the CFPB focused video and article here shows, and the historic analysis of HUD linked here reflects. There are also a growing number of MH Pros who agree with the Masthead position that MH producers ought to be doing half-a-million or more annual new MH sales.  The graphics above strongly point to the fact that MH’s upside potential is amazing.

For manufactured housing to reach its true potential – which we believe could easily be 8 to 10 times current new home shipment levels – MH industry companies and associations should team up with the MH Alliance – Partners in Progress for serious educational efforts that can grow sales as more Americans grasp the MH reality today.  

The Team Work of the MH Alliance – Partners in Progress have gotten us this far in producing the kinds of vidoes and articles seen below.  The effort can improve and broaden as more MH operations of all sizes join in raising the tide for the boats of those involved.


Dick Moore from historic Dick Moore Housing, which has provided over 26,000 homes since it started business in the late 1950s. Still from video with historic footage, click here or the image above to see the video featuring MH then and now, and a conventional house being moved!

Here below are links to videos and articles that help make the case for modern manufactured homes as radically different – and so much better! – than what hundreds of millions of Americans imagine.  

This list goes on and on to dozens of articles that explain why manufactured homes today are safer in fires, can appreciate and grow in value, why frugal millionaires update old mobile homes or buy new manufactured homes. An ever-growing list of topics help refute outdated mobile home era myths with the new manufactured home realities


In concert with others, we are proud to be part of the solution for making manufactured homes more appealing to the public at large.

Good story telling is an important part of the MH Rebirth as the obvious solution for the expanding U.S. Affordable Housing Crisis.  

By sharing the good news of manufactured home living through the eyes of home owners who love their homes, experts who know them, realtors and other housing professionals who’ve taken the time to learn the facts about MH today.   Knowledge in turn allows all pros to guide and benefit their clients that much better.  Its a case of everyone involved wins. These are all key steps toward a brighter future for manufactured homes.  

Today, we not only celebrate some history – a look back at the past that brought us here, but also the present and future. Visionaries will benefit potentially millions of more Americans, creating or sustaining good jobs in the process.  

We as MH Pros have every reason to overall be proud of our industry’s history, while acknowledging dark moments along the way.  We must now spotlight the stories that prove that we are a vital part of mainstream housing, that needs to be expanded.  


While we can, should and must celebrate the 40th Anniversary of manufactured housing, let us not forget that the mobile homes of yesteryear were a huge blessing to millions then seeking an affordable home of their own. We should celebrate the fact that many of those old mobile homes are updated, and today still provide a good, safe and appealing place for Americans from all walks of life to live. Still from Inside MH Road Show episode, click the still above or this link to see the interview and video.

The era of building new mobile homes has been dead for 40 years, but is not forgotten, as the CBS News video on this page linked reflects. Please watch for more features on the 40th Anniversary of Manufactured Homes here on MHProNews and on ##  


L. A. “Tony” Kovach is part of the team and sponsors who are leading the charge for the rebirth of modern manufactured homes.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Managing Member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.
Publisher of, and Inside MH video series.
MHI member, MHI Suppliers Division board member.
Consultant and service provider to the MH industry.

Office 863-213-4090.
Connect on LinkedIn –

Publisher – and

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1-2-3 = Dodd-Frank, Zoning and MH Next Steps

December 13th, 2015 No comments

First things first. For those behind on reading due to the holiday hustle, your attention should go first to the three links that follow. Then, share them with others in your circle – to take the steps that Ross Kinzler, Joe Kelly, Tyler Craddock, my team and hundreds of other MH Pros have. Ross is right, we can can get this done, Joe is right, we can get more MH lending in 2016 as a result, but it needs to be now. This week or next, there will be DC votes. We’re close! Please see the above, and/or this link here.


Jan Hollingsworth’s latest MH report, is linked here or click the photo above.

Second. Texas independent retailer, Gary Adamek has an important point. Yes, Dodd-Frank has hurt MH. HMDA and other data proves it. But Gary says zoning hurts us even more. We in MH have to get good at juggling multiple balls.  Some states are doing important work on this, as the report linked above suggests. Other states are facing a crisis. See the first in a series of reports, by award-winning journalist – Jan Hollingsworth – linked above or here.

Read it, and then care enough about this MH issue to share this broadly.


Affordable quality homes like the one shown on display at ArkLaTex (above) are often being zoned out for discriminatory reasons, like a 4/12 roof pitch.

Third – the common denominator. Winning on anti-MH Dodd-Frank/CFPB regulations and zoning have threads that unite those and other issues. Sum it up in one word. MHEducation!

We’re hitting the educational trail next week to a new state for our latest Inside MH Road Show videoing. We’ll be bring more videos that appeal, inform, educate and motivate from MH home owners, MH industry and other pros in the coming days.

We’ll also plan to showcase in 2016 the path ahead for serious MH growth for those ready to get involved.


Image credit, HousingWire.

As an FYI, there will be a pair of Daily Business News reports for you to check out.  One will go live early next week related to zoning, and the second one is already up, proof of the growing strength of the MH market. Please do read them.

1-2-3. Until mid-week, do take action NOW on the first item above.

Then, share the good word about MH via the resources found on The more the public knows the modern MH reality, the better you and all can do to sell more homes and fill more vacant MH Community sites. ##


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, speaking at the recent New York Housing Association meeting. Tony will be presenting at the 2016 Tunica MH Show, click here or on the photo above for more info.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.