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HUD Secretary Carson, Advocacy Groups, Politicos, & Manufactured Housing Shock

April 7th, 2018 No comments


Affordable housing, including manufactured homes, is not a partisan issue.


At least, it shouldn’t be.

When HUD Secretary Ben Carson, M.D., and Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) shared the brief exchange below, there was an energy in Carson’s words.



It’s an energy – “a shock” – that many have experienced over the years when it comes to the surprising realities vs. the unjust, troubled stigmas attached to manufactured homes.

“Trailer House Trauma,” Fresh Look at Manufactured Housing’s Opportunities

 So, why aren’t their more such moments of positive shocks for the manufactured home industry?

 Let’s look at the facts for some clues.


MH Cohesion?

Whenever the manufactured housing (MH) industry acted in a rational, and cohesive fashion, it has routinely been able to accomplish in Congress what it needed to do.

That’s true because at its heart, the MH industry has a great, and non-partisan story.

That’s what a dispassionate look at the periodic history of the industry reveals.

For example,

      in 1974, when the HUD Code was first passed into law.

      Or in 2000, when the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act (MHIA) was passed.

      And again in 2008, when the Duty to Serve (DTS) Manufactured Housing was passed as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA).

So when the industry acts cohesively it succeeds. So, why doesn’t it do so more often?


Big and Small…

Since before the founding of what today is called the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), there’s long been a split between larger and smaller “independent” producers of HUD Code manufactured homes.

MHARR was a breakaway from the body that today is known as the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). MHARR was created precisely because of those differing points of view between bigger and smaller producers of federally regulated HUD Code manufactured homes.


“Consumer Groups” and Manufactured Housing 

In several states, there are manufactured home consumer groups that emerged some years ago.

While “resident groups” engage on issues such as finance, those residents/manufactured home owner associations tend to focus on issues relating to land lease communities. 

In California, there tends to be fast and hard lines between the MH Industry and resident groups. 

Meanwhile, in places such as Ohio and Florida, those state MH Industry trade associations have at times meet and worked successfully with resident groups on key issues.


Non-Profits, Advocacy, and Manufactured Housing

Foundations and nonprofit groups have a history of positive interest in manufactured housing dating back at least some two decades. 

For example, as a Daily Business News yesterday reported, CFED – which rebranded as Prosperity Now – is largely a serious and positive advocate for manufactured homes. 



For years, CFED/Prosperity Now worked on projects that taken as a whole, promote manufactured homes as a tool for personal wealth building, especially for minorities, and lower income Americans of all ethnic groups.


CFED/Prosperity Now research has produced reams of documentation that arguably ought to be done by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).



Based upon their overall positive work advocating for manufactured homes, it’s a little baffling for outsiders looking in to see conflict between MHI and Prosperity Now.

But conflicts do exist between MHI and Prosperity Now, on issues that include land lease communities, but also on financing. Prosperity Now has been a loud opponent to the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act. 


Like them or not, consider for a moment the perspective of Prosperity Now on these two issues: 

      the issues of “insecurity” for residents in land lease communities,

      and MHI’s position – notably on higher points and fees that benefits primarily the Berkshire Hathaway owned manufactured home lenders.

Absent those two bullets, Prosperity Now should be seen by the vast majority of industry pros as a strong advocate for manufactured housing.

So why hasn’t MHI – the industry’s self-proclaimed “umbrella” and “post-productionassociation – found a way to work directly with Prosperity Now, when Ohio and Florida have found ways to work with their resident groups? Fair question, right?

So for any who believe that it is only MHI and MHARR alone who ‘can’t get along,’ they are mistaken or misinformed.


MHI, MHARR and Consumer Groups

This writer, while an MHI member – perhaps naively – attempted for years to get MHI and MHARR to work together.

MHI's New CEO, Dick Jennison

This was one of the photos taken by MHProNews, reflecting routine behind the scenes effort some years ago to get MHI and MHARR to work more closely together. Richard Dick Jennison, MHI President and CEO, left, Mark Weiss, J.D., MHARR President and CEO, right.

The photo taken by MHProNews of Dick Jennison and Mark Weiss, J.D., shaking hands was just one tiny example symbolic of that effort.

MHI in meetings has reportedly told their members that the consumer groups “can not be reasoned with.”  

Something similar has been said in MHI meetings about MHARR. One elected executive committee member stood at an MHI meeting a few years ago, and proclaimed that the “elephant in the room” was MHARR’s then president, Danny Ghorbani.

Yet as noted above, history shows that MHI and MHARR have achieved good things when they pulled together. 

MHARR seems to have a better working relationship with the resident group, NMHOA than MHI does. 

We’ll pose a question that we will leave dangling for now.

Why is it that MHI can get along with MHARR, but only at times? 


Yet for most of the the past 20 years (+/-), the two are at odds, because one association arguably favors larger players, while the other fights for the rights of smaller, independent companies.

It’s against that backdrop of more tension than cohesion that the following undisputed facts ought to be considered. MHI hired a man a few years ago, part of who’s de facto job description was to recruit MHARR members into MHI.

Clayton and Cavco have in recent years both purchased companies that are MHARR members.

Is the trajectory of MHI’s and their larger members’ efforts to eliminate MHARR?



Dr. Carson, HUD, and Manufactured Housing

It is against that brief history that Secretary Carson must consider the internal political minefield of manufactured housing.

On the one hand, manufactured homes are just as “amazing” as Dr. Carson said.

The regulations and “guidance,” most notably during the Pam Danner era, have been just as “ridiculous” as Secretary Carson told that Senate oversight hearing, as the video above attests.

If MHI wanted to get along with the industry voices that don’t agree with them 100 percent of the time, logically the Arlington based group would only need to do is what it did at times when cohesion existed.  Namely?

Listen, understand, and compromise.

MHI can posture beautifully, but it is their actions – not words alone – that must be the focus.  Their members are buying up, and they are actively recruiting MHARR members.

There are MHARR members, and some in MHI, that believe that Pam Danner came to be HUD’s MH program administrator as part of a specific MHI team member’s efforts.  If so, that means those  “ridiculous” excesses are courtesy of one or more MHI staffer’s efforts.


   Danner was removed from the program a few weeks ago

   Lois Starkey was dismissed from HUD,

   and Danner’s overzealous and “ridiculous” regulatory burdens were put on hold by Carson and the Trump Administration,

an opportunity for a new beginning exists. What will happen next?


Absent trust and cohesion between

      MHI and MHARR, or between

      MHI and nonprofit Consumer Groups,

several risks exist.


Widely Recognized Fact

In finance, or production, in or out of manufactured housing, there is a simple principle at work.

The heavier the regulations, the harder it is for smaller companies to compete against larger ones.  The following third-party research illustrates the point.



While MHARR was audibly protesting Danner’s work – and sought her removal from the MH program – by contrast, MHI went through various gyrations that did all — save ask for Danner’s removal.  Odd?  Or shadow boxing?

Let’s consider that as consistent with MHI’s apparent and alleged goal of acting in ways that are more burdensome for smaller companies (see Related Reports, linked at the end, below).

This is why CFED’s Doug Ryan accused Berkshire Hathaway (BH) of having monopoly power in manufactured housing over financing. While MHI all too often fails to respond to negative media, in that case their SVP Lesli Gooch leapt to respond and defend Berkshire brands in manufactured housing. By doing so, the Arlington association reflected anew who’s interests there dominate.  Yet the fact remains, that 3 of the 3 largest MH lenders are owned outright by BH – 21st Mortgage Corp and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF), or they have a large stake in their company (Wells Fargo).


Doug Ryan, CFED/Prosperity Now, credit MHProNews. 

When Democratic Congressional reps target Berkshire Hathaway and MHI – also using the words “near monopoly” – it should make CFPB, more in Congress, leadership at HUD and others in the Trump Administration stop and think.

Nonprofits, President Trump, and political voices across the left-right divide are calling “foul” with regard to giant companies dominating and pushing around smaller ones.  

From as far left as the Nation to as far right as Breitbart, the issue of monopoly has been raised. The Nation specifically cited Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Clayton Homes. 

It’s no secret that Buffett opposed Trump in 2016, by strongly supporting the candidate – Secretary Hillary Clinton – who favored the continued use of heavy regulations.

How many see various movements at work nationally, and in the halls of Washington, D.C.?


It’s Not a Vote…

The fact that many inside and outside of manufactured housing have raised similar concerns and issues about monopolistic power ought to be carefully considered by members of Congress and the Trump Administration.


Pam Danner, addressing MHI members. Photo credit, MHProNews.

MHI SVP Gooch’s Regulatory Comments Letter to HUD in January were overall good.  But oddly, Gooch failed to mention:

  • who will replace Danner?
  • And what about the harm already done by Danner’s leadership to smaller independents? 
  • Or why did MHI stand mute for years, and promoted Danner on various association event stages?



Secretary Carson and the HUD team have a unique opportunity to reenergize the “amazing” manufactured housing industry in several ways.

The next steps taken at HUD and beyond could tell us who understands the fact that

  • with robust competition,
  • and unleashing the private sector,
  • that HUD could over time do exactly what Senator Tillis and the nonprofits alike suggested.  Save tax dollars by liberating private sector produced manufactured homes. That, argued Tillis, will allow more dollars to be used for others that need a hand up.

That would achieve some of what advocacy groups desire: raising more people out of poverty using modern manufactured homes.

Save tax dollars, give more people a leg up. Learn more in the related research reports, linked below. ## (News, analysis and commentary.) (Third party images are provided under fair use guidelines.) 

Related Reports:

“Move, Open, Live” De Rose Industries & Senator Thom Tillis’ Mobile Home Comments

“Kevin…the Problem of Your Industry…”

MHI Lender Shakes Up DTS and MLO Rule Discussions


FactoryBuiltCarsClothingAppliancesElectronicsCellsSmartPhonesHomesItJustFollowsLATonyKovachC2017MHproNewsBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach – Masthead commentary, for

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America and Manufactured Housing – Lessons from Hold that Tucker Tiger!

June 17th, 2016 No comments

Recall or view the movie, Tucker. If you do, you’ll get a good sense of how government and big business can often collude to the detriment of all involved. 


“Hold that Tiger!” Tucker Movie poster, credit LucasFilms and BGAutoBlog.

To be sure, big government and big business can and often are allies. After all, how can small businesses best both big brother and any given monopolist? 

Can it be done?

Yes, but no less an MH Industry figure than Jim Clayton lamented in interviews with MHProNews the negative impact of big federal regulations birthed by big government that harms small and start-up businesses.

Jim was spot on.  

The Tucker auto pioneered a number of features in American cars. The beauty of free enterprise is precisely that it keeps innovation and the American Dream alive.  The big Detroit automakers conspired with government officials to destroy Tucker, the man and his machine.

The more a government regulates and the more it taxes – the more it distorts and destroys the free market – it’s killing inspiration, jobs and innovation in its wake.

Because humanity is imperfect, there are needs for some level of law, regulation, etc.  But unchecked, government oppresses rather than protects or liberates people.

The Masthead  wants independent retailers, communities, producers and others in MH to prosper and thrive. When smaller businesses thrive, so will mid to large or big businesses. When firms of all sizes thrive, the coffers of the tax man fill in a natural rather than confiscatory or damaging ways. 

The legacy of the Obama years, properly understood, is the failure of big government. ObamaCare harmed the health care system. It was based on lies. It drove costs up, not down. It reduced access to quality healthcare. State ObamaCare Exchanges and independent businesses have suffered or have closed.  The misnamed ACA is dying of its own dead weight.

Ditto Homeland Insecurity. Open borders means more crime and more terrorism. These are facts. 


IDontThinkThereWasEverMuchHighCostLendingInTheManufacturedHousingMarket-stillcreditCSPAN2-RichardCordrayCFPBdirector-Posted-MHLivingNews-com--310x165The CFPB is spending millions in ads to propagandize the American people into thinking it’s helping, when in fact it harms millions and is choking off business in its regulatory wake. They’re building their own palace in DC, creating thousands of federal jobs that destroy millions of private sector jobs.  We’ve documented that the CFPB’s director know what they’re doing to MH home owners and businesses, the logical takeaway is that they either don’t care or they have an agenda.

HUD is likewise harming MH consumers and businesses.

The Obama-Clinton foreign policy is a history of disasters. The latest revelation seems to be that ISIS was not just given space to grow, but also American support and arms to grow.  POTUS Bush no doubt had his problems. We shouldn’t have gone into Iraq. But compared to the hellish Clinton/Obama foreign policy, Bush’s policy looks almost saintly…

Big Government was what Americans rebelled against in 1776. 



Credits WikiCommons and MHProNews.


Big business is fine, so long as it doesn’t get in bed with big government, and acts in ways that are detrimental to all.

Look at the revelations from Clinton Cash, their global pay-to-play influence peddling scam. Do you think that when the Obama’s leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that there will be something similar awaiting them?  

Is there any good way to explain the long series of foreign and domestic policy failures for the working class, for minorities, for the middle class, our armed forces, our men in blue and first responders – anyone that isn’t at the top of their private pyramid?

The Donald is new to being in politics, as opposed to his playing politics to make his businesses work. Are there things that could be better? Yes. As an independent, I concur with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who correctly said, the voters are asking for a political earthquake. 

The day may come when MHI, if it fails to altar its sad course, will see the rise of its own Trump-like political earthquake.  Just as Ds and Rs gave rise to Donald Trump, so too MHI may awaken some day to see that it’s been sowing the seeds of its own destruction




I say this as a member, as one who has been thanked for our many contributions to their legislative efforts. I could link up the words of Tim Williams here, and many others prior to or since him. The Masthead cares enough to say, let’s change course.

Let’s address and solve the association’s problems, not sweep them under the rug.  That pile of dirt is growing, and costly.



A leading MH state association exec’s mantra we love to share.

Because like it or not, when MHI fails to properly PEP, it has a harmful impact on way too many others in our industry.



Most Industry members who have contacted MHProNews concur with the above. See for yourself. Click the link here or click image above to learn more. We Provide, You Decide ©.


The bottom line is that MHI needs to see that its path is harmful to itself and to others in MH. If the leadership is wise, they’ll politely exit those who have made a mess, AND bring in people who will bring in a new, better and more inclusive perspective.

Otherwise, the responsibilities of a new association rising, or MHI breaking apart grows. Because so long as MHI’s leaders are locked on this path, they’ll continue to get no results worth bragging about.

In fact, they’ll harm the industry. The only way the industry gains or regains the respect of those they deal with in DC is by cleaning their own house first.

In the mean time, we’ll cheer those who are part of the MH solution. To learn more about common sense progress being made, click here.


The 4th of July is racing upon us. Somehow the whiz kids in Arlington VA failed to tap into the opportunity that the 40th Anniversary of MH provided. But its not too late. They can still do something…

…or not. Be it late or never, each path speaks volumes about the national MH association.

Are they part of the solution or part of the problem?  

MH is the Tucker of housing.  We ought to be thriving, and we can in positive, sustainable ways.  As we clean out a few internal issues and spotlight more of the great things we do, the more we’ll mine the gold that belongs to each true professional in the business. Hold that Tiger! ##


Among the fun items found at C&E this year was lifesize cutouts of the 5 remaining D and R contenders for the Oval Office. By Tuesday night, that number had dropped to 3, with Cruz and Kasich bowing out after Donald Trump’s big win in Indiana that day.  Now its down to Hillary, The Donald and a pot smoking Libertarian…God Bless America!  The pick between those three is EASY. America First! MAGA!

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Managing Member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.
Publisher of Industry leading,
and Inside MH video series.
MHI member, elected MHI Suppliers Division board member.
Consultant and service provider to the MH industry.

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Video Viewpoints-Bob Crawford + Frank Rolfe on New, Existing MH Associations

June 10th, 2016 No comments

Sometimes, less is more. We’ll take that path today with this video of Frank Rolfe and Bob Crawford, who share their views about:

  • Dodd-Frank
  • CFPB
  • Manufactured Housing Finance Regulations
  • Impact on MH owners and buyers – consumers
  • Impact on MH business
  • A new post-production association for retailers, communities and others
  • MHI
  • State MH Associations
  • What it will take to get change in DC
  • How effective are manufactured housing associations

and other topics, with the video shot before a live audience of MHPros, whom you’ll see responding.

FrankRolfe-MobileHomeUniversity-postedmastheadblogMHProNews-For those who don’t already know Frank Rolfe, he’s a partner in Mobile Home University, RV Horizons and MHP Funds. He and his partner Dave Reynolds are about #6 in the top total MH sites nationally.

Bob Crawford is the right hand man for industry legend Dick Moore, who has two retail centers and four communities. Their operation has reportedly sold some 27,000 homes over the years, both pre-code mobile homes and post HUD Code Manufactured Homes. 


Bob Crawford – left. Frank Rolfe, right. Still from MHProNews video on this page.

For more related details on these two and others, please click here

The Masthead advised readers that this post would be different. These are not unnamed sources, these are widely respected and successful professionals who have publicly sounded off, knowing they were on camera.  A look back at what we published that others are saying off the record is linked here.

After watching this video, and reading other commentary, how important do you think all is this? Please, you tell me. ##


Photo taken during New York Housing Association meeting, Tony questioning regulators.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Managing Member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.
Publisher of, and Inside MH video series.
MHI member, MHI Suppliers Division board member.
Consultant and service provider to the MH industry.

Office 863-213-4090.
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June Justice for Manufactured Home Owners, Professionals, Lenders and Investors

June 3rd, 2016 No comments

June Justice for Manufactured Home Owners, Professionals, Lenders and Investors 

Trade media and MH industry news, videos, commentary and reports ought to be a sobering responsibility. There are many topics, challenges and issues ever at play. We strive to bring you balance, insights, facts and more that you may not find anywhere else in MHVille.

CupofCoffeeWithKennyLipschutzHomeFirstCertifiedCommunities-MHProNews250x272For example, there is a need for spotlighting successful operations, as you’ll see great insights and takeaways from this month’s interview with an award winner…A Cup of Coffee with…Kenny Lipschutz at HomeFirst Certified Communities, see below.

There is a need to look more deeply and from a different angle at hot issues such as Duty to Serve Manufactured TitusDareEagleOneFinancial-postedMHProNews-50x50-Housing by the GSEs, as Titus Dare does in the follow up to his popular first Industry Voices column. That’s down under with 22 other articles too.

There is a need to keep up with what industry giant Clayton Homes is doing, in two featured articles this month, linked below.

Justice for Manufactured Housing – As Promised – Spotlighting the CFPB’s Richard Cordray

The mobile screen captures knitted together below done today at the time shown reveals how many hits this trade publications is getting on page one of Google on Richard Cordray, CFPB and MHLending. A named organization’s website should be first in a Google, and the CFPB’s is. But look what follows those CFPB links…

…about half are directly linked to our work on home owners and industry professionals behalf.  Someone has to set the record straight for online researchers, and as you’ll see below, we are actively part of the solution!


This required 3 screen captures to get all of page 1 of the keyword search shown at the top.  Image credits, Google mobile screen capture.

We’ve also spotlighted some issues that will be controversial to some, but are already being praised by others for our willingness to tackle what’s happening – and not happening – in Arlington, VA in the DC metro with MHI and manufactured housing regulatory issues – including finance and regulations. Look at the facts. Read, ponder, discuss and share those links below. We Provide, You Decide ©.

You’ll also find a robust line up of new videos, news, fair housing, marketing, sales, legal, inspirational, reputation management/marketing, a new subject on MH commercial lending, and much more! 23 featured articles in all!

With no further adieu, please dive into the June 2016 Featured Articles and Reports found on the home page of MHProNews, below the Daily Business News modules in the center column.

Featured Articles and Reports for Vol. 7, No. 9, 2016

Alphabetically by Category




• “Whiny Neighbor”

by Nadeen Green, JD

nadeen-green-mhpronews-comWhen I teach others about reasonable accommodations required for persons with disabilities, we often talk about “whiny neighbors” – those folks who want to know why someone has an animal that is not pet-policy-compliant at the community, or why someone gets to have a reserved parking space.

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• Open Letter – CFPB Director Richard Cordray – On Taking Responsibility for Harming Millions

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovach6.3.2016-CFPB Director Richard Corday, As you know, you are tasked with Protecting Consumers, yet the evidence shows that you know that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulations are harming millions:

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• How to do a Promissory Note and Security Agreement

by Marc Lifeset, JD + Jeff Barringer, JD

MarcLifesetandJeff_BarringerJD_postedonmhpronews_comMarc Lifset and Jeff Barringer will dissect for you our state-of-the-art form of chattel-loan promissory note and security agreement, or, as we will refer to it, the Note.

Read more…

• Lawsuit Charges Eviction from MH Community is Discriminatory 

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comMHProNews posted a story May 25, 2016 regarding the Waples Mobile Home Park in Fairfax, VA being charged with violation of federal and state fair housing laws for evicting residents who do not have Social Security cards, which a legal aid group says is discriminatory because it disproportionately affects Latinos.

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Northpoint Commercial Finance is Revolutionizing the Manufactured Housing Industry 

by John Durnien

john_durnien_NorthpointCommercialFinance-postedMHProNews50x50Northpoint Commercial Finance, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, is bringing some innovative ideas to the inventory finance industry.


Read more…


• Dodd-Frank Act Remains a Stumbling Block to Manufactured Home Lending 

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1Steve Sinovic, writing in abqjournal, says sales of manufactured home sales are up, a popular and affordable housing choice for New Mexicans, some eighteen percent of whom live in manufactured housing.

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• Lawsuit Charges Eviction from MH Community is Discriminatory 

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1MHProNews posted a story May 25, 2016 regarding the Waples Mobile Home Park in Fairfax, VA being charged with violation of federal and state fair housing laws for evicting residents who do not have Social Security cards, which a legal aid group says is discriminatory because it disproportionately affects Latinos.

Read more…



• Duty To Serve by GSEs-Long-term Mortgages on Leased Land – It’s Already Been Done! 

by Titus Dare

TitusDareEagleOneFinancial-postedMHProNews-50x50-TOPIC – Did You Know? GSEs have already made chattel loans in Leaseholds & the “TOP SECRET” Chattel Loans purchased by Fannie

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• Clayton Home Building Group Selects Birmingham for Inaugural Home Show 

by Lexi Holdbrook

lexi-holdbrooks-MarkSteinConsulting-ClaytonHomesPR-postedMHProNews50x50Clayton Homes, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, hosted its inaugural Clayton Birmingham Home Show from May 17 – 19, 2016 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

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• Open Letter – Tim Williams, MHI Chairman – Correcting Errors, Crossing the Goal Line 

by L. A. “Tony” Kovach

tony- kovach6.2.2016 – To: Tim Williams, Chairman, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

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• Clayton Homes Ashville Manufactured Home Show – Photos and Numbers 

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachOur sources at Clayton Homes tell us the following about their recent Asheville Show. By photos and by the numbers, here’s the snapshot of their event in North Carolina.

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• Why has MHI Issued a News Release on DOE Proposals Prior to the Rule Being Published? Q&A with M. Mark Weiss of MHARR 

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachAs regular readers of MHProNews know, MHARR’s new president took the reigns there almost 1½ years ago.

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• Why Richard “Dick” Jennison and Lesli Gooch at MHI Should Resign or Go 

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachFor some years, this scribe and others have tried to correct the kinds of issues that will be cited in this column in an off-the-radar fashion.

Read more…


• Why did 4-9-16 MHI’s Housing Alert Mislead Association and Industry Members?

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachLet’s begin with the facts. On April 9, 2016 MHI sent out a housing alert to MHProNews and other industry members. It read like the copy you see below.

 • Bottom Line Change in MH Marketing and $ale$

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachChange is a constant in life.

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• Manufactured Home Retailers and Communities – Bottom Line Booster by Sunshine Homes – Tuesdays with Tony 

by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopment+SupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-Sunshine Homes is offering the second round of their popular webinar – Tuesdays with Tony – a marketing and sales coaching session. See the video below.

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• A Cup of Coffee with…Kenny Lipschutz, HomeFirst™ Certified Communities 

a-cup-mhmsm-com1) Who, What and Where: (Your name and your formal title at Brookside Companies/ HomeFirst™ Certified Communities and where your company is based).

I am Kenny Lipschutz, Chief Executive Officer of Brookside Companies and President of HomeFirst™ Certified Communities.

Read more…


• UMH Community Hosting Baseball Legend “Doc” Gooden; UMH Chair to Present at NAREIT 

by Matthew Silver
matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1UMH Properties, Inc. (NYSE:UMH) announces it will host three-time champion World Series pitcher Dwight “Doc” Gooden on June 18, 2016 at the manufactured home community owner’s Kinnebrook Estates in Monticello, New York.

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• CFPB Director Cordray tells Whistleblower to have her Attorneys “Back Down” 

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1Claiming senior managers within her office bullied and demoted her for filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office, Angela Martin said in testimony before the House Committee on Financial Services that

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• Drew Hits New Stock High; Equity LifeStyle Properties Declares Dividend 

by Matthew Silver
matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1Drew Industries, Inc. (NYSE:DW) stock hit a new 52-week high Fri., May 27, $77.31, 44 cents shy of a ten dollar bill increase over the 50-day moving average of $67.63, and finally closing at $77.19.

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• The Power of Review Videos

by Wayne Coakley

WayneCoakleyGrenadeMarketingGroupReputationMarketing-ManufacturedHousing-55x62 headshot_MHProNews-com-Who loves to watch videos?

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• Are you letting your past determine your present

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-mhmsm-comThe past is history regardless of its positives or negatives.

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ZigOn Failing

by Zig Ziglar

zig-ziglarMost parents experience the joy of watching their children turn over, then crawl, then stand up and then take those first steps.

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• Frank Rolfe’s Ten Tips to Pros on Manufactured Home Selling – Video 

by L.A. “Tony” Kovach

tony- kovachThis fast-paced video is taken from a longer panel discussion that featured Frank Rolfe, partner in Mobile Home University, MHP Funds and RV Horizons.

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Preview – Justice in June for Manufactured Home Owners, Investors and Professionals

June 1st, 2016 No comments

It’s safe to say that few if any in publishing have brought more rock-solid MH finance related analysis and reports on issues impacting home owners, investors and professionals – including the problems caused by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and its director, Richrd Cordray.

Tomorrow evening, we’ll have a new video posted with a number of articles and interviews. Some of those articles will in their own unique ways shed light on the financing question. Some are pointed at people like Cordray.  Others will be on different topics, but still may shed light on the financing issue, as well as oversights, fumbles and other concerns within MH.

This will be big.

We love bringing you and the public video. Video is a powerful way to document what someone said in their own words. But the still image – the collage of points and quotes below – captures the essence in a few moments of key comments in the video we will bring you.


If you share this image or link this up, you’ll cause this to rise farther, faster on Google Images. That in turn brings more attention – and more heat – on the CFPB to change the rules that are harming MH home owners and pros.

It could be a devastating blow to the CFPB’s deeply flawed and harmful regulatory posture.

Please check in for an what looks to be some 20 featured articles, videos, interviews, news, commentary and reports – all of which are designed to help you Protect, Educate and Promote the MH Industry.


A leading MH state association exec’s mantra we love to share.

Success for the maximum number of goal and solution oriented MH Pros coupled with robust benefits and respect for MH Home Owners are keys to our mission.

While my or any editorial commentary should always be seen as that of the writer rather than that of sponsors, we also want to tip the hat to those who publicly or behind the scenes contribute to making this and our sister site the runaway #1 place in MHVille for Industry News, Tips and Views that Pros Can Use.  Let me thank our team mates for their tireless work that likewise makes this possible. Likewise, we thank those who privately or publicly share their insights or tips.  All of those factors combined are what makes this trade media site credible and popular.

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Please check in tomorrow evening on the MHProNews home page for our big – Justice in June for MH – featured articles, videos and reports. ##


Photo take during the New York Housing Association meeting, Tony questioning regulators.

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DC Complexity plus Rising Sales, Rising Pressures on MH

February 5th, 2016 No comments

Reminder: like so many of you, we love the manufactured housing industry, and believe strongly in its future. Good news exists like the wine that cheers us ahead; troubling news is there for us to identify, navigate and overcome so our home owners and we as professionals can grow even more.

rising-home-sales-shutterstock-masthead-blog-mhpronews-Let’s note the rising new home MH shipment report, linked here, and look at a positive step forward.

DC Complexity

MHI issued a statement, which reads in part as follows:

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved an amendment by Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) to increase the flexibility for low income families to use a Section 8 voucher to purchase a manufactured home.  The amendment was approved by voice vote…”


Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX).

This amendment, which was supported by Financial Services Committee Chairman Hensarling (R-TX) and Ranking Member Waters (D-CA), allows vouchers to be used not just for the cost of leasing the land (which is currently permitted) but also for other monthly costs of purchasing a manufactured home loan, including mortgage payments, property tax, and insurance. The change would allow families that receive a tenant-based Section 8 voucher to help pay for an alternative to renting an apartment – allowing them to actually purchase a home.  The amendment does not provide any direct funds or require anyone to use a voucher to live in a manufactured home. However, with this change the approximately 2.1 million Section 8 voucher holders in America will now have the option to use their Section 8 voucher to buy a manufactured home.  

The broader bill that now includes this provision, H.R. 3700, the Housing Opportunity through Modernization Act, was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 472-0. It will now be sent to the U.S. Senate for consideration.

Among the comments from readers on this was this:

More than ten years ago at an MHI convention (name withheld) suggested to Barney Frank that this was the one thing gov’t could do which would help everyone.  It went nowhere as he wasn’t listening.

Under the right circumstances this measure could be the most exciting thing since the HUD Code.

But, things are never as good or as bad as one thinks.  This does however, have the potential to really help. Why piss away apt rent money? Let people use that money to buy their MH.

Now let’s see the details and hope for the best.”

The reason the Masthead will refer to this as DC Complexity is this easily overlooked part of the MHI release:


Maxine Waters (D-CA), ranking member, Financial Services Committee.

This amendment, which was supported by Financial Services Committee Chairman Hensarling (R-TX) and Ranking Member Waters (D-CA), allows vouchers to be used…”

Recall that it was Maxine Waters that recently lead a public charge to have Clayton Homes investigated by the Department of Justice?

We shouldn’t look sideways at this potential for this gift to MH. Congressional Representative Waters is on the attack on MH on one topic, and yet supporting MH on this issue. That reveals how complex DC can be.

In this political environment, it doesn’t pay to burn a bridge in the nation’s capitol, does it?

Unreported in the release where acknowledgments of others who have publicly called on HUD for like reforms, including MHARR, MHI and another as seen from this link here.

Seattle Times –The Beat(ing) of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Clayton Homes and MH lending goes on…

The news alert read like this…

Washington state moves to protect mobile-home buyers

Center for Public Integrity

The ongoing investigation of the industry, “The Mobile-Home Trap,” has focused on Clayton Homes, a company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire …

In the wake of the above and related, we received this comment that was initially sent on the record by a well know industry leader, and then a follow up message requested it not be on the record.


In my opinion the Section 8 MHI posting and the DOJ investigation of Clayton Homes financial entities appears to be a concert conducted to appeal to the 98%ers and to get local NIMBY’s to remake the LLC communities into a new type of affordable housing.

The goal is to offset troubling local affordable housing issues nationwide.  Since Socialism and Rent Control appear to be a Democrat and Progressives theme and a claim to equality in housing. Only one “Gotcha” is needed to validate and prove Clayton Homes finance arm’s troubles.

The trend and recent actions clearly shows a path to change for the future of HUD (Code manufactured) housing.” (Editor’s note – the words “Code manufactured” – was implied, but not in the original, and was inserted above for clarity of meaning).

Follow ups made it clear that this writer wasn’t throwing someone under the bus, nor necessarily favoring what is happening on this issue. Rather, that professional suggests that the HUD Code MH and MHC industries are being forced into changes, whether it wants them or not.

About Lesli Gooch’s Op-Ed


Marty Lavin, JD looking happy and trim in the dining area of his winter residence in Miami Beach, the 70′ custom Italian ship, the Spy Sea.

Marty Lavin, JD, is a successful, award-winning attorney who’s business interests included MH lending, communities and retail sales. His opinion is worth noting, because he worked with one of the GSEs during the 2000s. When he read Dr. Gooch’s OpEd, he shared the following comment on the record to us:

I think Dr. Gooch is very well intended, but the industry position doesn’t necessarily align with the ends of the GSEs. Perhaps a better understanding of their position might lead to a better outcome…if that is possible. It’s much more than just helping consumers buy homes. The GSEs need these folks to be able to stay in them. Therein lies the rub.”

Once more, a close reading of his observations aren’t a slam on Lesli Gooch, or MHI. Marty Lavin has years of experience working with a particular GSE. He understands where they are coming from. Lavin is applying good reasoning: in the absence of meeting the GSE’s concerns, he believes they won’t voluntarily budge.


This leads to a broader issue, one we’ve raised in a slightly different way before.

What is keeping MHI from achieving its goals?

Yes, among other factors, there’s opposition in DC from so-called consumer groups. But those same groups claim to champion manufactured housing as a good solution for affordable quality living.

Manufactured housing and its lending ought to be seen as non-partisan issues. Yet all to often, it’s precisely in political and ‘crony capitalist’ terms how MH and it’s lending are being portrayed. That’s tragic, because the status quo is harming millions of owners of low cost MH, and untold thousands of buyers annually who in pre-Dodd-Frank had financing, and thanks to the CFPB’s 2014 implementation of those rules, today do not.

We know that DC works differently than many states do. But the principles are similar. State governments and the federal government mirror each other in the sense there is an executive, legislative and judicial branch and then there are executive branch agencies that enforce rules and regulations. There is lobbying at the state level akin to what happens in Washington, DC.

We know a number of MH state associations that are getting the job done for their members, while working in concert whenever possible with consumer groups. Let’s suggest that’s a model that MHI needs to better implement.


Ishbel Dickens, NMHOA, photo credit Madison Park Times.

Why? Until we either get consumer groups on the same page as the industry – for the sake of consumers and for


Doug Ryan, CFED’s point man on manufactured housing.

professionals alike – there exists an often adversarial relationship with non-profits such as Ishbel Dickens of NMHOA and Doug Ryan at CFED, to name but two examples.

Those groups are linked with what is going on in the ongoing media war launched against Clayton Homes et al, as the Center for Public Integrity’s own release indicates, “The ongoing investigation of the industry, “The Mobile-Home Trap,” has focused on Clayton Homes, a company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire…”

Our Daily Business News take on this thorny issue is below.

Seattle Times announces State Investigation of Warren Buffett’s Clayton Homes, as expected – Analysis –


Image credit – collage of Industry Association logos by MHProNews, each logo is the property of their respective organization, and is used here under Fair Use guidelines.

DC Talk and DC Complexity

Once more, your Masthead scribe will be in DC to listen to what is going on there, first hand. The rules of the association are clear. I can’t report on what goes on in the meeting, but what is said in the hallways outside the meeting rooms and beyond the event are fair game.

We’ll see what that hallway and beyond – DC talk – will reveal.

We still want to see S 682 passed, because it is good for consumers and good for the industry. There are those who say Preserving Access is “dead, dead, dead” – that we might at best save the MLO comp rule portion of it.

Another well placed source says the entire bill is still at play, and that’s exactly why the Seattle Times et al are continuing their assault on MHI’s backed bill.

Is passage of the bill doable? Yes. Will it get done the way things are moving now? What do you think?  We Provide, You Decide. ©

Quoting from the MHI website…

MHI Mission Statement – MHI is the national trade organization representing all segments of the factory-built housing industry. MHI serves its membership by providing industry research, promotion, education and government relations programs, and by building and facilitating consensus within the industry.”

Let’s ask: is this mission statement being fully lived up to?

If the mission statement were a reality, would we be further along or perhaps have even already passed the highly modest CFPB/Dodd-Frank reform legislation sought in HR 650-S 682?

What the high numbers of comments, forwards and thousands of reads on our recent Masthead on a related topic suggests is that change must come to MHI, the only question is how and when.


Graphic credit, OpenSourceway and FlickrCreativeCommons

We want the bill passed, for reasons noted numerous times over the years. It might get passed with no changes at MHI, just rocking along with business as usual there. But my sincere concern is that without change, we are whistling in the wind.

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com1I’m looking forward to visits on Capitol Hill.

We’ll catch up with another Masthead after the MHI meetings, perhaps next Wednesday.jan-hollingsworth-for-mhlivingnews-com-55

Until then, stay current with Matthew Silver’s Daily Business News, and you’ve simply got to read Jan Hollingsworth’s latest:

Your insights and thoughts? They’re valued.

Let’s end as we began. Good news cheers us on, issues are there for us to learn from and navigate. Onward! ##

l.a.'tony'kovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-mhpronews-com-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


1-2-3 = Dodd-Frank, Zoning and MH Next Steps

December 13th, 2015 No comments

First things first. For those behind on reading due to the holiday hustle, your attention should go first to the three links that follow. Then, share them with others in your circle – to take the steps that Ross Kinzler, Joe Kelly, Tyler Craddock, my team and hundreds of other MH Pros have. Ross is right, we can can get this done, Joe is right, we can get more MH lending in 2016 as a result, but it needs to be now. This week or next, there will be DC votes. We’re close! Please see the above, and/or this link here.


Jan Hollingsworth’s latest MH report, is linked here or click the photo above.

Second. Texas independent retailer, Gary Adamek has an important point. Yes, Dodd-Frank has hurt MH. HMDA and other data proves it. But Gary says zoning hurts us even more. We in MH have to get good at juggling multiple balls.  Some states are doing important work on this, as the report linked above suggests. Other states are facing a crisis. See the first in a series of reports, by award-winning journalist – Jan Hollingsworth – linked above or here.

Read it, and then care enough about this MH issue to share this broadly.


Affordable quality homes like the one shown on display at ArkLaTex (above) are often being zoned out for discriminatory reasons, like a 4/12 roof pitch.

Third – the common denominator. Winning on anti-MH Dodd-Frank/CFPB regulations and zoning have threads that unite those and other issues. Sum it up in one word. MHEducation!

We’re hitting the educational trail next week to a new state for our latest Inside MH Road Show videoing. We’ll be bring more videos that appeal, inform, educate and motivate from MH home owners, MH industry and other pros in the coming days.

We’ll also plan to showcase in 2016 the path ahead for serious MH growth for those ready to get involved.


Image credit, HousingWire.

As an FYI, there will be a pair of Daily Business News reports for you to check out.  One will go live early next week related to zoning, and the second one is already up, proof of the growing strength of the MH market. Please do read them.

1-2-3. Until mid-week, do take action NOW on the first item above.

Then, share the good word about MH via the resources found on The more the public knows the modern MH reality, the better you and all can do to sell more homes and fill more vacant MH Community sites. ##


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, speaking at the recent New York Housing Association meeting. Tony will be presenting at the 2016 Tunica MH Show, click here or on the photo above for more info.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.