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The following are not the only purported purveyors of monopolistic moats, manipulating misinformation, or harmful policies and practices. But they are a good start.


is short for this acronym:


Democratic Exit
Berkshire Hathaway (includes Clayton Homes, lenders Vanderbilt MF, 21st Mortgage, et al)

The companies listed ought to broken up under federal antitrust laws.

Not regulated. Broken up. Don’t worry, the world didn’t stop when the AT&T monopoly was broken up in the 1980s, America benefited. Affordable cell phones and the internet followed the break up of the old AT&T trust (monopoly). 



Similarly today, the breakup of #FangBM would be good for the economy, jobs, and consumers.

Why would these 6 companies/conglomerates – #FangBM – feature leadership that promote failed ideas, like socialism?  Why have many Democratic leaders embraced socialism?

Why have Democratic leaders – like the following listed – decry billionaires, but then take money from those same billionaires and their affiliates? 

   Bill and Hillary Clinton

   Barack Obama

   Bernie Sanders

   Nancy Peolsi

   Chuck Schumer

   Elizabeth Warren

   Maxine Waters

   Tom Perez

   Keith Ellison

   Or other Democratic leaders like them? That’s why, it’s #DeFangBM

Why do rich and famous stars or performers endorse the above? #ManipulativeEntertainment 

Why do so many in mainstream media give cover to the above? #FakeNews

There’s an echo chamber effect of many in media and #ManipulativeEntertainment carrying the message of the billionaire #FangBM conglomerates and their paid political operatives above.

This is NOT against members of the Democratic Party. We have friends and colleagues who have been or are Democrats. But you don’t let a friend drive drunk, and you warn your friends about to vote Democratic for similar reasons. It’s an act of love to honestly share the truth.

Nor does this mean that the GOP is perfect. But right now – writing as a political independent – the #NewRepublicans are the better choice who are fighting for everyday Americans, and most honest businesses. 


Two Part Solution

Part one, vote against all Democrats. #DemocraticExit, #WalkAway. Democrats were the party of the violent Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Slavery, and Jim Crow Laws. Democrats are the party of violent AntiFa or of deceptive #MHAction. Democrats have deceived many for years, to the harm of millions of Americans, and thousands of honest small- to mid-sized businesses.



Part Two

As political independents, not a member of either major party, a #RedTide in the House and Senate on Tuesday allows this new breed of:  

   American Jobs First,

   American Businesses First,

   American Security First,

   American Prosperity First,

   #AmericaFirst in the GOP –  a.k.a. the Republican Party – to return to the roots of the Republican Party that gave us #PresidentAbrahamLincoln and #PresidentRonaldReagan.

   Keep in mind #POTUSLincoln and #POTUSReagan had strong opposition too.

Today’s #NewRepublicans should break up the conglomerates listed above (trusts, monopolies).  Only the federal government is big enough to break them up. Breaking up #FangBM via #DeFangBM is good for the #AmericaFirst economy. It is pro-free enterprise, by being against crony-capitalists who back socialists.

The #POTUSTrump Administration antitrust (anti-monopoly) order is already drafted, but a Democratic House or Senate could work to stop it. That block against antitrust must be avoided by sharing the #DeFangBM truth and then voting wisely.



No organization, party or person is perfect, and that includes President Donald J. Trump. #POTUSTrump never pretended to be a saint. Candidate Trump admitted he used the system, which is why he knew how to fight this rigged system.

But there are reasons why members of his own party fought him, because he is challenging the #RiggedSystem. This has not been pretty, nor will it be. The rich and famous who may have come by their wealth in often manipulating or #RiggedSystem ways won’t give up their power without a fight.

Once this new #AmericaFirst #NewGOP has a strong hold in the #USHouse, #USSenate and the #ExecutiveBranch, #antitrust laws must break up the parents of the #FakeNews media giants and the companies listed in #DeFangBM. 

#DrainTheSwamp takes time. The swamp wasn’t built overnight, and won’t be cured overnight. Freedom takes time and effort, but it is always worth it. There is already real progress being made toward #MAGA. American jobs are coming back. American wealth is returning. #CommonSense is making a come back too.

Vote to keep the momentum going. #VoteRepublican, #VoteNewRepublicans, vote to support the #StableGeniusPresident. ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing,’ paraphrasing #EdmundBurke.

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Errors – New York Times, AllGov, Seattle Times/Center for Public Integrity – Why Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act benefits Consumers via fixes of Dodd-Frank

May 20th, 2015 No comments

AllGov and the New York Times are among those who have leaned on reports by the Seattle Times and the Center for Public Integrity as they attack the reforms sought by manufactured housing with respect to Dodd-Frank. The form their brand of journalism has taken has been to attack the largest manufactured housing operation in production and lending – Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes, 21st Morgage and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF) – as a way of undermining the entire industry’s efforts to modify the onerous regulations imposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which are harming millions of manufactured housing owners as well as the MH Industry at large.

The best way to begin to address their many errors is to share three links that directly or indirectly disprove much of what they claim is true.

First, the following link under a Google News search this evening is the following.


We’re pleased to say that a number of media outlets have picked this story up, which has nudged the Seattle Times from the top spot on Google for this same search just a week ago. The story that shows that manufactured home lending is NOT predatory, is linked on the image above or at this link here.


Second, the Seattle Times, New York Times, AllGov et al publications have arguably used red hearings and clearly misleading statements. Sam Landy – President and CEO of UMH Properties (NYSE:UMH) video interview on the impact of Dodd-Frank/CFPB regulations on manufactured home lending is linked here. The video and article cause many of the claims made by other media to crumble under closer scrutiny.


Third, this article posted by Matthew Silver this morning quotes at length from Don Glisson, Jr. – President and CEO of Triad Financial.

Let me wrap up tonight with this comment that was posted on the AllGov article on the upcoming S 682 related vote in the Senate Banking Committee.

To AllGov

This is perhaps a tad worse than the Seattle Times was in terms of accuracy. First, there have been no mobile homes built in the U.S. since June 15, 1976.

Second, even if the authors above had used the correct terminology, Clayton Homes does not control 91% of the manufactured housing market. The combined Berkhsire Hathaway controlled firms are about 45% of the new homes being sold.

Third, Berkshire Hathaway affiliated lenders do dominate manufactured housing lending on the personal property side. But the current regulations under the CFPB has been driving lenders out of the space, please see the article linked below, which includes an interview with a firm that withdrew due to CFPB regs.

Fourth, if conventional housing was as restricted as manufactured housing, there would be serious problems in resales of houses or condos too! Due to the choking regulations, fewer loans available, harms the values of those in the lowest cost manufactured homes, specifically those under $20,000.

I’d invite the authors to contact me for more insights that could set these and other errors straight. Thank you.


All of this points to the need for manufactured housing to continue to rally around the effort to define ourselves. We in MH have a great story to tell. We ought to be proud of the opportunities offered to the full spectrum of customers – from those with credit challenges to those who can finance or pay cash for whatever they want, and they decide on the value of modern manufactured homes.

FYI – the outlook for tomorrow’s vote in the Senate Banking Committee is for passage, with some Democrats voting in favor too. The challenge is the next hurdles…

We either define ourselves or others will define us, often to our detriment. When our story is better understood, even our political efforts will benefit.

We each have a role to play in this effort, with time, talent or treasure. We must be the true advocates for millions of current and future manufactured home owners harmed by Dodd-Frank. Protecting our customers also protects and promotes our business.

Enough said for tonight. ##

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-building-washington-dc-masthead-mhpronews-com-_light- (1)By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Speaking the truth…about Manufactured Housing

July 17th, 2010 4 comments

“It takes two to speak the truth, one to speak and another to hear.” – Henry David Thoreau

The insight and power possible from a single sentence, a powerful quote, is telling indeed. The quotation above is a case in point. Let us see for a few moments how this quotation applies to the manufactured home and factory built housing industries.

Since 1976, new “mobile homes” have no longer been made. Yet, the search term “mobile home” is still far more powerful than the “manufactured housing” keyword search in Google, Yahoo, etc. The recent Foremost Insurance study, reported on in our exclusive INdustry in Focus Report by Eric Miller, tells us that the use of the term “mobile home” is rising among manufactured home owners! This tells us at a glance that

1. We as an industry aren’t doing the job of communicating this message to the public and

2. What communication is taking place isn’t being heard by enough people.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Industry is poised for greatness in terms of product quality, value and the demographics of the near future! But if we fail to communicate our tremendous value, then no wonder that the GSEs, FHFA or any number of federal agencies can thumb their nose at us on financing or any other issue!

In the new book – The Manufactured Housing Revolution! – that I was honored to edit and help write with over a dozen top factory built housing industry pros, the elements of success are all spelled out in those 190 pages. Yes, it is a good read. But the point I want to make is that speaking the truth must result in an effective connection with the audience.

If the industry financing faucet suddenly turned on, a number of retailers, land lease community operators, manufacturers and supplier/service firms of all types would become very happy. But how long would the euphoria last if we haven’t won the minds and hearts of the public we seek to serve? Would we merely see a repeat of the roaring 90’s, rising up to new highs, only to crash down to new lows?

To change this inevitable scenario, two things are required:

First, we must have the character and will to do what is right and prudent every time.

Second, we must have an ardent desire to serve our clients so well, to protect our lenders and vendors so well that we will never again see a Conseco-style meltdown scenario.

If we had 20,000,000 manufactured housing owners cheering for our industry, we would have financing, we would have no real problem with regulators, we’d have customers lined up at the doors and we would be singing all the way to our respective banks. As it is, how many in our own industry can we count on? I guarantee you, if you have a firm beyond mom and pop in size, the odds are sadly good that you have people in your company who don’t think well of our industry and our product. They are more influenced by the media than our own industry. That has to change if we are to reach our collective potential.

So it may sound self-serving to say that you and your staff need to become totally immersed in best practices, inspiration and pro-Industry news items found only at But that is the reality of things! If people are so busy “doing the job” every day, without at the same time becoming ambassadors for the industry, we have only more trouble waiting in the days ahead. We have to turn the 500,000 or so manufactured housing industry people into true believers! We have to serve so well that our customers become as ardent as the Apple iPhone customers are!

Yes, pick up the book The Manufactured Housing Revolution. Yes, read it cover to cover. But then keep it from gathering dust on your shelf afterwards – use it as your constant reference book. The Revolution can make you and your associates more successful than you have ever been! But it will take effort and it will take organic, fundamental change. It starts with you and your company, with you and your staff.

And that is the truth. Now it takes two to speak the truth, one to speak and another to hear it. # #

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, a.k.a.; email; voice 847-730-3692; iPhone 832-689-1729