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New Financing for MH in 2015; Plus DC, Tunica and Louisville Updates

January 11th, 2015 No comments

A lender who’s firm originated hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages in December is poised to enter manufactured home (MH) lending. That lender holds a high level management role. Our source has been talking to us for about 2 1/2 years, as part of their expanding their understand of the MH space. He tells us their entry could happen in time for the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

There are a number of reasons this should be welcome news in MH retail and community circles. The way this particular loan program is toon-clips-laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank=credit-posted-masthead-mhpronews-com-being described, the rates and terms would be competitive with its conventional housing counterpart. The loans could be made on manufactured homes in both fee simple and land-lease scenarios.

Stop by booth #115 at the Louisville Show and leave your business card to get follow up announcements expected on what looks like a unique, non-recourse MH lending option.

Manufactured Housing’sDC Talk

Sources close to Arlington-based MHI tell MHProNews that the Manufactured Housing Institute is giving off-the-record assurances to MHARR. The issue is MHI’s planned hiring of a full time membership recruiter, and the alleged assurance is to not use that yet-to-be-hired recruiter to ‘go after’ MHARR’s members. If that plays out that way, it’s a bullet dodged for all, and thus good news for an industry tired of periodic tugs-of-war between the two national trade associations.

But dozens – if not hundreds – of high level eyes will watch to make sure such a detente proves to be true. Of course, we will track that for you too.

More DC talk. As we foreshadowed the night before the official MHI word was released, Lesli Gooch was hired to replaced Jason Boehlert. We welcome Ms. Gooch to MHI, and hope for the best in the important work that needs to be done on Capital Hill and with regulators.

Tunica Surprise

We’ve known for week’s about the upheavals that have taken place with respect to the late March, 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. While we lightly hinted, this was a deliberate “failure to report.” It was important for the Tunica Show to come up with a strong plan B, when a specific Harrah’s manager allegedly threw a major monkey wrench into the mix.

That said, we now want to tip the hat to Jen Hall, who also knew (and who is not our source on this), for her bold and smart effort to try and repair the Harrah manager’s curve ball. The Mississippi executive’s effort deserves a separate article someday, but until then, Jen – as some say…”good-on-ya!”

For the official word on “what’s up” with the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, please click here.

Louisville is Large and in Charge!

Louisville has been the big #1 in attendance for U.S. Manufactured Housing Events two years running! Even with a clear-but-cold long range forecast for 2015, preregistrations for Louisville are running nicely ahead of the 2014 pace.


Change up on Wednesday Morning Presentation schedule!

Please see the Daily Business News Monday morning for updates on the first Wednesday morning Speaker’s line up. Bill Matchneer, MHI’s CEO Dick Jennison and the MMHF Chairman – speaking about MH finance and more – will all be on the revised plan for the first, fast paced hour. Don’t miss it.

Everything at the Kentucky Exhibition Center is all indoors, in climate controlled comfort. Here is a snapshot!

  • New Homes! – more manufacturers than any year since 2010! See this page linked here.

  • Lenders, on homes, MHCs and inventory. The full compliment of dependable MH lenders will be at Louisville, of course. See the finance panels at this link here.

  • Suppliers! Compare quality providers side by side, see exhibitors line up, linked here.

  • Quality and free ‘SRO’Business Building Seminars! SRO stands for Standing Room Only, as was the case in most of last year’s sessions. So Show Management has grown the space by 30% so you can take a seat if you were standing last year.

There are lots of reasons the attendance and excitement has been strong and growing year after year. Come see why first hand. We will be at booth #115. Drop off your business card, and we’ll keep you posted on lending and other industry news, free of charge. Wasn’t it the TV character “Kojack” who said, “Who loves ya, baby!We love MH!

My wife, our growing-in-MH-trade-show-fame 8 year old son, a guest and myself will all be there to say hello.

tamas_kovach-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news- (1)

Want to grow? Then Go to the Louisville Show. See you bright and early Wednesday at the KEC Seminar Room at 8:30 AM! ##

(Image credits – see individual image file name.)

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


Subsidized Housing – Our Secret Enemy?

July 18th, 2014 1 comment

Let's begin by stating that those who favor subsidized housing, or other programs for lower income households, routinely do so with “good intentions.”  The questions that ought to be asked are many, but we will focus on why manufactured housing professionals ought to sit up and take notice of facts, challenges and “opportunities in disguise” posed by federal, state and local subsidized housing programs.

The CBPP Says…

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities ( 2,161,468 low income households are receiving Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) in 2013. CBPP also asserts that: “Private owners across the United States received $16.6 billion in HCV assistance payments in 2013.”

“Private owners” means private business owners.

Let's drill down on these facts for the next few minutes.

Millions Divided into Billion$ Means…

Take that $16.6 billion and divide it by the 2.16 million who are getting HCVs. That's an average program cost of $7,679.95 per household a year. To rephrase, that's $640 monthly. You might think, “that's rather modest,” right? But what is that getting someone with the HCV, maybe a class c apartment?

In the U.S. today, there are an estimated 420,000 vacant MH sites. $344.03 is the 15 year payment on an 8% APR loan of $36,000, which could be the financed amount on a modest 3 bedroom 2 bath single section manufactured home in many U.S. markets. While the site fees on thousands of MH land lease communities with vacancies will certainly be above $300 monthly, there are thousands of MHCs that have that monthly site fee or less.


Now let's take a different look.

One could also take a $40,000 home-site and $40,000 single section home combo as the financed amount on a fee simple purchase at 6% for 20 years (yes, lower rates and longer terms are available, but we aren't using a full PITI analysis in this calculation either), which would yield a $573.14 monthly payment.

The point is instead of giving billions in subsidies to private citizens and corporations, a similar amount of money could be used to pay the monthly payment on an modern albeit modest single section manufactured home and a home site.  Please see the graphic below as an example of such a home.

2,161,468 lost sales at $40,000 = …

Do the math. That potential 2,161,468 in MH sales @ $40,000 each represents $86,458,720,000 in lost business to those who sell new manufactured homes. As industry pros know, modern MH is lower in initial cost, more energy efficient, safer against a fire and lower cost to maintain than a comparable footprint conventional house.

Let's say our MH Industry manages to hit 70,000 new manufactured homes this year. So 2.16 million possible added orders would be about a 30 fold increase over current production levels.  More to the point, it would be spread out over years, and this alone would take us back to historic production levels.


We need to take a fresh look at many federal, state and local
programs that either harm or benefit the public and our industry.


The Manufactured Housing Institute uses the number of 1 HUD Code manufactured home = 1 job. So that 2.16 million homes would be 2.16 million jobs, almost all of them 'new ones added' to the U.S. economy.  

Public Policy

Which is the better public policy? To rent people a unit, or to help more Americans become home owners?

There are studies that suggest the many social and economic benefits which flow to households that are buying their home versus those who are only renting.

Further, which makes the most sense? The rental market is tight now. Why should we economically support via tax dollars rentals? Doesn't it makes more sense to support new manufactured home construction with those same dollars in private-public ventures? Supply and demand suggests that more new MH sales could also help lower rental housing rates.

Clearly, this is a broad brush and we could take a poke at the above, one already being suggested: all the nuances of PITI (Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance) were not factored in. Another is that we don't have a figure at hand for what the federal program overhead is on HCVs. But none of that undermines the premise. This is meant as a discussion starter, not a definitive 5 year study for Harvard or Yale.

Other benefits

Just as we brushed past program overhead and all the costs – such as full PITI, energy and maintenance analysis – we also swept past clear victories such a new look at existing program outlines.

For example, we could remind readers that manufactured home owners tend to stay in their homes longer than conventional home owners.  Also, at some point, the loan is paid off. By contrast, there is no end in sight for rent, until one manages to moves out of a subsidized apartment and finally makes a housing purchase.

Nothing's Overnight, but a Longer Term MH Vision is needed

Our industry is not alone in needing a longer-term vision. Corporate America, as one expert I was listening to recently said, is so focused on the next quarter that this investor wondered how many had a serious 5 year business plan?

We need to take a fresh look at ourselves while simultaneously helping tens of millions of Americans, public officials, the mainstream media, investors and non-profits better grasp the many benefits and opportunities of modern manufactured homes.

Common sense as well as the facts favor today's manufactured housing. Almost everything we buy or use comes from a production facility – “a plant.” Even conventional construction is mimicking on-site what we in factory home building do, because much of what they do in so-called "site-building" was actually 'pre-built' in a factory and assemble on location. Increased production of a goods or service tends to keep costs down.



Its a Phenomena!”

Ron Thomas Sr. – Chairman of the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation (MMHF), Chairman of the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show and award winning founder of Rona Homes – is great at turning a phrase. “Manufactured housing, it's a phenomena!” Thomas passionately proclaims.

Ron Thomas is correct in saying that precisely because MH is “a phenomena,” we need to look at it with new eyes. We need to better grasp all the angles and nuances.

The deeper the open-minded go, the more they understand that old mobile homes are not modern manufactured homes and the more there is to like. Former site-builder Stacey Epperson – who once hated old 'mobile homes', now embraces modern manufactured housing – through her not-for-profit and for-profit efforts.

The just published, exclusive version of a new Foremost Insurance report on manufactured home owners and trends provides even more facts that help MHIndustry pros make the case for a better appreciation and understanding of the value we've brought to millions of Americans.

Subsidized housing is the tip of a huge iceberg. Those billions can clearly be better used.

A trillion dollar annual U.S. housing market is begging manufactured housing pros and investors to step up to the plate!  With over 10,000 seniors retiring daily, with millions making less than they did 5 years ago, today's manufactured homes are poised to shine. We need to see the opportunities and develop the steps needed to make them happen. ##

Download HCV Fact Sheet

L. A. "Tony" KovachL. A. 'Tony' Kovach | | Business and Public Marketing & Ads: B2B | B2C Websites, Contract Marketing & Sales Training, Consulting, Speaking: | | Office 863-213-4090 Connect on LinkedIN: 

“…I kill Politicians…”

June 18th, 2014 No comments

If you haven't spent time with Rick Robinson, you've missed out on a fascinating gent who is doing fine work lobbying for our industry. I was just reviewing some of the edits from the video we will feature with Rick, the Manufactured Housing Institute's (MHI) Vice President and General Counsel. The man has a sense of humor! We were talking about one of his books, and his quip about his novel Writ of Mandamus is a classic.

If you like politics, you'll love my books, and if you hate politics, I kill politicians.”

writ-of-mandamus-rick-robinson-amazon-posted-manufacturedhome-pronews-masthead-2For those from Homeland Security, NSA or with the TSA, please let me underscore that we are not in line at the airport, this was a joke about Rick's writing, I'm quoting from his video interview and this is not  some nefarious plot.

Seriously (? ;-), Rick is funny and you'll enjoy the insights he shares in his upcoming video interview we have scheduled for release with our upcoming July issue. Another one-liner from that video:

I truly lived in a mobile home, in those days, my house was on wheels, and my car was on blocks.” – Rick Robinson, speaking about his early years when he lived in a pre-HUD Code mobile home.

Let's also underscore that Rick's award winning novel, Writ of Mandamus is a fine read, a geo-political thriller, and yes…don't be surprised if a politico or two bites the dust…

…you'll also learn the secrets that makes him effective on the Hill for our MHIndustry in DC.

interview-collage-mhpronews-com-c2014-lifestyle-factory-homes-llc-all-rights-reserved-33 (1)

Maria Horton, Newport Pacific

Maria Horton is another one of the industry personalities we will be featuring in July. Ms. Horton is a regional executive with Westabraham_gates_of_paradise-wikicommons-bas-relief-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com- Coast MHC powerhouse, Newport Pacific.

Maria will provide insights into what they do in property management in MHCs that brings value to land lease residents and community owners alike, along with some secrets of their success. With over 90 MHCs they own or manage, these are insights that make for good viewing!

FYI, Rick Robinson is center right in the photo collage shown above and charming Maria Horton is in the glorious blue jacket in the center.

These video interviews are work, but they are also enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening.

Let me suggest something a wise man once told me.

Look at every story or message you hear as if it were a 'bas relief.' In that three-dimensional art form, there is a foreground and a background.

Too often we focus on the foreground, but the background may be as important or instructive as what is 'in your face.'

Meaning, there are powerful insights and lessons learned from each of these interviews!

I have pros tell me that if they go to a trade show, state, community or national association event and come home “with one good idea, the whole trip is worth it.” We agree! So what if you could gain that “just one” (or more…) good ideas during one of these video interviews?


Stacey Epperson, NextStep

As you will learn from our video interview with Stacey Epperson at NextStep, they have a non-profit wing and a for-profit arm too. They are teaching, preaching AND selling energy star manufactured homes! NextStep – Affordable Housing Done Right – is expanding its reach rapidly.

Think there might be something to learn? There is.

Stacey is going to be one of our July features too.

  • For those who 'fear' the non-profits, watch this video.
  • For those who want to embrace the non-profits as they seek to support and embrace our homes, watch this interview with Stacey!

For those who want to see a great story of how someone who hated manufactured housing now loves them, this is a must see.

In fact, this would be good to share with public officials and Congressional/Senate or state legislative staffs, as would some of the other videos we've done and have upcoming.


Mark Beliczky – The Carlyle Group


We'll catch up with Mark Beliczky from The Carlyle Group in the exhibit hall at MHI's Congress and Expo too. You'll catch glimpses of people you know – like Frank Rolfe – and also some rising stars in our industry's ranks – like Heath Sartini – in that video.

Along with the rest of our July 2014 issue, this is coming soon to a laptop, computer or web-enabled hand-held device near you!

We have LOTS more previews coming up…so please check back and stay tuned! Just the facts…no one else covers the personalities of our industry quite the same, as well or as in depth as we do here at!  Who says?

Pros like you do.

While I'm thinking about it, let me thank Nathan Smith for having the courage to do that first video interview with me. Wow, did we both take a chance on that one! Fortunately, the common comment is it turned out well.

As with virtually all of our content and videos, you can still access them, in Nathan's case, at the link above. Dozens of other text and video interviews are linked here.

When we interview someone, it is common for readers to go back – or new people finding them – via a Google or our own site search search tool, months or years later.


What's Read Hot NOW

It is not a surprise when you have a video with Jim Clayton that it would be a top accessed page for the month. Of course! But what is interesting is how our lead-in Masthead for June – as regulars know, the first Masthead for each month lists all of the featured articles – has also been heavily accessed all month. If you've missed that post and our amazingly strong line up, please click the link above.

No wonder its been hot!  With 27 featured articles and about a dozen videos, you have plenty to read and view this month.

We are on a RECORD pace for page views in June 2014, up a stunning 30% over May 2014 so far month-to-date.

We have been very fortunate with each of our videos in the sense that they have all brought comments and insights that pros like you can learn, be inspired and grow from. In a recent exchange with an MHC portfolio operator, he was graciously telling me that he logs onto MHProNews every day to stay in touch.

I thanked him, but also asked, do you have your staff reading too? In the words that flowed back and forth, he concluded by saying, 'your right, I'm going to have them reading too.'

Back in 1981, when I started in MH sales, I was starved for information and understanding. With no training program at that operation, when I discovered the Manufactured Home Merchandiser Magazine, I devoured it every month. When Jim Clayton says, Earn, Learn, Return, that means something to me. The Merchandiser is history, but we are returning what I received from them and others through MHProNews and too.

manufactured-home-living-news-ver2_0-laptop-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews- (1)

If you've seen the Jim Clayton (and other…) interviews, great! But has YOUR staff, your colleagues and associates watched them?

How often do you get a chance to sit down with a billionaire in manufactured housing for 20 minutes at a time and get insights into his thinking and success secrets?

Giants or Midgets?

Zig Ziglar said something years ago that stuck with me. Paraphrasing, You either create a company of giants or midgets.

Don't miss the opportunities to share with your team and associates. Have them watch the Clayton and other interviews, with note pads in hand. Imagine what you'd do if you were paying $1000 per head to attend a Jim Clayton seminar. If you have that attitude, the take-aways are many and instructive.

More previews and industry insights coming up in July.

Let me wrap today with a thank you to HUD's new Manufactured Housing program director – Pam Danner, JD – who made a fine set of assurances as she outlined her thinking at the recent MHI Summer Meeting.

Let me also bring your attention to Shawn Fuller's impassioned Call to Action on our popular Industry Voices Guest Blog.

This article has been an instant hit:

Turning Defeat Into Victory

Industry friends, colleagues, clients, investors and aficionados! We are in a great industry during tumultuous but exciting times!

We've taken our body blows, but we are still standing!


Let's remember Abraham Lincoln's resolve as he took defeat after defeat, before achieving that costly but key victory at Gettysburg. Keep in mind how often in his career Lincoln 'lost,' only to keep on coming until he succeeded.

Let's also take inspiration from and make Jack Kennedy's dictum our own too.


Sometimes we idealize our leaders and heroes. These were women and men of flesh and blood, they made mistakes, they had their flaws, same as you or me.

But by drawing people and resource together, through vision and persistence, sometimes even through costly stumbling and bumbling, they achieved their victories.

We can too.

Learn, earn, return. Be inspired. Share the news, tips and views you find here with others. Sign your team up for free, industry leading email updates. Make sure you white list us, so you get your emailed updates. My thanks as always to our sponsors, team mates, fine writers and you. This site is team work in action.

Together, we advance. Let's not kill the politicos, let's convert them to the powerful vision of all that we can do for millions seeking the American Dream of quality home ownership. ##

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Home of the Brave

May 28th, 2014 No comments

Three short topics today – the water's fine! – let's dive in and get started.

Home of The Brave

"…Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave? O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave…"


Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the summer in the U.S.A.. It is also the first of a trilogy of patriotic days to remember, followed by Flag Day on June 14 and the Fourth of July, which commemorates the Declaration of Independence.

In reflecting on the lyrics from the Star Spangled Banner, the clear ties to the American Dream of owning your own home struck me.

Which should brings us to the clear benefits we in the factory-built manufactured and modular home industry should be shouting from the rooftops.

Homes for the Brave, Safe Bet?

Let's agree that the safest bet is the one you have the most ability to influence.


Games of chance like cards or roulette favor "the house." That's how those gleaming palaces like Caesars, the Venetian, Bellagio or others in Vegas or other gambling towns get paid and turn billions in profits.

The safest bet isn't the long, long odds for the Lotto either.

Rather, it's the bet on your own business or profession, where excellence can be delivered in a fashion that is then rewarded! You are the one who decides daily to provide that excellence for your clients, comrades, corporation and colleagues.

In a previous Masthead, we suggested that the miracle of teaming up was needed.

Let's look at a practical application of that concept.


As an example.

What if every pro in our industry plunked down $10 each, with an estimated 200,000 professionals, we'd have $2,000,000 to launch a campaign to educate ourselves to better engage and to attract more of the public to a true appreciation of all that we offer.

That $2 million dollars would lead to billions of dollars in additional manufactured and modular home orders. Which would mean:

  • more job security for all true industry pros, starting on the factory floor and working though to ever aspect of our business.
  • Manufactured Home land lease communities would be fuller, so their values would rise.
  • Rising demand would boost values on existing manufactured homes.
  • Floor dues would move more robustly into association coffers, so they could do more.
  • Less subsidized housing would be needed, so any strain on local, state and federal budgets would be eased.
  • The multiplier economic effect would cascade through our economy, with more furniture, appliances, floor coverings, lawn mowers, etc, etc. being sold.

The point is we don't have to wait for the billionaires to do this. All that is needed is the miracle of teaming up.

More on this another time. Let's move on to topic two.

Park Models/RVs to Compete with HUD Code Manufactured Homes?

Your Masthead scribe was schooled recently by a number of state execs, and a legal mind or two on the importance of this topic.

Please see Jim Ayotte's thought provoking article, and decide NOW if you want to wait to see if this is “okay” as some think or harms us, as others do. Is this an issue we want to get in front of by calling your state, community and or national organizations to stop this in its tracks?

We've had a number of PASSIONATE off the record comments on this, by phone and via email.

Please read Jim's thoughtful column. We will also have an article for you to read on this soon from MHI.

You know the drill. We Provide, You Decide ©.

A Red Hot – or is that Read Hot? ;-) – new June issue approaches!

Yes, you can still read all of the Featured Articles for May, but this weekend, watch for the Volume 5, #9 issue of MHProNews!

  • New, exclusive Video Interviews! (Sample prior ones linked here.)
  • New, legal experts sound off!
  • New, Manufactured Home Finance column and what many will find is a simpler and smarter way to navigate Dodd-Frank/CFPB and the steering issue!
  • New! Tyler on Marketing!
  • New, Eastern Ohio Home Show wrap up report!
  • Much, much, more including part two of our exclusive A Cup of Coffee with...Jim Clayton and A Cup of Coffee with…Ron Thomas, Sr., RV/MH Hall of Fame, Louisville Show and MMHF Chairman!

We expect no less than 5 articles from attorneys in June!

This legal topics will cover some HOT topics such as The Failure to Maintain (FTM) issue.

Let's be clear, we are not sensationalizing FTM. Rather, the hope is that an ounce of prevention is easier than the pound of cure.

We also think the articles on this topic should calm any nervous capital/investors who might otherwise come into manufactured housing.

Our regular bevy of quality marketing, sales and management subjects will also be showcased in June.

Please check in here this weekend for the full line up, and remember – while we switch new issues, part of the home page temporarily vanishes in that Featured Article module – but then returns soon thereafter with all the new ones!


We are rolling out our new and once more improved email news updates!  Yes, this matters to you, because timely information and knowledge are potential power in business.

No where else do you get anything like our industry-leading, twice weekly emailed updates, which mimic what you see on the e-Newsletter archive.

The new format will go out with our regular mid-week message. Your feedback is very much appreciated. We keep striving to improve to serve you better.


The time saving and information packed newsletter is the easiest way to keep up with the best of all that is happening in manufactured and modular housing. Sign up free in seconds at and make sure your team and colleagues are on the email list too.


Join us this weekend for the start of our read, err…red hot June issue!  Thousands of pros like you logon DAILY here at MHProNews. Don't be the last to learn more, because being ahead of the curve allows you to earn more.

For all you who make, serve and sell the owners past, present and to come of Homes for the Brave, thanks for checking in and enough said for today. ##

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MHARR after Danny Ghorbani and more Manufactured Housing Issues

March 12th, 2014 No comments

After an in depth report published yesterday, there won't be a lot of commentary today about Danny Ghorbani, his recent relationship with George Allen and related. We will first pose a question, then state an obvious fact and then follow up with a few more simple questions before moving on to other manufactured housing topics.

The first question: What will MHARR and the Industry look like once Danny retires or otherwise leaves MHARR?

Fact: after some 30 years at the helm of MHARR, clearly at some point in time, Danny leaving MHARR will happen.

We all ultimately leave our current posts. Prior to our detailed Daily Business News report, there were already rumors of Danny considering retirement. But other rumors allege Ghorbani believes there is 'too much work left to do.' So it is hard to say.


The MHARR board, or Danny himself, they have that say.

Often, People see What They Want to See

Sometimes, people want to see or believe in magic, for those who hope for magic is it surprising if that is what they see?

Remember the movie line…"I am OZ, the Great and Powerful…"

None of us are Oz. Some want to believe in a “wizard,” but the “magic” is often smoke and mirrors.

Which is why on ANY topic, it helps to pull the curtain back from time to time, which is what little Toto did in this scene from the 1939 classic MGM movie, the Wizard of Oz.


Questions, Questions…

Trade journalism is more than just “cheer leading.” It is more than expert columnists, news or event updates, as important as those may be.

In any form of true journalism, it helps to ask objective questions, and see where they logically lead us.

Yesterday, after the Daily Business News item linked blow, reports, calls and messages came in from MHARR members, Feds who assert that they know Danny, from other industry pros; and more documents with comments came in too.

After all the words, the position papers, the articles, Fed Ex'ed and certified letters, emails and reprints, what exactly has been the bottom line accomplished since say the MHIA of 2000?

We have invited Danny or Mark at MHARR repeatedly to answer that question. We've asked, when you cheer DTS (which is worth cheering, if it were implemented) why do you fail to mention that the same law – HERA 2008 – also gave us the SAFE Act?

We have also asked, when the time comes that Danny does step down, who will he want to replace him? Vic DeRose? M. Mark Weiss?

Will Danny consult with MHARR or others? Or will Danny take a well earned rest on his RV MH Hall of Fame legacy?

More Questions…

These are questions that MHARR members must also consider, sooner or later. While others, as in this Industry Voices guest OpEd suggests, are also keenly interested.

Will change only come through trauma? Will change prove costly, or will it happen in a way that is widely profitable for MHARR and the Industry at large?


Will change happen through positive, peaceful transition, or in some other way?

Time will tell.

One thing is sure. Words are often NOT cheap. Words are often COSTLY!


Caution! Not for skimming….Serious Reading

The following is not light reading, nor the type of coverage that can be skimmed. It has to be read carefully, thoughtfully. While it is not easy to set emotions – or even passions – aside, this is how this is best done for clear thinking to prevail.

We respect the rights of all involved.

Moving on now to other topics.

MHProNews Home Page Updates has slowly been evolving on our home page. Please scroll the page top to bottom, you will see updates, new features and other changes, with more to come.

Tunica Looms Large!

The latest report from Tunica Show Chairman, Keith Bennett, is found linked here.

The latest seminar line up is here!

Most Retailers, Communities, Builder/Developers and installers can attend free, please bring your business card and driver license, and you can sign up online free at the link here.

We'll be at Tunica, at booth 14H, will you? Please stop by and say “hi.”

Congress and Expo

When it comes to education, inspiration, networking and deal making, you can't find more at any meeting on the horizon than you will at Congress and Expo, check out the added features!

We know how valuable this can be. We'll be there. Will you?

Some Top Reads:

Thanks for surfing in. We hope to see you here on the Masthead again this weekend. ##

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Terrific Tunica and Magnificent March’s Manufactured Madness!

March 2nd, 2014 No comments

Wikipedia reminds us that it wasn't Oliver Cromwell, but William Blacker who said the words "Put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry!" Well, U.S. coins and currency still read, “In God We Trust.” Others, as the joke goes, are handled as cash and carry. We will plan an update to our popular report MHARR's Mission, "Improve Relations…” in about a week, as a response to some emailed and posted red-herring comments of our analysis linked above.

For now, simply look at all the bullets points and comments by others that those parties who are busy trying to cover their 6's failed to address, while they are trying to shift the focus of the topic completely.

Smoke and distraction, that's the very definition of how you get a "red herring." Remember, we got a range of comments – and invited those others the report was on to comment too – they declined.

Wonder why?

bill-matchneer-hud-manufactured-housing-division-cfpb-mhpronews-com-75x75.jpgIn fact, their distraction and dodge tactics suggests the validity of our report and analysis.

Please see what is bound to be a highly read Industry if Focus Report, A View of Manufactured Housing Finance Issues from Inside the Washington DC Beltway, by Bill Matchneer, JD.

We Provide, You Decide. “


Ever wonder what the many congenial Canadian readers north of the border think about how our dual-national association in the states works in practice?

Canadians are among those growing numbers of international readers who flock here, and what they read helps some decide where and with whom they do business in the United States.

Canadians managed to dodge much of the U.S. housing bubble hullabaloo, good for them! Kudos too to the many ways that factory-built housing is serving their energy boom areas and so much more.

Magnificent March, The Terrific Tunica (2014) Show Looms!


We are looking forward with great anticipation to the 2014 Tunica Show, for a variety of reasons. Some 85 homes will be on display, making Tunica far and away the largest trade show display of factory built homes in all of North America. Tunica also boasts more exhibitors than the recently completed Louisville Show. The $64 dollar question is, will the Louisville Show hold onto the title as the event with the most attendees? Or will the Tunica Show once more reclaim that honor?

The readership here on MHProNews on articles about the rapidly approaching Tunica Show have been RED Hot! Please see Tunica Show Chairman Keith Bennett's complete run down, linked below. We'll be in the Seminar Room, or at booth 13H in the Convention Center hallway, located right by the seminar room entrance.

As you are planning your spring event agenda, don't forget MHI's Magnificent Congress and Expo! We will be attending that event, as we have for years. Please see the article on the latest news on “C&E” linked below.

February was another record HOT month!

Up North, you may not have noticed, but we had another record 'hot' February here. We want to thank you and the thousands of other readers anew who make us the Manufactured and Modular Home Industry's run away #1 trade media! While others have stopped publishing their results, due (some say) to declines in readership, ours continues to accelerate. We think it is a balance of items summed up in the fact that we provide the most factory built housing “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros can Use” found in any single resource on or off line.



You and others are voting this #1 with your browsers, time and support.

We highlighted in bold the increases in February over January (2014), above. Please notice that the total of daily visits and page views continues to rise. Even though February 2014 is three days shorter than January, there were more total page views, files accessed and hits on MHProNews last month than in January. This continues the dramatic rise we reported on our main site statistics for 2013, also per Webilizer, which are as follows.

In our industry, the newsmakers and movers and shakers, including Congressional, Senate, C-Suite leaders, mom and pop operations, experts, associations and those in between all contribute to this robust online trade journal. We continue to evolve and grow.

Please see the video report, linked below as ongoing examples of what we do that no one else in our industry's trade publishing has done.

Domestic and International Investors & Researchers

These numbers of readers and page views are important because U.S. and international researchers are among those surfing There are plenty of reasons for industry pros to get jazzed about the growing interest in manufactured housing by other housing professionals, institutional and individual investors.

It also strongly reflects what Louisville Show Chairman Ron Thomas, Sr. has called the industry's deep hunger for information and knowledge.

So while the bulk of our readers are still U.S. manufactured housing professionals, the other 'audiences' out there are zeroing in on what is happening in our industry. You are tuning in here, they are too. That means opportunities for those who want to expand, exit, etc..

Avoiding Land Mines and Best Practices Professionalism

I'm counting no less than 5 attorneys who have contributed to the March issue! The expert columns are amazing! If you count the Bill Matchneer special report in Industry in Focus, that's at least 6 JD's (doctor of jurisprudence = JD = attorney or lawyer) we have just published, in addition to the many others we have featured over the years.

We have industry leaders like Sam Landy, President and CEO at UMH, sharing their keen insights. Please see his fine article below.

We welcome Dave Stevens, President of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), previously with HUD.  Another 'must read,' for Dave's insights on financing and the potential future for our industry. Sam Landy's and Dave Stevens' articles both showcase the potential for our hopeful future in the manufactured housing industry.  

These gents know why new capital keeps flowing into MH. 

The video interviews with some well known, respected names in our industry are showcased in my contribution this month, and those videos also showcase reasons for a bright future, as seen through the eyes of about 10 respected industry pros!

Zig Ziglar's article, people need to read that one, because it applies to our industry big time!

Our interviews with Jenny Hodge and Brad Lovin are live! So too are great columns from our experts and dependable writers: Brad, Chrissy, Don, Scott and Tim!

Then pre-event information on the Tunica Show and MHI's Congress and Expo round out 18 Featured Articles, which we will share introductions to and hotlinks below.

Your feedback is encouraged.  Letters to the Editor or OpEds are welcome.  Thanks for being a reader here. We hope you Enjoy and benefit from what follows. ##

Featured Articles and Reports for Vol. 5, No. 6, 2014

Alphabetically by Category



• BYOD Policy – Does Your Company Need One?

by David Christopher Baker, Esq.

david-baker-hart-king-manufactured-housing-law-mhpronews-com-50x50Laptops, cellphones, iPads, iPods; we’ve all got one. Most of us have more than one. And, we bring them to work. Bringing them to the office is not the problem. It’s what we do with them that can cause problems.

Read more…


• Immigration Status and Housing versus Red Flag Policy Requirements; What can Landlords Ask?

by Elizabeth J. Birch, JD

elizabeth-j-birch-manufactured-housing-law-ohio-manufactured-home-pro-news-com-mhpronews-com-50x50-.jpAsking landlords to enforce immigration laws makes about as much sense as requiring grocers to demand a green card before selling a gallon of milk.”

Read more…

• Confessions of a (partially) reformed MHC Lawyer

by Robert Coldren, JD

Doesn't it bug you when you don't get a straight answer to a question? It bugs me. I've been handling legal stuff for manufactured home community owners for most of my life (over 30 years), and for the past 6 years have been a community owner myself.

Read more…


• You’re in the Crosshairs (Yes, You Are…) – Part One

by Nadeen Green, JD



I sometimes wonder how many in the manufactured housing industry are aware not only of the requirements of the fair housing laws, but also that those who advocate for and enforce these laws have this industry in their sights.

Read more…


• Promoting Your Community: The “Catch Me” Program

by Chrissy Jackson, ACM

chrissy-jackson-mhpronews-comEmployees respond to praise. They especially respond to praise for the things they do that they think no one sees or appreciates. This program, as outlined on the next several pages, enables that to happen naturally.

Read more…


• Manufactured Home Community Project Focus Series, Project #2, The Lakes, Port Huron, Michigan

by Don Westphal

don-westphal-associates-manufactured-home-land-lease-community-planing-mhpronews-com-50x50.jpThis will be the second in a series of articles on manufactured home communities, the first is linked here. For nearly fifty years, our firm has been preparing plans for land development projects of all types, but primarily in the field of residential community design.

Read more…



• The Tunica Manufactured Housing Show: A 17 Year Old Extravaganza…WOW!

by Keith Bennett


What can you say about an event that just keeps getting better and better? That is has matured? Well, sure. That it has aged well? Of course.


Read more…


• A Cup of Coffee with…Jenny Hodge

a-cup-mhmsm-com1) Who, What and Where: (Your name, formal title at the MHI/NCC and where you are based).

Jenny Hodge, Vice President – National Communities Council (NCC), Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Arlington, VA.

Read more…


• The Manufactured Home and Land Lease Community Advantages

by Sam Landy

sam-landy-ceo-umh-posted-manufactured-housing-professional-news-mhpronews-50x50Regardless of price point, factory-built homes are the cost effective way to create quality housing. Based on factory built housing's indisputable cost advantage, factory built homes should increase market share compared to other forms of housing.


Read more…


• Momentum Building for 2014 National Congress & Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing April 29 – May 1, 2014 – Creating Opportunities – Building Success

by MHI Staff

manufactured-housing-institute-logo-posted-mhpronews-com-50x50The momentum and anticipation for the 2014 National Congress and Expo for Manufactured and Modular Housing is growing! You won’t want to miss this year's “Congress & Expo” to be held on April 29 – May 1, 2014 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Read more…


• An Interview with Brad Lovin, Executive Director of the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Association

by Matthew Silver

matthew-silver-posted-on-mhpronews-comNorth Carolina consistently ranks fourth in the nation in terms of manufactured home shipments. “The culture here has always been favorable to the industry.


Read more…


• State of the Industry – Affordability is the Key to Housing Recovery

by David H. Stevens

david-stevens-mortgage-bankers-association-posted-mhpronews-com-50x50Throughout our nation’s history, policymakers and housing industry professionals have negotiated the sensitive balancing act of consumer protection and access to affordable homes, whether rented or owned.


Read more…




• Are you changing with the times?

by Tim Connor


I just finished reading a great book by Donald Walsch, When Everything Changes, Change Everything. Don’t be misled by the title. He doesn’t mean change a lot of stuff on the outside but that maybe changes are needed on the inside.

Read more…





• YouTube says 90% of Web will be Video! Manufactured Home Videos with News, Interviews that Move, Infuse and Amuse!

by L. A. 'Tony' Kovach

tony- kovachReelSEO says that Robert Kyncl, YouTube's head of global partnerships, predicted that 90% of the web will be video. Kyncl also predicted that 75% of all new channels will be online in the next 10 years, and there has been 1 trillion – yes trillion – hits on YouTube in 2011 alone.

Read more…


• Why are CRM and Branding Important for You?

by Brad Nelms

brad-nelms-manufacturedhomes-com-posted-mhpronews-com-50x50Millions of professionals have little or no knowledge of CRM. While many have heard of the word, 'branding,' they may not be clear on what it means or why good branding and CRM are important for driving profits and enhanced professionalism.

Read more…


• 5 Steps to Changing Buyer Perceptions

by Scott Stroud

scott-stroudFactory-built homes = affordable housing. There is no other; it’s only you.

So, you’d think you’d be shouting it from the rooftops and that there would be a line of buyers waiting to get your product, another line of government agencies asking what they can do to help us provide more homes for a housing-poor America… 

Read more…




• ZigOn Adding Zeros

by Zig Ziglar


Ben Feldman is arguably the greatest life insurance sales person of all time. In his career he sold more insurance than some companies do, however, he struggled to get started and had difficulty selling a $5,000 policy.

Read more…




• Four ingredients for sustained sales success

by Tim Connor, CSP


Factory built home sales pros, think about this. There are four significant areas when it comes to consistent high sales performance. They begin with these; self-image and self-esteem.

Read more…



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MH Communities, MHRetailers and You

February 19th, 2014 No comments

Let me start with a program note, before diving into MHCommunities, MHRetailers and You.

For about two years, Marty and Pat Lavin have been suggesting we visit them on their boat at Miami Beach. My family and I have longed to go, butSpySea-TransomML&amp_PL 001 busy schedules kept that at bay, until now. We've set aside this next weekend for that long-awaited trip. The timing means we get to see their new 72' boat.

This also means that my weekend blog post is already written. It's packed, it will rile, motivate and more…

….so please don't miss it.

MHCommunities, MH Retailers and You

No doubt you've noticed that land lease communities (aka MHCs) have taken a big part of the stage in manufactured housing in the recent years. There are many reasons, including the fact that new home shipments into MHCs are rising and the number of retailers has dropped like a rock in the last decade plus.

Now the reality is that MH 'street retailers' or 'boulevard retailers' still outsell MHCommunities (MHCs). So why is there so much emphasis on communities at meetings, industry trade media, by bloggers, etc.?

Part of the answer is that communities seem far more willing to share information than retailers do.

We routinely offer management, legal, marketing and sales columns in our Featured Articles, Tim's blog or the Cutting Edge of marketing and sales that are useful to retailers or a community owner/operators. We have special reports, like on the LO Comp rule, linked here that is useful for MHCs and MHRs.

But the number of MHRetailers willing to sit down at their keyboard and type out a guest column is paltry by comparison to those in the communities world.

The numbers of retailers who go to Louisville and Tunica are huge! MHRetailers come by the hundreds.  While MHC attendance at these events continues to rise, MHRs still bring more people to those events than communities pros.

Do you see my point?

If you are involved in retail, you can help change that under-coverage "by retailers, for retailers." I can imagine why a buyers group, a successful/notable independent or a vertically integrated operation would want to share some insights with the industry at large.

Are you in MHRetail and have a story to share? Please do. This is NOT a 'zero sum game.' As unusual as this may sound to some, sharing ways to improve is a proven path to growth for all involved. Our industry can use all the growth it can get.

Are you a supplier of HUD or MOD homes, financial services or other products/services to retailers? Same invite to write applies to you, please email me at


There are good reasons why we wanted to grow the attendance of MHCommunities in recent years at the Louisville Show, and are now working to do the same thing at the rapidly approaching 2014 Tunica Show.

In a nutshell, bringing more community owner/operators to these events is a no-brainer win-win for all involved. Wherever you are in North America, if you have an MHCommunity, you should not just consider going to the Tunica Show, you ought to change your plans to do so right away.

The reasons are many, but the bottom line is that those who go to these events routinely do better then those who skip them. Consider what CU Factory Built Lending's Barry Noffsinger says in this video. Barry is dead on!

Or think about why Terry Decio and others are so motivated in this video.

Or consider what Wally Coomer says in the video above; you put yourself and your business at a disadvantage when you miss such a show.

UMH Properties, Colonial Heights and You

sam-landy-ceo-umh-open-spaces-parade-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com-.pngSam Landy, CEO of UMH Properties, has very graciously given me wide access to his team. It is easy to understand why.

Let me tell you, the folks at UMH are ones to watch. They have reasons to be proud of what they've done. They have doubled in size since 2009. Imagine! Doubling your footprint during the toughest economy since the great depression. That requires something special.

I was telling one of our other clients recently about the corporate culture at UMH. They are a "can do" team, and they frankly seem to admire, respect and are dedicated to Sam and his leadership. A positive atmosphere to work in is huge when it comes to marketing and sales. Good attitudes are supported by good work environments.

But let me dally for a few moments on the very popular column by a UMH manager at their Colonial Heights property.

There is a reason why I specifically asked for such a column to be written. There are other stories out there like it, and they need to be told!

Taking a tired, older MHP and turning it into a fresh, nicer MHC is a wonderful financial opportunity as well as a way of improving our industry's image.

We as an industry often tend to run away from the image of the older "mobile home park" (MHP).

First, that's a messaging mistake. The older MHPs are far more common than the newer, nicer MHCs. I look at some associations that essentially pretend (by not mentioning them…) that the older MHPs aren't there, while talking only about the great, newer MHCs.

Nonsense!  Show and brag about each for what they are! MHPs are often the ultimate in affordable single family living for all there, and are often a far better choice than a similarly aged apartment and are less costly than a similar aged neighborhood of older, conventional site built houses.

But they are more. They are an opportunity for turn-around, in just the fashion that UMH is doing at the story linked above. That's a win on many levels.

My closing invite for today is to get you to take to heart some words shared by Tim Williams, CEO of 21st Mortgage in our interview with him last year. Tim said that members of our industry are like a fraternity.

We indeed share more in common with our fellow retailers, MHC owner/operators, factory builders, vendors, installers, transporters and financial service providers than those outside of our specialized world. We ought to be wise enough to NOT put each other down to others.

More to the point, we need to share the ways we can improve and grow.

Just as you can take an older MHP and transform it into a nice MHC, so too retailers can take a rough looking location and turn it into something attractive and appealing. Yes, it takes some time and money. But guess what? You can then begin to attract more of the better credit or cash customers as part of the result.

Something as simple as a clean sales display with homes corner blocked and leveled, with the doors all easy to open and close, and good steps up to every home makes a huge difference in who your buyers are.  That's obvious to the great retailers, but it might be useful for those who look like a 'repo depot' style location.

The get me done customers will come to your location regardless. Make the decision to do what it takes to attract the better customer, and your business – and our industry – will grow as a result.

Please check out the business building finance and educational offerings – all free – at the rapidly approaching Tunica Show. Since Tunica does not yet have their own website, you can login to the free online registration at this link here.

Tunica Show Free Online Registration Link.

tamas_kovach-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news- (1).pngSee you in Tunica?

We will be there. And we will be right by the seminar room, in the busy, busy hall of the Harrah Convention Center! We plan to have our little guy – "the youngest exhibitor" – passing out cards again as he did in Tunica last year and did so well in Louisville this year.

Make the decision to go. Make the decision to grow. No excuses, just do it, for your sake and that of your business that you will someday sell or hand over to others to carry on.

Agreeing to Disagree

Some ask or say to me words to this effect: Tony, I don't get it. You and Marty Lavin seem like polar opposites! Why do you like showcasing someone who sees things so differently than you do?

First, there are things that Marty and I agree on, but even where we don't see eye to eye, we can disagree professionally and still get along just fine.

The truth is, almost anyone we interview, anyone we showcase will see things differently than moi. That's life!

But it helps EVERYONE in the mix to see a variety of ideas. “We Provide, You Decide.” (c) 

While we are relaxing with the Lavin's on their 72' boat, please look for the weekend Masthead, you'll find the range of topics sure to catch your eye and spark some thinking! ##


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