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New Financing for MH in 2015; Plus DC, Tunica and Louisville Updates

January 11th, 2015 No comments

A lender who’s firm originated hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgages in December is poised to enter manufactured home (MH) lending. That lender holds a high level management role. Our source has been talking to us for about 2 1/2 years, as part of their expanding their understand of the MH space. He tells us their entry could happen in time for the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

There are a number of reasons this should be welcome news in MH retail and community circles. The way this particular loan program is toon-clips-laugh-all-the-way-to-the-bank=credit-posted-masthead-mhpronews-com-being described, the rates and terms would be competitive with its conventional housing counterpart. The loans could be made on manufactured homes in both fee simple and land-lease scenarios.

Stop by booth #115 at the Louisville Show and leave your business card to get follow up announcements expected on what looks like a unique, non-recourse MH lending option.

Manufactured Housing’sDC Talk

Sources close to Arlington-based MHI tell MHProNews that the Manufactured Housing Institute is giving off-the-record assurances to MHARR. The issue is MHI’s planned hiring of a full time membership recruiter, and the alleged assurance is to not use that yet-to-be-hired recruiter to ‘go after’ MHARR’s members. If that plays out that way, it’s a bullet dodged for all, and thus good news for an industry tired of periodic tugs-of-war between the two national trade associations.

But dozens – if not hundreds – of high level eyes will watch to make sure such a detente proves to be true. Of course, we will track that for you too.

More DC talk. As we foreshadowed the night before the official MHI word was released, Lesli Gooch was hired to replaced Jason Boehlert. We welcome Ms. Gooch to MHI, and hope for the best in the important work that needs to be done on Capital Hill and with regulators.

Tunica Surprise

We’ve known for week’s about the upheavals that have taken place with respect to the late March, 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. While we lightly hinted, this was a deliberate “failure to report.” It was important for the Tunica Show to come up with a strong plan B, when a specific Harrah’s manager allegedly threw a major monkey wrench into the mix.

That said, we now want to tip the hat to Jen Hall, who also knew (and who is not our source on this), for her bold and smart effort to try and repair the Harrah manager’s curve ball. The Mississippi executive’s effort deserves a separate article someday, but until then, Jen – as some say…”good-on-ya!”

For the official word on “what’s up” with the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, please click here.

Louisville is Large and in Charge!

Louisville has been the big #1 in attendance for U.S. Manufactured Housing Events two years running! Even with a clear-but-cold long range forecast for 2015, preregistrations for Louisville are running nicely ahead of the 2014 pace.


Change up on Wednesday Morning Presentation schedule!

Please see the Daily Business News Monday morning for updates on the first Wednesday morning Speaker’s line up. Bill Matchneer, MHI’s CEO Dick Jennison and the MMHF Chairman – speaking about MH finance and more – will all be on the revised plan for the first, fast paced hour. Don’t miss it.

Everything at the Kentucky Exhibition Center is all indoors, in climate controlled comfort. Here is a snapshot!

  • New Homes! – more manufacturers than any year since 2010! See this page linked here.

  • Lenders, on homes, MHCs and inventory. The full compliment of dependable MH lenders will be at Louisville, of course. See the finance panels at this link here.

  • Suppliers! Compare quality providers side by side, see exhibitors line up, linked here.

  • Quality and free ‘SRO’Business Building Seminars! SRO stands for Standing Room Only, as was the case in most of last year’s sessions. So Show Management has grown the space by 30% so you can take a seat if you were standing last year.

There are lots of reasons the attendance and excitement has been strong and growing year after year. Come see why first hand. We will be at booth #115. Drop off your business card, and we’ll keep you posted on lending and other industry news, free of charge. Wasn’t it the TV character “Kojack” who said, “Who loves ya, baby!We love MH!

My wife, our growing-in-MH-trade-show-fame 8 year old son, a guest and myself will all be there to say hello.

tamas_kovach-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news- (1)

Want to grow? Then Go to the Louisville Show. See you bright and early Wednesday at the KEC Seminar Room at 8:30 AM! ##

(Image credits – see individual image file name.)

latonykovach-us-supreme-court-washington-dc-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


Bank Vault Door Closes on Manufactured Housing Lender

November 12th, 2014 No comments

We’ve heard for some time the whispers about the now announced closure of U.S. Bank’s indirect manufactured housing lending program. To protect sources, we’ve been unable to do more than hint before today about what is now a done deal. We didn’t have a date, but knew it was ‘coming.’ What does this mean for manufactured housing lending?

This is “one way to avoid Dodd-Frank and all the other crap” was one message that hit our inbox today, as reaction to the U.S. Bank announcement began to come in.


How much does the locked door on more lending options cost manufactured housing industry members every year? Photo credit, FlickrCreativeCommons.

Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) is another pull-out from Manufactured Housing that has taken place recently. More such moves are rumored to be coming down the pike, along with consolidations that will place more in the hands of a few.

Manufacturers tell us that consolation or closure could easily hit their sector before another 6 months goes by. While still active, giant firms like American Modern have long ago scaled back their insurance side in MH.

The High Cost of Low Volume sales in Manufactured Housing

In September, we ran this featured article:  The High Cost of Low Volume – MH Sales for Retailers, Communities, Factories and others.


We knew this was coming.

Tony, a lot of operations cut their back ends areas way back.” one client told us. “They are now trying to figure out if they are willing to ramp back up, at what risk and cost or what they are going to do.”

We agreed that a number of firms have had their guts kicked out, and they’ve dramatically lowered their expectations. Regulations are a part of the challenge, but let’s be clear, it isn’t the only one.

Another veteran told me Monday, “Tony, we have plants in our state operating at maybe 35% capacity.” Some of the commentary that followed can’t be shared at this time. When I commented to that pro that we should be doing 4 to 6 times the new manufactured home sales volume that we currently are, his two word reply? “At least.

Would U.S. Bank or PWSC have pulled out if we were shipping 300,000 to 400,000 new HUD Code MHs a year? Unlikely! Before you say something negative like, that 300,000 to 400,000 sales level be can’t done today; really? Remember RVs have a far more limited target audience and are shipping some 5 times what we are in new HUD Code manufactured homes.

cfpb-pseudo-logo-credit-plus1properties-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com (1)

Image credit: Plus 1 Properties.

Do you think they are celebrating at the CFPB today? 2017 is just around the corner. But there could be changes to what goes on inside the CFPB’s palatial offices before the next 2 years are all said and done.

A Veritable Choir of Voices Calling for Positive Action!

Jess Maxcy at the California Manufactured Housing Institute (CMHI) shared a number of items with us the past few days (thanks, Jess!), one of which will be our lead-off for this next section.


Speaking of zoning, here is Jay Hamilton from Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA) sounding off on local official trying to push ordinances restricting used manufactured homes, in violation of state (not to mention, federal) law.

Or check out what Bob Vahsholtz, author of Dueling Curves and long time MH veteran, has to say on what he sees as the lack of national industry leadership.

Steve Lefler, Modular LifeStyles VP has some of his interesting and tongue-in-cheek commentary on the 6th Circuit Court ruling on manufactured homes.

DJ Pendelton, Executive Director of the Texas Manufactured Housing Association, has plenty to say about the CFPB’s recent 55 page report. DJ is always a fine writer, please read all about it, at this link below.

The Wisconsin Housing Alliance’s Amy Bliss is another wise soul who points out some unique angles on what the industry’s approach might be at leveling the playing field in financing. Check out Amy’s OpEd, linked below.

Industry finance expert, Dick Ernst shared a critique on the higher cost of personal property lending that some non-profits and all of the CFPB should make required reading.

Last-and-not-least as a great bookend to the above, from ever-popular finance expert Marty Lavin, JD – is his latest literary foray, linked below.

Again, non-profits keen on financing, are you listening to what Marty has to say?

The Emerging View

When you start pulling threads from the above together, what emerges are potential elements for advancing manufactured housing to new record highs. For 5 years, we’ve said and written, manufactured housing has all of the answers it needs within our reach. Are we willing to listen to each other? Are we willing to pull together?

Or will we wait until more business closures, exits and consolation takes place? If you happen to be working for, owner of or hold stock holder in a big firm in MH remember this. The so-called big boys in our industry could easily find themselves blown out of the water within 24 months of the anticipated multi-billion dollar entry of a entry into American factory-built homes from China, Canada, Japan, OPEC nations, or the sources eying our industry from from right here in the U.S..

l-a-tony-kovach-2014-louisville-manufactured-housing-show-modern-marketing-mhpronews-com-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com (1)


Standing room only crowds at
L’ville Business Building Seminars.

If that later happens, as the top publisher, service provider and consultant, we’ll be fine – so my concern is for professional readers like you. We’re having a good year, how about you?

But it could be better for us all, right?

It’s long past time for us to learn to pull and hang together. Otherwise, a growing number will hang – and fall – separately. We’ll never get 100% to pull together, but even a modest number synergizing at first could make an amazing difference.

Want to learn how? See you in Louisville for the big Show and Seminars? ##

la-tony-kovachby L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

The Appraisal Rule, Manufactured Housing and the Road to Success in 2015

October 25th, 2014 No comments

The mid-term elections are almost on us. Some say it will be another wave, sweeping Republicans into control of the Senate like the 2010 mid-term gave Republicans control of the House. A close look at some key races suggests that is less than certain, which means turn out is going to be crucial for supporters of either major party. But that’s not our topic today!

Rather, we want to focus today on doing more business in 2015, the Appraisal Rule, financing and manufactured housing’s Road to Success in 2015.

dick-ernst-finmarkusa-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com-There are few – if any – as qualified as MHI Financial Services Chairman Dick Ernst of FinMarkUSA to lead a discussion by a panel of lenders and experts on the soon to be implemented Appraisal Rule and its impact on manufactured housing. We expect retailers and community operators literally from coast to coast to attend the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

One of MANY reasons is to hear the facts at the first major discussion on the nuts and bolts of how the appraisal rule impacts MH.

Dick Ernst will be joined by Sherri Clevenger of NADA and Dan Rinzema of DataComp/MHVillage/JLT in a brisk panel presentation on the appraisal rule. They will be joined by representatives of top industry lenders too!

This is a not-to-be-missed session that is free to communities, retailers and builder-developers attending the show.

More on this in the days ahead, mark your calendar now for both Wednesday January 21st and Thursday January 22nd, don’t miss it! As we’ve done previously, educational/business building seminars will be held in the mornings during the show. This allows attendees to spend time in the afternoons touring dozens of homes on display, over 100 exhibitors booths and networking at various evening functions, many of them also free to industry pros.

Financing on Manufactured Homes, Commercial Financing on MH Communities!

Just as the finance panel is one of the sessions that has been SRO (standing room only) at previous Louisville Seminars, so too has the commercial lending panel. Perhaps 80% of all MHCs have commercial loans on them. Many of loans are written on long term amortization, but come up for renewal more quickly.

What that means is that commercial lenders are needed who understand the evolving manufactured home community (MHC) business model! What was a no go 2 or 3 years ago on commercial MH loans, may be doable today. The MHC sector has performed very well, and with the growing affordable housing shortage, MHCs and MH in general are well positioned for future growth.


So its no surprise that Investors and MH Professionals are also looking to acquire and/or sell MHCs.

Once more, award winning consultant and finance expert Dick Ernst has agreed to moderate a panel discussion made up of lenders and brokers who do manufactured home community loans. Previous sessions have been very lively with much time devoted to Q&A’s with audience members. Don’t miss this free session.

Sell more homes and fill more vacant sites in 2015 – MH Marketing and Sales Coaching!

l-a-tony-kovach-2014-louisville-manufactured-housing-show-modern-marketing-mhpronews-com-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com (1)

As this photo shows, my marketing and sales focused sessions also bring SRO crowds! There are good reasons why attendees of our training session rate them 4 or 5 out of a possible 5 for quality content they learn from year after year.

In fact, with so many SRO sessions in 2014, we’ve expanded the space for 2015 seminars!

My thanks to all who’ve passed along kudos and congrats. But let me immediately point those back to our professional experts, associates and sponsors who make this possible! My purposes in sharing this is to say, odds are good you’ll benefit if you come.

We’ll cover at this year’s marketing and sales seminar a concept that will be eye opening for individuals from all segments of the industry. Factories, associations, retailers, communities, financial services and other suppliers, this is a session you won’t want to miss.

There are clearly reasons why attendees find our training to be the way to grow your business even during the tough Dodd-Frank, CFPB era.

The reason? We show you proven ways to attract the customers with better credit or who can pay cash.

Nothing Good Happens to your bottom line until more products or services are SOLD!


We’ll provide more details on our educational offerings at the 2015 Louisville Show in the days and weeks ahead. It is less than 3 months to show time!

But the short story is simple. The Road to Success for 2015 truly passes through the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. There is nothing else quite like it in all of North America. We are proud to provide the education and promotion for this, the #1 best attended industry event in the country!

It’s more than just a great place to get business done. As our videos reveal, the atmosphere is upbeat! If you need to get your motor or that of a colleague of your’s running for 2015, hard to imagine a better place to do that than the 2015 Louisville MH Show.

See what 2014 attendees say and we’ll see you at the 2015 Show.


Will you and your team be there? Will you let your competitors hear and learn what you should know too?


  • swing by our business building seminars (more to be announced soon)
  • or see me at our booth,
  • when we aren’t shooting videos with great industry professionals like you.


All this and more are happening at the 2015 Louisville MH Show

Today’s post just scratches the surface. You’ll have all the products and services of the great, all-indoor Louisville Show there for you to compare side by side in climate controlled comfort. Fantastic! ##

la-tony-kovach-latonykovach-com-by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

The Big Picture, MH Puzzle Pieces and More New Manufactured Housing Home Shows?

August 20th, 2014 No comments

There are times when industry veterans understandably ask us one or more elements of the following, given the:

  • U.S./Mexico border crisis,

  • the “recession,”

  • the FEDs pumping dollars into the system to keep stocks and the economy going,

  • Ferguson – MO,

  • China, Russia, ISIS and radical Isalmists,

  • drug wars,

  • the war on coal,

  • DC gridlock,

  • an ever more imperial presidency,

  • ObamaCare,

  • stagnant jobs,

  • mega-multi-national corporations moving offshore to avoid U.S. corporate taxes,

  • regulatory over-reach,

  • huge deficits and debts

  • and many more such U.S. domestic or foreign issues,

how do we possibly think little old manufactured housing can get its act together in such a tough regulatory, political and economic environment and thrive once more?

Interesting questions (there are many more like those, spanning the political spectrum) indeed. Touching on only one of these now, is the recent report that if you take Texas job creation out of the total U.S. jobs picture, the nation is still net losing jobs. Ouch!

sam-zell-chairman-els-equity-lifestyle-properties-manufactured-home-communities-mhpronews-com-MH Solutions?

While we are happy that MH is on a 4 year growth in shipments, those who say that shipments are still far too low, here on the Masthead, we concur. We as an industry should and can do much better. So let’s point to interviews with billionaires Sam Zell or Jim Clayton for powerful insights on issues, like those in the bullets above.

Revisiting what we published – linked above – from Sam Zell last year, you’ll see his concerns about the dollar were correct. We are seeing a new basket of currencies taking shape from international economic rivals. These threaten the dollar’s reserve currency status. The threats to the ‘property line’ and other issues Zell raised also continue.

But what did ELS Chairman Zell say? Didn’t the chairman of the largest MHC operation in the world strongly suggest that once you understand MH, there is no reason to lose confidence?! Didn’t Chairman Zell also indicate that you can position MH and factory home building well, regardless of what’s happening in the economy?

As they say in WI, youbetcha.


Still credit from video interview produced by
Click link below or photo above to see the video.

Jim Clayton Videos

We have reasons to feel good about virtually every collaborative video we’ve done this year. That said, please pardon me for drawing your attention anew to the two Jim Clayton video interviews, because of the many golden nuggets shared by a sharecropper’s son who grew to be the most successful retailer, lender and builder in the MH Industry. We routinely take our own advice. I’ve personally watched and listened to Jim’s powerful insights many times.

Want solutions to grow and get past the current sales levels? Please take the notepad out – paper or digital – watch and listen to Jim Clayton while making notes. Imagine you’re in a graduate level seminar, because you’ll not likely get this much quality insights from a legend as we brought you, thanks to his gracious willingness to share time and experiences.

Note that while Clayton Bank’s Chairman sounds off with numerous concerns, such as regulatory over-reach, Jim also has strong confidence in the future of MH. Like Sam Zell, both continue to invest in MH!

I’m betting on MH’s future along with them, how about you?

The interviews we share are packed with insights that every independent, every mega company and all in between ought to dial into! IMHO, Jim expressed his concerns for the nation and free enterprise, the political landscape, etc.. But he did so with a tone suggesting there is a way to deal with these issues. Quiting is the only option off the table.

There are also profitable ways for MH to benefit from these issues.

tim-williams-CEO-President-21st-mortgage-corporation-sepia-tone-masthead-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news-Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage

21st Mortgage CEO, Tim Williams, raised the image of the industry’s members as a fraternity. This is more than just a nice phrase!

At the end of the day, that is precisely what we need to be thinking about, how to forge a renewed collegiality. Big, small or in between, we have more that unities us than ought to divide us.

It takes time for people to dial into and embrace that change in mindset. But is it happening? Slowly…perhaps, but we think, yes. It is and can accelerate.

More New MH Home Shows

Among the comments that came in this week was one suggesting that manufactured housing ought not do any more home shows. Such public displays, that industry veteran who wrote me suggested, burns into the minds of the public the images of a house on wheels. Okay, let’s look at that thought.

We are huge believers in showing digitally (online) showcasing our industry at its best, with articles, videos, graphics, photos, etc.. We and other forward thinking sponsors put our time, talent and treasure where our mouths are on that topic. So you’d think I might agree with the ‘lets drop the home shows’ notion? Not at all.

While some may buy a home from online articles, photos or videos, most have to see what they want first-hand. They need to touch, feel and experience it in person. That requires either a trip to an MHC, a MH retailer or a MH home show.


Thousands came out in the rain and cool weather to see modern manufactured homes
at the Eastern Ohio Manufactured Home Show.

We applauded then and now the efforts of Tim Williams and the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association and their sponsors for their home show. We need more home shows done correctly, not less. We applauded what Nancy Geer and the NY Housing Association did with their Factory Built House on the Hill.

We should also not expect perfection out of the first or even second such efforts; human nature being what it is, getting the logistics and feedback worked out usually takes some time. Yes, it also takes money, to refine details making such efforts yield the maximum profits. That’s just business reality!


So we applaud Ken Anderson and the AZ MH Association for their plans to do a home show in 2015, and for Steve Lefler/Modular Lifestyles, Mike Sullivan at Newport Pacific and Sheila Dey at the WMA for their “off the grid” Quest home at the California State Capitol this week. We’ll bring you more details on these – and other such efforts – that give public officials and the home buying prospects of tomorrow a chance to see our homes anew.

Yes, homes at MH shows must be properly displayed and promoted. The Tiny House Movement is a reminder that we in MH have a communication problem and an education issue (internal and external). Tiny Houses are often on wheels, are ‘trendy’ and they have their own TV series, for goodness sakes!

Does anyone who knows the facts, is objective and goal oriented think that MH can’t do as well or better?

About our popular Daily Business News report on HUD and Regulatory Over-reach:

This article linked below has quickly jumped into the top 1% of all of the 7500 plus pages accessed on so far this month. Pros go where the subjects interest them, and this one obviously does.

HUD Code Manufactured Home Producers Want Regulatory Fairness and Stronger Congressional Oversight

Among the messages in after the Daily Business News report was published:

This sounds a little “over-the-top”, but certainly has some substance. I spoke with one of the third-party inspection firms last week, and they are probably as concerned as manufacturers, as opposed to co-conspirators looking for increased fees. You might want to make contact with them to get their perspective…It’s also probably true that the new regulations have a greater impact on the most affordable segments of HUD-code production, and less on the higher-end…”

Let me stress that every comment we’ve quoted, we used the respective industry pros own words, editing out in a pair of instances minor ‘tells’ as to the writer’s identities, which they certainly did not want revealed. These edits removed some word(s), did not change the meaning of what was quoted.

Among the more robust replies:

Well done and the inside practical scoop!” “Bulls-eye!” Or “Go, Tony, Go!” Or  You are becoming the voice of the industry.”

FYI, we reached out again to HUD for an on-the-record comment, we’ll let you know what takes place once Pam Danner is back in the office.

That said, let me thank all while politely modifying the ‘you are becoming the voice’ comment above. YOU – our readers, writers and supporters – YOU are the voice of manufactured housing!YOU are an MH ambassador! Mine is another face in the crowd, we are proud to give YOU or others a popular digital place to sound off and make a difference!


Let’s close with the following. While epiphanies or 9/11 type events occur that cause huge overnight shifts, most of the time, change is a process.

One of my favorite industry’s pros, that very few know, but whom I respect and learn from a lot, is a fellow who keeps sharing Jim Collins success tips. He urges me to keep pushing at the flywheel. In turn, let me encourage you and your colleagues to do the same. Because the big picture – properly understood and responded to – makes our picture look not perfect, but quite hopeful. Our opportunities are many.

We are better working together. That’s the thinking of a growing number of MH Pros, how about you? ##

la-tony-kovach-latonykovach-com-By L. A. “Tony” Kovach



CBS Reports on good Manufactured Housing news, Plus!

May 21st, 2014 No comments

The Manufactured Housing Industry is waking up to the fact that CBS News has given overall positive coverage to our industry, in the form of a Sunday show video report.

MHProNews' Matthew Silver's Daily Business News (DBN for short) article on that topic is found at the link below. Please read it, watch the video and then continue…


CBS News Video,
You'll see their short Commercial,
then their report

A few quick points.

  • Are you seeing a counter-pattern – an emerging trend – in the mainstream media? We believe there is one.
  • Instead of almost pure anti-Manufactured Home Industry stuff in the news, we are seeing more mixed messages with some silver lining – think the New York Times or Bloomberg reports – or the Tampa Bay, FL news report, where our Matthew Silver correctly says takes good news and try's to twist it into a negative.
  • Or the almost purely good news report from CBS News, above!  While the terminology obviously could be better, the report is quite fair and balanced.

On our public focused sister site, and here on MHProNews, we've been raising the bar on 'response' coverage as well as positive reporting about manufactured and modular housing. We've also spotlighted the good news about manufactured housing, in articles like this on on the rich and famous living in manufactured homes.

Stop and think! Did you notice how the CBS News report took a very similar take in their Sunday show report as we did in the article about the 'rich and famous' living in modern manufactured homes, linked above?


Attention Non-HUD, MOD and PreFab builders…

Some in the MOD world think they can escape the 'image fight,' HUDs have to face.

Not so.

Our housing products both come out of a factory and modular or prefab producers are wise to take the same tactic that the auto Industry has for decades. You don't see Lexus bashing Corolla on TV ads, do you?  Or Chevette's putting down a Cadillac?

Nor does that statement imply that MODs are superior to the residential style HUD code homes. As one study I saw indicated, there is a 'dynamic equivalence' between those two new home products.

Finance Related…

What could be seen in some corners as *** explosive comments and insights *** from a leading industry professional on finance and related topics, is coming!  We plan to bring you that in our red-hot summer, June issue.

You will see and hear those comments for yourself, in the speaker's own voice, right here on


More Upcoming Insights on Financing

We will also be bringing you the video interview of Dick Ernst of who will raise related topics that may get the CFPB, nonprofit thinkers like CFED's Doug Ryan and others talking.

Is this a personal property (chattel) lending breakthrough? Planned SPECIAL Report on MH Financing!

We may have in hand in time for our upcoming June issue a 'breakthrough' report in MH Lending, that will be available for consumers, retailers, communities and others!

I was privately briefed on this plan by some key people with the lender in question. As I look at what other lenders are telling MHProNews – then consider what this seasoned lender is doing – my gut suggests this will be a quiet revolution.

At first, some pros will get it, others won't.

But as the understanding of this process is revealed, hundreds and then thousands could well turn to this lender for a way to navigate many of the current CFPB related challenges, and do it easier and more profitably!

We'll see if the report is in our hands for what's shaping up as a hot June issue…stay tuned.

Eastern Ohio Home Show results

The final numbers on the Eastern Ohio Home show are in! We've heard from a number of key people, all of whom praise Tim Williams, Andrea Reichman and the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association.

In turn, Tim, Andrea and others rightly praised the sponsors, supporters and the volunteers who made this big event happen!

A more detailed follow up will come you way in our upcoming June Featured Articles.

Praise for Geer and Hamilton

Those two last names have an almost 'founding fathers' feel to it, don't they? ;-)

We are getting well earned praise for Nancy Geer's House on the Hill and Jay Hamilton's positive media outreach outcomes! FYI, they'd be the first to say, theirs too are a team effort.

Trans-Associational Update

From businesses, association leaders and more, we are hearing praise for the trans-Associational effort outlined in this guest column here.

In fact, the only push back has reportedly come from 'the two usual suspects.'

The balance of comments? Solidly favorable.

This is also suggested by the traffic! Remember, ours is a small industry, so to see this kind of hit count in a week, that's Impressive!

Per Webalizer: Usage Statistics for  Summary Period: May 2014, Generated 21-May-2014 07:34 CDT

15,385 hits =

If you've not seen it or shared it, where have you been? Click the link to correct or close that gap!  HINT. It's all about capturing more of a trillion dollar housing market.

Even with Headwinds

Even with the headwinds from The FEDs in over-regulation, the future is in our hands. We must tackle the tooth aches, we can't ignore them, or they will abscess.

We can't ignore the bad, we should defuse or turn it into something good.

We must also showcase the far more common good news that we have to share!


As you will see in our upcoming part two of our exclusive Jim Clayton video interview, the future can look bright, but only if we dig in and tackle the problems while maximizing the opportunities.

We have headwinds, will we tackle them successfully to tap our multi-billion dollar opportunities?

Are you in? ##

L. A. "Tony" KovachL. A. 'Tony' Kovach | | Business and Public Marketing & Ads: B2B | B2C Websites, Contract Marketing & Sales Training, Consulting, Speaking: | | Office 863-213-4090 Connect on LinkedIN: 

CFPB, MHI and MH Captive Finance Lending? Like “Screen Doors on a Submarine.”

May 9th, 2014 1 comment

Their headline was a strong tease. Indeed, there were two Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) representatives at the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Congress and Expo (C&E) event last week in Las Vegas. It was hardly an 'invasion.'

Indeed, we knew the week prior to Congress and Expo that the pair had registered and paid to attend the MHI event.

Your tax dollars at work?

When we asked about the presence of the two CFPB representatives, MHI President Richard 'Dick' Jennison told MHProNews:

We at MHI, along with our leadership team, were definitely aware prior to the event and planned accordingly that two individuals from CFPB from Washington, D.C., registered and paid to attend MHI’s Congress & Expo."

Ready to go a little deeper?

"Unlike MHI’s business meetings, which only MHI members and invited guests are allowed to attend, Congress & Expo is open to everyone.”

cfpb-goverment-agency-logo-posted-on-mhpronews-comWhile this incident might cause angst for some who are 'flying under the radar' or might be on the wrong side of a regulatory line, it has little or no impact on those who are doing business according to the regs.

Screen doors on a Sub

When an MH industry operation involved in finance was asked about a topic we raised last year – ie: how can a mom and pop MHC or retail operation hope to have a compliant captive finance operation – here was that operation's executive's reply.

When we "…with a lot of resources are constantly trying to keep up with Dodd-Frank and other changes. This (selling programs to an independent MHC or retailer trying to comply with DF) seems like selling screen doors for submarines.

Thanks for a morning hoot."

Don't Get Scared, Get the Facts, Plan and Act!

In our two part series – Manufactured Housing and Captive Finance: Can it be done Successfully in today's Environment? with numerous quotes from industry pros, can be found at the link above addressed that issue in depth.

While the views vary widely, there are legal experts that doubt that a modest independent can comply with a captive finance program, given the fact that much better funded community banks and others are leaving lending due to Dodd-Frank and the CFPB's current regulatory regime.

A similar regulatory concern needs to be expressed about those doing so-called "lease option" deals. Recall this popular Industry in Focus report, NCC Discussion on Manufactured Housing, Rent to Own and Lease-Option.

Meet Marie and Alexi

Marie Whittaker is reportedly from the CFPB's Office of Research and Alexei Alexandrov is a CFPB economist who has worked on their appraisal rules.

If one of these had 'enforcement division' or something similar on their business cards, then certainly the alarm bells might well be going off in manufactured housing offices across the country.

But the surface view at present is quite the opposite. One reason we had no initial intent to address this issue is that there seemed to be no cause for alarm.

In fact, this might be good news for the HUD Code manufactured housing industry.

How so? What if they are part of an effort to create a specialized – and much needed – MH unit at the CFPB? So suggests a wise soul who has thoughtfully provided us – and thus you – much needed insights.

MHC operator 'Scared to Death'

Are you a smaller operation doing captive finance or lease-option lending?

You should think about what a strong, growing organization did. Call an industry lender, and work out a program to sell all their notes and them so the lender can "be the lender." Why? 'Because making those loans and holding the paper in the Dodd-Frank era scares me to death.'

So sayeth the MHC operator selling off their loan portfolio.

Don't get me wrong – "Go Lending!"

Don't get me wrong. In a truly free enterprise system, lease-options or seller-financing ought to be doable in some legal/moral form or fashion that doesn't break the bank…

…or the law.

Will the CFPB swing the pendulum back? Will Congress press changes?

Time will tell, but the political winds seem to be changing. What is certain is that some regs MUST change, or millions are being penalized. Just one of many issues is the 'steering' one. Businesses are being forced to shot gun applications, lenders must wade through reams of paper they normally don't look at; and the consumer is harmed, not served.

Associations, CFPB and MH Pros Like You

Larger operators can access financing in a variety of ways – including per the experts we ask – complaint captive financing.

But any operation can team up with a local lender willing to learn, or one of the many industry lenders who are already hip deep in providing compliant lending that can make you money.

In the meantime, rather than quake over the CFPB, we should be working all the channels to make ever-more reasonable financing available. Good associations are critical to meet that need.

As noted above, if CFPB is researching and creating a unit that better understands and deals with our industry, that could be a good thing for manufactured housing in the short term.


So you new or prospective investors who are reading this, please don't be alarmed or sweat it. The many experts we reach out to on issues are routinely happy to tell us which way is up.

Let me take a moment to thank those experts as always for their insights and wisdom, for without them, this commentary and news site would not be the same value that it is to you in their absence.

republican-and-democratic-party-symbols-creditpoliticspa-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews0comPolicy Failures – Not Politically Correct

Your Masthead scribe doesn't have to be politically correct. While we work with associations, we are not working for any association, so my thoughts are mine not anyone else's.

As we've said many times, there is absolutely value and the need for associations to have strong ties to BOTH major parties, that is sound association practice.

We should all be pleased that there are Democrats, Republicans and Independents all involved in the MH Association world.

That said, here is the politically incorrect part that we can say and associations can't.

Objectively, the CFPB needs to be aware that the political winds in the nation has been shifting.  IMHO, President Obama is watching his foreign policy as well as his domestic agenda unravel. While a largely compliant media covers the Administration’s 6, the current White House resident is using the mechanisms of government to do what he promised.

To fundamentally change America.

The change that has come is for the worst. People of every racial, gender, social or economic group (save perhaps the uber rich, who also want change, knowing the economy is suffering under the current scenario) are worse off today than 5 years go. Public perception is increasingly getting it on such facts, even with an all-too-often administration compliant mainstream media.

Sorry to those who love the current regime, but my parents were thrilled to come to the U.S. precisely to get away from power-hungry Big Brother socialistic governments!

The CFPB is to finance what ObamaCare is to health care and the insurance industry. Both – as they stand today – are harmful.

  • We have something like half-a-million fewer Americans working today than in 2008.  Ouch!
  • Obama appointee, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, referencing the Congressional Budget Office's report said recently. “There is more work to do to put fiscal policy on a sustainable course. That progress has been made over the last several years, in bringing down deficits in the short term, but that a combination of demographics, the structure of entitlement programs, and historic trends in health-care costs, we can see that over the long-term deficits will rise to unsustainable levels relative to the economy.” (Editor's note, bold emphasis added).

Can they be fixed? Sure, but only when enough people of good will move in that direction.

The View from the Masthead

Our position on the issues are pretty clear.

  • We believe in America,
  • we believe in manufactured housing,
  • we believe in reasonable regulation
  • but are utterly opposed to the federal over-reach that we have seen for many years now.

That over-reach easily dates back to

  • Bush 2 on some issues (example, NSA – and their growing of the Medicare program in unsustainable ways, more) and to
  • Barack Obama on a range of topics from foreign policy, job killing policies, ObamaCare, CFPB, energy policies (think about the no-brainer on the Keystone Pipeline), and much more.

As we shared in our previous Mastheads, our industry is well poised for the future. We need to align the talent to deal with the regulatory issues, and indeed progress is slowly being made. Consider this news alert from MHI:

“On May 7th, the House Financial Services Committee adopted the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act (H.R. 1779). The measure, which was adopted by voice vote, won't be formally approved by the committee until a recorded vote is tallied. A recorded vote is expected to occur the week of May 19th – the House of Representative is scheduled to recess the week of May 12th.”

It should also be noted that MHI has generated some 5,000 comments to Congress through their new electronic system!

Yes, the progress is steady, albeit we all wish it were faster. More on that another day.

More to Do, but More Opportunities Too

We've been saying for some years now that our industry must get better engaged with our consumer base and select non-profits. There is no point in rehashing facts shared in Manufactured Housing's Metaphoric Magic, or earlier columns on how energizing our own base in micro-targeting style could make manufactured home owners/businesses a political powerhouse.

I know there are some in the communities world who get nervous about such thinking, but there is no reason to be so, as we or other good MHC operators know from experience.  Happy residents and good management are allies, not enemies.

capitol_hill-congress-masthead-mhpronewsThe Winds are Changing

Richard Cordray doesn't call me for my opinion, but if he did, it would go something like this. Pivot while you can. The political winds are changing in the nation and DC.

The clock is winding down on the Democratic hold on the Senate, and if Republicans don't blow it, they'll have both houses of Congress and perhaps even the White House in 2016.

CFPB, HUD, FHFA, et al, should all pivot now. Make yourselves more of the kind of 'partners in progress' with industry professionals and consumers rather than an opposition to it.

We are the Future!

Manufactured and modular housing are the wave of the future. It is utterly needed for all the right reasons. As we continue to step up more, and the regulators and politicos realize how much they need us, we will see a new era born.

When that happens, let's not blow it like we did in the mid-to-late 1990s. Consumers, lenders, professionals, associations –hms_vandal-wikicommons-posted-masthead-blog-mhpronews-com everyone can benefit by having the right policies and good, professional, sustainable practices.

Let's leave the proverbial screen doors off the submarines.

Let's serve the public well, and with enough people of good will pulling together, we can together create the bright future our industry and the home buying public deserve.

We'll likely pivot on topics mid-week, see you back here then! ##

(Image Credits: Politicspa, WikiCommons, Plus1 Properties,)

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Eli Wiesel vs. The Manufactured Housing Enemies List

April 9th, 2014 No comments

Let's sandwich considerable good news at the start and end of today's Pensées (thoughts) between a pretty challenging – or some would say – an ugly reality.

The good news?

New manufactured home shipments continued to rise, in spite of all the legal head winds and the worst U.S. winter in decades.

New Capital is rushing into our industry, with more to follow. All that we need to advance back to 6 figure plus annual new HUD Code home shipments is arguably within our grasp.

Midterm elections are drawing closer. Clear thinking and the correct, prompt action must prevail for us to achieve the new heights we in manufactured housing are capable of attaining.

The rising tide would raise all boats, large and small, but…

Painful birth

Anyone who has witnessed a human birth knows its a messy process. To ignore the pain, contractions and hopes mixed with fear that precede a birthbaby_born_wikicommons-posted-masthead-blow-mhpronews-com are to miss the very elements that makes the drama one that so often ends with the beauty and joy of new life.

The newborn cries,

smiling parents sigh,

raising that soul on high.

Without valleys, there are no mountaintop views. You don't get electricity without positive and negative polarity.

Media – including trade media – that speaks of only the sunny side of a story would miss the drama, and rapidly become flaccid and boring!

Onto the problematic…The Enemies List?

No kidding, folks. The following groups and individuals have been publicly lumped together online by a pair of manufactured housing personalities under their posted title "Know Your Enemy."

  • CFED
  • I'm Home
  • and by inference, MHARR
  • MHI
  • Your Masthead scribe and MHProNews

They have an interesting group collected under the heading “know your enemy,” don't they?

The posting party began with a long quote by Doug Ryan at CFED. Then they and others are denounced. The posting man's tag team partner (both are shown in the graphic later below) adds to the enemies by inference and comes to their punch line.

…don't you wish, as I do, there'd be a National Public Forum…where matters like these could be presented and discussed…industry…veterans who're willing to take opposing views on these issues…”

Let's freeze frame those kernels of thought for a moment, because enemies list aside, I happen to think there is objectively potential merit to it.

  1. We don't have to buy into a one size fits all mindset.
  1. We as industry professionals ought to be able to respectfully discuss opposing views. There ought be to be an ability to engage in meaty, civil discussions. We are all free to choose.
  2. There should be discussion vehicles, meetings or platforms to hold 'heady' coversations or even dabates.
  3. Well, in fact, we have such platforms. is a proven one – and the largest – for some years now. In theory, some LinkedIn groups are potentially another.

The practical problem on LinkedIn is that the very people who are using it to advertise their meetings, products and services – “don't you wish, as I do, there'd be a National Public Forum…” – are the ones who allegedly:

  • use tactics that limit or avoid discussion
  • block or remove those who take a different perspective than theirs
  • thus violating the principles they shared.
  • Further, they engage in demeaning and name calling of those who opposed them (the latest example, those they've lumped under their heading 'Know Your Enemy' list.)

Now let's “follow the money.”

  • What they want is to promote a meeting,
  • for which meeting they want to collect money from others and offer their attendees at said meeting the chance to spend still more money with them and
  • only have those they've approved or “invited” to attend.


So after their public posturing and name calling – surelyenemy” is a strong label – they want to try to promote a reasonable discussion?

Pardon me?

We have documents that suggest and demonstrate that these very individuals and their surrogates block discussion on LinkedIn, which is why its value in MH discussions – other than those the pair and their allies want to see – has diminished.

FYI, we have a free-to-the-industry's-members fix in the works for that problem on LinkedIn these folks created, that we can roll out in fairly short order. Once launched, that new platform will change the discussions in our industry for good. Stay tuned!

Summing up, is this the latest example of the best bad idea that they had that day?

The Best Bad Idea”


“There are no good options…This is the best bad idea that we have.” – from the movie, Argo.

When I heard this snipet once more, it had me rolling anew. It sure seemed to fit what's happening in certain quarters of our our industry. But not all of 'the best bad ideas' turn out the way it did in Argo.

Their hypothetical “Know Your Enemy” conversation…


Please look Closely for Yourself at some of those they lumped under their headline of Know Your Enemy.

Let's start with the obvious, by saying that none of us agree on everything. Heck, we're all prone to even disagree with ourselves, if we are presented with new facts or inputs.

But the people that are on this list all are proven to care about manufactured housing! So if we happen to see some things different, does that mean we throw the baby out with the bath water?

Let's survey just some of what those non-profits have shared.

A) One of the hottest reads this month is from the non-profit, Stacey Epperson CEO at Next Step, called Dirty Laundry. NextStep and the other non-profits are known to collaborate from time to time.

B) We've gladly showcased articles on the powerful study on the sound performance of manufactured home loans done by CFED and I'm Home, linked here.

C) Let's not forget that Andrea Levere and Stacey Epperson teamed up to publish Hurricane Sandy and the Merits of Manufactured Housing, in the influential east coast Huffington Post.

Question! When was the last time that the twin naysayers shown above got as much positive, free ink about manufactured housing into the mainstream media as Epperson/Levere did? Years? Ever? By contrast, the linked column above by Levere and Epperson is not a one time event. So why would savvy industry pros shun these non-profits, who clearly believe in manufactured housing and bring us periodic good publicity?

My reply, we work with them in as many ways as we can. We respectfully discuss what we don't agree upon. That's how civilized people behave, isn't it?

D) Only a tiny sliver of our industry's communities are owned by residents, but that has drawn public praise in the media, such as this report about ROC USA on NPR.

E) While some have tried to blame the national associations for the 'failure' to stop Dodd-Frank (DF) or the SAFE Act, etc. in the first place, let's get real. When the Mortgage Bankers and much bigger lenders, financing and housing groups couldn't stop SAFE or DF, what makes a reasonable person think that the relatively small manufactured housing industry was going to stop it?

E) The industry at large has made MHProNews the runaway number one industry news, tips and views resource. When we cover controversial topics, the already highest in the biz readership goes up. The industry votes with its time and browsers daily by the thousands.

For anyone who thinks the twin “Know Your Enemy” pals are right in demonizing those who disagree with them, sorry, on the Masthead, we beg to differ!

Crucially, we allow people with differing views to express themselves.

No Apologies!

We make no apologies for carrying periodic articles (or in the past or present, ads) by any of these implied 'enemy' of the graphic-above-tag-team.

Nor do we apologize for carrying MHI and MHARR news unedited, as we have for years. We believe that the many can see the facts, then learn and discern from the facts.

Naturally, as publishers, we also do editorials here on the Masthead.

Yes, we favor public discussion and debate. What's riotous is that the pair shown above have never accepted a debate that we offered them.

Oh, pardon me, the debate we offered would have been 'free.' Maybe that was their problem? They couldn't make money on the discussion?

Or maybe they are not prepared to stand up in public and face the full facts they present in such a slanted way?

Fairness in Action

Last year, when we had articles on the topic of

Manufactured Housing and Captive Finance,

Can it be done Successfully in Today's Environment?

we gave Ken Rishel his say in his own words. That's fairness. That was one of the top 30 new articles on MHProNews last year accessed out of well over 10,000 referral paths.

When will that pair in the hypothetical graphic above do the same level of fairness? Who are they to host any truly fair industry discussion event?

elie-wiesel-credit-time-wikicomons-we-must-always-take-sides-neutrality-he ... -victim-silence-encrouages-tormentor-nevertormented-(c)2014-mhpronews

Eli Wiesel, photo courtesy of Time and WikiCommons

Pensées from Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”

― Elie Wiesel

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

― Elie Wiesel

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

― Elie Wiesel

“One person of integrity can make a difference."

― Elie Wiesel


U.S. Army war photo, courtesy of WikiCommons

Facing Flawed Faith?

We routinely talk about facts and reason, not just emotion. You may recall the maxim;

A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

Presenting the facts alone is no guarantee reason will follow. “Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up!” is the unvoiced cry of those who follow a delusion.

Not all struggles are life and death, and not all enemies are Hitlers, Stalins or Maos. Some are the Bernie Madoff's of this world, who steal by fraud while smiling and promising riches.

It isn't PC today, but not all faiths are equal. Faith in people should always be tempered by the truth and reason.

Those who say all faiths are equal, nonsense! Deep within, we all know better. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden created their own secular faiths – or a god-in-their-own-image faith – thousands to millions followed and look at what happened.

On a lesser monetary level, many a con artist uses multiple people as they ply their dishonest trade.

Cartoonist Bill Leak imagined Osama Bin Laden's
encounter with Hitler, Stalin and Mao in the afterlife.
Source: The Australian

Those pilots who hijacked those planes that slammed into the Twin Towers had “faith.“

But that misguided band of terrorists' faith killed some 3000 thousand that day, and led to wars that killed hundreds of thousands. That false faith cost rivers of blood, copious tears and treasure in the trillions. Our lives are still touched by the fall-out, from TSA agents at airports, to the NSA spying and much more.

Who and what we place our faith in matters! The truth matters.

Some will deny truth, or claim it is all relative. Nonsense! If you are robbed or a loved one is raped, do you and society at large not seek justice?

Still those who go with a blind faith into what's false may not be convinced, even when truth stares them in the face.

We have cops, soldiers, first responders and others to protect decent society from those who break the law.

We also ought to be able to depend on media to help expose the Watergates and Ponzi schemers of our time.

Cons promising what they can't deliver won't depend on the facts, so they use smoke-and-mirrors, half truths, gimmicks or outright lies instead.

One Step at a Time, Progress

We've seen recent, positive steps in our industry as a result of spotlighting a long standing stumbling block.

By periodically spotlighting the tactics of the “Know Your Enemy” tag team, the industry at large can in time neutralize their impact and perhaps even end their antics too.


Bernie Madoff and SEC cartoon by Dave Granlund

Being informed is the necessary start to the eradication of our industry's long standing problems. That begins with you, by first rejecting falsehood personally.

winston-churchill-wikicommons-in-war-resolution-in-defeat-defiance-in-victo ... to-improve-is-tochage-to-be-perfect-change-often-(c)2014-mhpronews-com

Making Friends


Abraham Lincoln fought the ugliest war in American history, but look at all the good that came from it. Not unlike Nelson Mandela, Lincoln's goal was to bring former enemies and make them allies, a truly united states – friends – once more.

Some enemies must be stopped or defeated! Society arrests the criminal, right? But isn't the hope with those we imprison that they may at some point change and rejoin society in a more positive way?

Not all misdeeds are worthy of war, prison or litigation, etc., nor is that being implied in any of the allegations in this column. You can do your own home work, and come to a similar or perhaps a different conclusion.

That said, we lay out information and questions precisely to allow pros like you to reason through such issues.

This particular problem won't be settled today, its part of a journey toward what we hope can be a happy resolution.

Nothing would make us happier than to see intelligent people who have tried to sell their wares via their questionable tactics to turn the page. Everyone who has ever made a New Year's resolution knows that people can change, once a person makes the firm decision to change.

Start of the Good News Wrap Up! Kudos to Nancy Geer in New York!

Governor Cuomo has signed a proclamation for a factory built housing days in NY. Nancy Geer and her members are once more doing a House on the Hill day at their state capital. Hats off to all involved, these are among the things that truly bring advancement to our industry!

Kudos to Tim, Andrea and the Ohio Association!

As the days click down towards the 1st Eastern Ohio Home Show in May, a significant campaign has been assembled by Tim Williams, Andrea Reichman and the sponsors of the event. Again, hats off to all involved. They are working hard to make this trade and public show a great way to showcase modern manufactured homes to the home seekers and pros in their area!

Creating Opportunities – Building Success

The tag line for this year's Congress and Expo is terrific. I'm one of over a 1,000+ or so who have paid to attend this event. We are looking forward to it. This is where the industry is rallying pros seeking solid information that is geared towards Creating Opportunities and Building Success.

As a closing thought, notice that at the end of each session at Congress and Expo, you typically have opportunity for questions and discussion. This is but one more example that we are not without options for discussion.

Congress and Expo brings together some of the largest names in our industry, along with the independent “mom and pops” and all in between. For most coming, the investment – and it is an investment – if often repaid many times when the concepts presented are put to work in their businesses.

And where else will you meet in person so many of the captains of the corporations that you do business with?

For those who demean the cost, keep in mind the costs and effort involved in putting on such an event.

The Road Ahead

We have a long road ahead. We can rise above the 6 figure shipment level anew.  We could do more than was achieved years ago, but could do so sustainably, with satisfied customers.

But to get there, we must think and apply the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Eli Wiesel and others. Seek the truth! Then put it to work. Don't let untruths rule the day. Don't sit on the sidelines.

See you here this weekend? You might be in for quite a treat. Thanks for checking in. ##

For more Insights into the twin “Know Your Enemy” list makers.

(Original Image credits, WikiCommons, posters copyright (c) 2014 by Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

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