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Warren Buffett’s Moat, Understanding Manufactured Housing Requires Grasping Strategic Economic Moats

January 31st, 2019 No comments


When someone is introduced to manufactured homes and their tremendous value, they are often shocked. ‘How is this much home for such a modest price possible?’


A key part of the answer mirrors any product produced in a production center.  Cars built in a driveway would cost far more than a car built in production center. A house built in the weather costs far more, and would take longer, than one built indoors.

After the blinders disappear, a common reaction is this question. ‘Why aren’t more manufactured homes being sold?’



That valid question is akin to the question the Urban Institute asked last year.


UrbanWireHousingandHousingFinanceManufacturedHomesCouldEaseAffordableHousingCrisisSoWhyAreSoFewBeingMadeMHProNews The report is a mix of useful and questionable insights. It is referenced as an example of the Moat at work. It is also arguably a ‘reply’ to our pressure on MHI and Berkshire brands in manufactured housing.


But the Urban Institute didn’t disclose possible conflicts of interest – including, but not limited to – Warren Buffett being a lifetime trustee of their nonprofit. Does that insight help explain why that Urban Institute article that had 4 co-authors was crafted as it was? Or why the respected Urban Institute researchers fail to mention the behind-the-scenes input by Chairman Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owned Clayton Homes in that nonprofit’s January 2018 report on manufactured homes?

The answer to so many of the riddles about manufactured homes lies in the proper understanding of Buffett’s vision about strategic economic Moats. Understand this, and the key that unlocks the door to understanding begins to open.



Buffett’s Vision of “The Moat”

Buffett’s moat concept goes well beyond Berkshire. Its arguably influencing much of America’s economic, political, educational, or even social and moral life.

Almost everything can be weaponized to work for the advancement of “the Moat.”

A moat in BuffettWorld is a slow motion tool to conquer – build a monopoly – in any given industry. The meme below wasn’t made by us, but the quote serves to make a useful point, from Buffett’s viewpoint.




Understand that my writing about the moat should be understood as our editorially disagreeing with this anti-competitive approach.

We study and report on such an issue as a necessary step to foil what is perhaps the affordable housing industry’s greatest foe.  To defeat a powerful opponent, one must thoroughly understand what one is battling.

You may be the best builder of manufactured housing in America. You might be the best provider of financial services, or be good at retail sales, or whatever else. “The Moat” is at quietly work against your interests, period — unless you are allied with it. If you are allied with “the Moat,” it’s not fast wealth, it’s slow wealth that grows your market share.

The whole-time people working to broaden and deepen the Berkshire Moat in Manufactured Housing are smiling and praising you, they simultaneously be can be working to undermine you. This I know, because it happened to our business interests, and we’ve had others explain their experiences.  I’ve said mea culpa before and am confessing anew my prior naiveite.  The school of hard knocks is what aroused my yen to grasp what is happening to manufactured housing, and that forced me to learn more.

To spare reader’s redundancy and to keep ‘the powers that be’ attorneys from rattling sabers (again), what’s described herein are allegations.  The evidence in support of these contentions are found from articles linked from this post.

Moat-builders want whatever is yours at a discount. That’s a key to Buffett’s notion of “value investing.”


A Decade Ago

It was about 10 years ago that an article for the now defunct Manufactured Home Merchandiser Magazine your Masthead writer penned explained why Warren Buffett and Sam Zell where two reasons why the manufactured housing industry would survive its worst downturn ever.

As a brief segue, Zell and his operations are a separate question worthy of study, but this column is focused on Buffett and his moat principles.

In hindsight, that Merchandiser article had correct and missed points.  Buffett didn’t want to save manufactured housing.  Rather, he arguably set out to conquer manufactured housing.  The modus operandi for that conquest was the moat.  He bought at an industry low point.

Then, the industry went still lower.

While the industry shrank, Buffett’s Berkshire brands share of manufactured housing grew.  Coincidence?  Hardly.

I’ve had a book, “Quotes from the Chairman” – Buffett – on my shelf years before that Merchandiser column. Even as a mild-Buffett watcher, I frankly didn’t understand the moat until the last 24 months.

Even during the last 2 years, my understanding of the Machiavellian brilliance of the moat has grown in stages.  It may be that no one outside of the Knoxville metro better understands the Moat than your Masthead writer does.

I’ve personally invited the following to publicly discuss or debate the issues and concerns that relate to manufactured housing that we’ve raised. Those invitations to provide live or written comments have included, but not been limited to:

  • Kevin Clayton, President and CEO of Clayton Homes – a Berkshire Hathaway brand.
  • Tim Williams, President and CEO of 21st Mortgage Corp – another Berkshire Hathaway company that finances manufactured housing for independents. Williams is the former Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Chairman.
  • Tom Hodges, JD, Clayton’s attorney and who sits on the MHI Executive Committee,
  • Joe Stegmayer, former Clayton unit president, who went to what became Cavco Industries, and is the current MHI Chairman.
  • Nathan Smith, SSK Communities partner, Democratic player, a former MHI Chairman and the current MHI PAC Chair, and thick with Berkshire brands.
  • Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, MHI President and CEO.
  • Lesli Gooch, Ph.D, MHI EVP and chief lobbyist.
  • Richard ‘Rick’ Robison, author, attorney and MHI’s general counsel.

Note many of the above – including Kevin’s father, Jim Clayton – at various times praised our pro-industry, pro-growth, pro-consumer work publicly. That was true up to about 2 years ago, when we apparently began asking – from their point-of-view – the ‘wrong questions.’  Once we asked the wrong questions, we became persona non-grata to be driven out of business. That’s simultaneously when they stopped directly replying to MHProNews or MHLivingNews.

But they can be understood as replying to us via surrogates, attorneys, and other tactics that are meant to shake us off the trail we’ve embarked upon.

Buffett’s Berkshire owns some 31 newspapers.  Why don’t those papers cover manufactured housing better, more objectively, more favorably, or more often? Why don’t those BH Media Group papers set the record straight on manufactured housing?  Buffett understands synergy.  It seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

Only the correct understanding of “the Moat” explains riddles like the one about BH Media.




Housing sales are a trillion dollar plus a year industry. More specifically, existing home sales for 2018 will be about 4.99 million units, with an average price of $293,500.00 per housing unit, per Y Data, which cites the National Association of Realtors™ (NAR).

That would be equal to about $1,464,565,000,000, or $1.465 trillion.

New conventional housing single family home sales, per the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), are at the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 629,000 units at about $318,000 average sales price. That’s about $200,022,000,000 or 200 billion a year.

So total existing and new single-family housing sales are an estimated $1,664,587,000,000, for some 5.629 million units in 2018, per the sources cited.

Contrast that with manufactured homes at an average sales price of $78,900, per Census Bureau data reported in December 2018, for the period of July 2018.  Manufactured home sales are projected to finish the year at about 100,000 (+/-) new single and multi-sectional units for the year.


How can the industry be doing so poorly?  Consider what Harvard’s Eric Belksy said circa 2002, when he projected that manufactured homes would become the dominate force in conventional housing.


Why was Belksy’s forecast wrong about the second quote?  Arguably because of the first quote.  He made his points prior to Buffett entering the manufactured home industry, and prior to Buffett applying “the moat” – including a manipulation of the credit markets – as it applies to manufactured housing.


MHI – The Moat Building Tool of BuffettVille

In a softball video interview with Kevin Clayton, posted at this link here, Clayton briefly explains the benefits that come from working with nonprofits and foundations. To understand the Moat, never forget that passing throw-away line.

The Manufactured Housing Institute – stunningly – can’t even create an accurate GDP figure on new manufactured home sales.  We’ve brought it to their attention, along with other factual errors they’ve published over the years.  Some of those corrections have been requested several times.  How can NAHB, NAR, or other industry trade groups create correct data, while MHI produces – at best – hit and miss data?

Why would Clayton and the Berkshire brands tolerate data errors published by their Arlington, VA based trade group?

Answer.  Fact errors can be useful for “the Moat.”

The logic is simple, once understood.  Buffett isn’t looking to have more competitors in manufactured housing.  Incorrect information is just one more “shark in the water” of the moat.

Heavy regulations?  No problem, for Buffett’s moat.  That’s a barrier for entry, or a barrier for staying in the business.

Bad media? No problem, not for widening and deepening Buffett’s moat.  That too is a barrier for entry, or a barrier to remain in the business.

Keep in mind what Kevin Clayton said about Warren Buffett. He preaches the Moat, and being a tough competitor.  Most of the rest is up to the business leader, supported by Berkshire’s billions. In that previouslylinked video, Kevin Claytonsaid that even if he lost money for 5 years on Clayton Homes – but widened the Moat – that would be okay withWarren.”

Clayton has made money, not lost it.  But what makes Kevin’s comments interesting is that they’ve kept some unprofitable locations open for some time, finally closing about 100 of them.  How many previously successful independents were put out of business, because of anti-competition strategies like these?

But the biggest hit – the proverbial smoking gun – is how Berkshire owned 21st Mortgage Corpmanipulated the truth to cut off lending to numerous independents. The Berkshire brands in MHVille continue to use MHI – and their own influence – to misdirect the Duty to Serve manufactured housing mandated by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA) of 2008.

Some of what’s described herein might be entirely legal.

But when collusion exists between units of Buffett’s brands – that he himself says are operated as independent businesses – that points to a legitimate antitrust action, based on my lay reading of the law.  Others who are attorneys that have looked at this, and they’ve said they get the logic too.


Despite 3rd Party Praise, to Understand How Poorly Manufactured Homes Are Doing, Consider This Comparison




Realtor University, Scholastica ‘Gay’ Cororaton, CBE.



20 years ago, manufactured homes outsold RVs by about 3 to 2. Today, RVs outsell manufactured homes by some 5 to 1. Manufactured homes are normally purchased for full time living, many RVs are for recreational or part time living. Many RVs – which are towable as well as motorized – can be higher than a manufactured home. The cost per square foot for a manufactured home is routinely lower. When one understands the facts and the trends, a more complete picture of how manipulated the manufactured home market is comes into focus. 


To Sum Up

Why is manufactured housing struggling during an affordable housing crisis?

Because the goal of “the Moat” is to squeeze businesses – with what looks to be market forces – slowly out of business. Competitors may sell out to Berkshire owned Clayton – for less than it would be worth in a normal market – or they may be forced out of business, period.

We are not the only publisher to mention the Moat, or the monopolistic practices of Buffett’s Berkshire.  But no publication has peeled by the ‘how it is done’ – not just the outcome – as much as MHLivingNews and MHProNews has. The right Google searches will demonstrate that point.

The Moat is the truth hiding in plain sight.

To learn more about the Moat, see the linked related reports, further below. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, and analysis.)

(See Related Reports, further below. Text/image boxes often are hot-linked to other reports that can be access by clicking on them. Third-party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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Principle of ‘The Lesser of Two Evils,’ and MHVille’s Future

September 11th, 2018 No comments



There’s a simple but profoundly useful concept taught be ancient to modern thinkers who ponder business, ethical, moral, political or other issues.


It’s called the principle of ‘the lesser of two evils.’

It’s simple.  When confronted with a choice, neither of which is perfect, by definition each is a some level of ‘evil’ or imperfection. Which choice does the thoughtful person make?

Morally or logically, the lessor of the two imperfect or ‘evil’ choices.

1)    The featured image above, are MHAction and the National Manufactured Home Owners Association (NMHOA). Both of those groups purport to be working on behalf of the interests of the owners of pre-HUD Code mobile home owners, as well as the millions of owners of manufactured homes.

2)    There are currently two, and an emerging third, national trade association.  There is the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR). They each have a different mission statement, with MHI claiming to represent both production and post-production interests, and MHARR plainly stating that they work for the interests of mitigating regulatory issues that face independent producers of manufactured homes.

3)    There are two major political parties. As almost any American adult in the U.S. would know, there are Democrats and there are Republicans (a.k.a., the Grand Old Party or GOP).  Each major party, plus minor parties like Libertarians, advance their candidates for local, state or national offices.

4)    For fun and fairness, we could point to ourselves as trade publishers, and say the same thing. Compare what we do, with what any other remaining or new trade publisher does in manufactured housing.  Who brings you pablum, platitudes, or thinly veiled promotions vs. who brings you news, facts, analysis, and commentary that can be used to navigate the waters that businesses, professionals, and investors face?

Note none of the above – including ourselves – are perfect. By definition, any lack of perfection in philosophical jargon is some degree of ‘evil,’ not pure evil, but an imperfection.

Between imperfect choices, which choices from the above will people make?


Decisions, Decisions…

Elections are about choices.  Decisions. On a practical level,

  • one votes for a Democrat,
  • a Republican or other party, or
  • one doesn’t vote at all.

Those who don’t vote, have ‘voted’ not to participate, and have thus yielded to those who do.  The resident groups are right about this.  Their power is at the ballot box.  Just ask long-time industry professionals in states like CA or Delaware – not to mention a number of other states in between the east and west coasts – and they’ll tell you that resident groups have caused bills at the local and state level to pass that include measures such as rent control or “rent justification.”

The industry often opposes these.

Resident groups are engaged at the state level by a number of state associations. MHI and MHARR have engaged at various times and ways with NMHOA, though on differing topics. MHARR is not directly involved in community issues, but they do promote a robust entry by the GSEs into manufactured home lending, as one of several topics that are important to communities, retailers, and thus producers.


With the Table Set Above…

There are good reasons to believe this the upcoming midterm election could be the biggest in years, perhaps, in a generation or more.

Rob Weymouth, has been claimed as a member by the leadership of Delaware Manufactured Home Owner Association (DMHOA), which affiliates with both NMHOA and MHAction.

Weymouth, perhaps not realizing his illogical argument, in several letters to the editor in his area, has written arguing that Democrats needed to be elected, even though he admits in his own column, that the Democrats who passed a rent-control bill was “useless” to manufactured home owners.  Useless legislation, but vote for those that passed it?

MH Communities, Owners, MH Independents Alert – NMHOA and MHAction Next Steps? – Part 1

That said, Weymouth is urging manufactured homeowners to vote Democratic.

Tim Sheahan, is the president of the NMHOA. He had a lengthy submission to the FHFA on the topic of the Duty to Serve (DTS) by Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In it, he made several interesting points, which wittingly or not, he later logically contradicted.  See the report, linked below for specifics.

Tim Sheahan, NMHOA President, Controversial Points of Agreement with Marty Lavin, George Allen on Communities

The tactics and positions taken by NMHOA or MHAction tend to align more with Democratic than Republican politics.  If they see that differently, they’re leadership is welcome to send me a letter to the editor to clear up any confusion on that point.  But so far, what’s been communicated privately and publicly led us to that conclusion.

Let me be clear.  The analysis we’ve done are not put-downs to Weymouth or Sheahan. Manufactured home residents deserve respect.  There are few in the industry who’ve done more to lift up the image of manufactured home owners, as what we’ve done on For years, we’ve spotlighted morality tales of what not to do, when we publish articles about businesses that have gotten in legal hot water for wronging one or more residents.

So, the purpose of public discourse – there’s, our’s or other’s ideas – is to advance concepts.  Those visions ought to be examined and tested logically, using our God-given common-sense.


No formal training in logic or debate is needed to analyze someone’s perspective.  What is needed, is objectivity and common-sense.  What’s helpful is applying simple principles, like the lesser of two evils.

For some time, MHProNews has systematically examined numerous issues that impact manufactured housing and manufactured home owners.  It has led up to this moment.


What’s the best way to advance the interests of manufactured home owners and businesses alike?

Let’s keep it simple.  Some respond to emotional appeals.  Set aside pure emotions, which can be manipulated.  As Poverty Inc demonstrated, what sounds big hearted can in fact be harmful to the very people that people of good will intend to help.

Let’s give NMHOA and MHAction the benefit of the doubt for now.  Let’s say, for discussion’s sake, that they want the best interest of hundreds of their members or millions of MH residents.  Let’s further say they aren’t working – as MHAction’s ties suggest – for the interests of billionaires like George Soros.

If that is so, then who is doing more for manufactured home residents?  Is it Democrats, as Weymouth and his DMHOA leadership think?  Or is it the emerging new GOP, under President Donald J. Trump?


Compare – and Decide

What precisely did the administration of President Barack H. Obama do for MH residents during his 8 years in office?

Compare that to what the President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump has already done to raise millions of more people out of poverty?  Think about how in 20 months millions are off of food stamps, have new jobs with higher pay, have lower utility bills, more take home pay, and more.  Better paying jobs that President Obama said would never come back, are back under President Trump.  Set aside style or tweets, etc, and look at results.  Considered objectively, isn’t it an easy comparison between Mr. Obama and POTUS Trump?

Former President Obama, unable to stand on his actual record, is now back on the campaign trail.  He’s trying to imply or claim in recent days that the increasingly booming economy is due to his policies.  That’s easily debunked nonsense. Coal, manufacturing, and other jobs that Mr. Obama said would never come back, are under President Trump’s pro-growth policies.

The fact that Mr. Obama even feels the need to make such obviously false claims should speak volumes.  Don’t let the supposedly soaring rhetoric carry your colleagues off.  Because a growing number of the former 44th president’s supporters left him for the Trump movement.

In fact, about 1/3 of the counties that candidate Obama won, where won years later by candidate Donald J. Trump.

Under President Obama, starting with his first midterms, Democrats lost a net of some 1,000 seats at the federal, state and local levels.

Keep in mind, that President Trump, much like the late President Ronald Reagan, is a former Democrat. That fact caused concerns for many in the GOP power structure.

President Trump has been:

  • good for job creation ,
  • Blue collar workers,
  • Good for minorities,
  • Good for women,
  • has reduced the numbers on public assistance,
  • has boosted investments in American businesses, which is good for owners, investors, and professionals.
  • It is those investors that could – under the right policies – begin building more communities that could rebalance the supply-demand equation for manufactured home community residents.

Here’s the bottom line.  Democratic policies since the Great Society some 50 years ago, spent over $22 trillion dollars until 2014, with no appreciable difference in poverty rates.


The principles of Poverty, Inc – applied to the U.S. – will tell us that what’s needed is to clear the path for small businesses to open, operate and do business that lift people out of poverty and create opportunities.

Acclaimed Poverty Inc. Video, MHVille – Why Left & Right Should Listen, Learn From Each Other

Superficial thinking has arguably gotten:

  • manufactured housing professionals by the thousands, and
  • manufactured home owners by the hundreds of thousands,
  • both into less than ideal or even problematic positions.

It will take clear thinking, facts, and evidence to correct what’s gone wrong in manufactured housing.

MHARR, outspent by some 7 to 1 by MHI, has routinely picked the correct positions time and again on issues that face the industry.  By contrast, MHI has repeatedly taken positions that they claim are good for many, but in fact work for the interests of a few ‘consolidators’ of smaller businesses.

FEDs, MHI, Buffett’s Berkshire’s Clayton Homes Moat, Affordable Housing, and Billion$ in Manufactured Home Market Manipulation

It is hard to find something good to say (sorry) about the public positions and actions of MHAction.  There is clear overlap between MHAction and NMHOA.  That said, both NMHOA and MHAction, along with their state affiliates need to be engaged, as some professional associations have tried.  But it is resident group’s thinking that must be engaged, analyzed and put on display, as we have in articles linked from this column, above and below.

Ishbel Dickens said she was open to a public discussion debate of the issues with me, but never actually did so.  We’ve more recently made a similar invitation to NMHOA and MHAction’s current leaders.  We’ll see what they do, but so far, there’s no one jumping at the chance.  Why not?  Do they lack confidence in their positions?

If they are not willing to defend their positions, perhaps they should consider changing them?  In fact, that’s the purpose of analysis and debate. To discern through testing what’s true, what’s not, so that people can make the best decisions moving ahead.

The answer for residents is demonstrably not rent control,  Nor is it Democratic policies.  Frankly, it isn’t purely Republican policies that will fix things either.  As an independent, President Donald Trump’s policies – which blend elements from both major parties – are what could prove to be the path ahead.

MHARR’s president and former president said as much.  See the video, below.

Looking back, isn’t it clear that they were right?

Life is full of decisions, as we all know.  It often comes down to two imperfect options.  Pick the better of the two, which the ancients called the principle of the lesser of two evils. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

(Third-party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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Manufactured Housing’s Professional Crucifixion

March 30th, 2018 No comments


Let’s be crystal clear at the outset.


Only One can claim to have been betrayed by a close comrade, arrested, found guilty at three separate rigged trials, beaten, brutally whipped/scourged, mocked, marched off on public streets, crucified, died, and was buried in a borrowed grave for our sins on a Friday that’s paradoxically called Good. 


Only One can claim to have undergone all of that, and then rise from the dead. And if experts who’ve long studied the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo are correct, that One left strong evidence that’s inspired billions of souls throughout the centuries ever since. 

Respectful of our weak yet free will that He died for, Jesus of Nazareth beckons us to look anew, and apply what happened almost 2000 years ago to our own time, and our own circumstances.

Let’s do so, and apply that Way to our often troubled profession.



Manufactured Housing’s Crucifixion

Take up your cross, and follow Me,” Jesus said. Surely at first blush, those words ranks as the worst sounding invitation of all time.

So why did so many in that era take those striking words literally?  When thousands were likewise sentenced to their own cruel deaths by Roman authorities, and by the politicos and hired thugs of their time?

The fact that hundreds of Hebrew Scriptural references seem to fit Jesus’ life so well, isn’t enough for many among the masses. That’s no slam, it’s simple reality. Perhaps understandably so, because like Peter, even Jesus’ followers routinely deny Him, and turn away…

…only to return more humbly again. 

After all, we are sinners.  It’s the one thing that Saul – who originally persecuted believers, and who became the Paul that preached what he had first disdained – said we have in common.

Through the lens of Good Friday, let’s look at Manufactured Housing’s own crucifixion.

Day by day, our industry is mocked in the media. Manufactured homes are a political football that’s kicked and passed around, fumbled, sold out for thirty pieces of silver, and often frustrated by forces seemingly larger than the 22 million now being served.

No wonder it’s ignored by so many, when it commonly goes under false names like “trailer house,” or dated terms like “mobile home,” even though no new mobile homes have been shipped in the U.S. since the first manufactured homes were built on June 15, 1976.

At Christmas, believers heard and read that Jesus was born in a stable, exiled outside of town. It was the social outcasts of that era – the shepherds – who heard the herald angels sing; not the rich, famous, or powerful.

While some brave souls with millions in net worth own manufactured homes, many more shun them, just because of the unfair rep.

And that’s just fine for scores of locals and so called leaders scattered across our land.  Is it better to have half a million homeless? Is it better to have tens of millions locked in poverty? Why not consider the obvious solution? The one hiding in plain sight?

Better – some wrongly believe – to waste billions a year on programs for rentals that can never solve the growing American housing crisis…

…or so the deeds of the short sighted, ignorant, lazy, greedy or corrupt would have millions think.  Never doubt that forces favoring and profiting from subsidized rental housing resists the obvious solution of manufactured homes.

Last week, HUD Secretary Ben Carson – world renowned for his achievements in medicine – was mocked by some in politics and the media too.

Like the president, vice president, cabinet, administration and the American people they serve, they too are all being sold out at every opportunity.  Sometimes that betrayal is by those who are supposedly in their own party, and among their supporters.

No wonder so many of us won’t take the label of Democrat or Republican. Like Judas Iscariot, the news often gives more attention to the behavior of the wicked, than to the behavior of the those trying to do good.  Spotlight some embarrassing incident, no matter how long ago, or regardless of how irrelevant to the important job at hand.

Secretary Carson, teed up by a question from Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), talked about how “Amazing” today’s manufactured homes are.

Carson called many of the regulations of manufactured homes “ridiculous.”  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see the truth that what you build indoors in a production center will cost you less than the same thing built outdoors on scattered locations. Save time, buy materials in bulk, cut wasted and stolen items down, save labor, and you’ll save money. 

That’s why Secretary Carson could honestly say that manufactured homes often look like and rival conventional housing, and cost less. Per the U.S. Census Bureau, they are about half the cost per square foot as site building.

There’s an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis, as Carson himself observed.

So why aren’t manufactured homes embraced?

One might as well ask, why don’t all embrace the cross of Christ? 


Manufactured Housing’s Judas

We will link up below the betrayal of manufactured homes by people, who like Judas, sold the industry out so that they could play the corrupt game in the temple that the money changers did in Jesus’ time.

But those corrupt industry folks, who are building “a moat” to enrich the few to the harm to the many, have been killing off competitors by an abuse of economic and political power.  Like Pilate or his brutal soldiers, they have various kinds of blood on their hands.

Some historians claim Pilate converted later in his life. Some say, some of Pilate’s soldiers and executioners did too. If it’s possible then, it is possible now too.

It took the most grueling and unjust death of all time to bring about the conversion of so many souls over the ages. It took Dieced – the killing of the God who become Man – to win victory over Satan. That’s what made this Friday, Good.

We can’t be surprised if we too have a unique cross to take up too.

On the other side of the darkness of Good Friday, comes the bright sunrise of Easter Sunday.

Manufactured housing has been crucified for years.  It was buried in certain ways by some, including those who falsely claim to be the industry’s allies. Pilate and the authorities spread lies to cover their tracks after they killed the Christ, too.

Might our misunderstood and maligned profession – given Secretary Carson’s and the Trump Administration’s leadership, and enough people of good will across the left-right political divide – support as needed our industry’s much needed rebirth?

Will the needs of the many outweigh in time the blindness and greed of the few? 

If enough do the politically incorrect in our time, then Senator Tillis’ and Dr. Carson’s insights will prove to be wise. In turn, millions more will be served, and can lead a better life.

But never forget, it was corrupt men who sold out Jesus. It was those guilty of sinful avarice, the ignorant, the lazy, the paid assassins, that killed the Savior. And the crowd watched. Some stunningly cheered, “Crucify him!” ## (Masthead op-ed, news, analysis, and commentary.)

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Documented Results from Manufactured Housing Industry Leadership

Elvis & Priscilla Presley Honeymooned in this Mobile Home

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Manufactured Housing Industry Politics – Complicated Cross Currents, or April Fools?

April 7th, 2017 No comments

There are thousands of professionals wise enough to be in the manufactured home industry, who have the noble intent of earning an honest living, by giving good service to the public and other professionals they serve.”
 – Soheyla Kovach.


Manufactured Home Industry Politics. Those who know say, “it’s complicated.”
– Soheyla Kovach.

Guys, do you love it – or hate it? – when the wife gets it right?

Ladies, does it make you smile when the gent in your life must say, “honey, that was spot on.”

Among my discoveries at the successful 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show was the numbers who came up to me – or my truly better half, Soheyla – and said, “I really like her articles!”

The opening quotes and the two below are from her promo/teaser a few days ago that announced our theme for the month.

MH Industry politics are indeed complex. I wish we could honestly say it was simple, but it’s not.

Yes, manufactured housing shipments are rising at double-digit levels. Still, the industry’s only scratching the surface of its potential in your market, and other markets from coast-to-coast.

The facts, “Proof!” *** a real-world case study *** and several reports linked in this month’s issue below, all point to the fact that the industry could be rising much faster.


Are there forces outside and inside of our HUD Code Manufactured Home Industry, that for whatever motives or reasons are holding the industry back from its potential? We covered several points on that theme last month.

This month, let me share the English version of a classic Italian maxim.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
– George Horne.

Please, for your own sake, don’t wait on some magical third party to ride in and save the day.

You must be a key part of your own location(s) growth solutions.

The industry has for decades failed to reach the potential it was tapping in the early 1970s. Various reports suggest that we are building the industry’s best homes ever.

In a growing American affordable housing crisis, we can do much better than we have been.

While all can ‘cop a plea’ to having done something foolish from time to time,
we don’t want to be perceived as – or actually be –
– Soheyla Kovach.

At Tunica, a panel of three independent MH Industry lenders each shared example stories of how some locations are proactively doing a superior job of attracting and selling the better qualified credit buyers.

HowManyLegsDoesADogHaveIfYouCallATailALegFourCallingTailLegDoesntMakeItALegAbrahamLincolnQuoteHDPostedMHProNews-If your industry peers are doing that, then with the right motivation and commitments, you and your operation can too.

Let’s ignore for the next few minutes the industry’s complex political situations. Focus on you and your location.

See for yourself – via the reports linked below – the opportunities, threats and proven solutions that stand available for any professionals and businesses with the drive to do ‘what it honestly takes’ to make robust growth happen.

Be wise. Check out the April 2017 Issue in depth.” – Soheyla Kovach.

My hunch is if you take up my lady’s challenge, you’ll see the value of her words for yourself and your operation(s).

With no further adieu, let’s stop being foolish and dive into the simplicity of reality checks, goal and solution orientation.

All the Best, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. ##

Barry and “Be the Change!” Doing Good, Pays
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachWe decided this month to highlight a simple yet profound reality. Read more…


State Law Forces City Decision on Manufactured Home Zoning
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Queensbury, New York, manufactured housing has scored a victory. Read more…



Manufactured Home Communities, Fair Housing, and Day Care
by Nadeen Green, JD

nadeen-green-mhpronews-comThe seven federally protected classes (race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status and disability) are hugely relevant (and reflective of the issues of discrimination at the time that they were created as well as important today). Read more…


What’s the Truth About the Manufactured Housing Industry’s Potential?
by Soheyla Kovach


Whether or not truth is reported, or distorted, reality – the truth – is. Truth exists. Read more…


Price Reduction *** North Tampa Portfolio – MH & RV | 380 Sites | Florida
by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Portfolio Overview

The North Tampa Portfolio consist of 3 communities in which 2 are located in Port Richey while the 3rd is located in Hudson, FL. All the communities have very desirable locations and convenient for an owner to have centralized management to create economies of scale. Read More


ELS Rises, Manufactured Housing CV, Broader Markets Dip
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNoteworthy headlines on – CNNMoney – Mercedes-Benz pulls ads from The O’Reilly Factor. Read more…



Proof! Manufactured Home Communities, Retailers & Builder/Developers Can Attract, Sell Site Built Buyers
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachWhat’s the difference between a nice sounding theory, and a profitable process?  Proof. Read more…


Security Mortgage Group Setting Hot Pace in First Quarter of 2017
by Pierce Redmond

Pierce Redmond-Vice PresidentSecurityMortgageGroup-55x55Security Mortgage Group, a national award-winning MH Community lending broker, is pleased to have financed $78,632,000 thus far in 2017 for several manufactured home communities nationwide. Read more…


Brian Gallagher, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Santefort Real Estate Group – RFI – FHFA, Duty to Serve Comments Letter
by Brian Gallagher

BrianGallapher-ChiefOperatingandFinancialOfficeratSantefortRealEstate Group55x55Editor’s note: Brian Gallagher thoughtfully shared the comments below with MHProNews for publication.  Read more…


Media, MHI Members Welcomed, Industry Warned
by Soheyla Kovach


At the 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, members of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and the industry’s top trade media were welcomed – without cost – by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) at the annual in-person meeting of their members.
Read more…


Live Oaks & Blue Oaks MHP Portfolio | 170 Sites | Topeka, Kansas
by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Property Overview MHRE Inc is pleased to present Live Oaks and Blue Oaks located in Topeka, Kansas. The communities are situated just 4.2 miles away from each other. Read more


Is What You Say Always Consistent with What You Believe?
by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-mhmsm-comThere is a Native American legend that says – you will only get into Heaven leaning on the shoulders of someone you helped while you were here. Read more…


Manufactured Home Community’s Outsider Sparked Water Issues
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Puyallup, Washington, the stereotypes surrounding manufactured versus site built housing are playing out in a less than ideal way. Read more…


State Agency to Assist Low Income MH Residents
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Delaware, homeowners in need are going to get some help. Read more…


Want Manufactured Home Community Voluntarily Rent Control, Anyone? Anyone?
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsOfficials in Corona, California, say that they may pursue voluntary rent control measures for manufactured home communities, in an effort to help low income and elderly residents who face rent hikes of up to 30 percent over the next two years. Read more…


City Turns to Manufactured Homes in Project
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Northern California, the city of Sebastopol is investing $258,000 into a project that establishes affordable housing for low-income residents at the city’s eastern gateway. Read more…


April Fools? – MHVille’s Complicated Politics, 2017
by Soheyla Kovach


Three april fools looking at camera with different expressions, credits,
Read more…


NFIB Provides Vital Small Business Guide
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsThe National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is out with its 2017 Small Business Tax Guide.
Read more…


Moves In U.S. Home Price Index
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNew data from Case-Shiller shows that January home prices rose at the fastest rate since 2014. While this spells a win for sellers, it could eventually affect buyer demand. Read more…


Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News March 26th 2017 to April 2nd 2017
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsOur theme for our April 2017 issue is: Manufactured Housing Industry Politics – Complicated Cross Currents, or April Fools? Read more…


Cavco’s Buyout
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsCavco Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:CVCO) tells MHProNews that it has signed a Letter of Intent, and has reached an understanding, on terms to acquire Lexington Homes, Inc. Read more…


ELS’ Sam Zell Sounds Off on Trump’s Wall
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsELS Chairman and billionaire real estate mogul Sam Zell shared his thoughts recently on President Donald Trump’s plan for the border wall with Mexico, and what it means for business. Read more…


City Residents Make Unexpected Moves – Opportunity for MH?
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNew data shows an interesting trend – popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., normally destinations for living, are actually losing people in mass. Read more…


Diverse Industry Reactions to Manufactured Home Community Closure Issue
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Chesterfield, Missouri, residents of the town’s only manufactured home community received some very shocking news this week. Read more…


Chicago’s Mayor Favors Massive Modular Project
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn a follow up to a story that Daily Business News originally covered here, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is “gung ho” about developers planning to build 12,000 modular homes, along with a factory to manufacture them, on the 430-acre site of the old U.S. Steel South Works plant in the city. Read more…


Developers Going MOD in Housing Crisis
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Baton Rouge, Louisiana, two developers have turned to modular housing to ease the stress of finding housing. Read more…




Entrepreneurs November in MHVille 2016

November 1st, 2016 No comments

Whatever happens between now and the election, we know that in business, we have to carry on the day after the polls close. We’ve already seen plenty of Wag the Dog tactics in this race, it won’t be a surprise if we see it again.

 The 2016 race has been a wild ride, right? Whoever gets the nod for the Oval Office, whoever wins the House and Senate, it’s time to keep on trucking on November 9th and thereafter.


Entrepreneurs know that there is a bit of the gambler in every successful business professional. You may never bet the ponies, play cards or the lotto – but you are betting on your own ability to navigate the business, regulatory/political and economic climate.

 Odds are good that we’ve seen, done, and/or have a good feel for what you do in our industry. This is part of what makes – different. It is no doubt part of what makes us the runaway leader in digital trade media for the manufactured and modular home industry.


We’re true believers, much like thousands of you. Sharing Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use matters.


Like you, we’ve gambled and have won. No one bats 1000, but the greater our understanding of an issue, the more likely it is that you or we can be successful at it.

With thanks to all, and no further adieu – let’s dive into this month’s Featured Articles.

Insider Trades, as Short Interest in Sun Communities by Fund Managers Rises


by Joe Dyton

Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55Sun Communities, Inc. saw its short interest rise significantly in September, reports Chris Copeland for Baseball News.

Read more…

Florida 5 Star Coastal MHC | 368 Sites | Clearwater, Florida


by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-MHRE Inc. is pleased to present the opportunity to for an investor to purchase a Florida 5-starManufactured Housing Community built in 1968 located in the heart of Clearwater, Florida.

Read more…

Why I’m Running for President


by Donald Trump

creditjimhoft_postedonmhpronews_2Every day I wake up determined to deliver a better life for the people all across this nation that have been ignored, neglected and abandoned.

Read More

City tells Community Owner, Stop Lying – called a “Slumlord”


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsOn the northwest side of San Antonio, a literally smelly controversy has been brewing.

Read more…

The 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show Tunica, Mississippi March 29th – 31st, 2017


by Show Tunica

tunicashow2017A River Cuts Through a Rock Not Because Of Its Power, But Its Persistence…

THE TUNICA SHOW has been in existence for over 19 years.

Read More

Northpoint Commercial Finance Believes That Success Comes from Teamwork


by Northpoint Commercial Finance

NorthpointCommercialFinancemanufactured housing_200x200-NCF_WEBAD_200x200 (1)NFP_animation (1)Northpoint Commercial Finance is a company that prides itself on its culture.

Read more…

Hillary’s Huma Abedin Weiner Schnitzled FBI Meltdown – Campaign 2016 Update


by L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachAbedin is Hillary Clinton’s top aide, and is linked to Middle Eastern radical groups. Each image above is provided under Fair Use guidelines.

Read more…


MHARR’s Mark Weiss takes on HUD: Production, Paperwork and Contractor Make-Work


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsAll of this change – without the benefit of actual rulemaking (as required by the 2000 law) — was touted by HUD (and others), at the time, as a money-saverBut it has not worked out that way,– M. Mark Weiss

Read more…

Department of Labor New Overtime Rule Reminder



departmentoflabor_rulrreminderBack in May, IMHA-RVIC let you know that the Department of Labor released its final rule revising the overtime exemption regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Read More

Russell’s MHP | 54 Sites | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-MHRE Inc. is pleased to present Russell’s MHP located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Read more…

Head-to-Head: Cavco Stock Compared to Site Builder MDC

by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsCOMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & FAIR HOUSING (LEGAL)

As the manufactured housing (MH) industry develops its value proposition as a solution to the waning American dream of home ownership, a recent comparison of company stock value and ROI, sheds light on just how powerful the industry’s potential could be.

Read more…

Dodd-Frank, CFPB, Transcript-3 Leaked Clinton Goldman Sachs Speeches – Manufactured Housing Industry Impact?


by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachOne of the hottest issues in the manufactured housing (MH) industry for the past 5 years has been:

Read more…

Assistant Mayor Pushes to Remove “Trailer” Terminology


by Joe Dyton

Joe_Dyton_DailyBusinessNews-MHProNews55x55Portsmouth, NH assistant mayor Jim Splaine is doing what he can to put an end to the stigma that’s often felt by people who live in manufactured homes.

Read more…

City Controversy with Owner – RVs being denied in Manufactured Home Community


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsFearing another “crew camp” situation – one in which transient workers use parked RV’s for living – the Williston, North Dakota Planning and Zoning Commission denied two special use permits that would allow RV parking at Glen Villa and FM Parkway manufactured home communities, owned by Rick Carriger.

Read more…

Big Bet to Battle Homeless and Housing Crisis: Modular Homes


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsVancouver mayor Gregor Robertson believes that a shipping container prefabs parked on the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery holds the key to his city’s homeless and affordable housing crisis.

Read more…

Clayton Homes Receives Get ISO


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsClayton Homes announced this week that all 36 of its home building facilities in existence in 2015 have attained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 registration.

Read more…

Cimarron Park Estates | 97 Sites | Nolanville, Texas


by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-MHRE Inc. is pleased to present Cimarron Park Estates located in Nolanville, Texas. Built in 1970, the investment opportunity consist of 97 sites.

Read more…

The Presidential Campaign Mask is Off


by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachWhen Hillary Clinton answered moderator Chris Wallace’s question in the third presidential debate about open borders and open trade, she essentially confirmed the accuracy of the documents coming out of her campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails via WikiLeaks.

Read more…

The Growing Residential Style, Energy Star Home Market – Pre-Louisville Planning – Sunshine Homes


by L. A. “Tony” Kovach

tony- kovachManufactured home retailers and MH Communities that retail homes are looking for product that sells.

Read more…

Equity LifeStyle Properties Leads Up Day for MHCV, Broader Markets Down


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsNoteworthy headlines on CNNMoney – Civil rights groups brace for “chaotic election.” Warren calls out KPMG for Wells Fargo disaster. U.S. economy posts best growth in 2 years.

Read more…

Facebook Sale Results in Arrest at Manufactured Home Retailer


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsDeputies in Jones County, Mississippi got some help on an arrest, thanks to Facebook.

Read more…

Officials Report Tax Break sought by Clayton Homes


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsManagement of Clayton Homes in Chino Valley, Arizona has asked the town council for a break on sales taxes, stating that what is now the highest rate in the region is hurting business.

Read more…

Rewarding Bad Behavior? City Threatens Evictions, MH Residents Push Back


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsA manufactured home community in Manassas, Virginia is facing a unique set of circumstances.

Read more…


Austin City Councilman Proposes Mandated Amenities for MH Communities


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsAustin City Councilman Pio Renteria has proposed a new ordinance for manufactured home communities in Austin, after a visit to one last week.

Read more…

Fire Safety for All Housing, Including Safer Manufactured Homes


by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachOctober is Fire Safety Month — for good reason. The risk of fire rises significantly in fall and winter and fire prevention experts are working overtime to get the word out on special hazards of the season.

Read more…


Equity LifeStyle Properties Q3 Report


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsEquity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. (NYSE:ELS) reported Q3 2016 earnings and provided guidance for 2017 via conference call on October 18th.

Read more…

Is America losing the 3D Technology race in housing?


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsAmerica invented 3D printing. But when you track the stories about 3D technology, as MHProNews does as a trade publisher, what you see are the occasional examples of 3D printing of housing being used here in the U.S., as in the example here.

Read more…

First Look: 2017 Home Buying Season


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsAccording to a new report released by Realtor, the 2017 home buying season will see a significant increase in first time home buyers, high demand for suburban homes and increasing affordability issues among buyers.

Read more…

PreFab Home Installed in Two Days as Part of Global Parisian Show


by RC Williams

rcwilliamsdailybusinessnewsmhpronews-postedmastheadblog-mhpronewsRevolution Precrafted Properties is a company that touts how they bring together over 30 of the world’s preeminent architects, artists and designers to create an exclusive series of prefab, livable spaces.

Read more…


The Sight of Blood

July 22nd, 2016 1 comment

This is a big boy game. You get into the process, you will get hurt, you will see your own blood. I tell people all the time, if you can’t stand the sight of your own blood, don’t run for anything.”

– Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas


Gov. Mike Huckabee, left, Col. Allen West, right.

You Know You’re Over the Target When You’re Catching Flak.” 

– Colonel Allen West, former Congressman (FL)

Associations, Businesses and the 2016 Campaign

In industries and professional offices across the country – including manufactured, modular and other forms of factory-crafted housing – there are associations, investors and business who are preparing two sets of plans for 2017.


  • Plan A – what they’ll do if Donald Trump and Republicans win on November 8, or
  • Plan B – what they’ll do if Hillary Clinton and Democrats win

We won’t predict the outcome of the election, because it is fair to say that circumstances exist that could land either Hillary or the Trump family at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

That said, we’ve made it no secret for months that for a wide variety of reasons, as a political independent, we support a Trump Presidency as best for America, for our industry and consumers.  Like millions, we were interested but skeptical about Mr. Trump – we were won over slowly, over time.

Trump’s the only candidate in this race who is tackling issues we’ve been raising on MHProNews  and/or here on the Masthead  blog for years.  Furthermore, we absoutely believe that Trump can win. If the cards are well played, and he’s done it so far, then it could be a landslide victory for him and his party in November.

Mr. Trump is America’s blue collar billionaire.” 

– Jerry Falwell, Jr., Liberty University

In last night’s GOP nomination acceptance speech, tens of millions of viewers watched as Mr. Trump reached out to blue collar Democrats, disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters, even the LGBTQ community, while embracing evangelical Christians and conservatives.  He wants Republicans, independents and Democrats to vote for him.  He and the amazingly diverse array of speakers this week offered their many reasons why voters should cast their ballots for the GOP POTUS nominee.

It was arguably the biggest big-tent acceptance speech of any Republican nominee in our lifetime.  Did you or I like every part of that outreach or message? Answering that isn’t even necessary, because Ronald Reagan is 100 percent correct with his “80 percent friend” comment shown below.


And this NYTimes headline in my email this morning couldn’t have been more wrong.


The various speakers shown above are just some examples of how wrong that New York Times editorial is, reflected in their headline above. Trump let those who know him, refute the wide variety of false claims made by the NYT or other pro-Hillary news outlets. It’s a valid, even wise, approach for a presidential candidate.

Trump didn’t defend himself, because he had waves of speakers for four days who did it for him. That’s smart. The Donald focused instead on telling the country the hard truths he sees, contrasting “crooked Hillary” with his plans; painting the biggest, boldest vision for real progress for All in Americans since Ronald Reagan faced similar conditions during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. 

Make America Safe Again. America First. MAGA!

The 2016 general election is well underway. Trump is dead-on with so many issues, as the latest (and tragic) terrorist attack reflects. IMHO, this will be the most unique election cycle so far in our lives. We’ll bring you extensive coverage about both major party conventions in the days ahead.  

We’re over the target routinely here on MHProNews, which is why we take flak.  

But we’re always willing to take those shots to shake up the issues that are harming or holding the MH Industry back. We also give others the chance to respond.  “We Provide, You Decide.” © 


We take flak, but we can’t be faint when someone tries to bloody us for delivering hard truths; because those tough-love truths are always shared with the goal of advancing the MH Industry.We Provide, You Decide.” (C)

The new August 2016 issue of MHProNews is rushing up on us. The RV MH Hall of Fame’s annual gala is coming up fast too.

Nowhere else in MHVille will you find the breadth of balanced coverage and commentary that you do right here. For example, see DJ Pendleton’s latest, posted here. We’ll be bringing you a new A Cup of Coffee with… another long term, big time operation’s top man in our August issue.  Watch for it!

Perhaps these and more are the reasons why thousands of pros from across America – and across the globe – logon here daily by the thousands?  For an industry our size, our audience is amazing! But so is our content.  Is that why the typical guest reading articles and viewing videos here will do 8+ pageviews?  3’rd party stats tell us we have far more engagement than others in the e-publishing field typically do. 

You (or our sponsors…) may not always agree with what we publish – that’s okay – because they know we bring the eyeballs of decision makers (see link above).


Thousands of MHProNews logon daily, and at any given time thousands may be on the site – see the home page footer’s guest counter.

So you aren’t alone when you read articles, commentary or view videos here.


From the mom-and-pop size operations to the very biggest names in HUD-CodeMHLand, they are all right here on the Masthead  and/or  Welcome, one and all. ##


Photo taken during New York Housing Association meeting, Tony questioning regulators. L .A. “Tony’ Kovach is fighting to advance the cause of the MH Industry at large, and has for years.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Managing Member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.
Publisher of Industry leading,
Inside MH video series.
MHI member, elected MHI Suppliers Division board member.
Consultant and service provider to the MH industry.

Office 863-213-4090.
Connect on LinkedIn –

Publisher – and

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Bernie, Hillary, Donald and Manufactured Housing – Dodd-Frank, Regulations Plus HUD and DTS Revisited

May 22nd, 2016 No comments

Let’s machine gun (rat, tat, tat) through some topics today, because there’s a lot going on that impacts manufactured housing pros and our current and prospective customers.


The presidential candidates are on an extended interview to take over the job first held by George Washington. Adjusting President Washington’s net worth to today’s dollar, some have estimated his net worth at $500 million in 2016 dollars. Image credit –

1) We’ll begin with the Democrats, and note that Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to lay down, though Hillary at this point is only a few dozen delegates shy of the number needed to clinch their nomination. Where it not for the super-delegate system, their race would be much tighter – but that’s an issue for Democrats and party insiders to wrestle with. What’s clear is that the enthusiasm seems to be with those who feel the Bern.

Jane Sanders, Bernie’s wife, has hinted she wishes the FBI would hasten their decision about Mrs. Clinton. DC insiders tell the Masthead that what seems increasingly likely is that the FBI will turn over their evidence to the DOJ, where Loretta Lynch will do as her president quietly asks, and unceremoniously kill any chance for an indictment of Secretary Clinton on the criminal offense of allegedly mishandling classified material. Sources suggest if DOJ won’t indict, it could then result in some at the FBI who are angry that Clinton is not being prosecuted to leak to the press information damaging to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

To rephrase; what looked like a more unified Democratic party could in fact have greater fractures than what the Republicans, who are rapidly coalescing around their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.  Trump is surging in the national polls, now a few points ahead of Clinton.


Image credit – Kansas Policy.

Who is Best for Manufactured Housing?

2) Let’s step back from that thumbnail primary analysis and ask a fundamental question. Which party this fall would be better for Manufactured Housing and our industry’s current and potential customers?

MH Associations – and certainly MH professionals – often get engaged in state or federal races – for example – for the Congress and the Senate. Why aren’t we hearing more about the race for the presidency?

We’ve seen and heard very little formally out of the DC or Arlington based national MH associations on this presidential candidate topic, although there are quiet conversations that have been and continue to take place on who would be best for MH in the White House.

Let’s keep it super-simple. Bernie and Hillary are generally both for:

  • higher taxes
  • strengthening Dodd-Frank
  • more regulations
  • keeping or growing ObamaCare into a single-payer health care system

among a host of other issues that impact jobs and businesses.

The presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump,

  • announced last week that he is for dismantling most of Dodd-Frank
  • favors morphing ObamaCare into something more free-market driven, like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and increased interstate competition between private insurance companies
  • lowering taxes
  • decreasing regulatory burdens on businesses
  • and a host of other measures he asserts will protect the border, improve trade deals, grow American jobs, boost lower and middle class income and reduce the drain on federal budgets

For accuracy and balance, we must note that the Libertarian Party is planning on making the biggest splash they can in this election cycle. Much will depend on their ability to get on national presidential/vice presidential debates. While there are many other so-called third parties out there, none at this time seem to have the requite tools, treasure and talent to mount a serious national effort.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the national political scene, and its impact on MH. Because as a well-connected source told us, what happens in the race for the Oval Office, along with control of the House and Senate, will clearly influence every current effort in Washington to deal with regulatory issues that impact the manufactured housing industry, MH home owners, along with our increasing numbers of new home customers.


Image credit – Famous Quotes.

A new HUD Issue that may impact Manufactured Housing?

A new Obama Administration ruling outlined and a legislative response described in the story linked here concerns me. Could this issue negatively impact manufactured housing’s preemption?

Keep in mind that in a state like Texas, where TDHCA’s Joe Garcia gives a very positive interpretation to the power of the MHIA 2000s preemption over local zoning matters, this issue could help or harm local placements and thus sales in many markets.

We have one legal source that tells us that, no, this latest regulatory issue linked above won’t change a thing for HUD Code manufactured homes.

I’m not an attorney, but recalling how HERA 2008 surprised us with SAFE, I’m not yet convinced. We’ll stay on this, watch for updates. Meanwhile, you might ask attorneys you or your association know: will this HUD ruling and proposed Senate fix help, harm or have no impact on HUD Code MH preemption?

Duty To Serve Manufactured Housing by GSEs Fannie and Freddie revisited 

Credibility on a topic – any topic – requires an openness to a variety of perspectives. Credibility always requires an openness to new insights and new information. If a statement, view or opinion is inaccurate, then credibility demands a willingness to correct the record. 

There are some topics that are fairly black and white. Others – like the one noted on preemption – may be more complex or nuanced.  In this case, we are considering the issue of the Duty To Serve (DTS) by the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

There are two pending OpEds by industry pros on financing/Duty to Serve that are awaiting revisions by their respective authors.

Depending on when they come in, those may end up on Industry Voices or possibly as a Featured Article for our rapidly approaching June issue. Having reviewed these drafts, one in particular will have interesting insights on the finance/DTS issue.

Plus, and this ought to be its own headline: *** there is a reliable source that claims that one of the GSEs are already making some home only/personal property/chattel loans *** in some manufactured home land lease communities. 

We will keep you posted on all those as they develop. 

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Correcting the Record

MHProNews and MHLivingNews strives to be pro-Industry and yet accurate all at the same time. When we produced the latest version of our popular tornado/hurricanes/windstorm video, we strive for accuracy while keeping a focus that debunks long held beliefs about manufactured homes as tornado magnets.

From time to time, we get a message or call from a reader that effectively says, this or that article needs a correction. Our response is simple. We’re always happy to correct the record, and for accuracy – please supply the facts, figures and source(s) that supports your statement. 

We also encourage well reasoned letters to the editor – OpEds – and these can take positions that agree, disagree or have an entirely new look at topics that your Masthead editor or others in MH present.

Pro-industry trade journalism encourages a candid look at the issues that can help or harm our great industry.  Thousands in MH today have never known now defunct publications such as the MHMerchandiser Magazine.  To you and thousands of others, here and at are the places where you get fair and balanced views we hope will advance MH for consumers and professionals.  ##


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