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A Manufactured Housing December to Remember!

December 4th, 2011 No comments

The temperature may be dropping and the snow may be flying where you are, as it tends to do around Chicago-land at this time of year. But things are sizzling here at MHProNews. Thousands like you have ‘voted’ for the new format and have set a new record for number of visitors (readers) and page views! We will share more details soon, but you’ve BLOWN away the previous records, thanks for that vote of confidence.

Things are also heating up about planning for the upcoming Show and Event season. Louisville will be hear soon, and the line of up seminars has just been tweaked! Retailers, builder/developers and manufactured home community owner/operators will find THE BEST line up of topics ever! Get the latest financing options and programs, from all the major players, plus some new faces coming onto the playing field looking to EARN your retail home selling BUSINESS.

Community Owners/Operators? Are you looking to fill, refinance or prepare your community for sale? Then the new and improved line of seminars are for you! We have workshops and seminars on exactly those subjects and more designed just for YOU.

Besides all the great information and education, you will find about 12 times to 24 times the new home inventory to look at and compare – all under a nice, warm, cozy roof at the beautiful Kentucky Exhibition Center – than you’d see at a roundtable or symposium!

You won’t find anything like it anywhere in the country, a great way to kick start your New Year. So fly, drive, catch a train or hitch a ride to Louisville, where you will see us and 6 other panels, workshops and discussions.

Cavco CEO and MHI Chairman Joe Stegmyer will be coming, and so will MHI’s Jason Boehlert will be on hand to share their thoughts and to talk with you. You won’t get this opportunity anywhere else to start the New Year off right, so make plans to come.

We also have a fine new line up of Featured Articles for December, 2011. Knowledge is power, but only if you and your team members read it, understand it and then put it to work. It is obvious YOU are a reader, you are here! Make sure your associates at work and your friends at associations, buying groups and anyone who cares about building a better future for our Industry reads and applies what they learn too.

Let’s jump into this month’s featured articles.



Alphabetically by Category




The Whiny Neighbor in your Manufactured Home Community


by Nadeen GreenIn manufactured housing community management, we know that we have to do what the law tells us. At times a resident may question us about certain items that… Read more


Housing Trends that will affect the Manufactured Home Community Business


by Joanne Stevens The “Baby Boomers” are changing the face of retirement. Instead of retiring many will keep working. Some out of necessity caused by the recession and their 401Ks (now… Read more


Content area of Guidelines for Living: Number of Residents to Recreational …


by Chrissy Jackson In November, we covered Guidelines for Living topics, Laws through Noise. Let’s get started with our new topics for December! Number of Residents per Home. This is a really… Read more



Congress Requests GAO Probe of HUD Code Manufactured Housing Program


The Chairmen of the House Financial Services Committee and the Insurance, Housing and Community Opportunity Subcommittee have asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to conduct a thorough examination of certain… Read more



MH Chattel Lenders Rate War Over? and MH Lenders Choose to “Fly The Coop” …

MH Chattel Lenders Rate War Over?  and MH Lenders Choose to “Fly The Coop”  On MH Co-Op Communities

by Dave ShanklinBREAKING NEWS out of Seattle: CU Factory Built will be raising rates .25% on their very popular “One-Step” loan product effective December 1. This announcement seems to indicate… Read more



Get the Sizzle even in Winter!


dennis_hill_showways_unlimited 50x56.gif by Dennis Hill ron thomas sr 50x53.gif and Ron Thomas, Sr   Editor’s Intro: Ask yourself this: what are the biggest events, shows or meetings for manufactured housing community owner/operators, retailers, builder/developers, lenders, manufacturers, suppliers or vendors?… Read more


The Greatest Manufactured Housing Show of the Decade West of the Mississipp…


by Deanna Fields The Great Southwest Home Show 2012 will begin in about 90 days at the QuikTrip Center Expo Square, Tulsa beginning March 1-4.  Trade days are March 1-2! If you are already planning… Read more


Don’t get Bent out’a Shape about Cambering


By George Porter Cambering a frame is literally bending it so it can hold a manufactured home. I have had occasions to learn more about frame cambering and, as usual, I… Read more


You are NOT Alone!!


by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach Our first full month – November 2011 – with the new format for has yielded a slew of new records, and one in particular is… Read more


Are We There Yet?


by Marty Lavin As the industry settles into 50,000 home shipments, one wonders whether something better is in the forecast. In spite of many claiming the best days are ahead of… Read more

Top 10 Mistakes made when Insuring a Mobile Home Park

kurt kelly american insurance agency aia 50x50.gif

by Kurt Kelly You want to do ALL the right things when you are getting or renewing insurance coverage for your manufactured home community (or mobile home park). Use this checklist… Read more




Promotional Planning to Kick Start 2012

chris character 50x50.gif

by Chris Nicely Planning promotions that support your long term goals and WORK to drive traffic is critical. Give sales people the opportunity to sell more by talking to more prospects…. Read more




The 3/3/3 Management review process


by Tim Connor, CSP If your factory-built housing business has employee behavior that needs changing, don’t wait a year, with an annual review to change it. For a number of years… Read more



Good Color Schemes Can Boost Your Sales

Good Color Schemes Can Boost Your Sales

by Katy Weldon In difficult times companies are seeking ways to spark more interest in their products. Manufactured housing is no exception and many companies are using color to help their… Read more



ZigOn the Immigrant’s Attitude for American Success


by Zig Ziglar Some time ago, my associate, Krish Dhanam, and I were returning from an engagement in Tampa, FL, where we had spoken for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce…. Read more


My Most Memorable Christmas Story


by Greg McClanahanKenneth Parsons said; “The gift of love is about the only present that isn’t exchanged after Christmas.” Today’s story about Jerry’s love for his big brother is one of… Read more



Rear View Mirror


by Greg McClanahan Similar to the genius behind the invention of paper clips and sticky note pads, the rear view mirror was a brilliant and simple idea.  I believe there is… Read more



Keeping it Real: Don’t Lose the Human Touch

Keeping it Real: Don't Lose the Human Touch

by Tim Connor, CSP In this high tech world, it is easy in manufactured and modular housing sales to get caught up in the latest terms and trends. When you do… Read more


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Gather round the table and feast!

November 23rd, 2011 No comments

Thanksgiving Table credit flickr-creative-commons-Muffet-4132916633_posted on Masthead Blog 451032634e.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving from:

Joe – Matthew – Jeff

Soheyla – Tony

Before you break for all the joys and feasting with family and friends, let us thank you for coming faithfully to our web-pages. You've made us #1.

We also want to thank our feature writers and sponsors who make all of this possible:


Gather Round the Table and Feast!


The following are places and firms who know:

Manufactured Housing Industry Business Gets Done ©.


Resident Owned Communities – ROC USA – Paul Bradley – learn how easy and profitable it can be to sell to the people you already know.

Green Courte Partners – We Buy Manufactured Home Communities.  Work with a top growing Industry Leader you can trust.

Great Southwest Home Show 2012- Tulsa OK, March 1-2 Trade Days, March 3-4 Public Days. "The World's Largest Indoor Manufactured Housing Show!"  Get the facts and watch the video at the link above. This is the biggest event of its kind west of the Mississippi, and this year is the only one with trade and public days – we will be there, we hope to see you here too – so don't miss it!

Connexion Technologies – Manufactured Home Community Owners – earn more without investing your money!

American Insurance Alliance – The Largest Insurer of Parks, Retailers, Installers and more!  Discover professional protection and service here.

Manufactured Housing Institute – MHI – The National Voice of the Manufactured and Modular Home Industries.

The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show – January 11-13, 2012 – Dennis Hill, Show Coordinator.  Start off your new year with a bang!  Come to the grand-daddy of all the Industry's shows, and see dozens of new homes, some 80 exhibitors, the best networking, plus business building seminars.  Over 1400 attendees and exhibitors made this their first major event in 2011 year, come see why and stop by and say hi at our booth.

And check out more of our sponsors here.

From all of us to all of you…Gobble-Gobble! # #

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Bold! New! The Dawn of a New Day.

October 30th, 2011 No comments

A friend of mine called from California today (I am writing this on Saturday) who was telling me, ‘I’ve been looking at the history of change in business and politics. Most of the time, positive new ideas comes not from the current leaders – the insiders – but from those who aren’t yet part of the inside group.’

This echoes a similar thought shared in A Cup of Coffee with…Don Westphal interview.

Here is part of what Don said:

“Each of us should start the day asking ourselves: “Is what I have done in the past working for me today??????????????? If the answer is “no,” then commit to change or step aside and pass the torch to a new generation.”

I looked at some comments about a candidate for the MHI interim/permanent replacement for Thayer Long that will be posted early Monday morning in our Daily Business News. This mover and shaker is relatively new to the Industry, but has brought much positive energy and has earned the respect of his peers. These are among the reasons for confidence in our Industry’s future.

That doesn’t mean that a good candidate has to be a new comer.

What it means is what it says, much positive change comes from those who begin from outside of the ‘inner circle.’ That may not please some, but think about Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or others in business. Or the Herman Cain types in politics, who is bringing a positive energy with him, even if not everyone agrees with him.

Younger, older or in-between, the ‘non-insiders’ tend to bring the energy and positive changes. Experience also has its clear role.  The is much to be said for combing the zest of new idea pros with the wisdom and experience of those who have weathered past storms, mindful of Don Westphal’s point above.

Let me give a specific example that is pretty non-threating to most of the Industry.

There are publishers in factory built housing who have been around for a decade, two or three. They may have learned to use a blog or they built a website years ago. But they didn’t bring in the online industry Information Revolution that has. This takes nothing away from those who have gone before us, in fact, there is much to be said about there years of work. It simply makes the point that positive change often comes from ‘outsiders’ as opposed to ‘insiders.’

With the advent of = =, tens of thousands of Industry pros have come to rely on us for much of the news, tips and views they can use. We did not do this alone, our writers, clients and sponsors have made it possible, and your ‘votes of time and web browsers’ tells us that most of you like what we are bringing to the table and tell your friends and colleagues.

By the way, all of those web addresses work and take you to the same place!  Please keep it simple for yourself. Think Dan Rinzema said it well, ‘That name says it all.’

This is our first Masthead blog post using our new website format. You will find dozens of new features.

  • The Daily Business News ‘latest stories’ scrolls past in sequence on the bold, new home page.  You can scan a headline or its graphic/photo and see if you want to read it all.
  • The Daily Business News also has the most recent dozen or so articles with headlines hot linked just in the right center column.
  • We are introducing a services directory along with state and provincial blogs, which are being phased to help provide a platform for more local news. We need and appreciate your help with local news tips, using the email address.
  • We want to provide a specific space where associations on the state or provincial level can sound off on manufactured, modular, prefab and panelized news.  Services like this will be free to associations, who deserve our support and yours too!
  • The new business services directory will feature local business locations in the state or province they are based in, and can include YOURS. For as little as 15¢ a day annualized, you can let your peers and business-to-business target markets know about your business in this place. Increase your Search Engine results and more! We expect the state and provincial blogs, which will be phased in as noted above, to become a very popular feature.

Please “Take 5” to surf our new home page.

  • Notice that the feature articles are now on a slider/carousel too.
  • You can move the introductions to the Feature articles  manually using the next and previous keys.
  • You can now more easily find all new content on the home page with drop down menus and easier ways to navigate.
  • We will give you more formal info later.
  • There will be a few bugs to work out, and more will be phased in, so your patience with our cyber dust is appreciated.


For a bit more insight, starting from the top of the home page:

  • You can get your local weather.
  • News feeds to headlines from CNN and Fox news.
  • The latest headlines from
  • We have provided more ways to address local advertising that can save you money at getting the word put about your product or service in select states or provinces. For less than an average of $13 a month, you can upload ads that target the state or province of your choice! We are evolving to serve OUR industry.

To borrow the wonderful tag line from ROC USA, we are ‘better together.’

Together, we can keep each other informed and inspired.

Together, we can look the big issues of the day in the eye, and solve them.

Together, we can build the future of Manufactured, Modular and Prefab homes that will make us the preferred choice of millions.

Together, at MHProNews is Where Industry Business get Done ©.

There are always nay sayers.  Naysayers are grand at tearing down, but are rarely as good at building up!  Building always takes more work. While the naysayers are saying whatever they want, together we forward thinkers and committed professionals will build a brighter future.

Knowledge is potential power.  Remember:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke

Together, with News, Tips and Views you can use, we will build a brighter future, one positive idea at a time.

So there are no misunderstanding, we are not ‘anti-establishment.’ What we are saying is that here, various view points can be shared and considered from a variety of sources. Insiders. The ‘up and comers.’ Owners, managers, executives, rank and file, agents for positive change who do not fear sharing a new idea.  Let’s use the best and the brightest, from whatever source, to advance our common cause.

Together, let us build the brighter future of factory built housing.

My personal thanks to your, our lead IT/WebTech pro Joe Geller, our entire staff, featured writers, supporters, sponsors and readers like you. Each of you in your own way have made this continuing evolution of the Manufactured Housing Revolution possible.

You, the Industry and MHProNews. We can each be better Together! # #

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Albert Einstein’s advice to Manufactured Housing

October 23rd, 2011 No comments

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

1. MHI and MHARR released their dueling press releases this week on their different takes on the fire sprinkler issue. Click the respective names of each organization above to see their statements. Which one makes the most sense to you?  Feel free to sound of to me or post a comment.

We provide. You decide.

2. Manufactured home community owners often complain that HUD Code builders “don’t get it.” An owner of multiple communities has sounded off in the Industry Voices guest blog. Builders and Community operators should check it out.

3. Why do some see doom and gloom, but others keep buying up pieces of the Industry? Part of the answer lies in the numbers! Find out why we can rise to 200,000 annual new home shipments – or more – at this article here.

4. Who are those focused on providing the tools for a manufactured housing rebirth? the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation (MMHF) pros are certainly among them! Check out at this link below the many ways the MMHF and others are making a brighter future possible. How MH Pros can Make More Money in 2012.  MH Retailers!  Learn how you can access genuine zero down financing.

5. Is there a way to grow the Industry, in part by attracting the support of MH home owners? A marketing professor says yes! See her compelling column linked here.

6. Indiana Manufactured Housing Association’s (IMHA) Power Symposium for community operators last Wednesday was really fine. We will plan to do a wrap up report on the IMHA meeting later this week. But one of many great take away was this statement by Eric Oaks, Oxford Bank and Trust, who said: ‘The game is the same. Some of the rules have changed.’ This was Eric’s way of saying if we adapt to the rule changes in manufactured housing, the business is still the same. Eric publicly and privately encouraged industry pros not to buy into doom and gloom. The opportunity to prosper is still available.

7. We plan to do an update in the Daily Business News this week on the MHI hunt for a replacement to departing Thayer Long.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

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You will need to track the news!

October 19th, 2011 No comments

It is Monday afternoon as I draft this blog post and three topics are ‘hot’ on Industry people’s minds.  In no particular order of importance, the first is what direction will the leadership change be at MHI.  The second is about the Industry turn-around plan known as the MH Alliance/Phoenix Project.  The third is a growing interest to the Louisville MH Show in 2012.

MHI and Related

The bulk of the reported activity on the MHI leadership change is focused on the list ‘in play’ by 10 people not yet published by us.   Sources want anonymity, which we always respect.  Even naming some of the names could indirectly reveal the source, thus our over-abundance of caution.

That said, the word still is that by the end of the month of October, MHI’s board leaders want at least an interim replacement lined up. The preference is to select a person who can become a permanent replacement to Thayer Long who is reportedly leaving to work for another non-MH association.

One of the published names has provided mixed signals, according to various sources.  This we should read as possible interest, but there are personal items to navigate before ‘getting to yes.’  That said, there are a number of sources who say ‘that candidate is not happening.’

A related key question beyond ‘who’ is ‘what and how?’ As one observer commented to MHProNews, will this be a “Thayer II” style-consensus builder?  Or will the replacement be someone with an agenda to target a set of desired results and shake things up in an effort to move the Industry boldly ahead?

When asked the above question, another top industry figure replied, ‘we need both.’  We can’t afford to alienate a faction of the Industry, which is already shaky.  Nor can we afford to accept the status quo, which has been a recipe for a steady decline that will likely accelerate once Dodd-Frank rule-making goes into effect.

Another common concern relates to the question, does MHI have the necessary resources to accomplish its mission?

Yet another concern is that multiple esources tell MHProNews that another MHI staffer is said to be considered leaving.

Still More MHI related

Unrest among some NCC members is one reason why discussion of a National State of the Asset Class III (NSAC 3) meeting this winter is in play.  There may be some interest in holding such a meeting at/during the Louisville MH Show.  With many seminars designed for MH community owners – as well as retailers – plus the most product and services under one roof, turn out is expected to grow from last year’s 970 total attendees, plus exhibitors. That could allow for a related meeting of potentially hundreds of small to mid-sized MHC owners to see first hand what the NCC is about and why those small-to-mid sized owners would want to be involved.

That will be explored in the days ahead.

Industry Turn Around effort, MH Alliance

The numbers participating and requesting the GoToMeetings (small group webinars) briefings and discussions on the MH Alliance continues to grow.  An article updating the issue is available here.  One point that should be emphasized is that discussion for a turn-around effort is growing, and there is a level of frustration among some that more is not being done.  As one seasoned leader commented, “Tony, the MH Alliance is the only serious effort that is even being discussed.”

Louisville 2012.

The homes, exhibits and seminars for Louisville’s 2012 Show are an item of growing interest.  With PMHA canceling their show for 2012, retailers, community owners, vendors and suppliers from the Mid-Atlantic states are inquiring, along with more people from last year’s well attended event.

The fact is that Louisville and Tunica were the best attended events in 2011 that will return, overshadowing attendance at MHI’s Congress and the Tulsa Show.  That said, organizers for the Tulsa Show have made a bold move to an early March date that should significantly grow attendance.

There is little doubt that the Big Four events for 2012 will be (by date) Louisville, Tulsa, Tunica, and MHI’s Congress.  What could be a major win for all concerned would be for more collaboration among regional states to rally around their closest Manufactured Home trade show venue, that and/or teaming up with MHI or the NCC could create even more momentum for the shows organizers, exhibitors and attendees.

The energy at Louisville was high last year, and that interest and energy are building even earlier this year.  Some manufacturers are bringing more inventory than last year, another good sign.  Numerous factors already noted make Louisville a magnet for those who want to start 2012 off right.  More information is available at these two links below.

I look forward to sharing a report from the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association’s Power Conference in the days ahead!  The link below will tell you about part of what you missed, until it comes to a location and meeting near you!

# #

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach –

Hospitality & Class; Power for Manufactured Housing Professionals

October 16th, 2011 No comments

A nice snapshot of the hospitality and class shown during my trip last week to New York would start at the airport.  A limo from the resort was arranged for my pick up.

Turning Stone Resort, site of the NYHousing Associations 2011 Annual meeting credit

Turning Stone Resort, site of the NYHousing Associations 2011 Annual meeting


The resort’s room was great, as was the view and the meeting facilities.

At each stage, with each meal or meeting a quiet, thoughtful grace and good planning was on display.

This was evident for the generous and pleasant treatment of a ‘guest speaker’ like myself, but also to Claire Lammerts who was presented with a spectacular  bouquet of flowers and a sealed gift as a thank you for her service to the NY Housing Association membership.






Claire Lammerts receives bouquet from Chip Ray, outgoing board president NYHousing Oct 2011 annual meeting posted on credit Tony Kovach

Claire Lammerts receives bouquet from Chip Ray, outgoing board president NYHousing Oct 2011

Look at Claire’s smile as Jim “Chip” Ray Jr. presents these tokens of appreciation.

The memory of Class lasts!

While all of us enjoyed the camaraderie, the power and benefit of association membership was in full view for the 2 day event.

Association members were briefed on a wide array of national, state and local issues.   This is part of the power and value of association membership.

The information shared would have cost far more than the modest investment in membership.  Members gain info, not to mention access and lobbying power they would pay many times the price to do  on their own.

Annual Meeting Highlights included state and local information on the following :

– Modular briefing by Mark Glaser, of Greenburg Traurig, LLP.

– HUD Code briefing by Mark Glaser.

– Manufactured Home Community briefing by Mark Glaser.

I was impressed by Glaser, and have requested that he consider writing a column on what it is like working ‘in the trenches’ as a lobbyist for the New York Housing Association.  My hunch is that thousands of Industry pros do not realize the importance of the work that professional lobbyists like Glasser do for the associations they represent.

Jason Boehlert, MHI VP of Govt Affairs, addressing NYHousing credit

Jason Boehlert, MHI VP of Govt Affairs, addressing NY Housing 2011 Annual Meeting


National issues briefing by Jason Boehlert, Vice President of Goverment Affairs at the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).  Boehlert spoke with candor about challenging issues such as the SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank and much more, as MHI seeks to navigate those waters in partnership with state associations.

Jason’s delivery was impressive, having perhaps 16 months under his belt at MHI.   Boehlert answered questions from attendees as if he had been doing his work at MHI for many years.

If Jason is an example, then it is obvious that the MHI staff is indeed solid, as Joe Stegmayer, MHI’s Chairman, has said.

– Well water compliance by Jaime Herman, New York Water Association.

Heather Dougherty, President, The Flanders Group addring NYHousing Annual Meeting posted

Heather Dougherty, President, The Flanders Group addring NYHousing 2011 Annual Meeting



– Worker’s Compensation issues, managing costs while benefiting employees, by Heather Dougherty, The Flanders Group.







Timothy King NYS Bldg Standards addressing NYHousing Assoc 2011 Annual Meeting posted on

Timothy King NYS Code Compliance addressing NYHousing Assoc 2011 Annual Meeting

– New York State Building Code and Energy Code Updates by Timothy King, NYS Code Compliance Specialist.

Meeting Tim was a treat, as he and I have exchanged emails in the past.  Tim is a reader at, as are others from coast to coast involved in the political or regulatory side of manufactured housing.

King certainly is a common sense public official, who clearly wants to work with the Industry for the good of all.

These information sessions saved time and money.  Where else would you get so much inside information on past, current and upcoming events at the state and national level?

Plus the networking and social value of association membership.  In addition there was the opportunity to meet with suppliers and vendors between sessions, to discuss ways that their products or services could help grow profits and performance.

L A Tony Kovach - Dominate Your Local Market presentation at NYHousing Assoc 2011 Annual Meeting posted

L A Tony Kovach - Dominate Your Local Market presentation at NYHousing Assoc 2011 Annual Meeting


New York Housing Association members responded warmly to the Dominate Your Local Market presentation.  A lively Q&A followed.

My thanks to all who said hello, who shared their kudos or a kind word and who engaged in discussions on industry issues during meals, breaks and at the Awards mixer.

Off the Record: an Example of after hours ‘entertainment’

Nancy told me that her members ‘work hard and play hard.’  There is one story from the meeting that I’ll need to share, while leaving the gent’s name out, for reasons you will quickly understand.

This multi-year pro had finished a long day, and had some entertainment that took him into the night.  He ordered room service early in the morning (meaning, well after midnight).  The cobbler, he said, was spectacular.  Wanting to be thoughtful, he stepped out to put the plate down where room service could easily collect it the next day.  The room door, of course closed behind him.

Standing in his skivvies without his room key, he quickly rejected the idea of going downstairs to the front desk.  His room and another shared an entrance alcove with a common door to the main hallway.  He first tried to get attention by quietly waving at a security camera.  No dice (pardon the casino pun) after 20 minutes of arm waving.

Next, a woman came walking down the hall, so he cracked the door, and asked her for her help, while attempting to assure her he is ‘not a pervert.’  Unsure, the woman waited a bit, until her gentleman escort came along.  Our late night, cobbler eating manufactured housing hero managed to convince him that he indeed was no pervert, merely an unlucky fellow trapped without a room key in his undies.

What a story for him to tell his grand kids. Imagine the fun that security had the next day watching that video clip.  Maybe we should look for it on YouTube?


The cultural evening entertainment was super, and the dinner/mixer/Hall of Fame awards presentation was also classy.  If the video lighting can be adjusted, we plan to post a sample video of the fun and educational surprise  Nancy Geer shared with her members!  Nancy has done another fine job of providing an informational and inspirational event.

Jim Fryer, Jr  Master of Ceremonies, Mark Glaser, GreenBerg Traurig, The Honorable NY State Senator Catherine Young, Nancy Geer, Exec Dir NYHousing posted

L-R = Jim Fryer, Jr Master of Ceremonies; Mark Glaser, GreenBerg Traurig; The Honorable NY State Senator Catherine Young; Nancy Geer, Exec Dir NYHousing

State Senator Catherine Young addresses the NY Housing Association

One of the highlights for me was the Honorable State Senator Catherine Young.  State Senator Young chairs the NY Senate Standing Committee on Housing, Construction and Community Development.


NY State Senator Catherine Young posted on

NY State Senator Catherine Young addresses NYHousing 2011 Annual Convention

Senator Young sponsored S.4126 during the 201–2011 legislative session, which would prohibit zoning discrimination against manufactured homes on single lots.  We will do a separate write up on her informing and inspiring speech, which appeared to be delivered without notes!

Young knew the leadership and the Association’s issues.  Michelle Bachman, look out!  This articulate, confident knowledgeable New York legislator seems poised for a future as a states-person, not just another pol.

The access to such business friendly, key housing state legislative leader is another clear sign of the good that the NY Housing delivers to their members, and the value if association membership in general.

As our follow up report on State Senator Young’s address will reveal, this lady ‘gets it’ that small business is the economic driver for jobs, that high taxes and over-regulation harms the economy and that manufactured housing offers solutions that benefits millions of Americans.

Tom Alvarez - center - receives the Hall of Fame Award posted on

Tom Alvarez - center - receives the Hall of Fame Award

Senior members of Haylor, Freyer and Coon, Inc very thoughtfully took Nancy Geer and myself to lunch after the wrap up, where we enjoy a lively industry discussion over lunch while sipping “Arnold Palmers.”  Then I was driven to the airport by Bob Capenos, one of their veterans who shared personal Industry experiences as we compared notes on how our Industry can move ahead during the drive.

Hospitality.  Class.  New York Housing’s Annual meeting was a memorable and informative experience for those who attended, if you are in business in New York and are not actively taking part in their meetings and association function, discover what you are missing, and stop missing it!

Working together, we can move farther and faster than working apart or at odds with each other.

My sincere compliments and thanks to everyone at NY Housing!

Next up, I look forward to seeing all the good folks in Indiana at their Annual Meeting this Wednesday.

I’d like to close by wishing Mark Bowersox and his family my personal condolences and that of our team, as they suffered a personal loss this past week.# #

L. A. “Tony” Kovach Publisher and Marketing Director


What’s next at MHI – The Four Mile Perspective

October 12th, 2011 No comments

From four miles up, the perspective of the world is quite different.  The biggest home looks tiny, the nicest ride is a pencil point on a ribbon of a road.

From up here, the ‘who is next at MHI’ topic takes on the perspective of the high flying leaders for whom such choices are common place, and thus easier.


perspective of the world


No less than ten pros not named in our last column on who follows Thayer Long as President of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) are being floated in offices and on conference calls.  Most of those named ‘in the hunt’ are men.  Some have served at MHI before.

Some are being discussed as possible interim leaders.  Such a move would allow more time and discussion on the ‘permanent’ successor to Long at MHI.

Among Industry pros, the common noted concerns MHProNews hears include NOT going ‘outside’ of the Industry for a replacement this time for a ‘white knight’ to save the Industry.  Jim Collins’ corporate study, Good to Great, reminds us that 90% of the time, the right person is a ‘Level 5 Leader’ from within the ranks.  The Lee Iacocca’s of the world often ride out with a bust as big as the bang as they arrived.

That said, word has it that MHI plans to have someone in place before Thayer’s departure at the end of this month.  The leadership wants to stay inside the Industry too.  There may be no ‘search committee’ per se, just a desire to identify and install the right person in the right spot right now.

Another common concern heard is that MHI’s recently published priorities do not include an Industry turn around plan.  Perhaps ‘the right’ candidate will have something to say about that topic.  Industry Defense (protect) is important, but so is promotion (offense: scoring points in terms of rising, not falling, new home shipments).

To promote and protect, while offering education that is internal as well as external, these are the drill downs for all successful associations.

That’s the Masthead view – now writing from 6 miles up – where if you look carefully at the photo below, you can still spot a manufactured home community from this high in the sky. #

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach