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‘Over Target’ Reactions, WHA Exec (ret) Ross Kinzler, Won’t Defend MHI Policies & Points to Prior MHI Failure

March 4th, 2018 No comments


I have no comment on MHI’s legislative agenda.”
Ross Kinzler.


The [MHI] Urban Design Project didn’t have any lasting market effects.”
Ross Kinzler


Priceless, direct quotes.


Why Priceless?

They are significant observations – and de facto admissions – by someone ‘defending’ MHI, and their ‘new class’ of manufactured homes.

The rest that follows are details, context, and commentary.

Briefly consider the point Ross Kinzler made about a prior MHI project that he used as an analogy to the MHI-backed ‘new class of homes’ concept.


Kinzler raises the interesting comparison between MHI’s previous ‘Urban Design Project,’ which didn’t perform as planned, and the MHI proposed “new class of manufactured homes.”

It is Ross who said the Urban Design Project had no lasting market effect, a nice way of saying MHI didn’t move the needle.

Aren’t those polite phrases for failed?

Keep in mind that Kinzler has reportedly done some consulting for MHI.  Yet, Ross won’t defend MHI’s legislative agenda.

That speaks volumes.

The rest are useful details and commentary, but if a reader stopped right here, the take way is that MHI’s prior ‘similar’ project failed, and MHI’s legislative agenda won’t be defended even by those who have been or are paid by MHI, or whom MHI staff has called ‘affiliates.’

Kinzler, has reportedly done consulting for MHI, and yet he still won’t defend their legislative agenda?

Why not?

Aren’t those two directly quoted sentences by Kinzler at the top warnings for every independent community, retailer, producer, service provider, and lender?


CityScapes at the Mills of Carthage; Boston and other cities, are you Listening?

(MHLivingNews has spotlighted one of the HUD Code
manufactured home projects dubbed
the Urban Design Project that Ross Kinzler’s
comments referenced.)


To Be Fair and Accurate, There are Many Possibilities

There are several possible reasons why Kinzler, or others in the MHI camp, don’t want to defend MHI’s legislative agenda.  We are not casting any dispersions on Ross, Amy or any others.

People can make good faith errors, and good faith mistakes in reasoning.

That, by the way, is one of the reasons why public debate can be healthy!  If there is an honest fact or analysis error, let that be logically aired out in public.

Which begs the question, why then does MHI and their surrogates often duck such debate? When key questions are asked about MHI, Berkshire Hathaway, et al, why do they all go quiet?

But as the CSUN – California State University – says in a report on logical fallacies, one of the reasons to know and spot errors in reasoning, is that once an error is spotted, that error can be removed from the discussion.

Doing that saves time in the long run.  Such honest, intellectual analysis dates back over 2,000 years.

Why keep repeating some variation on a logical error?  We’re doing MHI members and non-members alike a favor by spotlighting what look to be logical, legal or other errors.


What Sparked the Flak

ICYMI, the email in the article linked below is part of what sparked all of this flak this past week.

Keith Anderson, CEO Champion Homes, MHI ‘New Class’ Monopoly Concerns Memo, ‘Harms Owners, Independents’


Nathan Smith on the MHI Agenda and Track Record

I credit former MHI Chairman Nathan Smith for admitting during the video below that MHI needed to admit the associations prior mistakes, and make an effort to learn to avoid them.  Smith’s admission was an important step. But have MHI’s leaders in fact learned from prior errors? Is there any consequence for MHI leaders from failures?  In the private sector, a mistake costs jobs or money or both.  What happens when MHI errors?  Where are the consequences?



One possible reason why Kinzler won’t comment is MHI’s legislative agenda and history is simple.  The MHI track record and agenda are not an easy to logically defend or explain.

MHI’s Rick Robinson, an attorney trained in debate and objective analysis, won’t defend MHI’s position either, nor will he or anyone else at MHI do so.

Why not?

Ross_Kinzler_credit_Community_Connections_posted_on_MHProNewsSo Kinzler’s in plenty of company when it comes to not defending MHI’s agenda or track record.

Another reason, as this writer replied to Kinzler is that the logic, history, ethics, and theories behind the MHI agenda are dubious at best.  It’s a relevant point.  In fact, Kinzler was the one that pointed out the steep decline in manufactured housing production, and noted the harmful ripple effects throughout the industry.

average-shipment-per-decade-manufactured-home-posted-on-mhpronews-com d

There are tons of negative impacts for low volumes of new MH sales. One is that there are fewer used homes on the market. Image credit: Ross Kinzler – Wisconsin Housing Alliance.


Perhaps that explains in part why after years and millions of dollars in efforts, MHI key agenda items have not passed. Positions like the arguably contradictory position on the DOE Rule led to a flip flop that MHI leaders don’t want to admit.  Their flip flop on Clinton/Trump, their flip-flop on Pam Danner/HUD, etc. all can reasonably be seen as falling into that category.


But once more, in fairness, there are other possibilities. What we know is that Kinzler won’t defend MHI’s agenda, and neither will MHI publicly defend their agenda; why not?

Those who seek the truth on any subject want solid answers to reasonable questions. Curious minds want to know…


The “Straw Man” argument is one of the common fallacies that are used – intentionally or inadvertently – that can misrepresent the facts. The chart above shows some of the more common logical errors, but another not shown, that is used when George Allen enters a discussion is the red herring.’ Allen also likes ad hominem attacks. By intent or by mistake, the fallacies in reason lead people to wrong conclusions.


Kinzler Defended Bliss, A Deeper Look

Kinzler indicated he was defended his colleague Amy Bliss. But Amy was not attacked.  Ross ‘defended’ Bliss by what’s known as “straw man” arguments. He said things neither MHProNews, nor this writer have said.

Perhaps Kinzler misread?

Then, Ross ducked the same questions and opportunities to discuss by phone to clarify possible misunderstandings that was offered to Bliss, why?

Keep in mind, I personally like and respect Amy and Ross — so this isn’t personal, from our side of the fence, this is a purely professional disagreement.

Think of it as a clinical doctor’s analysis — what do the tests and the facts reveal?


Wittingly nor not, George Allen often falls into red herring and ad hominem tactics. When those are used intentionally, they are designed to distract or belittle, without actually answering the questions under debate or discussion.  For someone trained in debate, their use signals the weakness of the argument of those who use such methods


George Allen, a Bit Different?

Neither Kinzler nor Bliss accepted the offer to discuss items by phone, to clarify understanding. While written words are useful, they can be misunderstood. The combination of written and spoken words can thus become one way to avoid misunderstandings.

Allen’s situation is perhaps different.

He made an interesting revelation, saying he has quit MHI.  He’s not alone.

State Associations, Companies Quit Membership in Manufactured Housing Institute, (MHI), One Explains in Writing, ‘Why?’

Then, Allen says he hasno dog in the hunt,’  but begins blasting away furiously with attacks on the person (= ad hominem fallacy) or red herring tactics.  Those have been an Allen-isms traits for some years.

But what’s revealing is the fury of the defenders of MHI, without actually addressing the specific points made or concerns raised.

Why weren’t specific questions, being directly answered?


Don’t Bother Me With Evidence or Third Party Report’s…?

There’s an old saying, ‘don’t bother me with facts, my mind is made up.’

  • Rick Robinson
  • Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison,
  • Lesli Gooch,
  • Amy Bliss,
  • Ross Kinzler,
  • George Allen and others have ducked out on dealing with specific concerns raised by voices inside the industry and those outside of the industry.

For Allen, that’s perhaps particularly problematic, because he claims the mantle of defending independent communities.  Is he failing them, by not digging into the realities? Why is he now denying concerns on similar issues he himself has previously raised?  Has Allen flip-flopped? Doesn’t he see the contradictions in his reasoning?



Personal Example Makes a Professional Point Useful to Manufactured Housing

My friends, family, and relationships include people of many faiths and backgrounds. Among them are various kinds of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and non-believers. My parents raised us, thank God, with lived examples of how you treated all people with respect, and dignity.

People of good will can have disagreements.

So the response? It ought to be to examine issues, and if someone is mistaken – to show them their error.

But that isn’t done by name calling.  Even when we strongly disagree with Mr. Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway or MHI, we aren’t name calling or mud-slinging. Rather, we provide evidence, quotes and voice concerns in a professional manner.  Let them reply, if they can.  If they can’t perhaps that answers why they began ducking out on engagement, discussion or debate over a year ago.

Progressive “Nation” Reports on Monopolies Cites Buffett, Clayton, Others – MH Industry Impact?

Bliss can speak about conspiracy theories, but when many have provided evidence, how can you call it a conspiracy theory any more?

Wisconsin Housing Alliance – an MHI ‘Affiliate’ – Amy Bliss’ Messages Raise New Anti-Trust Issue

Honest discussion is not accomplished by twisting the other person’s words, or by using false evidence, or misleading arguments.  In fact, manufactured housing advocate, the Rev. Donald Tye Jr. has raised several important points, which will be useful in upcoming articles.

“F-Bombs” Fly – Cursing Manufactured Housing and Tornadoes – Engaging Public, Experts, Officials, and Media

Soheyla had an article this week were we showed some of the vile name calling people post or send on the tornado and manufactured housing topic. It is linked above. The typical response made by this writer begins doesn’t start by cursing them back in return.

Let’s close with a very personal analogy, and I asked permission before sharing this.

My younger brother Tom Kovach holds very different views on a wide range of issues, and leads a life quite different than my own.


While I consider myself a centrist and independent, my brother Tom is pretty far left in many items of Democratic politics. But Tom can be reasoned with, and he and I don’t typically take offense when we disagree in a policy, moral, religious, or other issue. The point is that people can disagree, respectfully.

That said, we are brothers. We love and respect each other. Yes, at times we’ve exchanged thoughts in ways that hurt the other’s feelings, but we get over it, forgive as is needed, and move on.

I don’t have to agree with him, nor he with me, to have a rich intellectual discussion on a topic we disagree about. We don’t call each other some vile name.

tim-williams-CEO-President-21st-mortgage-corporation-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-21st President and CEO, and prior MHI Chairman Tim Williams said in our exclusive interview with him a number of very important ideas. One of my favorites is Tim’s fraternity example. It’s terrific.

A fraternity is at the root a brotherhood.

Brothers – kinfolk, family – ought to be able to disagree with respect.


MHProNews has focused on facts, concerns, documents, behaviors, trends – which is a kind of history – and evidence. Where does the logic of a position or case take someone?

I strive to hold no personal animus toward anyone in the industry, including those who have demonstrably wronged others or us, or have generally been unjust.  Telling someone to ‘go to hell,’ or worse solves nothing.

If MHProNews is wrong on an interpretation, then that should be thoughtfully refuted, right? George or anyone, where is the need for rude name calling, or manipulative debaters tricks?

If my bride and I were the only two on the planet who believed these concerns, there might be a better cause for others to say ‘conspiracy theory,’ as Bliss said.   If we were the only ones to say, there is a risk from monopolistic behaviors, then mischaracterization by Ross, Bliss, or as Allen did  – 9BTW, I’m well aware of Allen’s nice side, and we respect and value his service to our country0 – could make more sense.

I like Amy and Ross on a personal level. But liking someone doesn’t mean you have to agree.

If MHI, Tim Williams – who can be very charming and likable too – Warren Buffett  – ditto – or anyone else wants to debate the issues, let’s do so publicly, where the industry can tune in, and we should do so with mutual respect.

No cheap shots or debaters dodges, like those in the chart above, are needed.

My sincere belief is that the evidence shows that MHI is being used as a tool by the largest companies in manufactured housing. They are being used to advance an agenda that benefits those larger corporate players, and often hurts millions of home owners and millions of potential home buyers too.

I explained in a recent post how my view about MHI evolved.


What Tim Williams, Dick Jennison, Rick Robinson, Lesli Gooch, et al, Taught Me About the Manufactured Housing Institute

If we at MHProNews know about or suspected a problem, and failed to report it, you could say, shame on me.

If we report concerns, and readers opt to ignore or think differently, that’s a reader’s absolute right as a free person.

But to ignore the growing body of evidence from sources inside the industry and outside the industry, is to do so at one’s own peril.

Now You Will Hear — the Rest of the Story

To paraphrase Jim Ayotte, all of us can only act upon the insights we have available at the time. We then do our best, based upon those insights.

BeatSwordsIntoPlowsharesIs2-4-MastheadblogMHProNewsWe believe the states have done far better on the whole than MHI has. Others in the industry say so too.

We believe that MHI has demonstrably made blunders for years.  Rather than admit them now, as then MHI Chairman Nathan Smith did a few years ago, they and their surrogates are demonstrably using tricks and tactics to duck, dodge, distract, detract, diminish, or defame.

That’s wrong, in my view.

If they were right, they have attorneys who are trained in debate, who could make us look foolish in public, with straight up debate.  No tactics. I have no such advantage, no such formal training in debate.  I think the last formal debate I was in, was high school or maybe even junior high.

So why doesn’t MHI bring out their Ph.D. and attorneys and debate?  Or why doesn’t Clayton Homes, et al, do the same?

Let them try to honestly refute the concerns of voices across the political divide about monopolistic tactics.  Again, see the link above from the recent report by The Nation that cites monopolistic tactics and names Clayton Homes.

Let them explain ethically why they kept others who do publishing as members, and not MHProNews (and our related operations)? No one ever accused me of disrupting an MHI meeting, nor of breaking an MHI rule, did they? All I ever did was ask questions, and offer different views if that seemed wise.  Aren’t they violating what their 990 filings claim? Don’t they want feedback from their members?  Or do they only want yes men and women, who fall in line, as the industry continues to get consolidated by a few?

Why would MHI single us out, ‘marked [us] for elimination’ as sources at or with MHI have said?

These folks are arguably hiding not one thing, but many things.

Those who ignore the evidence do so at their own peril.  On these issues, my conscience is clear.

Beating Swords Into Plowshares

And He [God] shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” (Isaiah 2:4, Bible Hub)


The above quote is inspired and well intented. But it misses the key words that proceed the same verse: And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Dig through the various reports, and ask, if they could refute any of it, why don’t they do so? ##  (News, analysis, and commentary. Note 1: this post will be updated with downloads of statements emailed by Amy Bliss, Ross Kinzler and George Allen, among others. Note 2: where issues have not yet been litigated or determined by legal authorities, the word ‘allege’ should be construed as needed in the above as part of our analysis and statement.)


(Third party images and information are provided under fair use guidelines.)

L. A. “Tony” Kovach is an award winning manufactured housing industry veteran, and is the managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – the parent company to, and professional service provider to the factory-built housing industry.

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Recent Praise from Clayton to MHProNews, with C3

December 27th, 2017 No comments

It’s not a joke, or a blast from the distant past.

We’ll share a nice message of praise from Clayton Homes for our pro-industry work.


We said thank you, of course, and pointed to those who make this work possible. We’ll likely release that kind Clayton statement, next week. It will depend on other news, so stay tuned.


TheFirstStepSolvingProblemRecognizeThat DoesExist.ZigZiglar-TonyKovachMastheadCommentaryMHProNewsGraphicStock




Why didn’t manufactured housing take off in the first decade of the 2000s, as Harvard and other researchers thought would happen?

The article linked below looks at that question, through the prism of the Warren Buffett’s “The Moat” Principle.


Warren Buffett, “the Moat,” Manufactured Housing, Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage, Vanderbilt, Wells Fargo, NAI…


The report above is packed with direct quotes, industry comments, and is cross referenced.

From the outset of launching MHProNews, and later,, we’ve always been about identifying what’s right or wrong, what does and doesn’t work.


What’s Wrong is that We Don’t Ask What’s Right,“-  G.K. Chesterton. Image by

As pro-industry publishers and service providers, we’ve always sought to identify an issue’s key, and then propose – and lead the way – on methods of dealing with a given problem.

With the Warren Buffett “the Moat” report above, we’re almost complete with our 2017 periodic series about the true state of the Manufactured Housing Industry.

Which reminds me of a real-life, blast-from-the-past.

One of the last articles that the respected Manufactured Home Merchandiser Magazine published from me before they closed-down listed the importance of Prayer among the secrets of success.

In their wisdom, the Merchandiser edited out my references to prayer.

For those who already know, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t know, or need to move beyond political correctness, let’s keep it simple.

The eternal, all perfect, all knowing, all powerful, all merciful Creator – God, requires nothing. Technically, the Almighty has no need for our prayers. 

Then why pray?

Prayer isn’t a group of magic words, like a spell. Nor is prayer like rubbing a magic lamp just so to get a wish granted.

Then why pray?

Because it can be transformative for those who pray, and thus for others too.  No wonder God recommends it.

On this third day of Christmas (C3), as we survey the great potential for our industry and nation, while contrasting it with the current climate in America let’s quickly compare the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” to the movie, Network.

Both are powerful films, but both are quite different.

Sex has been very much in the news this year and last (isn’t it always?).


For example, in It’s a Wonderful Life, sex is there in the background. In Network, sex is in your face.

There’s drama, and humor, in both stories.

Faith is uplifted in Wonderful, but in Network?



The World is a Corporation” (Network, 1976). Note, that none of the false promises of the corporate world have come-to-pass.  This isn’t to say that business is bad, its to say that the God should inspire and transform every aspect of our life.  Yes, that includes our business or profession too.  I know numbers of MH Industry pros who believe the same.

In Wonderful, that power of prayer is shown to be transformational. In Network, you have Sybil the Soothsayer and a whole cast of new age characters, and their respective behaviors.

So God’s mentioned in both films, but in Wonderful, the Creator is shown in a wonderful way.  In Network, the new ‘god’ is money.  How’s that working out, 41 years after Network became a hit flick?

The sexual revolution of the 1960s lay almost evenly between Wonderful and Network. The sexual revolution’s impact on the film and American society are self-evident.

Sex is good or bad, depending on its context.  It’s sacred, or profaned, says the Creator, according to its right or wrong use.  So too with the other 10 Commandments.

The devil is as real as God, you, or myself are. I respect them, but I’m not a high Anglican, as the brilliant writer, C.S. Lewis was.  Lewis’ Screwtape letters, and some of his other writings, underscored how Satan operates. One of Lucifer’s tools is divide, and conquer.

Deceptive half-truths, spin, and outright lies.  These are not Godly, they are satanic.

The angel was given free will, abused it, fell from grace.  Then the demon takes what God made to be good – within a certain, specific context – and the devil gives what’s good, a twist.  The same pattern as lies, or work, or food, etc.  The devil takes what’s good, and twists it.

Since early in the history of humanity, the struggle over good and evil has played out on the stage of life.

All of history can be seen – with the eye of true faith – as a struggle between evil fighting the Good.

Satan can’t win – but ever the rebel, like his disciple Saul Alinksy and the book uplifting Lucifer in Rules for Radicals – that same, rebellious Lucifer/Satan who hates God and humanity – tries to drag as many people along behind him into Hell as possible.


Toxic Combination of Big Business in Bed with Big Government, Rules for Radicals, Generation Zero


We have each been given free will.

We must be informed and forged by a combination of grace and the right use of our free will.

Secular humanism’s ‘Everything goes’ philosophy of life has been a documentable disaster. The sexual revolution is just another excess, which has led to millions of broken hearts. Along with any other excess of food, drink, work, etc. – it leads to death between people, relationships, trust, and so on.

Who says? Not me, it’s God who said it.  Ask Moses.  Or ask Jesus, whose birth we are celebrating.

And on this, the third day of Christmas – C3 – we call to mind why God became an infant in the first place. To redeem and lead a fallen humanity back to an eternal paradise.

IMHO, Jesus ought to be held up as the exemplar for all builders, including factory-builders.

If you’ve not seen, It’s a Wonderful Life in a while, set aside the time to watch it with family, friends or solo at the link below. It ought to be a theme for our industry’s and national rebirth.


It’s a Wonderful Life, #Christmas #WonderfulLife #DisneySprings, #DisneyChristmasCelebration #Videos #Photos

It’s how entertainment used to be done. It was uplifting, and inspirational.

In both Wonderful, and Network, there’s a monopolistic party of moneyed influence and power. A struggle of good and evil.  Each film has lessons for our time.

As 2017 draws to a close, and 2018 looms ahead, what will be needed for a professional, business, industry or national rebirth?  Core, fundamental, foundational principles and God’s own eternal values must be a the heart of it.

Ladies – Love, Lunacy, Leadership, and those “Laddies”

C3 – on the third day, Merry Christmas to all.  ## (Editorially commentary, all third party images credits are as shown, and are provided under fair use guidelines.)


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We agree with Warren Buffett on the value of the lessons of history, reading and research. Without those deep insights, the wool can be pulled over other people’s eyes.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Kovach is the award-winning managing-member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC,
parent to MHProNews, and
Both are #1 in their categories.

Kovach is one of the most endorsed and recommended MH industry professionals in all of manufactured housing.

“The X Factor” – Manufactured Housing’s Surprising Solution$

October 12th, 2017 No comments

It should go without saying that the readers of MHProNews span the political, economic, religious, gender, ethnic, and other spectrums.

That means there are some that will love a statement they read on X (fill in the blank on what X is), while others oppose that same statement on X. Still others with a furrowed brow might wonder why X matters at all.


The X Factor. The truth can cut like a knife. That X-wing fighter? We think for a variety of reasons that manufactured housing’s best day are in the future, not the past.

Let’s plug in a few examples of X

  • MHARR or MHI.
  • Any of the people we quote on MHProNews or MHLivingNews.
  • Any of the political or economic sources we quote on MHProNews or MHLivingNews.

What does that X mean to you or me?

What does X mean for:

  • the mom and pop operation?
  • the corporate professional?
  • the investor,
  • the public official, researcher, advocacy group, or media,
  • the MH Industry association member, or
  • the professional who swore he/she would never go to another association meeting again?


Tales, Faces and Facts

Fact 1:
The facts are that in this raging affordable housing crisis, manufactured homes are an obvious solution. Yes, MODs, hybrids, prefabs, and stick building all have their respective roles in this world of Off or On site Construction.

Fact 2:

There are:

  • economic,
  • social,
  • political,
  • moral,
  • technological,
  • and even
  • geopolitical/trade issues

that – knowingly or not – all impact factory home builders, professionals, and the home buying public.

If Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle can say with sincere humility what he did, doesn’t the same apply to the media? Public officials? Our own industry’s professionals?

“The X Factor” – Manufactured Housing’s Surprising Solution$ The Truth Well Told, What is the X Factor. Manufactured Housing, Dick Ernst, MHI, MHARR, MHProNews, MHLivingNews,

Among the points George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984 was trying to make was this.

You can control people to a significant degree by controlling the information that flows to them.

Propaganda is used by many because it works.

How did we get from a Leave it to Beaver society to a rainbow society protesting almost everything in just 55 years?

One answer is media.  The other is educational.  Some of it is face-to-face, or person-to-person, manipulation.


Objective Analysis is critical for the success of our industry, and your profession, as it is for any other. MHProNews brings that analysis, which is why thousands logon daily, even if they may see a matter differently. “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Rules, Labels, and Rulemakers

Label someone a conservative, moderate, or a liberal, and how people respond to that person changes.

Paint someone as a troublemaker or an outsider, and again, how people react changes.

All of these and more ought to be troubling to those who seek the truth about a person, or a subject.

StopLabelingPeopleQuotesOvercomingLablesForJarsNotPeopleLabelingQuotingsManufacutredHousingIndustryMastheadCommentaryMHProNewsThat thousands today can emerge from a college or a university, look you in the eye and say, “What truth? There is only my truth,” or “You can’t legislate morality” – and similarly dubious  X statements, these are causes for concern.


Every piece of legislation or rule making is a value judgment. It is based upon a perception of truth. On a moral judgement.

If forces can control how other people react to:

  • manufactured homes,
  • skin tone,
  • accent,
  • religious affiliation (or a lack thereof),
  • political or
  • any other belief, then no wonder there is so much upheaval in America and around the world.


I’m only One Person

The fact that you or I are only one person is no excuse to do nothing.

We do what we can that is right and good, regardless of how others may or may not understand at that moment in time.

What Dick Ernst and others like him have said are quite right. We take on controversial issues or positions, not for the sake of stirring the pot. Rather, its because – as Ernst said, Tony believes that much in this industry.

Stirring the pot of its own sake would get old quickly.  We’re the same pro-industry people we’ve been from day one that we began MHProNews, and later MHLivingNews, now 9 years ago.

So, we take on an X issue precisely because we think it is relevant to the

  • Industry, or
  • the nation our industry is a part of,
  • or because in some way, a real problem offers an opportunity in disguise.

Image by

Divide and Rule

When an MHI board member shares their woes and frustrations this week with MHProNews;


a longtime reader thinks I’m picking on MHI;


Another reader thinks I can make up with MHI;

each of those are revealing insights.  But the fact that someone believes X doesn’t make it correct.

All of those are but examples of the X factor.  Someone is filling in a blank based upon, what?  There are other examples.


This industry ought to be easy! We sell affordable housing, and the nation needs it!

Why isn’t manufactured housing embraced?


I Love It!!! said a state executive, about the video above which is video interview that debunks many fallacies held by others about manufactured housing. “We Provide, You Decide.”  ©

Why are even some other factory builders for or against HUD Code manufactured housing?


We are all ignorant on many things. It is arrogant or delusional to think otherwise.

We need others in our lives.  You know things I don’t, and the reverse is true too.  That’s one of many reasons why we ask others for input on a regular basis.

If you believe in God, and chances are around 90 percent that you do, then it’s obvious that the Creator felt you and we were both necessary!

You think you’re right on X.

The person down the hall, sees X differently.

Who is right?


We need to get back to basics. Those basics begin with a thirst for truth.

There are absolute truths.

We should be people who seek the truth of an issue, any issue.

People open to the truth see or can learn the value of manufactured homes.

Investors and advocates can discover the value.

Lenders can learn about MH what most Americans did in the wake of the civil rights movement.

But if we watch as a growing part of our fellow citizens embrace

  • a lie like socialism,
  • and we ignore the threat that modern day Brownshirts or propagandists pose,
  • whatever wealth you have can vanish in the night.
  • Wealth can disappear because you are murdered, or the power structure shifts, and the insiders are now on the outside.



There should be an unquenchable thirst to know and live the truth.

Because by definition, everything that is not the truth is a kind of delusion.

The nature of a human is that we learn in stages.  So we can’t know the full truth about anything all at once.  We learn that truth in stages, be it the ABCs, or the 123s, manufactured housing, or whatever the subject happens to be.

So, we do need patience for each other, and that sincere desire to know the truth.


The necessary truths about our industry was buried in stages.

Now, like gold, the truths about manufactured housing will have to be uncovered and refined in stages.

Different people will learn that truth at different paces.

But as enough professionals – if even one committed professional at a time – in a given market, is willing to take the long view, do what’s right by every customer, and share that truth routinely, given good health, etc. there will be tremendous success over time for that professional.

The reverse is also true, and the industry has been paying the price for short term thinking and behavior for decades.  Don’t believe it?  Check out last week’s fact-based post.


The Truth Well Told.  The Truth told routinely.  Behavior that aligns with that truth as perfectly as possible.


These are the ways our industry advances.  That truth is told, and best practices must occur at the local market level.

And for any of those who settle for less than the truth?  Sad. ## (Overview, analysis, commentary.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach,
Industry consultant, service provider, and managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC – the parent company to the industry’s top trade media and

Implementing Inspirational Dissatisfaction

May 31st, 2017 No comments

It’s human nature. We all have something – personal, professional, social, spiritual, political – we wish would change for the better.

Wishing and hoping are not strategies. But dissatisfaction – when it is Inspirational –  can lead us to change.


When someone keeps doing the same things, the same way, expect the same results.

Today, think about something that creates inspirational dissatisfaction for you, or your team/operation.

Denying the existence of the brick wall in front of you isn’t a solution. Until one acknowledges the wall, understands it, and then considers the options to go over, under, around or through that wall – no progress is possible.


Manufactured housing is about 1/2 of 1% of current annual U.S. housing in dollar volume. The industry has hit totals 4 times higher in the 90s. In the early 70s, the industry was about 6x the current volume. Automotive sold 17 million units in 2016. RVs sold 430,691 in 2016. 5,250,000 existing homes were sold in 2015. Why did MH only do 81,100 homes in 2016? Zig Ziglar might have said, too many are ‘cooked in a squat.’ The opportunities are there. Be inspired to overcome the challenges, because arguably nothing offers more potential today than a proper implementation of the affordable housing solution provided by today’s manufactured homes.

Then remember. The power in electricity exists precisely because of positive and negative polarity. Without connecting to both the good and the problematic – there is no power. If we only look at good stuff, or we only look at bad stuff – no power.

Electricity’s positive and negative polarity are an inspiring metaphor for implementing change in your professional life.


“Develop inspirational dissatisfaction. Rearrange your attitudes and convert a failure of one day into success on another.” – W. Clement Stone.

Leaders grasp nettles.

We’ll end where we began.  We all have things we want to see, changed. Start today to turn some frustration, disappointment, hope or dream into inspirational dissatisfaction. ##

(ICYMI – For the latest ‘spotlighted’ company, see this link here.)


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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Manufactured Housing Industry Politics – Complicated Cross Currents, or April Fools?

April 7th, 2017 No comments

There are thousands of professionals wise enough to be in the manufactured home industry, who have the noble intent of earning an honest living, by giving good service to the public and other professionals they serve.”
 – Soheyla Kovach.


Manufactured Home Industry Politics. Those who know say, “it’s complicated.”
– Soheyla Kovach.

Guys, do you love it – or hate it? – when the wife gets it right?

Ladies, does it make you smile when the gent in your life must say, “honey, that was spot on.”

Among my discoveries at the successful 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show was the numbers who came up to me – or my truly better half, Soheyla – and said, “I really like her articles!”

The opening quotes and the two below are from her promo/teaser a few days ago that announced our theme for the month.

MH Industry politics are indeed complex. I wish we could honestly say it was simple, but it’s not.

Yes, manufactured housing shipments are rising at double-digit levels. Still, the industry’s only scratching the surface of its potential in your market, and other markets from coast-to-coast.

The facts, “Proof!” *** a real-world case study *** and several reports linked in this month’s issue below, all point to the fact that the industry could be rising much faster.


Are there forces outside and inside of our HUD Code Manufactured Home Industry, that for whatever motives or reasons are holding the industry back from its potential? We covered several points on that theme last month.

This month, let me share the English version of a classic Italian maxim.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
– George Horne.

Please, for your own sake, don’t wait on some magical third party to ride in and save the day.

You must be a key part of your own location(s) growth solutions.

The industry has for decades failed to reach the potential it was tapping in the early 1970s. Various reports suggest that we are building the industry’s best homes ever.

In a growing American affordable housing crisis, we can do much better than we have been.

While all can ‘cop a plea’ to having done something foolish from time to time,
we don’t want to be perceived as – or actually be –
– Soheyla Kovach.

At Tunica, a panel of three independent MH Industry lenders each shared example stories of how some locations are proactively doing a superior job of attracting and selling the better qualified credit buyers.

HowManyLegsDoesADogHaveIfYouCallATailALegFourCallingTailLegDoesntMakeItALegAbrahamLincolnQuoteHDPostedMHProNews-If your industry peers are doing that, then with the right motivation and commitments, you and your operation can too.

Let’s ignore for the next few minutes the industry’s complex political situations. Focus on you and your location.

See for yourself – via the reports linked below – the opportunities, threats and proven solutions that stand available for any professionals and businesses with the drive to do ‘what it honestly takes’ to make robust growth happen.

Be wise. Check out the April 2017 Issue in depth.” – Soheyla Kovach.

My hunch is if you take up my lady’s challenge, you’ll see the value of her words for yourself and your operation(s).

With no further adieu, let’s stop being foolish and dive into the simplicity of reality checks, goal and solution orientation.

All the Best, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. ##

Barry and “Be the Change!” Doing Good, Pays
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachWe decided this month to highlight a simple yet profound reality. Read more…


State Law Forces City Decision on Manufactured Home Zoning
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Queensbury, New York, manufactured housing has scored a victory. Read more…



Manufactured Home Communities, Fair Housing, and Day Care
by Nadeen Green, JD

nadeen-green-mhpronews-comThe seven federally protected classes (race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status and disability) are hugely relevant (and reflective of the issues of discrimination at the time that they were created as well as important today). Read more…


What’s the Truth About the Manufactured Housing Industry’s Potential?
by Soheyla Kovach


Whether or not truth is reported, or distorted, reality – the truth – is. Truth exists. Read more…


Price Reduction *** North Tampa Portfolio – MH & RV | 380 Sites | Florida
by Christopher Nortley

ChristopherNortlyMHREinc=postedMHProNews-comy50x50-Portfolio Overview

The North Tampa Portfolio consist of 3 communities in which 2 are located in Port Richey while the 3rd is located in Hudson, FL. All the communities have very desirable locations and convenient for an owner to have centralized management to create economies of scale. Read More


ELS Rises, Manufactured Housing CV, Broader Markets Dip
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNoteworthy headlines on – CNNMoney – Mercedes-Benz pulls ads from The O’Reilly Factor. Read more…



Proof! Manufactured Home Communities, Retailers & Builder/Developers Can Attract, Sell Site Built Buyers
by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony- kovachWhat’s the difference between a nice sounding theory, and a profitable process?  Proof. Read more…


Security Mortgage Group Setting Hot Pace in First Quarter of 2017
by Pierce Redmond

Pierce Redmond-Vice PresidentSecurityMortgageGroup-55x55Security Mortgage Group, a national award-winning MH Community lending broker, is pleased to have financed $78,632,000 thus far in 2017 for several manufactured home communities nationwide. Read more…


Brian Gallagher, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Santefort Real Estate Group – RFI – FHFA, Duty to Serve Comments Letter
by Brian Gallagher

BrianGallapher-ChiefOperatingandFinancialOfficeratSantefortRealEstate Group55x55Editor’s note: Brian Gallagher thoughtfully shared the comments below with MHProNews for publication.  Read more…


Media, MHI Members Welcomed, Industry Warned
by Soheyla Kovach


At the 2017 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, members of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and the industry’s top trade media were welcomed – without cost – by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) at the annual in-person meeting of their members.
Read more…


Live Oaks & Blue Oaks MHP Portfolio | 170 Sites | Topeka, Kansas
by Christopher Nortley

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Is What You Say Always Consistent with What You Believe?
by Tim Connor, CSP

tim-connor-mhmsm-comThere is a Native American legend that says – you will only get into Heaven leaning on the shoulders of someone you helped while you were here. Read more…


Manufactured Home Community’s Outsider Sparked Water Issues
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RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Puyallup, Washington, the stereotypes surrounding manufactured versus site built housing are playing out in a less than ideal way. Read more…


State Agency to Assist Low Income MH Residents
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Delaware, homeowners in need are going to get some help. Read more…


Want Manufactured Home Community Voluntarily Rent Control, Anyone? Anyone?
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsOfficials in Corona, California, say that they may pursue voluntary rent control measures for manufactured home communities, in an effort to help low income and elderly residents who face rent hikes of up to 30 percent over the next two years. Read more…


City Turns to Manufactured Homes in Project
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Northern California, the city of Sebastopol is investing $258,000 into a project that establishes affordable housing for low-income residents at the city’s eastern gateway. Read more…


April Fools? – MHVille’s Complicated Politics, 2017
by Soheyla Kovach


Three april fools looking at camera with different expressions, credits,
Read more…


NFIB Provides Vital Small Business Guide
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsThe National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is out with its 2017 Small Business Tax Guide.
Read more…


Moves In U.S. Home Price Index
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNew data from Case-Shiller shows that January home prices rose at the fastest rate since 2014. While this spells a win for sellers, it could eventually affect buyer demand. Read more…


Sunday Morning Weekly Recap Manufactured Housing Industry News March 26th 2017 to April 2nd 2017
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsOur theme for our April 2017 issue is: Manufactured Housing Industry Politics – Complicated Cross Currents, or April Fools? Read more…


Cavco’s Buyout
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsCavco Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:CVCO) tells MHProNews that it has signed a Letter of Intent, and has reached an understanding, on terms to acquire Lexington Homes, Inc. Read more…


ELS’ Sam Zell Sounds Off on Trump’s Wall
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsELS Chairman and billionaire real estate mogul Sam Zell shared his thoughts recently on President Donald Trump’s plan for the border wall with Mexico, and what it means for business. Read more…


City Residents Make Unexpected Moves – Opportunity for MH?
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsNew data shows an interesting trend – popular cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., normally destinations for living, are actually losing people in mass. Read more…


Diverse Industry Reactions to Manufactured Home Community Closure Issue
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Chesterfield, Missouri, residents of the town’s only manufactured home community received some very shocking news this week. Read more…


Chicago’s Mayor Favors Massive Modular Project
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn a follow up to a story that Daily Business News originally covered here, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is “gung ho” about developers planning to build 12,000 modular homes, along with a factory to manufacture them, on the 430-acre site of the old U.S. Steel South Works plant in the city. Read more…


Developers Going MOD in Housing Crisis
by RC Williams

RCWilliams-writer75x75ManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsIn Baton Rouge, Louisiana, two developers have turned to modular housing to ease the stress of finding housing. Read more…




Tunica Sizzle$ with Succe$$! – Looking for Growth? Tunica Manufactured Home Show Loom$ Large

March 24th, 2017 No comments

Show me the Money!”


Looking for growth? Searching for new products and services? Then look no further than the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, which takes place starting Tuesday afternoon, next week!

Yes, Tuesday afternoon is when the Business Building Educational Seminars will take place.

The topics cut to the heart of some key issues involving what’s necessary for growth.

Tuesday’s Business Building Seminars allow attendees and vendors alike to focus the rest of their time on the necessary details that keep your manufactured and modular home enterprises moving ahead.


See why we call these the “Standing Room Only Seminar Series!”

Tunica is also emblematic of much that is taking place in the manufactured housing industry, more on that later…

It’s by far the largest manufactured housing trade show in the country.

Dozens of homes on display, and the biggest exhibition of products and services in the Nation, all set in the charm of good old fashioned Southern Hospitality.


While all of the industry trade events get more people from within a days drive, Tunica will also attract professionals who will hop a flight to learn more to earn more at the seminars, and compare national products and services, that are going to be found in the Exhibit Hall.


Some of what is going on behind the scenes will be looked at post Tunica, that’s what’s indicative of the realities of the manufactured housing industry today. Don’t miss that Masthead read!

Tunica, A Top Attraction – So A Top Read!

While obviously not everyone who reads an article actually attends an event, the extraordinarily high readership about the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show suggests that turnout will be strong.


Over 10,000 hits this month alone on just a single Tunica Show press release suggests thousands of pros will be there at the opening. Learn more linked here. We have other articles with thousands of hits too, all in Tunica.  To see the sights and sounds, check out the video and the website, here.

Learn, Earn, Return

One key to success in any field is to be able to duplicate a result, over and over again.

The more you can achieve a good professional outcome, the more you prove it wasn’t just pure luck. The doctor doing his first surgery? Cadaver practice is ok, but if we need a procedure done, don’t we want the MD who’s been doing that routinely and successfully for years?

Of course.

And when you learn to do something new that’s positive, you can earn more. And return more capital and talent to your team mates, yours and their dreams, supported causes and desires.

It’s the Sizzle!


They say sizzle sells the fajitas and the steak. The hotter that plate, the more the sizzle and when done right, the more your mouth waters.

  • The sizzle of Tunica is Profitsssssss$$$$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica is Sucesse$$$$$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica is mixing fun with businee$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica are the hot new model home$!!


The display of new model homes are the ones that can set you apart from the competition. The ones that can serve entry level – as well as that far larger, multi-billion dollar – residential-style housing market.

The sizzle of Tunica is networking, learning new and doable idea$, that can work for you and your business.

Tunica sizzle$ in mixing business with pleasure. Memphis is nearby, and if you’re feeling lucky or confident, there’s gaming for those who think they can beat the odds that favor the house.

Odds Are…

If you’ve read this far, you are half way there, or already booked. Let me share a few notes on the professional educational part of the event. Get there early for the best seat, because the education really does cut to some key manufactured housing Obstacles – and Opportunities.


You won’t want your competition to be there, and you miss out!

Engaging The Media – A Proven Pathway to Sizzling Profit$

FrankRolfeMobileHomeUniversityRVHorizonsPostedMastheadBlogMHProNewsTag-Frank Rolfe is widely known in our industry as an engaging personality and presenter. He’s been called a Donald Trump of our industry by Kurt Kelley, a successful manufactured housing financial services provider and writer-turned publisher.

Few can claim the level of mainstream media engagement that Rolfe has obtained. The  controversial New York Times article – The Cold, Hard Lessons About Mobile Home U – led to more articles in publications like Bloomberg, which touted “Double-Wide-Returns” in the manufactured home community sector.

Others in media followed, making Rolfe one of the most publicized personalities in manufactured housing today.

Clearly, his numbers show that since all of that publicity – as  controversial as it may have been – led to double-wide growth in the 3 years since for Rolfe and his partners drew national attention.

Agree or disagree with Frank’s terminology, but do you think you might learn some things from him during his part of the panel? In Wisconsin, they’d say – youbetcha!


Contrast sparking Frank with Millennial, 3rd gen community pro, Tom Fath. Tom is part of the next generation of manufactured housing professionals. I have had the sneak peek. You’ll get from Tom a visually rich presentation that will be wildly different than Frank’s, but you tell me if it will be any less compelling.


I’ll give you the bottom line that the industry needs to hear.

Over 400% new home sales growth. Tom can tell you that it’s logistics that has kept his family from growing even faster!

While Frank’s media magic attracts controversy, investors – and dollars – Tom, his family and friends’ team attracts a growing number of residential-style buyers that moved them from selling mostly cheap, used houses to now selling mostly brand new ones to well qualified customers who pay cash or have good credit.

If soft-spoken Tom and the Fath family team can do it, odds are good that you can too.


This will be a classic contrast between Rolfe and Fath, because both have been successful.  If you are in the audience, you’ll be the winner.

Hot, New! Lenders Financing Panel

This year we’re shaking it up on the lenders retail financing panel!


Sticking with the underlying theme of what will grow our industry the most, more sustainably and the fastest, these lenders will share their experiences of what some of the Best Retailers and Communities in the land do to attract more customers with cash or good credit.

While many retailers and MH Communities focus on the vexing question, ‘how do I get that marginal, sub-prime customer done?’ The lenders on our panel will be talking or giving a PowerPoint Presentation on the tips and insights that bring the well qualified buyers in that can get financing easily.

Keep in mind this fact. *** There’s way more good credit customers than bad credit dreamers. ***


Want More Proof?

The RV business outsells manufactured housing about 5 to 1. Their products are much more per square foot than a sharp multi-sectional. They attract cash and good credit customers by the droves to RC centers.

Millions buy a stick-built house. Many could have easily bought a manufactured home. What kept millions of them from even thinking or looking long at our industry?

Go pack to the topic of our first Panel, Engaging the Media.

You’ll learn more to earn more from these three presentations on Tuesday afternoon before the main show opens up. Word is the show hotels are booked solid. But if you don’t have a room yet, and you find that’s the case, there are plenty of options right down the street.

And that packed house – 2 packed show hotels – should tell you how busy the Tunica Show could be. You should be there too.

Bring your umbrella and a light jacket. Rain or shine, the show will go on!


Photo credit, OMHA.

Last. Hopefully, for You, not Lea$t!

My presentation will also be on Engaging the Media.  My professional experiences in this regard are simple, and I think you find, exciting. They are a dream come true for those of you who wished for ways to engage the media successfully yourself.


Tony has obtained free pr dozens of times for clients in publications such as the Chicago Sun Times News Group, and Moxie Magazine, – postive ink for manufactured home professionals in states from border to border.

Let’s step back and set the stage.

Why does a healthy media engagement strategy matter? Because public opinion – home buyers viewpoints – must be changed to draw in more cash and good credit buyers.

If media engagement causes more to embrace the amazing value of manufactured housing, then public officials and home buyers opinions will follow.

We earn our keep doing consulting, marketing, sales recruiting and training. I’ve been hands on in MH and MHCs since the early 1980s. And when you get positive local and regional media coverage in YOUR area, and you’ve prepared for that, you can watch your sales soar.

Because while we always have to keep in mind the entry level, shade and shelter products that brought manufactured housing to the dance, by far our greatest potential is in the residential style side of our industry.

When you sell six figure HUDs on a land lease that’s $300 a month higher than any community around yours – and they’re selling cheaper stuff – you know your sales team are ‘studs and skirts’ who’ve had positive free Media and paid marketing that’s supported them well (pardon the un-PC sales pro analogy – but you get it – people who perform professionally for your firm).

Come see why the Fath Family isn’t alone.

With patience, preparation, the right products, systems, etc…You’ll Learn to attract and sell more well qualified customers than you may have ever dreamed possible.

Reality. Not fantasy. Done it, not just some theory. From TX, to IL, WI to OK and more places from border to border, our experiences can inspire and benefit you and your operation.

Let the witnesses in this video tell you that tale, in their own words.

Part of the proof of our media strategy is right in front of you. We’ve dominated the MH trade publishing since our first year in business. Why?

Because when you know the audience, and you know your stuff – and you have the motivation – you can learn the systems that attract and sell them!

TunicaManufacturedHousingShow2017ExhbitHallMapManufacturedHomeIndustryMHProNews,, Inside MH,,, you’ll find us in the Exhibit Hall, booth #73. See shaded booth above.

But Tuesday afternoon, those three Business Building Seminars could start the process of changing your professional life, for good.

We’ll also be at booth #73 please come by and say hi. B2B or B2C. If you need marketing, media, sales recruitment, training, web, video – you’ll be glad you’ve stopped by.

My truly better half and son will be at booth #73 too! I’m just glad they let me come to the big Tunica Show too. Rain and/or shine, see you next week? ##


Tony is one of the top presenters in manufactured housing, per professional audience feedback forms. For more testimonials, click the image above.

(Image credits are, unless otherwise shown.)

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. Come by and see us at Exhibit Hall booth #73.

Manufactured, Modular and PreFab Housing Industry News Never Sleeps

December 11th, 2016 No comments

It’s lunchtime somewhere on planet Earth. As reports we’ve done for years – and added more to this past week – there are international stories about factory-built housing.


Global professional and investor audience, but some 97% (+/-) are in the U.S. and Canada. Map credit, MailChimp.


R. C. Williams, Daily Business News on

Those business-focused stories – most by our hot, new writer – R.C. Williams – may intersect with U.S. or Canadian businesses that:

  • operate MH Communities (look for two new reports on Monday 12-12-2016),
  • build manufactured, modular and PreFab homes,
  • Investors looking to place money in U.S. or Canadian projects,

among numerous other possibilities.

Almost every website is 24-7-365 (we have over 99.5% up-rate). But in the factory built housing world, no one has or does produce more industry related news than MHProNews. No one.

We provide more because we made the decision years ago to provide multiple Daily Business News reports.

Look for a report tomorrow (12-12-2016) morning about a growing trend that – one that should remind us all about what’s taking place in cities and towns coast-to-coast.


Insights, quotes from MH and other national leaders, and commentary you won’t find in any one place, anywhere in the U.S. Graphic by MHProNews.

Last thought for tonight, please look at our latest outreach to the mainstream media. Your thoughts are welcome. ##

(Image credits are as shown.)


Publisher and MH industry consultant, L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.