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S 2155, Manufactured Housing,“Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act” Back Story

May 22nd, 2018 No comments


S. 2155 is poised to pass the House today.  It’s styled “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act.”


Should the bill pass – and Skopos Labs/GovTrack say there is a 56 percent chance of enactment – then the following is what you can expect from the Arlington, VA based national manufactured housing association and their surrogates.

Based upon her promises, this bill would not have been signed by Hillary Clinton. So MHI – which put two pro-Clinton speakers on their Chicago stage days before the 2016 election – has no room to crow. Rather, they should be grateful to those in the industry who promoted a president who would sign such a measure.

There is a 100 percent chance of celebration and back slapping by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).  I don’t blame them, it’s natural.

But there’s a back story.  MHI don’t want the focus to be on the back story.

Indeed, as a matter of record, repeal of the onerous MLO rule is one MHProNews has supported for years.

In spite of what some consumer groups claim, the MLO repeal provision only levels the playing field for manufactured home retailers and communities. It allows them to do what real estate agents can already do. We supported both legs of the original bill, so logically, we supported each one too.


Whatever happens on this bill, there is going to be overhang from progressives, unless the case – especially for manufactured housing – is properly made as to why this bill was positive for consumers and industry alike.


“Tony, What’s the Beef?”

We’ve had some pros – skimmers, not readers – who’ve asked why we don’t support the bill. We have supported the measure, and did for years.

Our “beef” – as one writer put it – has been that MHI spiked this MLO-only deal years ago.

If the MLO rule is OK now, why wasn’t it OK then?

Mark my words.  MHI wanted to do this, because they and their puppet masters were desperate to be able to claim a victory on anything of substance.

Mark my words. MHI and their puppet masters are feeling the heat.

MSM = Mainstream Media

Once more, the mainstream media (MSM) has numerous reports and commentaries coming out just before the House vote.  They are slamming the measure, slamming Clayton Homes, and Berkshire Hathaway’s MHI association mouthpiece.

Part of the point is that even when they ‘succeed:’

  • the manufactured housing industry must remember this could have been done years ago, as the Daily Business News exclusively reported.
  • Clayton and their Berkshire lending brands were winning either way. They benefited if S 2155 and/or Preserving Access passed or not. This is a nuanced but critical point to understand, long after 2155 is forgotten. An MHI insider first told me about that insight, and then another did. It was MHI types that explained that the big companies benefit regardless if MHI backed bills pass, or not.  Burn that one into your mind, it frankly took me time to get it. But once that sank in, it became an eye-popping insight.


Look at this MHI Pattern


Lesli Gooch, blast from her past…

MHI’s EVP Lesli Gooch proudly told the Washington Post they did not weigh in on the removal of Pam Danner.

Recall, that MHI was on the wrong side of the DOE energy rule, until pressure from this publication, MHARR, the SBA and others made them switch course.

We could go on and on like the above. But the bottom line is simple, and tragic.

Independents who are paying dues to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) are arguably paying to feed the hand that bites and fails them.

There are reasons why state associations and others have dropped their MHI membership.


Pulling the Head Out…


Some don’t want to hear what they might consider to be ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ news. Reality is.  Hiding a head in the sand has never solved a problem. Image Credit WikiCommons, Dilbert.

There are some MHI loyalists who think we’re just sore because MHI gave us the boot. Hardly, that’s reversed.  MHI gave us the boot because they didn’t know how to deal with all the myriad of revelations we were publishing about their ‘alleged’ favoritism, failures, and flaws.

All of that has cost the industry, IMHO, billions of dollars a year in new home sales.  That in turn has cost manufactured home owners, billions of dollars in higher resale values.

It is time for more in the industry to dig deeply.

It is time to pull the head out of the sand, and look.

As a closing thought, please note that not everything about MHI, not everything about Berkshire Hathaway draws our concerns. We strive to be objective.

The best example is from Monday.  Please check that article out.  We give credit where it is due, period. We are evidence, reason, and fact-based. We are pro-industry.  We’re not against big-business.  We are against big business that behaves in monopolistic, crony capitalists, or otherwise behave in unethical ways.

See the first take on MHARR’s related report, linked above.  Enough said for today. ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images, and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

UPDATE 6:27 PM ET.  As expected the bill has passed. Let’s see how the prediction above plays out.  Details of the passage are found at the link below.

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diffERent iS gOOd

January 15th, 2014 No comments

Perhaps it's our marketing side of the brain, but we love slogans and tag lines! Arby's slogan from some years back – "Different is Good" – comes to mind on issues touching manufactured housing. We'll do a rapid-fire look at a number of MHIndustry examples of how diffERent iS gOOd.

ROC vs. ROC vs. Investor

For those who thought there is only one resident owned community – ROC – conversion option for our industry, guess again. This month Deane Sargent sounded off on the subject, here is their take on No BS about ROCs, with Paul Bradley providing his five fingered reply, here. This is friendly, “Dueling Columns.”

Of course, investor buy-sells still dominate the land-lease community space. If you are the owner/operator of one or more of the estimated 50,000 MHCs in the nation, it pays to know your options! Please read both articles above.

Once more, "We Provide, You Decide."  Ⓒ 

And if you're coming to Louisville, make sure you check out the ever-popular community lending panel on day two, moderated by Dick Ernstlaptop_man_by_EdYourdon_Flickr_creative_commons_posted_MHMSM.com_MHProNews-286x430.png of

Regulatory Relief and Financing Revival Tool?

Looking for an alternative tool to give us what the MHIA of 2000 promised – but has not yet delivered – or what HERA 2008 promised (the so-called Duty to Serve or DTS) manufactured housing, but FHFA took away?

Then consider what thousands have found to be a compelling concept in our special report on, Writ of Mandamus.

Mandamus has catapulted up in our readership, quickly catching the MHI LO Comp rule featured article that had a head start.

We heard from an attorney who told us off-the-record that he has used the Writ of Mandamus process successfully a number of times.

We aren't saying it's a silver bullet. Nor should it replace the legislative efforts! What we suggest is that it is a different option and deserves to be explored, as sadly the witching hour of yet another impact on industry lending is now upon us. "We Provide, You Decide."  Ⓒ 

Ferocious Financing

Do you get a kick out of alliteration? As with tag lines, its a weak spot – we enjoy it – on this end.

Some exaggerate and say there is “no lending,” but they are right to say there is even less now that Dodd-Frank regs have kicked in.

While it is true that the CFPB regulations will force a tightening of lending that will hurt millions of manufactured home owners and thousands of businesses, there is still third party lending available. Yes, even in this ferociously challenging "man caused disaster" environment.

If you haven't already read this report on Dodd-Frank, you may be one of the last in the industry, we've had tens of thousands of hits on that article! It has also had a number of updates since first published, so even if you've seen it, please check the added updates at the end of the article linked above. Use it in your own efforts to inform Congress, the media or others who need to know.

Here is a related recent post on how the CFPB's Richard Cordray is Missing the Mark.


That said, in fact, new players continue to emerge in the MH Lending space.

Stay tuned, as we expect to have news for you in the days ahead.

For now we will only say that your scribe has personally talked to two new-to-the-industry MH lenders, and there are others we know about or are researching entry into the manufactured housing market.

To check out almost all of the Dodd-Frankenstein/unSAFE/CFPB approved lending accessible today, be at the Louisville Show in the KEC's seminar room at 10 AM sharp!


To orient you so you can find the Seminar Room at the KEC, the photo and map below should help.

The North Wing of the KEC entrance looks like this:


If you are looking at (facing) the registrations desk (see map below), the seminar room will be to your right.


I'm told there will be signs and carpet that will 'lead you' to the seminar room as well. Keep a close eye, because a normal sized sign in that huge lobby at the KEC is not always easy to spot!


Market Smarter, Sell More Homes

We may not like it, but what is certain is that our industry is being to change.

IMHO, the biggest losers – those harmed the most by the CFPB's policies – are current manufactured home owners with low balance loans or low cost homes they may want to sell or refinance someday soon.

Next, will be the potential buyers and all of the industry's street retailers, communities, builders, lenders and other suppliers who will also have their businesses hit by the regulatory impact.

If new manufactured home sales drop, associations will also be hit.

Blessing in disguise? Given the troubling new regs, how can this be a blessing in disguise?

It could be if thousands of industry professionals now feel COMPELLED to reach UP for the more credit qualified home buyers. The entry level market needs to be served, but the feds are making that tougher all the time, so we need to strive to serve ALL of the mainstream housing shoppers too.

The upper end of the market dwarfs the potential for the entry level market.

Professionals of all types will have to embrace ways to change the image of our product to attract and then sell those buyers.

We've pushed – and will continue to push – for HR 1779 and S 1828 passage. We will continue to support efforts to make the GSE's legally mandated Duty to Serve manufactured housing and non-implemented parts of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA 2000) a reality.

But we also looked ahead to this day. We've been preparing – for months and years – for this day. It's a key reason why we launched You can positively change the image of our homes in YOUR market and for YOUR Business, by taking some common sense steps!


We've developed with MH Retailers and Communities a marketing and sales approach that can successfully engage today's home buyers who might be thinking about a conventional home, condo or other housing option, when they ought to buy a new manufactured or modular home!

To get an overview of the tools and systems that can make you MORE money in 2014 – yes even with lending restricted – join our panel seminar at the Louisville Show – at Wed 11:10 AM – 12 noon. On Modern Marketing that sells more homes and fills more vacant home sites! 


Don't take my word for it that our process makes sense and has bottom line value. Please see the many endorsements found at this link. I will also bring a special guest with me, who has also been preparing for this date. We will share the stage for a few minutes, hopefully to the insight of all involved.

we-can't-solve-problems-using-the-same-kind-of-thinking-we-used-when-we-create ... 3-all-rights-reserved-by-lifestyle-factory-homes-llc-posted-mhpronews-com-.jpg

AT the Louisville Show, in about an hour, we will cover free, low cost and good ROI ways of growing your business via sound marketing and sales practices that work today. Please don't miss it. We will immediately follow the home finance panel seminar, also in the Seminar Room, see map above.

Also, don't forget the CRM panel presentation at 9:30 on the same date.

FYI our booth at the show will be #115, right by the main entrance into the show floor. Please ask our little guy – Tamas Kovach (pronounced Tah Mash Co-Vatch like a Watch), “The Youngest Exhibitor!” – for his free business-building handout. Its part of his education, please make it a fun part for him, with my personal thanks.

Some say that the genius, Albert Einstein, was the one who coined the phrase, that the popular definition of insanity is for people to do the same things the same way and expect a different result.

Charles Kettering's quotable quote below is similar.

Let me close this column with a simple observation and call to action. Charles Kettering's quote above is only partially right. There are some things that are timeless! Good manners, integrity and good customer service are among the points that immediately jump to mind.

But Kettering is correct in suggesting that times change and we have to adapt with the changing times. I've heard that the U.S.A. only has one buggy whip manufacturer left today, and there were over 100 when 1900 rolled around.

Your phone, TV, fax, computer…they've all changed. We must adapt too.

Working together, we can go farther and faster. The call to action is simple. Come to the 2014 Louisville Show! Talk to the movers and shakers – dozens of them will be there.

Talk to the CEOs and executives at Louisville. Hundreds of them will be there.

Invest in your future. Scientia potestas est. Knowledge is potential power! Learn more to earn more at the 2014 Louisville Show. Over 2400 industry pros will be there, how about you?

See and learn how something diffERent is gOOd. ##

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First Down!

February 4th, 2012 No comments
It is Super Bowl weekend, and so it is easy to think in terms of football analogies. In this past week, we had a vivid reminder of how important it is to get a “first down” in our lobbying efforts that yield a fresh set of 4 more downs to advance the ball so we can get more points on the board for our Industry. I'm talking about the latest Congressional hearings focused on Manufactured Housing. Thanks to the ongoing ground work by state associations, MHI and MHARR, there is steady progress being made in getting bi-partisan support for efforts to provide regulatory relief for our industry.
It is good to see the enhanced level of cooperation between the two national manufactured housing trade bodies, and while still imperfect, the good efforts on both sides deserves mention and encouragement by all of us.
The testimony and legislative efforts underway can only help our Industry. In these often difficult times, it is important to give that public pat on the back to all those involved who make such advances possible. You can stay informed of such matters with our Daily Business News briefs, but it is equally important to stay in touch via your state's association. They need your time, talent and treasure to do what is needed for your business and others.
When I look at a news article such as this recent effort in CA, that would require manufactured housing communities who want to sell to pay market rates for every home in the community, we have to realize that there is on way to understate the need for associations and their 'protect and promote' efforts.
To me, the 'competition' facing us in our Industry is more those outside of our ranks than between our ranks. Learning to keep our own businesses advancing while working with others through associations to protect and promote our mutual causes is just common sense.
Growing your Business Through Events

I've been given word that more business building seminars are planned for the Great Southwest Home Show coming up soon in Tulsa, OK. The idea is to something similar to what happened in Louisville that attracted and made hundreds of attendees their smile and walk away armed with information that can grow their business and profits.
Events take time and money on the part of everyone who participates. There is no question that 'free' attendance by a retailer, community, installer or developer at a show such as the Great Southwest Home Show (GSWHS) in Tulsa has a cost in time, meals, etc. But that investment of time and a little travel money can be more than recouped from the first additional sale that is made from what you can learn at the event! One man called me to say that the seminars at the Louisville Show made it “…the best show I've attended in my forty years in the business.” Wow! Now that's a powerful testimony. Not everyone has been in the Industry for 40 years, but many made similar calls, emails or sent a text to that similar effect.
The same can happen for you and others who attend the Great Southwest Home Show in Tulsa. We plan to be there, and we will provide you with updates on the specifics for the speakers and business building workshops that will be available. Never forget that the products and services you find at a trade show or event can also make you or save you money. The mixers and networking at such events can also yield an idea or insight that is worth many many times the cost of time and travel.
New Lending/Finance Opportunities

For those seeking new financing options or opportunities, I have advanced word that you will be able to learn about plans, programs and even companies that will be rolled out or that you may not have used or worked with previously that will be available in Tulsa's indoor Quik-Trip Center during the GSWHS.
Staying plugged into news, tips and views you can use here and by supporting associations and events, you can advance your own business and professional cause in 2012. The more you know, the more you can move the ball down the field, ppick up those first downs and score more. We will be in Tulsa for the Show, and we hope to see you there too. Please stop by our booth or come to a free, live business building workshop and say hi. # #


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