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Manufactured Housing Institute’s Three Stooges? SECO ‘Leaders’ George F. Allen, Spencer Roane, Tom Lackey and ‘Rent to Own’ Scams?

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Tony…as I think you know, it’s ALWAYS been my position that lease option and rent to own are illegal if they are a “workaround” for chattel financing, which is what most such schemes are…” – MH Industry attorney, not an association exec, in off-the-record comment about his legal perspective about the issue that follows.


George F. (F?) Allen has protested the use of the quote above to MHProNews from a non-association industry attorney who wanted to remain anonymous.

Perhaps Allen doesn’t honor off-the-record, but we do.  Beyond honoring the pledge of protecting a source, is an attorney’s name even necessary? Arguably, not when the New York State Attorney General has successfully sued and forced about 100 manufactured home communities and their owners to settle their own rent-to-own cases.

That’s a nettlesome fact for Allen and company, see the NY AG press release to MHProNews, linked here.



The issues are many, but let’s simplify some of them to these bullets.


  • Allen, Roane, and Lackey are all ‘leaders’ in SECO – the Southeastern Community Owners Symposium.
  • All three of the above fellows have drawn negative mainstream media attention for the use, or defense of the use, of ‘rent to own,’ ‘lease purchase options,’ ‘contract for title,’ or other forms of arguably “disguised credit transactions.”
  • Allen, Roane, and Lackey have all personally earned money from ‘rent to own’ (RTO), ‘contract for title,’ ‘lease purchase options’ (LPO) – or whatever you went to call the modern version of a Lonnie Deal (see download, linked here).  What might have been lawful prior to the Safe Act, and the advent of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), is now deemed in the eyes of legal authorities as a “disguised credit transaction.” They are routinely seen as a form of predatory lending, and have reportedly harmed numerous consumers who trusted Lackey, and others.
  • You don’t have to look beyond the NY AG Case against for proof, do you? If larger manufactured home community (MHC) operations could not make this work in a legitimate fashion, per the NY AG, are industry independents really going to believe that Allen, Roane, Lackey and SECO know some trick that the large portfolio operators attorneys didn’t discover?
  • Perhaps to protect their own revenue stream and reputations, Allen and Roane defended and/or refused to condemn Lackey.
  • And over the course of several years, hundreds of manufactured home community owners have trusted Allen’s and Roane’s respective Schticks. How many ticking time bombs await?
  • Can you imagine the glee a consolidator might feel, if hundreds of more communities hit the market at a depressed price, due to bad advice taught at SECO and/or by Allen?
  • Allen likes to do magic tricks to entertain his audience. Let’s see what rabbit Allen tries to pull out of a hat to distract his readers and students from the cold hard facts that the NY AGs cases exemplified.
  • But the risks to consumers and independent manufactured home professionals arguably doesn’t stop with problematic RTO or LPO contracts for title. Because they have sponsors and often ‘big name’ supporters. Among them? Joe Stegmayer, who stepped down from Cavco leadership under a SECO Investigation cloud, but who has stayed on as MHI Chairman. Beautiful.
  • Stegmayer graced Allen’s ‘roundtable’ stage, giving each other some measures of ‘respectability.’
  • Fleetwood, a division of Cavco, has given SECO support too. So has MHVillage, and others. Will they demand indemnification for the so-called education that has been taught?
  • But has anyone asked what the liability and exposure are for those who sponsor so-called education that is flawed and risky at best, or illegal at worst?
  • What will that costly MHM certificate Allen sells mean to outsiders, if Allen, Roane, and Lackey end up in more media and/or legal hot water?


Ironically, it is Allen who volunteered or was deputized by MHI supporters to call for a boycott of this publication. That can be antitrust trigger. How ironically hypocritical.  See evidence of that and more at the download, linked here.

Besides years of arguable jealousy by Allen over our many-times-larger professional audience, is the fact that MHProNews has previously warned industry communities and retailers about the potential risks from using disguised credit transactions in today’s legal and regulatory environment.  Not to be overlooked are ties with MHI…



MHI Ties?

Where is MHI on this? A check of their website would suggest, silent. Rather akin to their silence on other issues – like the slow monopolization of the industry – that might be useful or importance?


Allen, Roane, and Lackey can be viewed as the part time critics, and de facto part time supporters of MHI and their ‘big boy’ backers. Don’t ask for consistency from Allen, because you won’t likely find it, save in his arguably hypocritical inconsistency.

But the warning to industry pros is once more given. Allen, Roane, Lackey, and SECO are the typical stew of seemingly useful, but also problematic education. MH Industry

Professionals, hungry for educational opportunities, turns to them in desperation, and they find smiling carnival barkers.

State AG Files Suit Against, Manufactured Home Community, Rent to Own, Lease Purchase Option Warning

A entertaining and feel good blathering isn’t the same as genuine, legally sound, knowledge.

Just read the list of questions, linked here, put to George F. (F?) Allen and his cronies, and Allen’s non-answers.


Caveat emptor. Let the buyer of such education beware. But sponsors, beware too. Because some legal authorities tell us that sponsors of legally risky education may have liability too.

In closing this column, let’s state the obvious. We are not the New York Times or Fox News. We do business development and other expert services to manufactured housing, not just publishing.

Our form of trade journalism is different than what mainstream journalists do.

But no serious person in our industry has disputed the facts, documents, evidence, and concerns we’ve raised. Allen, despite his roar and bluster, was given the chance to disprove a single claim. He hurled invectives instead. Again, the give and take are linked here, and included several individuals in BCCs on both sides.

One catches flak only when over the target. One of numerous examples is the target below.   The axis hates it, because its’ their own words, how do they argue against their own words? Allen and company have the same problem.


Bridging Gap$, Affordable Housing Solution Yields Higher Pay, More Wealth, But Corrupt, Rigged Billionaire’s Moat is Barrier


Be it the three stooges, or the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis, their allies and surrogates, our catching flak is a badge of honor, given the sources.

From the smallest to the biggest firms in our industry logon daily to MHProNews by the thousands. They find the content relevant and useful. As an MHI member executive said in the quote below, what we may have periodic typos, but we make a logical case.




That’s what vexes the Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington axis. And it is nettlesome to the three stooges whose purportedly ‘educational’ efforts more closely resembles scams. Sad. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, and analysis.)

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Reading the Tea Leaves of Manufactured Housing News – Out of the ashes, Phoenix Rising revisited

June 10th, 2011 No comments

I just reviewed a housing news item for our Daily Business News blog.  In the next decade, we need 16 million new housing units in the U.S.  So, even though we are in the midst of this great foreclosure and housing finance debacle, we are on the brink of a boom driven by what every truly sound economist wants…

…necessity!  Market forces!

There are indeed a lot of seemingly complex signs, so ‘reading the tea leaves’ of manufactured housing news may seem to be a daunting task.

In fact, with a little time and perspective, things can come into sharper focus.

There has been and will be a shakedown and shake out.  Some will survive, and then thrive, as many industry pros predict in the Manufactured Housing Revolution.

There will be more consolidations.   It may be like Cavco – Fleetwood – Palm Harbor, or it may look like ELS and Hometown America, etc.

We see Dodd-Frank as a dagger in the heart of below $78,000.  BTW, I’m told that number is being double-checked by members of the MH Lending Dodd-Frank task force.  That said, based on my understanding of the formula for arriving at the number $78,000, that number is likely to stand.  You can see that covered in my two last Masthead blog posts. If you missed it, click here for the last one, which links to the prior on this topic.

We see interest and motivation for a national image campaign.

Many – including this writer – believe it should have national coverage and some common elements, but that such a PR/marketing campaign should have localized (state, regional) market focus.  All business is done locally!  The homes sold in Texas are not those sold in the Pacific Northwest, or like those in FL or Chicagoland, etc.

We see interest in aligning.

This industry today is a puzzle with a lot of moving pieces.  It is no longer a simple picture.  But that doesn’t mean there are no profits to be made.  There are.  Some are making them.  Some are selling out.  Some are closing or winding down.  Where will you be in this mix?

What will you say to yourself in 5 or 10 years?  Your plans and actions now will determine that answer.

Over a year ago, you may have read – Out of the ashes, Phoenix rising. That is how things happen in the market place.  Death is followed by a kind of new resurrection.  A flame-charred forest is followed by new growth.  The horse and buggy business essentially died. But the automobile business is still with us today.  How phones looked a century ago is radically different than the hand-held Smart Phones of today.

No other form of permanent housing can hit the range of manufactured housing.

As the Harvard study brief in our factory built housing Daily Business News stated, there is a lot of latent housing demand.  But there are a lot of builders gone for good.

So those who remain, those left standing – they will reap the benefits of what is to come.

Marty Lavin and Al Cole have shared some key points.  Marty is right, we need a change in our business model; the old one is broken.  Al Cole is right.  We have to ‘partner’ with lenders.  We have to team up with our home owners, too.

You and I need good information now more than ever.  You can find that here daily, with Erin Patla’s News at Noon podcasts of Matthew Silver’s Daily Industry Business News.  With our editor Catherine Frenzel rounding out our news team, they bring you what no one else online serving manufactured, modular and pre-fab home building does.

Our new website look and navigation is coming, to make it easier to keep you informed.

A new day is dawning, just as sure as the darkest of nights is followed by the day.

But are you and your associates going to be a part of it?

Will you rise – Phoenix-like – out of the ashes of what has burned and died?

Will you engage with your association(s) in the political action needed to navigate these difficult times?

Will you market, sell and manage your way to business success?

Some are working with government, as Spencer Roane and David Roden are doing with FEMA and their state emergency management organization (GEMA).

Some are working at their own captive finance programs,  or are partnering with lenders.

Where there is vision, will and planning, followed by sound execution, there is a way.

Stay Informed.  Stay focused.  Stay inspired. If you need help, line your solutions up.

Heads in the sand have never worked in any Industry.  Those who prepare, plan and adapt are going to be the winners tomorrow.  Those who do not plan, prepare and execute look back, and say, what happened?

Times change.  Technology changes.  But solid values, honest work, business wisdom…

….those are timeless.

What will you do?  What say you? # #

FEMA, Leadership, the Media and Manufactured Housing News

May 14th, 2011 7 comments

We continue to track – and encourage! – a developing news story in the South. Two Manufactured Home Community (MHC) owners, David Roden and Spencer Roane are devoting considerable time and effort in reaching out to federal and state emergency management officials. Their basic message? FEMA, GEMA or others can use vacant MHC home sites and modern energy-efficient Community Series Homes (CSH) far more efficiently than rental housing, while avoiding the errors learned in Katrina’s aftermath.

Their efforts are attracting attention.

Sources suggest to that MHI, MHARR and some state association leaders are in various stages of supporting this initiative.

With hundreds dead and thousands homeless, the tragedies caused by the recent tornadoes are a stark reminder that manufactured homes are not the problem. They are in fact a key part of the solution to natural disasters.

Videos and still photos of leveled neighborhoods in the South bear stark witness to the fact that tornadoes can devastate any structure. This is a message that the media, public officials and politicians need to accept and share.


Video of Tornado Hacks through Hackleburg at this link:

These images linked above tell us that tornadoes show no partiality or mercy to any type of construction.

Leadership is important in every field of human endeavor. Leading by example is the ideal in action! We commend and support all those involved in leading the charge to make manufactured homes part of the solution for these storm victims.

The plan as outlined would cost government agencies less than rental housing, far less per person than Katrina, and create an immediate exit strategy for FEMA or others as land-lease community owners can buy the homes at a pre-agreed price once the crisis has passed.

Please check out these links to the latest news stories on this effort to use manufactured homes as the logical solution:

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Bringing you all the news in our industry that’s fit to print in a balanced fashion, we thank you for stopping in. Thanks for passing our links and twice-weekly emailed MHNewsline updates on to a friend or to that person whom you want to become more professional and successful. ;-) We are growing because of readers like you. # #

A Thanksgiving Cornucopia of New Articles

November 16th, 2010 No comments

If you are a returning reader, or a first-time visitor, welcome! The most top writers, the most Industry news, the most readers…

Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Our nation’s mid-term elections shook up expectations and the status quo – pleasing to some but not to everyone’s liking… still we are thankful for a political system where representatives are voted in, not dictated or the result of a coup. Will you actively support or engage your elected officials on behalf of the Manufactured Housing Industry?
  • Our economy is struggling to emerge from a lingering recession that has affected every aspect of business and family life… but we are thankful for the spirit of creativity and inventiveness that act as leaven to promote success everywhere there is passion, vision and dedication. Will you do whatever is necessary to stay the course?
  • Our Industry is mired in issues of finance, regulation, enforcement, image and much more… but we are thankful for the diversity of experiences and opinions, identification of problems and solutions, seeking to create better ways of working together so that “everyone wins” and folks have the homes they so well deserve. Will you do your part and make your voice heard?
  • We are thankful to be looking forward to the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Jan 12-14, 2011, for the renaissance it represents for manufacturers, service providers, retailers and Industry professionals across the board. Will you be there?
  • We are thankful for our esteemed and ever-growing number of Industry Professionals who contribute these Feature Articles, for sharing their experience and expertise to help YOU grow your business and reap the profits you deserve. Will you take time to read – “Read. Listen. Learn. Earn.” – comment and join the Revolution?

Looking for a Holiday gift for your team or employees that will put money into your pockets? SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2010:

“I got the best gift …a copy of The Manufactured Housing Revolution – a new book that was edited by L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.” SF

Top Factory-Built Housing Industry Professionals give you the tips and steps to take your business to the next level now and in the New Year!

  The Manufactured Housing Revolution!

Cornucopia of November ArticlesOnce again, we bring you “All the Best:” Top-Talent professionals from A for Allen to Z for Ziglar! And we introduce three new contributors: Dennis Hill at Showways Unlimited; Spencer Roane, community owner and member of the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA) board of directors, and Joanne Stevens, a respected licensed real estate broker in the State of Iowa. Let’s get started with your big new articles line up…

Featured Articles
and Reports for Vol. 2 No. 2, 2010

George F. Allen – MH Commentary
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Michael F.B. Barnabas – MHIndustry Solutions
Real Change for Manufactured Housing Results, Part 2

Rachael Biermann – Marketing
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Chad Carr – Internet Marketing and Sales
Unlocking the Secrets of the Internet – Part Two: How to Recapture Missing Prospects

Tim Connor – Management
Corporate Discipline – A Thing of the Past?

Tim Connor – Sales
Why Prospects Challenge Price

Suzanne Felber – Trend Tracking
LifeStyling: How to Take Your Model Homes from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Nadeen Green – Legal, Fair Housing
‘Tis beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Dennis Hill – MH Show 2011
Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Story

Chrissy Jackson – Land Lease Community Management
Upgrading Your Community – Part VII: Take the Upgrade Process Inside

L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – MH Industry Reporting
Manufactured Housing Trade Media, Researchers and Industry Health

L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach – MH Industry Reporting
An Industry without Allen?

Greg McClanahan – Soft Skills and Personal Development
A Thanks Giving Meal

Eric Miller – MH Industry Survey 2011
Survey to Reveal New Trends for the MH Industry

Shawn Mullins – DOE Builder Challenge Program
Are You Game for the “Challenge”?

George Porter – Siting Homes in MH Communities
First You’ve Got to understand the Problem

Kenneth Rishel – MH Industry Finance Commentary
Red Flag Compliance

Spencer Roane – LLCommunity Financing and SAFE Act compliance
Community Owners, Lease-Option Financing and the SAFE Act

Joanne Stevens – MH Real Estate
Housing Trend of the Month

Bob Stovall – Online Marketing
Making Websites More Effective

John Underwood – Sales
First Impressions

Don Westphal – MH Community Planning
Community Upgrades: Part II

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration
Zig On…Using Your Time

Zig Ziglar – Motivation & Inspiration
Zig On…Saying Thank You

As a periodic reminder, please check our Legal and editorial policy.

Happy Thanksgiving!From all of us at to you:

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Catherine Frenzel, Associate Editor for Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management online trade media (ezine). or

Getting Results for Manufactured Housing

September 4th, 2010 5 comments

Odds are, you want more favorable media for manufactured housing. Chances are good you want to learn how to grow and expand your business through favorable marketing, selling more homes and/or positive change management or maybe you want access to financing. Perhaps you are looking for a new manufacturer or supplier.

These are some of the business-building elements found in this three-part blog post!

Part I.

Let’s start with the latest on the International Networking Roundtable (INR), which is coming up fast (September 15-17, 2010)…

Joe Adams, Dick Ernst, Dr David Funk, Thayer Long, Ken Rishel, Randy Rowe, INR+ 12… in short: Marketing Magic, Media and Manufactured Housing!

Paul Bradley, Evelyn Bryant, L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, Susan McCarty, Jeff Mishkin, Fred Rice, Spencer Roane, Don Westphal. These are just some of the names who will inform, inspire and help guide you to better marketing, financing, deal making and more.

I’ve had the privilege of previewing Joe Adam’s upcoming presentation on Marketing for the International Networking Roundtable (INR) to be held in Phoenix Sept 15-17th at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. Let me just say, you’ll want to BE THERE! If you love his feature articles here, you will enjoy hearing the great material delivered live by Joe Adams! I will be there and I hope to see you IN PERSON at this session and others.

In fact, there is plenty of star power bringing you great information at the 19th Annual INR. If you are interested in growing your business, all who are attending this seminal event say it is a great place to be for networking and learning what’s hot and what’s not; on-site deal making, financing opportunities, model homes on display and much more are all here. From the Gala Reception, show homes on display, to the prayer meeting for Our Nation and Leaders and more!

You can check with George Allen at 877-MFD-HSNG (877-633-4764) or 317-346-7156 for a brochure, actual order of appearance of the speakers and topics and related details. George tells me the list below is the latest update – in alphabetical order by last name, with their respective topics:

1. Keynote: ‘Effective Marketing in Tough Times!’ – Joe Adams, The Housing Market Place, Inc.

2. Panel: Open Forum Discussion of MHIndustry Issues & LLCommunity Concerns – George Allen, Moderator

3. Shared Equity, Reality or Fad? – Paul Bradley, ROC-USA

4. Keynote: ‘S.A.F.E. Act &You! UNSAFE or OK?’ – Dick Ernst, FINMARK

5. Keynote: ‘Loss Control in Era of Rentals & Contract Sales’ – Evelyn Bryant

6. Keynote: ‘MH Demographics & You!’ – Dr. David Funk, Cornell University Program in Real Estate

7. How to Get 150 Sales Calls a Week On-Site! – L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management, or (Since I know the speaker, there is MORE on this topic below.)

8. National Communities Council Update – Thayer Long, MHI

9. Registration & Special Gifts – Susan McCarty,

10. Landlease Community Investors’ Forum – Jeff Mishkin, Marcus & Millichap

11. Utility Sub-Metering in 2010 & Beyond – Fred Rice, Spectrum Utilities Solutions

12. Is ‘Captive Finance’ For You? – Ken Rishel, Precision Capital Funding

13. Symposiums, Spinoffs & More… – Spencer Roane, Pentagon Properties, Inc.

14. Keynote: ‘State of the Manufactured Housing Industry’ – Randy Rowe, Green Courte Partners

15. Community Series Homes, One Year Later – Don Westphal, Donald C. Westphal Assoc.

16. Panel: Home Manufacturers & Business Development Managers!

17. NSAC Update: Why You Should Support the RV/MH Heritage Foundation!

18. Panel: Real Estate Lenders!

19. Wells Fargo, Manage America & Origen LLC will be among the other firms represented.

20. Welcome Reception, Introductions, Informal Prayer Meeting for Nation and Leaders, Breakfasts, Lunches, Toasts, Visit Home Shows, the Gala Reception and more!

21. Wrap-up Session & Open Discussion Topics for Next Year?

I had planned to attend this event even prior to my being invited to speak on Marketing Magic, Industry Image Makeovers and share a reflection at the Informal Prayer Meeting.

Part II.

In my INR presentation, I am going to talk about how to generate 150 in-bound sales calls a week to your location.

Marketing. Every business, every Industry that wants to survive and grow needs good marketing. Marketing that doesn’t cost, marketing that pays.

Good, solid ROI (Return On Investment) Marketing.

A key part of what we do at is marketing. Yes, we have become the premier news source in the Factory-built housing Industry. Part of that was achieved through marketing, as well as having great content and, of course, the most news and feature articles found on any single site online.

I was asked by George Allen to give a presentation in Phoenix on Marketing, Media and Manufactured Housing. The title GFA suggested for the talk is How to Get 150 Calls a Week on Site!

  • Those 150 calls a week refer to inbound sales calls FROM CUSTOMERS LOOKING FOR YOU!
  • Those 150 calls a week refer to prospects in the market LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!
  • Those 150 calls a week could TRANSFORM any Manufactured Housing Land Lease Community location struggling with vacancies INTO A FULL LOCATION with a waiting list!
  • Those 150 calls inbound sales calls a week could be a modular or HUD Code Manufactured Housing RETAILER’S DREAM!
  • Those 150 calls are not theory. THEY ARE TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW, TODAY for one of our clients. Not in boom time, but during this low ebb of the Industry.

It has long been my belief that Manufactured Housing – or most any aspect of factory home building – should never suffer due to the general ups and downs of the economy. We should be – and can be – the preeminent form of housing. The first choice instead of the last choice.

If you are looking for marketing solutions, sales solutions, a turn-around for one or more community or retail locations, business expansions or other Industry related business challenges, please give me a call. If you are looking for good PR for your company, please call.

Why should you? Please check out my LinkedIn Profile, for some of the currently 29 recommendations among my 469 connections:

Just two words.


I should hasten to add, that all ‘results’ are a team effort. We are not alone. We work as a team, and that is how we would approach working with any firm or organization in the manufactured housing field. Team work that Gets Results. Specialists for many different needs. Solutions for your real world problems. Great ROI, good work doesn’t ‘cost;’ it pays.

Part III.

Getting Positive PR: Media Relations and Manufactured Housing

What do the Chicago Sun-Times, the Dallas Morning News, Nashville’s The Tennessean and about a dozen other publications from coast to coast have in common?

Answer: They have all featured news stories on their sites this year that have a favorable message for manufactured housing.

Answer: These favorable messages were all generated by staff, notably our INdustry in Focus Reporter Eric Miller – or myself.

Research Finds Manufactured Home Community Residents Under No Greater Threat of Crime

As you know, Manufactured Housing has all too often taken it on the chin from the mainstream media publications. Part of our goal at is to share favorable news about Manufactured Housing and related issues.

As a media outlet ourselves, we can influence media.

Over time, this can have a favorable benefit for you and your business.

Should you desire favorable PR or marketing for your organization, please give me a call:
847-730-3692 or cell 832-689-1729.

Should you want to see what others say, please go to my LinkedIn Profile

Where you can see 29 recommendations of my work.