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Let me start by inviting you to take a good look at this Industry Voices guest blog post by a seasoned West Coast MH Business owner, entitled, Will we catch the Tsunami?

If you haven’t read it yet, please do.

Yes, now, before proceeding.


Glad to have you back.  As you can see John provides us all with insightful food for thought.  He hits a theme near to one of our own.  Namely, that our market potential is far greater than the 50,000 +/- new home shipments that we have been experiencing in recent years.

It is great that we have 9 months of steady increases in HUD Code manufactured home shipments. It is great that Texas and MHI have teamed up with SNR Denton on going to the CFPB to lobby for modifications of Dodd-Frank and SAFE ala HR 3849, which still needs to be pushed too.

We have resources that need to be tapped that are underutilized that would make the tsunami that John speaks about real. Many of those will be part of the Texas Manufactured Housing Association’s (TMHA) upcoming meeting. I’ll talk about some of those opportunities in my presentation at the TMHA annual event.

But there is more needed and possible.

Remarketing needs to become a priority for our Industry. In a conversation with a mover-and-shaker, this topic came up. The gent I was speaking to agreed, and related some examples he knew first hand about the profits that arose from remarketing for those manufactured home companies who took part in remarketing.

Do you hear the word, profits?

Chattel – and even land/home – in our Industry will never reach its full potential until we have a workable remarketing mechanism for manufactured home owners and lenders. Sound remarketing would give us what conventional housing builders de-facto enjoy; ie: real estate brokerage. Without remarketing, as Warren Buffett Kevin Clayton and others have observed, we are handicapping ourselves, our customers, our lenders and all those who supply and support those groups.

Put remarketing in the mix of your association’s discussion/action items.

Get involved yourself in remarketing; you don’t have to wait for Congress or your state legislature to act.

Done correctly, remarketing is profitable and will boost new home sales over time.

If remarketing is ignored or goes un-advanced, we are limiting our potential big time. What will you do? Will you advocate and get in on the remarketing ground floor?

Here is the big hint that dovetails with the Boomer’s article by John. Millions of people would gladly pay less to own one of our quality homes! What they want to know is, what is my exit strategy when it comes time to sell? Put yourself in the prospects or home owner or lender’s shoes. Knowing you have a remarketing – an exit strategy – increases the value of the purchase. It makes the financing more secure. It is a no-brainer.

Do you see why remarketing is important? It answers a basic need that the market has been asking us for over the course of many years. Let me close on a bold claim. Our downturn since 1998 would not have been nearly so severe, and our secondary market and lending options would be far greater, if we had effective remarketing in place. Let’s not blow a grand opportunity for ourselves again.##


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