Threats, Intimidation, and Manufactured Housing

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Let’s allege the following. There are those who would prefer to control the manufactured housing industry’s narrative. Unlike MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, the plotters may not say it out loud, but if they could succeed at monopolizing the industry’s communications, then they “can actually control exactly what people think.”

The Voice of Intimidation?

Returning from our latest Inside MH Road Show trip, we were greeted by a threatening letter, delivered by FedEx. We’re holding that document – those named, plus other related items – for now.

Their saber rattling was spurious. But to know that, one would have to know all the facts.

The goal of the threats? Let’s simply note that there are some who didn’t want you, and thousands of other MHIndustry readers, to see the documents that a few dozen insiders have already seen.

Those documents – linked in the Daily Business News report here – relate to the FHFA/GSEs/Duty to Serve manufactured housing, via “home-only,” chattel lending.


Why are some trying to hide these documents from the MH Industry’s Eyes?  Click the image above to see the exclusive report. 

Asking the Right Questions

Why would some industry insiders not want you – and the widest possible distribution and readership – to see documents that could impact thousands of MH businesses (likely including yours), and potentially millions of manufactured home owners and prospective customers?


Image credits MHProNews, GraphicStock.

When several dozen have already seen these documents, why not several thousand?

Who would have the motivation to attempt via threats and intimidation tactics to squelch the proper and transparent public release of such information?

Do those forces truly want the GSEs implementation of the Duty to Serve (DTS) manufactured home lending to become reality, or not?


Shifting Gears…

“Fair and balanced” means something to us. For example, when MHI won’t directly respond to comments by Frank Rolfe or Marty Lavin, we provided quotes of their own words and/or that of an MHI defender (see below).  The MHI perspective is thus represented in those reports.


To see more of Frank Rolfe’s comments, click the image above. Credit, MHProNews.

It’s worth asking why – when asked for comments – MHI goes mute with media, as Frank Rolfe observed.


These subjects impact millions of MH home owners, and thousands of industry businesses. Transparency is necessary, thus our fair and balanced reports are vital to the interests of the majority of professionals. Credits, MHProNews/GraphicStock.

MHARR – or a number of corporate, independent, associations and other industry voices – will go on the record when we at MHProNews ask for comments.

So, why not MHI? Do they believe they have some secret sauce or crispy chicken recipe for industry success they have to hide?

Let’s be clear. MHI rival MHARR isn’t alone in their concerns that DTS is being stalled or slow walked.

There are those in MHI’s ranks who have expressed:

  • Concern that DTS will either not happen at all, or that there will be such a modest pilot that it will be more for show, without serious market impact.
  • There are powerful voices in MHI that have indicated they’re not all in on the GSEs doing DTS, and have admitted to holding back items that could move the GSEs ahead.
  • Some have privately claimed that should the GSEs start a chattel pilot program, it will be insiders who benefit, and if so, thereby creating an unlevel playing field vs. industry “outsiders.”


In fact, a claim is made that not only on DTS, but on the consumer research being done, that it will be used to benefit an inner circle.


George Allen.

Because private sessions, at MHI meetings, already have a bad rep for ‘what goes on behind closed doors’, with, in this industry observer’s opinion, decisions benefitting a favored few.” – Col. George Allen.

Allen isn’t alone. MHProNews has featured analysis by others who have said similarly.

Cloaking – and thus Chocking off – Other Lending Options

MHProNews has been provided with documents and emails that demonstrate a history in recent years of lending options being sidelined by the organization that ironically claims to work for the whole industry.

Does it?

Why are a small group associated with MHI determined to avoid authenticity engaging with mainstream media and even with MHProNews?

What agenda do they have to hide? Shall we explore this and more in the days ahead?

What say you? ##

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