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Tornado ravaged Moore, OK

As I start this blog post at 5:30 AM CST, there are already 51 known dead in Oklahoma. By 6:24 AM one source place that death toll at 91, but the likelihood is it will only climb. One of the most destructive storms on record has passed, but another day or two of similar conditions awaits that area and ‘tornado alley.’

The early reports are that perhaps 60 square miles have been impacted. Having lived there years ago, with a number of family members still in the area, watching it all as millions others did, I still have a hard time thinking of neighborhoods and streets I knew being leveled to the ground. May God bless all those whose lives have been so tragically impacted.

While so many wisely sought cover, my younger Tom brother went storm chasing. He’s family, plus Tom sits on the Norman City Council, so I won’t comment on the wisdom of that, but once the overloaded cell towers cleared, here is part of what he texted me:


He also texted these words in reply to my queries: “Chase. I was three miles south at work.went up to Indian Hills and NW 36th and saw that” (photo scene, above).

As so often happens, we see the best and the worst during such times.





First responders and scores of volunteers rushed to aid victims. Meanwhile, some looters rushed to a damaged medical center to steal computers and other items. The National Guard has been called out.




There will be clean up efforts going on for months and rebuilding will take years.


No doubt FEMA will be calling upon factory home builders, and those connected with our Industry will be in the middle of all those efforts.


When you look at the hundreds or maybe even thousands of conventional houses leveled, these two photos of manufactured homes below speak thousands of words.



Our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives have been impacted by this unspeakably tragic tornado. ##

(Stills credit: from a YouTube video by Hollywood 2 NY is back, perhaps taken from news sources.)

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