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Tunica Sizzle$ with Succe$$! – Looking for Growth? Tunica Manufactured Home Show Loom$ Large

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Show me the Money!”


Looking for growth? Searching for new products and services? Then look no further than the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, which takes place starting Tuesday afternoon, next week!

Yes, Tuesday afternoon is when the Business Building Educational Seminars will take place.

The topics cut to the heart of some key issues involving what’s necessary for growth.

Tuesday’s Business Building Seminars allow attendees and vendors alike to focus the rest of their time on the necessary details that keep your manufactured and modular home enterprises moving ahead.


See why we call these the “Standing Room Only Seminar Series!”

Tunica is also emblematic of much that is taking place in the manufactured housing industry, more on that later…

It’s by far the largest manufactured housing trade show in the country.

Dozens of homes on display, and the biggest exhibition of products and services in the Nation, all set in the charm of good old fashioned Southern Hospitality.


While all of the industry trade events get more people from within a days drive, Tunica will also attract professionals who will hop a flight to learn more to earn more at the seminars, and compare national products and services, that are going to be found in the Exhibit Hall.


Some of what is going on behind the scenes will be looked at post Tunica, that’s what’s indicative of the realities of the manufactured housing industry today. Don’t miss that Masthead read!

Tunica, A Top Attraction – So A Top Read!

While obviously not everyone who reads an article actually attends an event, the extraordinarily high readership about the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show suggests that turnout will be strong.


Over 10,000 hits this month alone on just a single Tunica Show press release suggests thousands of pros will be there at the opening. Learn more linked here. We have other articles with thousands of hits too, all in Tunica.  To see the sights and sounds, check out the video and the website, here.

Learn, Earn, Return

One key to success in any field is to be able to duplicate a result, over and over again.

The more you can achieve a good professional outcome, the more you prove it wasn’t just pure luck. The doctor doing his first surgery? Cadaver practice is ok, but if we need a procedure done, don’t we want the MD who’s been doing that routinely and successfully for years?

Of course.

And when you learn to do something new that’s positive, you can earn more. And return more capital and talent to your team mates, yours and their dreams, supported causes and desires.

It’s the Sizzle!


They say sizzle sells the fajitas and the steak. The hotter that plate, the more the sizzle and when done right, the more your mouth waters.

  • The sizzle of Tunica is Profitsssssss$$$$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica is Sucesse$$$$$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica is mixing fun with businee$$.


  • The sizzle of Tunica are the hot new model home$!!


The display of new model homes are the ones that can set you apart from the competition. The ones that can serve entry level – as well as that far larger, multi-billion dollar – residential-style housing market.

The sizzle of Tunica is networking, learning new and doable idea$, that can work for you and your business.

Tunica sizzle$ in mixing business with pleasure. Memphis is nearby, and if you’re feeling lucky or confident, there’s gaming for those who think they can beat the odds that favor the house.

Odds Are…

If you’ve read this far, you are half way there, or already booked. Let me share a few notes on the professional educational part of the event. Get there early for the best seat, because the education really does cut to some key manufactured housing Obstacles – and Opportunities.


You won’t want your competition to be there, and you miss out!

Engaging The Media – A Proven Pathway to Sizzling Profit$

FrankRolfeMobileHomeUniversityRVHorizonsPostedMastheadBlogMHProNewsTag-Frank Rolfe is widely known in our industry as an engaging personality and presenter. He’s been called a Donald Trump of our industry by Kurt Kelley, a successful manufactured housing financial services provider and writer-turned publisher.

Few can claim the level of mainstream media engagement that Rolfe has obtained. The  controversial New York Times article – The Cold, Hard Lessons About Mobile Home U – led to more articles in publications like Bloomberg, which touted “Double-Wide-Returns” in the manufactured home community sector.

Others in media followed, making Rolfe one of the most publicized personalities in manufactured housing today.

Clearly, his numbers show that since all of that publicity – as  controversial as it may have been – led to double-wide growth in the 3 years since for Rolfe and his partners drew national attention.

Agree or disagree with Frank’s terminology, but do you think you might learn some things from him during his part of the panel? In Wisconsin, they’d say – youbetcha!


Contrast sparking Frank with Millennial, 3rd gen community pro, Tom Fath. Tom is part of the next generation of manufactured housing professionals. I have had the sneak peek. You’ll get from Tom a visually rich presentation that will be wildly different than Frank’s, but you tell me if it will be any less compelling.


I’ll give you the bottom line that the industry needs to hear.

Over 400% new home sales growth. Tom can tell you that it’s logistics that has kept his family from growing even faster!

While Frank’s media magic attracts controversy, investors – and dollars – Tom, his family and friends’ team attracts a growing number of residential-style buyers that moved them from selling mostly cheap, used houses to now selling mostly brand new ones to well qualified customers who pay cash or have good credit.

If soft-spoken Tom and the Fath family team can do it, odds are good that you can too.


This will be a classic contrast between Rolfe and Fath, because both have been successful.  If you are in the audience, you’ll be the winner.

Hot, New! Lenders Financing Panel

This year we’re shaking it up on the lenders retail financing panel!


Sticking with the underlying theme of what will grow our industry the most, more sustainably and the fastest, these lenders will share their experiences of what some of the Best Retailers and Communities in the land do to attract more customers with cash or good credit.

While many retailers and MH Communities focus on the vexing question, ‘how do I get that marginal, sub-prime customer done?’ The lenders on our panel will be talking or giving a PowerPoint Presentation on the tips and insights that bring the well qualified buyers in that can get financing easily.

Keep in mind this fact. *** There’s way more good credit customers than bad credit dreamers. ***


Want More Proof?

The RV business outsells manufactured housing about 5 to 1. Their products are much more per square foot than a sharp multi-sectional. They attract cash and good credit customers by the droves to RC centers.

Millions buy a stick-built house. Many could have easily bought a manufactured home. What kept millions of them from even thinking or looking long at our industry?

Go pack to the topic of our first Panel, Engaging the Media.

You’ll learn more to earn more from these three presentations on Tuesday afternoon before the main show opens up. Word is the show hotels are booked solid. But if you don’t have a room yet, and you find that’s the case, there are plenty of options right down the street.

And that packed house – 2 packed show hotels – should tell you how busy the Tunica Show could be. You should be there too.

Bring your umbrella and a light jacket. Rain or shine, the show will go on!


Photo credit, OMHA.

Last. Hopefully, for You, not Lea$t!

My presentation will also be on Engaging the Media.  My professional experiences in this regard are simple, and I think you find, exciting. They are a dream come true for those of you who wished for ways to engage the media successfully yourself.


Tony has obtained free pr dozens of times for clients in publications such as the Chicago Sun Times News Group, and Moxie Magazine, – postive ink for manufactured home professionals in states from border to border.

Let’s step back and set the stage.

Why does a healthy media engagement strategy matter? Because public opinion – home buyers viewpoints – must be changed to draw in more cash and good credit buyers.

If media engagement causes more to embrace the amazing value of manufactured housing, then public officials and home buyers opinions will follow.

We earn our keep doing consulting, marketing, sales recruiting and training. I’ve been hands on in MH and MHCs since the early 1980s. And when you get positive local and regional media coverage in YOUR area, and you’ve prepared for that, you can watch your sales soar.

Because while we always have to keep in mind the entry level, shade and shelter products that brought manufactured housing to the dance, by far our greatest potential is in the residential style side of our industry.

When you sell six figure HUDs on a land lease that’s $300 a month higher than any community around yours – and they’re selling cheaper stuff – you know your sales team are ‘studs and skirts’ who’ve had positive free Media and paid marketing that’s supported them well (pardon the un-PC sales pro analogy – but you get it – people who perform professionally for your firm).

Come see why the Fath Family isn’t alone.

With patience, preparation, the right products, systems, etc…You’ll Learn to attract and sell more well qualified customers than you may have ever dreamed possible.

Reality. Not fantasy. Done it, not just some theory. From TX, to IL, WI to OK and more places from border to border, our experiences can inspire and benefit you and your operation.

Let the witnesses in this video tell you that tale, in their own words.

Part of the proof of our media strategy is right in front of you. We’ve dominated the MH trade publishing since our first year in business. Why?

Because when you know the audience, and you know your stuff – and you have the motivation – you can learn the systems that attract and sell them!


MHLivingNews.com, MHProNews.com, Inside MH, MHC-MD.com, MHMarketingSalesManagement.com, you’ll find us in the Exhibit Hall, booth #73. See shaded booth above.

But Tuesday afternoon, those three Business Building Seminars could start the process of changing your professional life, for good.

We’ll also be at booth #73 please come by and say hi. B2B or B2C. If you need marketing, media, sales recruitment, training, web, video – you’ll be glad you’ve stopped by.

My truly better half and son will be at booth #73 too! I’m just glad they let me come to the big Tunica Show too. Rain and/or shine, see you next week? ##


Tony is one of the top presenters in manufactured housing, per professional audience feedback forms. For more testimonials, click the image above.

(Image credits are MHProNews.com/GraphicStock, unless otherwise shown.)

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. Come by and see us at Exhibit Hall booth #73.

L.A. 'Tony' Kovach, MHM - Publisher, Marketing Director and Industry Consultant
Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management trade journal
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