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Thinking About It vs. Doing It . . .

by Tim Connors, CSP

tim connor 50Over the years I have asked myself the same question a number of times:

Why can't or don't I do what I know I should do about - whatever - why do I keep thinking about it but not acting?

There are so many people who want different outcomes in their life but who

seem to be unwilling or unable to take the necessary actions or steps to move forward.  (I know, I have been one of those people on numerous occasions).

Not that any of these may relate to you, but the question is - are there areas of your life where you are not taking positive action that you feel you should?  

Here are just a few to consider.

Someone who:

-is in a destructive relationship and wants to leave but doesn't.

-wants to lose weight but can't.

-wants to begin an exercise program but doesn't.

-wants to start their own business but doesn't.

-wants to change his/her job or career but can't.

-has a destructive addiction and won't/can't stop.

-wants to contact an old friend/relative and rekindle a relationship and doesn't.

-wants to start a savings plan for their future and doesn't.

There are so many more actions that some of us - should, want to or

hope to take some day but just never seem to get around to.  Why not?

I can't tell you why you don't or haven't but I can tell you a few of the reasons I have used as to why I haven't:

1. Fear of the outcome - can I handle the new circumstances?

2. There is plenty of time to do it later - some future point.

3. I am waiting for Divine inspiration to tell me what to do and when.

4. The transition could be painful.

5. It is easier to not do it than do it.

6. I just feel lazy.

7. I need a healthy shot of discipline.

8. I need a support system to begin.

9. I don't have the time.

10. I don't have the money.

That's enough, I am starting to get depressed.

The point is: to ask yourself the simple questions and don't stop asking until

you get legitimate answers.  Don't let yourself off the hook too soon or too easily - the price is not worth it . . .

In His Service, Tim