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Adversity and life - Living Wisely

by Tim Connor, CSP

 tim connor 50Wisdom - the blending of - information, knowledge, experience, truth, reality, maturity -to achieve dreams, goals, life purpose, 

inner peace and happiness.

“If you become wise, you will be the one to benefit,

If you scorn wisdom, you will be the one to suffer.”

-      Proverbs 9:12

Adversity and life -

Adversity can bring people to their knees or it can strengthen their resolve. 

It can turn an otherwise humble individual into a tiger, and it can cause the strongest souls to cringe in its wake. 

Why the difference?  

Adversity is insensitive and neutral to its recipient's reactions or responses. It treats everyone the same. 

Each of us has the potential to reach down and grab the courage to overcome - sometimes even with courage we were not even aware we possessed. 

We can choose to overcome, or we can choose to give in. 

The difference lies in a person's: character, genes, history, commitment, will, and strength of desire. 

Adversity can be a patient teacher or it can be a tyrant.  Again, the choice is ours. ##