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“We did it Before, We Can Do It Again”

by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovachLifestyleFactoryHomesLLCMHLivingNewsMHProNews com 50x50They Did It Before, They Can Do It AgainThe headline is a play on words, and can be taken in a good way, or a problematic one.

You can protect and promote more through applied knowledgediscernmentand wisdom

We did it Before, We Can Do It Again” was a World War II song, aimed to remind Americans that they had beaten Germany in WWI before, and that the U.S. could do it again. The “greatest generation” – including Rosie the Riveter, that strong gal in that WWII poster – did just that.

That’s one way to look at history. But you can look at personal – or employment – history too.

On an individual basis, employers look at a person’s job or educational history before hiring. Why? 

If an employment candidate “did it before, they can do it again.” 

On that level, discerning owners and managers know that people can change, learn, and adapt. But certainly, past performance is one way to measure potential future performance.

Hold that thought, and apply it not to employees, but to organizations. Or groups. Think Manufactured Housing when you think, “they did it before, they can do it again.”

This week, the Daily Business News has our usual twenty plus new reports, because we also do one on Saturday and this thought-provoking recap for Sunday morning.

Look carefully at what has been done by certain groups or organizations before. Their history matters. Because if they did it before. they can do it again. 

Superficiality is the curse of the modern world.” – is a Matthew Kelly quote.  Kelly is active in both business and his church. Whatever your background, it is hard to listen to a talk of his for an hour, and not walk away impressed. He weaves tremendous energy, and business knowledge in with or driven by his faith.

But that quote – “Superficiality is the curse of the modern world.” – is powerfully insight for every forward looking professional. Agree with or disagree with Warren Buffett on his business practices or politics, but what you can learn from him is that the man reads a ton. Obviously, he thinks deep reading helps make him money, and/or reading helps him to protect his money.

If you read these MHProNews reports, that’s great, join the club of thousands who logon daily here. MHProNews –within a few months after it’s start in 2009 – became and remains the runway number 1 read in MHVille. 

Don’t be a superficial reader. Read with care, for your own sake. 

Read with depth of insight in mind, and you will get more out of each report. If you can’t read the linked references within a report in one sitting, circle back later to learn more.

Knowledge is potential power. From the mom-and-pops, to the top names in the industry, we remain the most read in the industry by a country mile. There must be a reason, right?

Yes, we took a hit for a while when ‘you know who’ came after us. But as our site data and other third party stats reveal, we came roaring back, thanks to readers like you, our sponsors, inside sources, and those who provide news tips. We did it before, we can do it again.

And they did it before to people like you, too.

If they did it before, then they can do it again. Keep that in mind as your read certain reports this week. With no further adieu, let’s get started on the business-related insights from the week that was. 

What’s New on the Masthead

Blackstone Bain Capital CityLab and Inside the Manufactured Housing Outlook

The Latest from MHARR

Notice: No kidding. Our MHARR site statistics are through the roof. If you aren’t already ‘into’ their deep reports, check them out, because your peers are doing so too.

What’s New on the Daily Business News on MHProNews

Saturday 8.4.2018

“Thou Shall Not Steal,” $2 Trillion Annually Lost to Lack of Affordable Homes, Making the Manufactured Home Case

2 Trillion Annually Lost to Lack of Affordable Homes Making the Manufactured Home Case

Friday 8.3.2018

Significant Slowdown of New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Growth in June, Per Latest Data

Significant Slowdown of New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Growth in June Per Latest Data

Lou Barletta – Senatorial Candidate – Sums Up Upcoming Mid-Term Battle Lines, Plus MH Market UPdates

Loan Zone Manufactured Home Buyers, Sellers – CU Insight on Fannie, Freddie and Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing Industry

Loan Zone Manufactured Home Buyers Sellers CU Insight on Fannie Freddie and Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing Industry

SECO Woes – Southeast Community Owners Symposium – Tom Lackey, Industry Pros, & MH Consumer Legal Clouds

SECO Woes Southeast Community Owners Symposium Tom Lackey Industry Pros MH Consumer Legal Clouds

Thursday 8.2.2018

Fresh Facts, Figures, Future of Affordable Housing -Comparisons- Conventional Site-Built v Mobile/Manufactured Home Industry Data

Fresh Facts Figures Future of Affordable Housing Comparisons Conventional Site Built v MobileManufactured Home Industry Data

How Trillion Dollar Apple Market Cap Stacks Up Against Berkshire Hathaway, S&P 500 Firms – Plus MH Market Updates

Wholesale “Hurricane Sale” Attracts Communities, Retailers, Manufactured Home Pros, Event Update

Wholesale Hurricane Sale Attracts Communities Retailers Manufactured Home Pros Event Update

“Vehicular Homelessness” Rising, Land Use, and Manufactured Housing Policies

Vehicular Homelessness Rising Land Use and Manufactured Housing Policies

Wednesday 8.1.2018

HUD’s Brian Montgomery, Published Notice of Meeting of the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC)

HUDs Brian Montgomery Published Notice of Meeting of the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee MHCC

#3 MH Lender Hit by $2 Billion in Fines, Plus MH Market Updates

Ryan Kirk–Investor & Entrepreneur-Gets Positive Media via Airbase Estates Mobile/Manufactured Home Makeovers, Exclusives, Videos

Manufactured Housing Industry Facts, It’s About More, Per Economic Expert’s Insight

Manufactured Housing Industry Facts Its About More Per Economic Experts Insight

Factories Fighting, and Manufactured Housing Sellers Benefit

Tuesday 7.31.2018

Signs China’s Weakening in Trade Tiff with U.S.? Plus MH Market Updates

Skyline Champion Corp – Manufactured Homes, Modular Housing – Outlook, Opportunities, & Obstacles

Another $1.5 Billion From FEDs, Disaster Dollars Spell Opportunities, Factory Builder$ Take Note

Tell Your Home Buyers, “Higher Rates Ahead,” Per Mainstream Reports

Monday 7.30.2018

JP Morgan’s CEO Jaime Dimon Sounds Off – “For 20 Years, We’ve Been…Driving Capital…Overseas,” plus MH Market Updates

JP Morgans CEO Jaime Dimon Sounds Off For 20 Years Weve BeenDriving CapitalOverseas plus MH Market Updates

Mel Watt Charged With Sexual Harassment – Manufactured Housing Industry Repercussions?

Enduring Good Will Value from Good Business Practices, Monday Morning Manufactured Home Sales, Marketing Meeting


Sunday 7.29.2018

Manufactured Housing Industry Potential – Sunday Morning Manufactured Home Reports, Headline News Recap 7.22.2018 to 7.29.2018

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