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Winter 2018-2019 in Manufactured Housing Land

by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75This is true storytelling with a manufactured housing (MH) purpose. Relax with your favorite Sunday beverage, as you dive in…

Winter up north is obviously quite different than winter in central Florida. Having spent about a decade doing MH business projects from bases in WI and IL, the experience of icy roads or sub-zero temperatures hasn’t been forgotten

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One evening, in Marshfield, we watched as the outside temperature gauge in our vehicle dropped to -10, -15, -18 and finally -20 degrees below zero. Not windchill, that measurement was lower still.


So today, sitting on the beach near Tampa and drafting this article, it is 77 degrees, while our friends in Chicagoland – for example – have a current outdoor temperature of 29 degrees.


But a few days ago, a cold front brought lows of 45 to our part of Florida. We put our winter jackets from up north on. But if this were 5 years ago, and we were still living in say the Chicago metro, we’d be outside thinking it was a heat wave. If there was no wind, the jacket might be on our arm – because after months or years, people get acclimatized to living full time up north.

That’s a key. Becoming Acclimatized. Adapting. Adjusting. The body, and we as humans are able to change to a new circumstance.


Humans were designed to be adaptable.  Once you get used to X, like the cold, it’s not so bad. In fact, there’s plenty of winter activities for those who want them, just as there are outdoor or other things-to-do in the spring, summer, and fall — fun or festivals.

But that human adaptability can be weaponized against people too.

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Once you get used to X, complacencies can set in.

If you have a larger competitor(s), and they hypothetically speaking wanted to get your guard down, one sly move they might try could be to lower your expectations via messages or at events.

There are reasons for everything that we do on MHProNews and/or MHLivingNews.  For example, a look at historic data ought to remind or inspire and industry professional that not so many years ago, manufactured housing was better understood, more accepted, arguably better respect — and therefor had about 380% more new HUD Code home sales. Modular builder? There were more mods sold back then too.


The kind of data – objective information – above and below should lead to inspirational dissatisfaction. If our product is better quality today than then – and it is – then your sales during an affordable housing crisis ought to be higher too. That just follows, right?

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Each day, the typical MHPro reader will check out about 4½  page views. That third-party data points logically means that some reader read one article, while others are reading say 9 or 10.

We won’t get tire of using this example, because it applies, is directly connected to our industry, and is true.  Before becoming president, Donald J. Trump and Warren Buffett – who saw much differently in politics – agreed on this next principle in business.


To stay informed, millions of Americans read their news, other listen or view. If you watch or read the evening mainstream news, try the following for a week.

  • Skip the mainstream news for 7 days.
  • Instead, read the headline reports and our evening market reports (lots of others obviously do).
  • Note that we curate topics on left and right daily, from CNN Money and Fox Business, plus we have MH industry-related closing stock data, and a focus report.
  • In significantly less time than you’d spend on a 30-minute newscast, you’ll get more news, and more insights that can help your business.

Chances are, at the end of the week or 2, you won’t want to go back. More information, in less time, and more useful to your business.  If you like visuals, don’t worry, we routinely provide some video from a mainstream source with the business-daily market report too.

Don’t settle for less out of your life. Don’t lower your expectations for 2019. Why not raise your goals?

We get cheers and jeers, but the two most common words heard or read are “thank you.” By the way, we thank you and our sponsors/clients that make this possible too. Together, we advance.

Adaptation, mere acceptance – like acclimatization – can be good, but it can be limiting. With those thoughts in mind, check out the various headlines from the week that was. Click on the headline, or any hot-linked box to read that report.

With no further adieu, thank you for checking in to the topics that shape your business’ world.

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