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Take Some Time for Yourself Today

by Tim Connor

tim connor 50Whether it's addiction to social media, rushing to the next task or any number of personal or work distractions that steal time from the quality of life today - let me ask you - does some or even most of this stuff really matter? 

Most people don't realize how some of their daily habits or routines get in the way of quality relationships, happiness, peace of mind, and even their health.   They fail to take the time necessary to nurture their soul, relax their body, and improve their relationships and in the end without these stress increases, anxiety hangs around, and disappointment is continuous.  

Life moves relentlessly forward one day at a time, and there is nothing any of us can do to stop it or slow it down but we can do a better job of enjoying it one moment or one day at a time. 

Taking time to day-dream, visit a friend, watch your children grow, or just play in your garden is time well-spent.  There is a rush to tomorrow by all of us.  We are being prodded into the future by faster computers, shorter delivery times, social media, and a general need to have it, do it, and see it all: NOW! 

Take time today for yourself.  Take time to breathe in life, all of it: its color, splendor, smells, tastes, and sounds.  From the smallest most insignificant event to the things you may have taken for granted over time.  Tomorrow will be here before you know it. Today will be a distant memory before you realize it.  Go through life today, conscious of your surroundings - spend some time in nature.  There are a lot of lessons it can teach us, if we will only carefully observe and listen. Every day, every minute is a gift - don't squander them on useless and meaningless stuff.

In His Service, Tim