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12 Reasons an Educated, Professional Iranian-American Woman Supports Donald Trump 

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovach-WebsiteDevelopmentSupportServices-MHProNews-com-photo83degreesmediaJulieBranaman-posted-MHProNews-com-50x50-America is a good country, and I'm very happy to be here legally in the United States.

As a European college educated female professional, if Donald Trump were on the ballot in the general election this fall, here are some of the reasons why I'd gladly vote for him.  Because as good as this nation is, it can become much better under the proper leadership. Let's look at the various leaders in the presidential race, and you'll see why I support Donald Trump.



Clinton – Cruz – Kasich – Sanders – Trump; photo credits CNN.


1) Hillary Clinton would be a disaster for America. Mr. Trump is right, it's shocking that the Democratic front runner is so corrupt and sloppy that she's about to be interviewed by the FBI, after a staffer of her's has been granted immunity to make him testify. As our 9 year old son likes to remind us, it was a room full of Bernie Sanders supporters who were chanting about Hillary, "She's a liar! She's a liar!"


While I wasn't living in America then, I've heard and read the stories about how Hillary ran cover for her philandering husband Bill. How is that anything except cold, politically calculating heartlessness towards the women she claims to champion?  Our son and the Bernie supporters are right. "She's a liar! She's a liar!"  You can't trust her, period.


2) There is so much smoke around the Clinton Foundation and high dollar speaking deals with her husband Bill during her term as Secretary of State, not to mention the big bucks Hillary got from her own speaking to big money companies. Hillary is all about herself, money and power. She'd be a disaster for America on trade, on foreign policy and on domestic policy too. 

Dinesh D'Souza documented in his movie on President Obama, that Hillary was a disciple of the "Rules for Radicals" left-wing activist, Saul Alinsky. Do we need to say much more than that fact?


As professionals and thinking people read this, there has never been a tax or regulation that Hillary hasn't joyfully embraced. It will take someone who is politically incorrect - fearless - to beat her and the Democratic machine that would back her. We don't need four or eight more years of President Barack Hussein Obama's failed domestic and tragic foreign policies. D'Souza's correct. That's what Hillary would be; another Obama, or worse.


3) If Bernie Sanders gets the Democratic nomination because Hillary is indicted or the FBI leaks damaging information about her prior to the close of the primaries, Senator Sanders openly said he's sincerely a socialist. He's right on TPP and poor trade deals costing Americans millions of higher wage jobs. But he's so wrong on taxes, regulations and on what creates jobs or attracts or keeps money coming or staying in America. 


Senators Sanders is acting as a populist, he gets the younger people excited by promises of free college and free health care. Nonsense. Everyone living in reality knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, someone always pays. He fails to mention that his stories about Denmark are history, they're moving away from all that so-called free stuff as best as they can. Look what supposedly free stuff has done to Greece!


It can't be justice to take from someone who earned what they have, and then give it to someone who didn't earn it.  When a person does that, we call that theft and its a criminal act. So government doing it doesn't make it proper, it makes government the opposite of what America's founders had in mind; which is to protect the people from a government that would control them or take the fruits of their labors. We have God-given right in America to life, liberty and to pursue property, money and happiness.


Its both obvious and historic that you diminish incentives when you take what someone earned and give it so someone else who didn't earn it. 


4) I've seen what even post-socialistic eastern European nations look like first hand, because I went to university in Europe. Europe can be lovely, but post-socialist Eastern European nations are often more gray metaphorically...the aftermath of socialism isn't pretty. Socialism wrecked Cuba. Look at the wealth of South Korea vs. the poverty of North Korea, etc.. That the proper answer to the president's recent and shocking error, advising listeners that between communism and capitalism, “Just choose from what works.” Nonsense!

Given that Hillary would be bad, Bernie is only better in the sense that at least he's honest that he's a socialist. Either he or Hillary would be a disaster for America, and Donald Trump can say as someone who knows how to build good companies and good deals why Bernie or Hillary are wrong for this nation.  

Free enterprise works.  Socialism kills incentives, reduces personal freedom and kills the jobs the people it claims to care about would benefit from. 


For example, if high minimum wages truly worked, why not make the minimum wage $100 an hour vs $15 hourly? Answer? Because the higher the wage, the fewer the people who will get or keep a job.  Some fast food places are already experimenting with automated restaurants. Thanks Barack, Hillary and Bernie...and only Donald Trump can look people in the eye and say that the proper economic environment is how you lift wages. Artificial wage hikes harms those it claims to help.


The way to get good wages is through supply and demand. Right now with some 95 million Americans not considered to be in the labor force, of course wages are going to be depressed.


When millions of illegals will have to leave, wages will rise naturally. It won't be a massive disruption some fear, because it won't happen overnight. Business professionals will have time to adapt. Keep in mind that Henry Ford proved that by paying more, you fuel the middle class naturally, and when you protect your economy as President Reagan did at times with tariffs, you create and protect jobs in your own nation. Building iPhones in America not China just makes sense, if the prices go up some, so will the wages we have as a result of other policies that Mr. Trump advocates.


5) I'd vote for either of the remaining three Republicans over either of the two Democrats. The Libertarian candidate won't have a chance, so voting for them might as well be a vote for a Democrat. 


That said, Senator Ted Cruz clearly has changed his positions on issues like amnesty and trade, just as Senator Marco Rubio and others have said. Cruz misrepresents his opponents views, which is why both Governor John Kasich and Mr. Trump have called him "Lyin' Ted." Senator Cruz laughs like a kid at his own jokes, he's so obviously full of himself, even though he's highly rehearsed. He spins stuff routinely, and while he'd likely be a fine conservative justice for the Supreme Court, he has done virtually nothing in his Senate career save prep for a run for the White House.


Governor Kasich troubles me on TPP and trade, on border security, Syria and Muslim immigrants (yes, coming from a Muslim nation, and I'm saying it: if Americans want to avoid the kind of bloodshed seen in Paris, Brussels or large parts of the Middle East, a temporary ban on unvetted Muslim immigrants is just common sense!). Kasich is essentially for amnesty for illegals, and he concerns me on support for traditional marriage and a range of issues that people of faith, business professionals and all who love American ideals should care about.


Again, I'd vote for either Kasich or Cruz over Hillary or Bernie, but Mr. Trump is right – they are controlled by their donors, and thus neither is the true outsider who will shake up the status quo in Washington DC that Donald Trump would be.


6) You are sometimes as defined by those who oppose you as by those who support you, and more to the point, you can be understood for the reasons why they oppose or support you. Mr. Trump's Republican opponents aren't against him because he doesn't have conservative positions. I've listened to Manhattan's Real Estate Mogul on Hannity and other shows say what he believes and why, and his positions are conservative ones – common sense and pro-America First reasoning. He looks, talks and his body language all seem sincere about his positions.


He knows his public rally talking points, and our son laughs and smiles when he asks a crowd; what are we going to do on the border? "Build a wall!" the people and our son answer back. Whose going to pay for it? "Mexico!" says a Trump rally crowd and our son in unison.


But Trumps comfort in those main taking points has not yet translated to smooth talking points on tough or thorny topics.


That's not in my mind a lack of sincerity, as his opponents claim. Rather it's what Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Chris Christie, Senator Jeff Sessions or multi-decade conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly says; Donald Trump isn't a practiced politician. He deserves the right to clarify errant comments that all who seek office will make, just as life-long activist and seasoned politico Barack Obama did when he said as he campaigned for president that there are 57 states; duh! A big misspeak! 


7) Mr. Trump is confident, which successful people often are, and at times a little too much so, which is likely why he hadn't studied the details on issues like his professional political rivals have.

But he is also smart enough to rapidly change or clarify a statement when he has misspoken, and that is a result of input behind the scenes from advisers. He has a team of managers in business that are clearly great, which is why his Trump brands are successful, so there is every reason to believe he will have a great team as President. I listed to his speech to AIPAC, which was presidential. It reflected his ability to listen to advisers and others on key issues. Put him in front of a teleprompter, and he'll do just as well as others who use them.


8) As someone who has played the modern game of American politics, by giving money to both sides to get what he wants, Mr. Trump is well positioned to expose the current system for the corruptions that have resulted from ignoring the proper Constitutional limits that the federal government is supposed to practice. That doesn't make him a closet liberal. It makes him honest about how he got along with people in both major parties. That's one reason I believe he will bring people together; in business, that's what you as a leader have to do.


Some people think he is too tough or too brash, and so on. Pardon me? There are some issues that no one has tackled in America for decades, and when you lance a boil, puss and blood often come out. At first it is ugly. But that is often the first step of the healing process. The fact that Mr. Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Chris Christie now are working together reflects the example that he can do so with others who may have been or now are his rivals.


9) Mr. Trump believes in peace though strength. That worked for Ronald Reagan, it will work now too. Like Reagan, Mr. Trump isn't a neo-con who favors every war that comes along. He sees the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. He'll fight to protect America. Isn't that the first job of a U.S. President? And as someone who has listened to Islamic radicals for decades, I can tell you, America needs to be vigilant about who it lets in.


Mr. Trump is correct about NATO, and America paying billions to be the protector of other nations around the world. It's silly to think we should borrow money from China to pay to defend South Korea and Japan against China's surrogate, the North Koreans.  


Mr. Trump would not have made the dumb deal with Iran that President Obama did. President Obama missed the chance to help my former nation become free when protesters took to the streets in Tehran. Most Iranians want freedom from the mullahs who terrorize their own citizens. Instead of helping the protesters, Obama and Hillary Clinton's foreign policy stayed silent, yet they supported the radical Islamists, who briefly gained power in Egypt. Hello? Hillary owns the disaster of Obama's Libyan policy, the policies that allows Ukraine to be raped by Russia and the general mess in the Middle East, the South China Sea and around the world. 


The Trump non-intervention approach would have been wiser than Hillary's in Libya, which has seen Americans die in Benghazi. Clinton's lies, the Obama administration covers-up, and now that nation is becoming a hot bed for ISIS. Tragic! That's an example of Hillary's vs. Donald Trump in foreign policy in action!  


Libya's Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi was a dictator, but now Italy and Europe are getting Libyan refugees from that now-failed state. Thanks so much, Secretary Clinton and President Obama! Why would any objective, thinking person vote for more of those kinds of international disasters?


10) As an educated business woman, I know that lower taxes, fewer and more common sense regulations, ending ObamaDoesn'tCare - that's been the job killing, cost-spiking opposite of what was promised on health care reform - would all be good for business.

When you think about Democratic policies, just look at how badly Obama's health care reforms have harmed millions of Americans. In the manufactured housing industry we work in, Dodd-Frank has been applied by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in ways that are so bad, that the National Association or Realtors ® (NAR), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and lending groups are supporting the industry's efforts to end the unfair restrictions that harm millions who own, sell or want to buy quality, safe, energy saving and affordable factory-crafted homes. Hillary and Bernie would both keep Dodd-Frank; Donald Trump has correctly called Dodd-Frank a disaster, and has vowed to end its business-harming and job-killing abuses.

Smart tax and regulatory reforms could bring back trillions of dollars that left the U.S. due to corporate inversions. Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton administrations all saw tax cuts that boosted business and increased government revenues too. These would not be borrowed money; it's invested money that would boost the U.S. economy better than almost anything else you could do. Who says? Former Reagan Administration official and CNBC host, Larry Kudlow.


Mr. Trump isn't against foreigners or legal work permits. He wants to protect American jobs on trade, by protecting against illegal immigration and by protecting our borders and interests at home and internationally. That's smart.


11) DemoRinoCrats - the political class that can profit no matter who is in office or power in Washington - those people fear Donald Trump. They fear him because they think he'll upset their gravy train. Some pundits may be well meaning and oppose him, because they just don't get it.


Smart people adapt, and free enterprise and limited government are better than crony capitalism or socialism. 


Protecting your economy is as important as protecting your borders. I believe that a President Trump would indeed be the “Best Jobs President that God Ever Created.” Most if not all of the fear and head-fakes spoken by talking heads and professional writers who oppose his agenda are either misinformed, self-seeking or protect some group's cozy crony agenda.


Washington needs to be shaken up. We need to send more power back to the states, just as education and other items need to go back to the states. The closer the government is to the people, the better off we are, and that was the vision of the founders of this good land.


12) No candidate is perfect, and neither is Donald Trump. My husband likes to quote G. K. Chesterton, and one of his favorite lines is “Sometimes the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Trump isn't perfect, we can all cite his flaws, but we can cite flaws in all of the candidates, or in ourselves.


America isn't good because it was or is perfect. But it set high ideals that made America great. For decades now, this nation has drifted away from those ideals, and tens of millions are paying the price.


The answer to income inequality is to make the playing field more level through fewer barriers of entry. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder whose politics I disagree with, is but one example of a person who became a billionaire in short order through innovation. Allow people to innovate, allow people to fail. Give them the educational tools to succeed. Don't hobble people through promises of a free lunch that comes at someone else's expense. Margaret Thatcher was right, the problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people's money.


We've not gone to any Trump rallies, we read, listen in the car or watch on TV when we can. On a business trip, my husband and I had a client give us a Make America Great Again hat, and that was before we were on board with him as the best candidate. Studying the issues, listening to the debates, town halls, reading and listening to good, smart people we know helped us better understand the Trump phenomenon.


Perfect? Hardly. Colorful? Yes, and his common-sense straight-talk brings hope, which is why millions are coming out to vote that haven't done so in years.


Mr. Trump can beat Hillary or Bernie, no doubt about it, because the Democrats strategists say that he is a threat to them and their base. Sometimes you have to look to those opponents, understand why they are opposing voices and then look at those supporters and ask, why are they-all in for this man?


Let me close by saying what is true for most any opinion column, these are my thoughts, not that of our sponsors, clients or anyone else. Hopefully the points shared here will further the conversation and consideration for someone that I believe can indeed make America safer and great again. ##

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