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“Rent is Too Damn High,” But Why? MHVille Struggles & Solutions

by Soheyla Kovach
SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75From New York to California, there have been protesters who’ve carried signs saying the “
rent is too damn high.”

It’s vexing. Because this ought to be yet another signal for manufactured housing professionals and investors to better understand the dynamics that could spark the industry’s authentic return as a major producer of housing in America.


But instead, as other reports from this past week reveal, manufactured housing nationwide stalled in new home shipments. Some states rose, others fell, and the net outcome nationwide is a slip. All of those reports are linked below.

Molly Ball has a featured report on left-of-center Time Magazine that reveals her view that it’s about to get worse in America. Time has been strongly anti-Trump at least since 2016, but they admit the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) bucked the tide of decades of midterm history. That’s significant to industry pros for reasons Saturday’s Daily Business News report reflects. 

Seasoned and savvy manufactured housing professionals don’t have to be told that we have a great option for affordable housing. Arguably, it’s the most bang for the money. It’s a solution to the rent that is ‘too damn high.’

So why isn’t the industry performing better?  The answers are being revealed, one story at a time, and in reports like this week’s Masthead.  

But there’s more.

There’s big news about Legacy Housing, and a stunning shakeup at Cavco. A big move by Sun Communities too. Those and other reports below.

Check out the in depth Saturday report and analysis on the milieu in which affordable housing’s struggles are embroiled in, along with over 2 dozen more other articles and reports from the week that was.

We provide actionable insights, fact-checks, reports, and analysis that are found no where else in the manufactured housing industry’s trade media. It’s an avoidably modest industry today, a fraction of what it was in 2018. That sad, because it is avoidable. But it is also an opportunity in disguise, for those willing to dig in, understand and then take specific action steps. The right steps would arguably make individual locations more profitable than they’ve been in years, decades, or perhaps the best ever.

You’ve made us the runaway number one trade media in manufactured housing. The industry, per the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has 40,000 full time equivalents (FTEs) We think their figure may be low, but regardless it is a sobering number to reflect upon. With that backdrop, our thanks to all of our readers, clients, and sponsors for making this the place where well over ten thousand pros and industry researchers will come on an average day to read “Industry News, Tips, and Views Pros Can Use.” ©  As millions head to or from Sunday worship, as we look ahead to Veterans Day tomorrow, there is much to ponder, pray, and then perform.  

With no further adieu, let’s dive into the headline week in review, on this Sunday Morning. 11.4 to 11.11.2018.

What’s New on the Masthead



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Affordable Housing, the Visible, Yet Mysterious Struggle for an Obvious Solution, Case Examples


Friday 11.9.2018

Legacy Housing Files for IPO, Plus Manufactured Housing Industry Market Updates

Legacy Housing Files for IPO, Plus Manufactured Housing Industry Market Updates


Manufactured Home Owner, and Billionaire Third Point Hedge Fund’s Daniel S. Loeb Shakes Market Watchers



Manufactured Home Owner, and Billionaire Third Point Hedge Fund’s Daniel S. Loeb Shakes Market Watchers


Cavco Chairman Joseph H. Stegmayer Steps Down Under SEC Cloud, “Personal, Confidential” SEC Document, Cavco Industries’ Statement


Divisions in America, and Manufactured Housing – Reality Check 1 – 11.9.2018


Thursday 11.8.2018

Markets Muted, Mixed, See FED OMC Meeting Notes, Plus MH Market Updates


National New HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Data Summary, September 2018 Analysis


Direct Relationship – Rule of Law, Sound Information, Equal Access, Profits & Pay – MHVille, Megyn Kelly, Tucker Carlson


MHARR Warns Single Source Federal Contract is “Bridge to Nowhere”


Wednesday 11.7.2018

Sun Communities Strategic Investment in Ingenia Communities, Info, Videos Beyond the Release, Plus Manufactured Home Industry Market Updates

 Key Clayton/MHI/BO Bets Spanked, First Look at Winners & Losers



Conflict of Interests? MHI’s, MHARR’s Most Recent Statements on Controversial GSE Lending, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Weighs In


Another Top Manufactured Home State is Sliding on New HUD Code Home Shipments, More New Data


Tuesday 11.6.2018

Red Wave? Blue Wave? Here’s What Wall Street Is Watching, plus MH Market Updates

New Shipment Data, Top Manufactured Home State, Other MH States Continue Slide

Lead, Kindly Light

On the Eve of the Midterms, Closing on Willie Horton? Plus, MH Market Updates


Monday 11.5.2018

MH Sales, Marketing, Management Life Lesson – Plan A, Plan B



Former Clayton Homes Team, Employees Speak Out – Mainstream Media, Trade Media Reports

Former Clayton Homes Team, Employees Speak Out – Mainstream Media, Trade Media Reports

VP Mike Pence, “We’ll Hold House,” Make History “When We Elect John James” Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Rally With POTUS Trump Monday Evening

Sunday 11.4.2018 Plus MH Week In Review, for 10. .2018 to 11.4.2018

Business Strategy, Open and Stealth Clients, Transparency, and Manufactured Housing


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