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Advertising vs Public Relations

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75Companies need to be relentless in their pursuit of a legitimately good image. That can happen via a combination of factors, including paid, earned and owned media.

Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” – public relations maxim.

Advertising is saying you’re good.  PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”   — Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive.


We reviewed yet another report yesterday from a national MH source that was busily telling others in our industry just how good their efforts are at promoting manufactured housing,” said publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Traffic, likes, and clicks – it all sounds fantastic. Right up to the point that the objective, analytical mind asks, ‘okay, they’ve been doing this ‘for their members’ for 2 years.  How much has their business actually grown?’”


The answer, regrettably, is that the their key members of the industry are still growing at about the same pace as it was prior to that Arlington, VA based group’s promotional efforts. Who says?  HUD and IBTS statistics, see the most recent report, link here.


The industry needs to wake up to reality, not just numbers.

In fact, their own statistics – and that of third parties – reveal that they’re growing at a slower pace than the industry at large.


Lavin argued that MHI has not yet learned its lesson from the past.  See MHI award winner Lavin’s analysis, linked here and here.

If pretty pictures and videos ALONE was all that it took to sell more manufactured homes, we’d be selling a half-million or more homes per year, right now,” says MH industry consultant and publisher Kovach. “About a decade ago, Palm Harbor used to run great looking TV ads. They had fine looking homes. But something obviously didn’t work, because they went bankrupt.”

If you follow mainstream news sources, as we have to, then you know that the bulk of mainstream media news about our industry tends to be problematic, or negative. Even the ‘good news,’ often uses terminology that is a turn off to the general public. But that can be changed in relatively short order at the market level, as research by MHMSM has demonstrated… 
Does this concept work? Tom Fath answers that question, in the video, linked here. To see the video interview above, click that graphic.

What’s the Answer?

Get the home owners, the third-party experts, those not paid a dime to tell a company, location, or the industry’s story,” says Kovach.


Until the industry deals with the perceived negatives, the concerns of customers, the results will continue to be at a relative low level. 
Don’t do that once, you keep doing that. Sincerity comes across on camera. The Truth Well Told, Good Storytelling, those are part of the secret,” the award-winning consultant, publisher and industry veteran said.

The other part is having a third party media do that for you. Create evangelists, and have those evangelists tell that story over and over again, personally and via video,” Kovach explains. “That’s how you change the industry’s image, one location at a time.” 

That’s why we created MHProNews, then Problem, goal and solution orientation. Then to get fact-based stories that make sense to home buyers, professionals, and to investors – at their local level.”

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