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Celebrating 9 Years Serving the Manufactured, Modular and PreFab Home Industry

by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

tony kovach 2 509 Years and counting…as regular readers know, we focus the bulk of our time on HUD Code Manufactured Home and related “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use.” 

But from early on, we covered all types of prefab news, and touch upon conventional housing news too, as it directly and indirectly relates to factory-built homes. 

My thanks first to my devoted wife, Soheyla - and all those through the years that have made this platform, and later, – possible.

My thanks too for all the kind words shared over the years.

Some of this is a bit humorous today, but is still worth sharing.  By the way - as part of the behind the scenes, inside joke - the audience applauding at the end of the video was for one of my presentations, the one that heard Jennison say this was a less well attended room.

We began in the depths of the industry’s greatest depression – the so-called great recession that followed the conventional housing mortgage crisis of 2008.  We first published in mid-October, 2009.


I recall with fondness an on-the-record comment from Triad’s Don Glisson, Jr. who said (paraphrasing)

‘Tony, I thought you were crazy for starting when you did.’ He later sent the following, on the record for publication as were the others shown on this page.

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Let me thank all of those who are sending messages via social media or by other means, thanking us for our efforts on behalf of manufactured housing.  We love this industry.  We think the vast majority of people want to do what’s right by customers, and residents.



With heartfelt thanks, we want to acknowledge the dozens of messages coming in via social media, and email, and other messaging.  A screen-capture of just a few of the many from this morning alone, filtered for LinkedIn…


A long-time, reader and successful industry professional told me recently to admit mistakes when they occur, but to keep on trucking, as he valued our pro-industry work.

There is no doubt that on a variety of levels, glitches happen. When they have and do – the buck stops here – so for those glitches, you have my sincere apologies.

That said, we strive to be factually accurate and fair. We strive to identify real issues, that hold our industry back from its potential. We give others the opportunity to sound off and/or respond, on our own pages.  Who else in our industry does that, please? 

We voluntarily follow guidelines for SPJ as faithfully as we know how.



As we’ve said from the beginning in Oct. 2009, this pro-industry trade media platform is a matter of team work.

Any kudos to moi are reflective of and shared with our team, and those who make this possible.

We can’t do this without support from the good, caring, and dedicated people of our industry. We can’t do this without other hands and hearts. 

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So, on behalf of our family and our team - my heartfelt thanks to all who message, call, support and share.


The Kovach’s have attracted positive local, regional, and national mainstream
media coverage from border to border, and coast to coast
for their pro-MH Industry work. Industry pros have called them,
the Voice of Manufactured Housing. To see the above,
click here or the image.

With your support, and God’s grace, the best is yet to come. ##

LATonyKovach QuestioningNYSAAteam NewYorkHousingAssociation MHProNews com PhotoCreditMarkSimon 250x167By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Photo by Mark Simon, provided and used with permission, shows Kovach engaging with SAAs in NY.

Kovach has a proven history of respect for residents, homeowners, business ethics, and is pro-MH Industry.

He's a consultant, the managing member, and publisher of the industry's two largest and most popular trade media, and