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Get the Habit, Profit from the Habit

by Soheyla Kovach

SoheylaKovachMHProNews 50x50 Q75Knowledge is power,” and in your chosen profession, knowing is better than not knowing.

There is no other place in all of factory built housing that you can find as much “News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use,” than right here on MHProNews – and our exclusive Sunday Morning Weekly Headline News Recap is a powerful way for you to get and stay informed.

Experts say that if you read or see something once, it is quickly forgotten (at least, consciously). So the review of the news – even if you’ve read it daily – can be a powerful tool that helps you and your business stay abreast of issues, opportunities and challenges.

Here is our most recent headline news recap.  A handy feature is that you can always click through to the prior week at the end of each weekly recap.  Thanks so much for checking in! 

Tony, every week there is so much that happens, this [The Sunday Morning Headline News Recap] is an easy way for me to review the news, thank you for this [feature] and your team’s coverage of factory-built housing.

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Manufactured, modular and prefabricated home professionals know that how a home got to its location should not define a person or their dwelling.

What the Daily Business News spotlights day-by-day are the tragedies, triumphs and struggles for acceptance of the obvious solution for millions for the growing affordable housing crisis in the U.S. and beyond.


When you read the lineup for the month found on the home page, you can reflect on another motto as you chart your own professional path ahead: “We Provide, You Decide.”  ©

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