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Healthy and Unhealthy Personal and Professional Promotion

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim connor 50Healthy self-promotion is not arrogance, ego, or misrepresentation. 

It is the ability and willingness to share what you offer to the marketplace in an honest and straightforward way. 

Healthy promotion of a business, product, person, or service is the courage to put yourself out there, knowing that others who may be:

  • less successful,
  • less talented and
  • less confident

to share their success may disparage you without regard for truth, reality, or the consequences of misrepresentation.

I know many speakers, authors and business leaders who are better and smarter than they promote. They live in a world of humility, fairness, and integrity.

And I know many who mislead their audiences, and the marketplace with subversiveness in the hope of achieving greater results than would otherwise be due to their words and actions.

Yes, Self-Promotion – promotion in general - can be either good or bad. 

But in the end, the market will decide whether your self-promotion was grounded in integrity or selfishness. ##

In His Service, Tim

Tim Connor, Global Speaker and trainer and best-selling author (over 80 books).

During his career Tim has helped millions of people and hundreds of organizations around the world (over 4000 presentations in 25 countries) improve their sales, management and leadership effectiveness, employee performance and life success.

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