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Interview with the Commissioner

by Deanna Fields

deanna fields 50LOVE IT!!!  I posted it on our Facebook page and also "boosted" it out on our Facebook ad page! 


Maybe the board will approve us displaying a booth or something at the County Commissioners annual meeting like we did with the Municipal League (when we had the budget to do so).

We are currently putting on a "Physics of Manufactured Housing" Installation workshops "free of charge" for state/city/county inspectors...our course was approved by the CIB...Construction Industries's an 8 hour course condensed to 4 hours for the code inspector contractors or inspector journeyman for their 4 hours continuing education requirement...we've been a hit...more interesting than the IRC 2015 building code updates cities are required to implement! 

So many state/municipal/county/Indian nation officials have attended the course in the past two years...our last one for the year will be in Ada at the end of the month.   The classes are held regionally...normally around 75-100 are in attendance. 

We are trying to empower the code inspectors to take a look at how our homes and installation has changed, normally all they look at is plumbing, electrical, HVAC on the outside of the "foot print" of our homes. 

Interviewwithcommisioner MHProNews


We've had several from Wagoner County attend. 

Yes, there are still some "ol timers" that still want to call us trailers/mobile homes...and say you will never be permitted in their jurisdiction...but the new generation of inspectors are like "wow" these are nice and should be permitted based on compatibility. ##

(Editor’s Note: Deanna Fields’s comments came in regarding the video interview linked here and from the still photo, above (which was not part her on-the-record message.)   That was added in editorially for clarity for readers, so they would know what Fields was commenting upon.  Hats off to her and her colleagues for their engagement and plans, that help make this type of awareness possible.)

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