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Power in the Wrong Hands – Business, Political, Other Impacts

by Tim Connor, CSP

tim connor 50Power in the hands of the wrong people have always been and always will be dangerous. 

This is true over the years, regardless of their wealth, race, gender, or political leanings. 

If, for example, progressives think that their agendas are good for us all, then they are living in a bubble. What if they are somewhat successful and that bubble breaks?

Many progressives and wealthy people feel that it is their right and privilege to direct the lives of us all -- whether they are politicians, business leaders, or Hollywood idiots.

If those that seek power are not stopped, we will never in our lifetime experience the negatives that will impact every area of life.  If they are not stopped, those negatives will become the American reality.

If every day, common-sense people let these folks take our freedoms away without a fight - well - we will deserve what we get. ##

(Editor’s Note: This was sent by Tim Connor as a commentary on recent industry issues and events, such as the one linked here. As is often – but not always - the case in publishing, the headline was supplied by the editor.)

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