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MH Image and Education Campaign - Open Letter to the Manufactured and Modular Home Industry

by John Bostick

JohnBostickPresidentSunshineHomesRedBayAlabama-posted-mhpronews-com-50x50Exclusive announcement to the industry via, re: Manufactured and Modular Home (MH) Image and Education Campaign.




From: John Bostick, President and CEO of Sunshine Homes.

To: Manufactured Housing Industry Professionals.

Subject: MH Image and Education campaign.


Dear MH Industry Professional,


There is the steak and there is the sizzle. For many years our industry has done a tremendous job with the steak. However, we have done very little with the sizzle.


To sell more homes, we must make positive changes to our sizzle. We must act by doing professional marketing and educational efforts.


We are hereby announcing our support for the MH Alliance, what L. A. 'Tony' Kovach has dubbed a 'Partners in Progress' plan. We are joining with others who are already supporting this collective effort. We want to encourage other companies and organizations - small, medium or large - to get behind this common sense plan.


For years, Tony has proven through his digital MH media and related efforts how to attract more MH Pros to events such as the Louisville or Tunica MH Shows. On the consumer side, working with retailers and communities, Tony has coached firms on ways to attract more customers who have cash or good credit.


Based upon our commitment to the MH Alliance – Partners in Progress - effort, Sunshine Homes retailers will be given access to video marketing and sales training that will start by the end of May, 2015. Some of our retailers will be selected for video interviews with their staffs and their home customers.


The MH Alliance will include videos of MH Home Owners and MH Professionals telling their stories to the public at large. will bolstering its already good presence online.

Partnering companies will gain access to marketing and sales coaching that attracts more good credit customers and those who can pay cash.


We either define ourselves, or others will define us. When others define us, it is often to our detriment. Let me encourage your organization to consider supporting this common sense effort. To learn more, contact L. A. 'Tony' Kovach at and, 863-213-4090.


Working together with enough good companies and professionals, we can improve our image and our bottom line results. Through education, we'll learn how to sell more quality homes to more Americans. We ought to be selling 500,000 new manufactured homes a year, not 65,000. When enough of us pull together, we can make that happen. ##



john-bostick-sunshine-homes-mharr-chair2013-20140posted-mhpronews-comJohn Bostick, President, Sunshine Homes, Inc.


(Editor's Note: the PDF version of this letter is linked here as a download).